Is the Successful Online Marketer Born or Made?



With the rise of global Internet and the opening of the World Wide Web in 1991 to the public, there has been a rise in how to make money online. Individuals and businesses have embraced different forms of digital marketing which include blogging, content marketing, video marketing, mobile marketing, and social media marketing, etc. The list can go on and on!

Now, while some have succeeded making money online and are still succeeding with just about every move they make, others are yet to get a grip of what it takes to break even online. Why is that?

We frequently come around “self-acclaimed Internet gurus” selling “secrets” of online success but these “magic pills” usually make no difference. In fact, these gurus end up getting paid for their deception to unsuspecting and gullible buyers.  You must beware of these “Fake Gurus”.

Nevertheless, the gap between successful Internet marketers and unsuccessful Internet marketers keeps widening.

This has led me ask these questions: Are Successful Internet marketers born or made? What TRULY makes the difference for the successful online marketer?

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  1. Good question. I agree it seems some successful online marketers look like they are born and have good luck all their lives but that’s not true. Truly successful people, online or offline, are made, usually after several years of trials and errors. In fact, many have failed more than they succeeded. I also think those who are classified as failures online are those who stopped trying, while the successful are those who kept going until they succeeded.

  2. A successful online marketer is born and made. He is born whose innate qualities of perseverance and leadership have been tapped. He is made who keeps on going despite the failures encountered on the road of progress.
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  3. I think for some internet marketers it’s just pure grinding, day after day working their ass off, trying new things, reading and learning new strategies, creating content, etc. Until you finally make it.

    But there are also people who get lucky, they jump into an opportunity at the right time and they escalate quickly.

    Still, hard work is mandatory no matter what, even if you get lucky with the timing, but don’t work on the opportunity, then you wont get results either.
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  4. Hi Sunday

    I had to give this article quite some thought before I could venture an answer. It is a tough one indeed.

    I would say if you are born with a sharp mind plus a lot of guts, drive and determination then you have what it takes to be an online marketer.

    If you do not then maybe you need some tweaks from the factory where they manufacture online marketers, wherever that may be.

    Luck does play a role in any competitive environment but as they say:
    “The more you practice, the luckier you get.” Even if you are born to be an online marketer, you still have to turn yourself into a successful one.

    So yes, I would say successful internet marketers are born and made.

    Great post
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  5. Hi Sunday,

    I don’t think Internet marketers are born, they are made.

    They are just like everyone else in other ventures, made from probably years of hard work, trails and errors, etc.

    It’s true though that some might have natural tendencies to succeed in Internet marketing more than others, but they have to sharpen those tendencies consistently, else they fail.

  6. Most online marketers don’t have a business it’s simple as that. Building a business online is the same as building a business offline. Most offline business’s fail. 90% of all start ups fail and the main reason is because they didn’t learn how to run a business.

    Vision and determination alone won’t make your business success. You need a solid plan with realistic goals and an education on how your business works. The truth is very few online marketers succeed without investing 10,000 hours or more to learning the trade and reinvesting their profits instead of spending them.

    If you ask any marketer out there would they invest $10,000 to make $12,000 most would say NO. Why? Because they don’t understand business. If it takes 5 years for the average offline business to make real profits it will take 5 years for the average online marketer to make real profits.

    Business is business. The born marketer is mythology a lot of the Guru’s you see out there are’nt Guru’s because to establish that moniker you have to have at least 10,000 hours of learning your trade. Guru means teacher and you can’t teach if you haven’t earned.
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  7. Hey Sunday,

    When it comes down to succeeding online or in anything in life, it starts off with these three I believe and they are:

    1. Passion
    2. Mindset
    3. Focus

    There has to be some type of passion in it to win it. This is what fuels you when the going gets tough. This could be in the form of a “Why” or the fact that you just love the niche business you’re in. But in all you need some type of spark to do it.

    As far as mindset, you want to be able to become the person that fits into the “vibration” of a successful person. This means adjusting or readjusting your tasks, strategies and the connections you make in order to start succeeding.

    You want to stay focus on the goals that you set. There’s always going to be distraction and at times you feel discourage because of failure, but if you keep your eye on the prize in keep making those adjustments to keep you on track, then the road to success will become clearer.

    Great question Sunday! Have a great weekend!
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    • Hey Sherman,
      Its great reading about your contributions to this piece. The fact remains that whether one is born or made marketer, the “drive” trait must be prominent. This drive is what readily makes passion, mindset and focus come to fruition.

      There should be a ready plan and I like the way you put it “adjusting or readjusting your tasks, strategies and the connections you make in order to start succeeding.”

      Nothing can be truer than a more realistic approach to succeeding with the mindset of success laced with focus and determination!
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  8. Hey Sunday,

    I can only speak from personal experience and say made…Because if I look back just 2 years ago, I’ve improved a lot as a marketer and writer. The only reason for this is that I make it a continuous study and implement what I learn.

    I really believe that anyone who has a deep desire to become a successful online marketer can get there, but they have to be eager to learn and willing to put in the work!

    Definitely have to worry about the gooroo’s that give you abstract tips or send you off in the wrong direction. I’ve been there!

    Thanks for sharing your insights, Sunday. I appreciate it.

    – Jasper
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  9. Hello Sunday,

    Love the question. I would say that everyone has certain strengths that they bring to the table in order to become a successful online marketer. These strengths are usually the things that come naturally or easy and with that being said that falls under the “born” part.

    On the other side there are things that everyone has to learn or can learn to become a better online marketer and that falls under the “made” side.

    My thoughts is, if you are new and wanting to become a successful online marketer. Spend 70 percent of your time in things that are easy for you and helps your online marketing grow, then spend other 30 percent learning things that you may need to sharpen in order to become a successful online marketer.

    When I first started, I spent 80 percent of my time trying to learn and I believe that slowed my progress down, and when I switched to focusing more of my time in what I was good at, things start to boom for me.

    Thanks for post and enjoy the rest of your day,

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  10. I, too have to say internet marketers are made. If you learn how to do internet marketing and stay with it you will see results. Internet marketing is still working. I think people have to come into it realistically though.

    Yes, it is easier whereas, you are working from home and don’t have to commute but nevertheless it is still working. Many people have the mindset that you don’t have to work and that is what cripples them before they even get started. They are looking for an easy route. I’m not saying that you can’t utilize tools to make things easy for you but there is no tool or software that is going to do the work for you.

    I always say consistency plays a big part in anything having to do with online marketing. I have experienced this myself and I have heard and seen other people do it.

    Stay focused and stay with it. If you don’t see results in two minutes don’t go jumping to the next so-called big thing. This is what many people do and they end up being disappointed every time.

    Like they say,”Keep your eye on the prize”.

    Thanks for sharing this with us!
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  11. Interesting question Sunday. I believe truly that a successful online marketer comes from perseverance and consistency. We have all heard of the “overnight success stories.” Behind every overnight success are dozens of failed businesses or years of struggle. There is no such thing as overnight success. Keep your head down and keep plowing forward. Read, Read, and read more.
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  12. There are people who are just born with natural skills and insights. They just “get it” and they naturally do things that connect through words, personality and social skills.

    These folks have a raw talent that initially propels them.

    With that said, there is a big difference between people who have natural skills and people who actually learn and develop skills.

    For example, how many athletes are “naturally” good but never make it to the professional level or they wash out quickly?

    Why? They don’t take the time to work hard, develop their craft and they believe they’ve already arrived.

    We are actually talking about leadership here… personal leadership.

    To be the best requires one to constantly be learning, researching and growing.

    It requires us to learn our craft so well that we can see beyond the moment into tomorrow, next week or even next year so that we can pivot and adjust as technology does.

    Being truly successful is a function of growth, not talent or skill.

    There is so much to learn:

    * Changes to technology
    * Psychology and understanding people
    * Changes to broad or specific economies
    * Challenges and trends within industries or communities

    All of these things impact the way in which we market. Those who believe they are born with it never get to the level of true success because they don’t invest the time necessary to be the BEST.

    Talent or skill will only take one so far. It may make it easier for a time to absorb and execute… but at a certain point those who work hard at it develop the skills and earn the knowledge and are many times more competent than those who don’t and work off of their natural abilities.

    With that said, marketing takes work and those who are great are made.
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  13. Hello Sunday,

    I agree with you and most of the commenters that it takes drive, and determination, and the pursuit of knowledge, and skill to be a successful Internet marketer.

    But, the issue I keep coming up to is that Internet marketing is not for everyone. There are people who “no matter what” will never dip their toe into Internet business. So there is a special kind of person who thinks that online business is for them.

    It’s that person who sees Internet business as an opportunity and keeps at it, no matter what happens, that becomes successful in Internet marketing.

    I feel like that person, with the drive and determination to always learn and always move forward, is born. If not born, they are brought up in a situation that let’s them understand that entrepreneurship is within their reach.
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  14. For me, a successful marketer is both born and made.

    Successful marketers have developed the skillsthat allow them to come up with great results from their tactics and strategies. The ability to do market research, build a scalable marketing strategy from the accumulated data, and measure your results can only be performed by people who have the right knowledge with the different tools and practices, experience, and accomplishments to back their talk.

    These skills can be developed by some other time, but other are born and raised to possess qualities that marketing comes easier to them as opposed to an introverted, unorganized people who pays no attention to detail.

    However, this same person can develop and refine his/her skills if s/he is determined to success. The difference is that marketers will fully-realized qualities perfect for marketing will achieve success much faster because their work is already cut out for them. Marketers who are not outgoing and organized will have to overcome these barriers first before experiencing success.

    At the same time, marketers need to want to succeed. They can have the qualities that make a good marketer, but if they do not have the passion for it, then they won’t develop the skills that will allow them to become great marketers.

  15. Hello Sunday,

    This is an easy question to answer for me.

    I have to say successful people, whether online or offline, are made, not born.

    No one is born successful in any aspect, we all have to learn and make mistakes and learn again, until we become successful.

    Even those who we think are born successful are not. They developed their skills for many years until they became successful.

  16. Hi everyone,

    It’s actually not limited to only online entrepreneur but also to offline entrepreneur as well.

    The answer is, it could be both. I have a friend with a good instinct to sell something and generate profit but also have a friend who learn everything, work hard to implement it and start generating profit.

    The same thing about both of them is taking action because that’s the most important thing for being a successful entrepreneur



    • Hey Ivana,

      I agree with you on the ‘actionable’ part. For both those who has instinct or talent towards a thing and for those who simply learn and do, the ability to take action when necessary should be welcoming.

      Taking action is the connecting link for success. Whether one is born or made, it is only by ‘doing’ the necessary things that results would show!

  17. Hello everybody,

    Generally everyone is born with different natural talents, interests and skills. And the person who are successful or most outstanding from others, is the one who are able to put these things together to work for him so that he can be successful.

    The same here at online marketing, there`s no magic bills or hidden secrets, it`s just a science that has to be studied and mastered.

    So I see the super marketer is made not born. It`s necessary to learn, study, test and fail many times before seeing big success.

    Omar Saady

  18. Hello again Sunday,

    Yes there are always some people who excel in the same career or jobs. Of course God gave them some special talents and they could utilize these natural talents to work for them professionally. In fact this is rare case and the standard is that the professionalism comes with studying, examining.

    Omar Saady