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  • Thumbnail20th Century Fox’s movie adaptation of Marvel Comics’ foulmouthed anti-hero Deadpool is proving to be a box-office monster. It had the highest-grossing opening weekend of any Rated-R film in history and has […]

    • Hey Jake,
      Indeed, the power of social media cannot be underestimated. The strategies used to harness social media for the DeadPool film are worth considering by businesses still having a doubt as to whether they can effectively do promotion on social media.

      If the tools, strategies, videos and contents are used to provoke the emotions of followers then it would be easier to gain a lot of attention. This is just what Marvel leveraged in harnessing the power of social media for the DeadPool.

      One outstanding strategy that should be tried by marketers to day is the use of dedicated #hashtags to promote the film in local cities!

    • Hmm! I guess it becomes really necessary to copy the strategies deployed to make DeadPool a smash record.

      Social media shareability can be enriched with increased display or provision of quality content.

      Ryan Reynold’s input in making this film a social media hit is remarkable!

      Content marketers based on the film industry can as well make the most of this!

    • The great thing about Deadpool is that it separates itself from Marvel’s lineup of cookie-cutter films to provide mature audiences a much more refreshing cinematic experience.

      It definitely shows through the humorous and clever ads leading up the global screening. It helped that the tone of the ads matched the persona of the main character in the film – brash, rude, and badass.

      The uniqueness of Deadpool not only as a film but also as a character definitely helped contributed to the marketing success.

    • Quite an interesting social media success story! There are lots of things businesses can emulate.

      One of them is that Ryan Reynold’s influence and active participation on the social media campaigns helped a lot in making DeadPool a success on social media.

      The real core of how successful this marketing has become is via the use of influencer marketing campaign!

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