Is It Really Necessary To Watch The Competition?



Competition analysis is a recurring term when it comes to keyword research. It simply means studying what your competitors are doing so you can strategically enforce a working solution to improve your brand’s success.

Brands are often advised to analyze the competition so as to make informed decision on their internet marketing strategies. With the best practices and the right tools, competition analysis should be a plus and a success for any business.

In case you don’t know why competition analysis is important, here are two quick reasons to consider:

You Will Determine Who Your Real Competitors Are

You can determine your direct and indirect competitors for a particular keywords. This can be done by taking into account your natural competitors in the same industry and also other businesses bidding or competing with you for specific keywords.

 For instance, if you are to rank for a keyword like “buy antivirus software” your natural competitors would be those selling antivirus software. However, those selling smartphones, mobile apps, and mobile phone bloggers etc. can still compete with you on this term.

So, you should be able to defined and determine who your real competitors so you can strategically apply a marketing system that will help you stay on top and rank high for specific keywords.

You Will Learn From the Competition to Improve Your Conversion

You will need to monitor what your competitors are doing constantly so you can stay ahead or be at par with them. The marketing industry changes frequently and so keeping tabs with the competition will go a long way to establish your relevance in the market place.

You will need to learn from the competition to see what is working and what is not working. Access the major keywords, the landing page design, the style and voice of the content that attracts ranking, increase conversion and appeals to the target audience, etc.

The above two major reason to analyze the competition, however, is it really necessary to watch the competition since success of every online business (to a large extent) depends on the value is offers and the user experience the audience finds appealing?

So, why not just go ahead and run solo marketing without considering the competition?

Is competition analysis really necessary for business success? 


  1. Hi Sunday,
    Yes, it is necessary to watch the competition. At least, this becomes necessary to learn from whatever they are doing to have an edge in the market place.

    The competition is an important part of the Internet marketing journey.

    Its not surprising that when it comes to keyword research for niche marketing, a good competitive analysis makes all the difference for the keyword that would succeed in a particular niche!

    Its important to watch the competition for successful marketing!

  2. Hi Sunday,
    It is not good to run a solo marketing without minding what your competitors are doing.

    Competition analysis will, at least, give the marketer vital information on what works and what is not working in the industry.

    There are many forms of competition analysis, and these must be identified and embraced from the beginning to the end.

    However, when monitoring the competition, the best practices should be used and the best tools deployed.

  3. Hey Sunday,

    I think it’s wise to see what your competition is doing.

    As a matter of fact, I believe that what we call competitions can also be our collaborators where we can cross promote if our businesses compliment each other.

    Besides, we can acquire information that keeps us all up-to-date with the latest trends, technology, etc..

    I have learned a lot from others using the various online tools and connections I’ve made that help me keep progressing.
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  4. Hello Sunday,

    I always enjoy reading your posts 🙂

    As for watching the competition, I think it’s necessary, yeah.

    Even if just to see what they are doing right that you are not or for research purposes.

    You said it very well that the marketing industry changes frequently and so keeping tabs with the competition will go a long way to establish your relevance in the market place.

    I watch the competition mostly to learn, rather than to spy.
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  5. Hey Barbara,

    Watching the competition to learn rather than to spy is a wise thing to do. We can learn from our competitors to know the ‘good’, ‘bad’, and ‘ugly’.

    Also you mentioned watching for research purposes, this is also very crucial because information gathered will be used to build a better marketing strategy for online success.

    Thanks for your kind words and for joining this conversation! I appreciate it!
    Sunday William recently posted…How Soon Do You Deal With Bad Online Reputation?My Profile

  6. In one word “Yes”.

    And very necessary for business growth – both offline and online.

    Recently, I uncover a blog where I can easily get my guest post submitted, accepted and published without strict policy or too many back and forth email exchange.

    The blog is a DA 60+ and PA 50+ I think, (not certain of the figure now), I stumble upon this blog by spying on one of my closest blogger buddy.

    It started after thinking about what could he be doing in a very short time to have build so many authoritative backlinks to his blog, so I use Moz OSE to explore his blog backlinks profiles.

    Now, I have had 3 guest posts published on the blog with one “dofollow” backlinks in each of the post.

    The additional traffic coming from these guest post is something too, plus I now have a frequent chat with the blog owner.

    Competitor analysis is like taking other people’s positive actions to create a brighter future for your business.

    Shortcut if you want to call it.

    Thanks Sunny for this.
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  7. Hi Sunday,
    Nice post! I think it is pretty obvious that competition analysis is vital to success of any business. However, you need to have a good business model in place. The model can’t be based solely on reacting to competition. In fact, the most hugely successful businesses are one that define the market in which they operate. But even such businesses need to watch out for competition that is bound to sprout whenever there is money to be made.

    Another aspect to consider is the type of industry. In an industry where entry barrier is very high (say Aircraft manufacturing), new competition is quite unlikely and changes are slow to come. So companies in such an environment can afford to not worry too much about competition but focus on customers and offering newer products etc.

    But for a business like online marketing, entry barrier is low and pace of change is fast. Missing the competition or trends can be deadly for the business.

  8. Hi Sunday,

    You are correct, it might be necessary to watch the competition.

    But I’d say it’s much better concentrating on improving one’s business and delivering the best to customers, rather than watch the competition.

    Watching the competition might be distracting or even keep you away from your original plan or goal.

    I might be wrong though. What do you think?

  9. For sure. I have a whole board on Trello just dedicated for competitors, what they are doing and why they are doing things.

    It’s a way to get up, be better and not be unaware when interviews are done.

    The only thing I wont do is stare at them and basically copy everything they do. You tend to copy design, strategies and even features when you keep looking at them.
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  10. Hello Sunday,

    I think there is a healthy line to be drawn when it comes to monitoring your competition. Some of the comments have already alluded to it.

    I think it is a given that your analysis will lead you to other blogs that are fighting for a particular keyword or phrase. Personally, my audience are not necessarily following me because I used a keyword or phrase that my competitor is using. May be it’s because of the niche that I am in. Most of my clients or audience are people who can easily relate to me and feel connected with me because I have made a personal connection with them.

    One of the most common themes I see, is people are desiring authenticity online and when they can get that from you, no matter what the product or service you are offering that out weighs anything.

    I am one of the few who will admit that I don’t use an auto poster. I am very transparent about that…matter of fact I think auto posting systems should be illegal. We already lose the authenticity when communicating through a computer. This is a whole other subject.

    Any way I totally agree on monitoring what your competitor is doing, but at the same don’t forget to be you. Especially when it comes to running a blog.

    Enjoy your day,


  11. Hello Sunday,

    I think it’s good to watch the competition, to know what they are doing that you are not doing.

    Watch the competition for the purpose of gaining necessary research insights or knowledge from them.

    But you should not watch the competition and get distracted from your goals.
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  12. Hello Sunday,

    I just checked this post again and saw you replied but I didn’t get any email that you replied.

    I usually get email alerts when I get a reply here. What happened this time?

    Is something wrong from my side?

    Do I contact Kingged support about this?
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  13. Hello Sunday,

    I have learned from reading this post itself and the comments by others.

    You are correct, it’s not a good business strategy to do things solo without considering the competition.

    It’s necessary to do competition analysis as that helps keep you up to date on what your competition is doing. It also allows you come up with better ideas.

    But as Judith said in her comment on this post, watching the competition might be distracting if not done for the right reasons.

  14. Hi Sunday,

    The competition is part of the larger business strategy. It should not be ignored. Watching the competition, for me, means learning from what they do.

    The aim of this would be to make improvement on their defaults and get new ideas for business growth.

    Yes, watching the competition is great, but should be done with legal means and the best practices!

  15. Hi,

    Generally, in the business world, watching your competitors is a great idea, however it`s not in the way you might think. Practically, it`s crucial to figure out what your competitors do, how they do it and why they do it, but it`s not good idea to obsess over them and every step they take.


  16. If you do not care about your competitors, then there is no way to capitalise on their flaws and have an edge over them in the market.

    Our competitors are very important and vital in all forms of business as they help you forecast and analyse better.

    Even when analysing SWOT, your competitors can also be T (threats) to your business because of course you are struggling for dominance in the same niche.

    I agree with your post totally, it is very necessary to watch our competitors close.

    A vivid example is the Mobile Communication Giants in my country, they infect monitor each other so closely you will even think they copy each others market policies. For every business that hopes to succeed, you must keep your competitors closer.
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  17. Hi Sunday,

    Is it really necessary to watch the competition, or is there really competition at all?

    I would think smart marketers would consider whether other marketers are competition or partners to network with.

    Let’s say two people are selling Twitter marketing products. I would think it would be better for the two of the to network and JV with each other. They can openly share what is working and what is not.

    Networking is very important in online business and if you go about things right, the people you think may be your competition could be your best affiliate or JV partner.

    Thanks for the interesting question.

    Have an awesome weekend Sunday!

    Your friend,


    • Hey John,

      I agree with you. We can also state that the ‘watching’ aspect is another way to research the competitor who can become a partner.

      The skill of knowing whether another blogger or business with similar product can work as JV should be honed, right?

      Have a lovely weekend, you too!

  18. Hi Sunday,

    You are right about monitoring what the competition is doing so one can stay ahead or be at par with them.

    I will say it’s a good idea to watch the competition but without getting side-tracked from what your company is doing or going to do.

    Watching the competition can give you ideas or help you stay up to date with aspects you might have missed or ignored.

    But watching the competition for dubious means is not a good idea.

    • Hi Robert,

      You couldn’t be more right about this

      Watch what they do, when they do and how they do it.
      Then if appropriate change your plans, way to keep up with the competion and beat them!

      Competition analysis is pivotal for helping you make better decisions!

  19. Hello Sunday,

    You bring up a good question. I think it would probably depend how competitive your niche is. If you’re in a competitive niche, then I would definitely check out the competition and see what they’ve done to do so well on google.

    Is it a lot of social shares? Is it just a really engaging article? Do they have a lot of really high authority backlinks? Things like that. I’ve not made a huge priority to see what my competition is doing. But I’ve definitely taken a glance and analyzed it a little bit Definitely can’t hurt.

  20. Hi Sunday,

    It’s definitely necessary to watch the competition. I don’t think there’s any serious business or company not watching their competition.

    I read one time that some big companies even spend a lot of resources spying on their competition, beyond just “competition analysis”.

    No company or business wants to be left behind.