Jaden Smith net worth

Jaden Smith’s net worth as of 2021 is at least $9 million (USD).

Even though he’s the son of one of the most successful celebrity couples (Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith), he has made a lot of money for himself doing his own things, from a very young age.

Most of his income comes from his acting, singing, song writing, modeling, clothing lines, etc.

Net Worth: $9 Million (USD)
Source of Wealth: Professional Actor, rapper, singer, songwriter, model and Inventor
Full Name: Jaden Christopher Syre Smith
Also known as: Jaden Smith, Syre Smith
Date of Birth: July 8, 1998
Country of Origin: United States of America
Gender: Male
Height: 5’7”
Years Active: 2002 to present
Recent Update: 2021


Source of Wealth

Smith has a variety of income streams that add to his source of wealth.

A large portion of his income comes from his acting, however he also receives some income from rapping, his clothing lines and even his water filtration invention.

He has also made some money from his modeling career along the way.


Early Life

On July 8, 1998 celebrity couple actor Will Smith and Actress/Musician Jada Pinkett Smith welcomed a son Jaden Christopher Syre Smith who was born in Malibu, California.

Born roughly a year after his parents marriage, Jaden has an older brother (half-brother) Trey and younger sister, Willow.

Growing up as a child of well known celebrities wasn’t easy and Jaden’s childhood was far from ordinary, leaving Jaden feeling extremely isolated from other children his age.

He attended New Village Leadership Academy before his parents withdrew him from school to home school him. Jaden was brought up in a very liberal home where he and other children were not punished for misbehavior.

At age 15, Jaden asked to be emancipated for his birthday present.

As younger children, Jaden and his siblings served as ambassadors for Project Zambi, an organization set up to provide assistance to Zambian children, who have been orphaned through AIDS. This organization works in conjunction with Hasbro.

Since both his parents are actors it was only natural that Jaden developed an interest in acting when he was still quite young.


Multiple Career Paths

Jaden Smith has involved himself in multiple careers, which we have divided up in this article for better understanding.

Acting Career

There is little doubt that Jaden’s introduction to acting was smoothed over due to the influence of his father. However, once introduced into the world of acting, Jaden had to prove himself.

2006: At just 8 years old Jaden has his first major acting role starring with his father, Will Smith, in The Pursuit of Happyness. Young Jaden did a credible job on the part winning A MTV Movie Award in 2007 for his role in this movie.

2008: Jaden appeared in the remake of The Day The Earth Stood Still.

2010: Jaden starred with Jackie Chan in the remake of The Karate Kid.

2013: He appeared in the movie After Earth again playing across of his father.

2014: Jaden had a starring role in the movie The Good Lord Bird where he took on the role of a young slave who meets the infamous John Brown.

After this role he decided to take a break from acting to work on his music.

2017: Jaden returned to acting in The Get Down which aired on Netflix. He also had a voice part in Neo Yokio and followed up the his voice part by playing himself in Nashville.

2018: Jaden had the lead role in a skateboarding movie Skate Kitchen as well as a part in the film Life in A Year.

Music Career

At the same time as he was maintaining his acting career Jaden Smith also embarked on a rap career.

Here is a look at that portion of his working life:

2010: Jaden joined Justin Bieber in rapping a song entitled “Never say Never.” The song was certified 5X platinium in the United States.

2012: He released his first mixtape “The Cool Cafe.”

2014: Jaden followed up “The Cool Cafe” with it’s sequel entitled “CTV2.”

In addition to releasing his second mixtape, he also began working on first album, which in the end would take the young rapper hopeful 3 years to complete.

2016: Jaden announced that his upcoming album would be entitled “Syre” and also released the lead single from the album “Fallen.” ahead the actual album’s release.

2017: He released three more singles from his yet to be released album. These singles were entitled “Watch me,” “Batman” and “Falcon.”

He also finally released his long awaited album “Syre.” The single “Icon” was released the same day as the album.

2018: Jaden released his latest single featuring Christian Rich entitled “Ghost.” He also performed for the very first time at the Lollapalozza.

2019: Jaden released his second album “Erys” and shortly after announced he was giving up his rap career to become a full time inventor.

Career in Fashion

Jaden Smith has become quite well known for his fashion style and Gentleman’s Quarterly even noted his personal style of dress.

As a result, it wasn’t too much of a surprise that Jaden should branch out his talents by creating his own clothing line called MSFTSrep. This clothing line includes T-shirts, trousers, Hoodies and even vests.

2013: Jaden continued his interest in fashion by joining with Korean designer Choi Bum Suk and creating a Pop-up store that sold both Jaden’s and Choi’s clothing brands.

2016: He became the very first male model to model womenswear for Louis Vuitton.

2018: Jaden worked with G-Star in creating a line of denim clothing.

Career as an Inventor

Jaden Smith has always been sensitive to helping those people who are less fortunately, which may be what has fueled his desire to become an inventor.

He is already on his way since his Just Good Foundation has designed a water filtration system that is designed to filter 10 gallons of water a minute eliminating both heavy metals and bacteria.

Although some may say it’s not really an invention young Mr. Smith has also started the “I love you” Food truck which brings free meals, especially vegan meals, to LA’s skid row.


Personal Life

In 2017 Jaden Smith moved into his home in Hidden Hills, California. Besides balancing his various careers, he is also a huge conspiracy theorist and is dedicated to helping those in need.

It doesn’t appear that Smith has an overly active social life and his girlfriends tend to be long term for a young man of his age.

He dated Kylie Jenner from 2013 to 2015 and Sarah Snyder from 2015-2017.

There is no information on whether or not Young Smith is dating anyone special at this time.

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