Yes, it’s possible to invest $100 and make $1,000 a day afterwards.

I know that might sound impossible but it’s indeed possible.

This article reveals some of the best ways and tips to help you really invest just 100 dollars to make 1,000 dollars a day down the road.



The one important mantra to remember when investing money is how to best make your money work for you that you have worked hard for.

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Many individuals utilize a variety of investment options with some being fairly risky and others being safe and nonthreatening.

For example, your return may be high if you invest in cryptocurrencies, but the risk and volatility of the market may be disappointing and cause you to lose some of your investment rather than gain a return.

On the other hand, a safe investment would be a CD, high-yield interest savings account, bond, etc.

The investments are fairly secure, and you will get a return but a very modest one at that.

The bottom line is that you should just not sit on your money but invest.

The investment that you make should be dependent on some important factors.

Some of those important factors include your level of risk.

Evaluation factors should include what you are comfortable in gaining or losing, not risking more money than you can afford to lose, and ensuring that the investment opportunity is sound and doesn’t overrepresent itself.

Often, if it sounds too good to be true it usually is.

You have $100 and you are adhering to the mantra of making that money work for you so what is the best way to invest $100 to make a modest $1000 a day.


Personal Story

When I finally was able to turn my financial life around, that born-again financial experience came with a hunger to learn more, and so personal-finance books became my focus.

One of those books that came into my possession was Rich Dad Poor Dad.

In this Robert Kiyosaki’s book, it shows a cash flow quadrant.

The quadrants are labeled E, S, B, and I. E stands for employee S stands for self-employed B stands for the business owner and I stands for the investor.

My poor little brain does not comprehend too much with reading, but pictures are another thing.

In this pictorial quadrant, he vividly displays the four ways to produce income.

An employee works for an employer and is given money for their time.

A self-employed individual still works but owns their job and receives money.

A business owner owns a system, and the customers pay the business owner money.

The most important quadrant is I which stands for the investor in which you own your investments, and your money makes you money.

This pictorial epiphany showed to me the power of investing money.

Fortunately, I came across that book and the quadrant helped me to realize that it is our own money that creates money and is the best way for income to be realized.


25 Best Ways & Tips to Invest $100 and Make $1,000 a Day


1. Cryptocurrency 

Cryptocurrency can be a very volatile experience between the disparity of earnings and declines swinging from one end of the spectrum to the other.

However, cryptocurrency seems to be very popular and the opportunity of a good return on your investment is always a strong possibility.

To invest the individual simply needs to create an account on a cryptocurrency exchange, such as Coinbase, link funding to their account, purchase the specific coin or coins that they wish to invest in, and enjoy the ride.


2. Savings 

A safe, solid, and secure way of earning $1000 a day are through a savings account.

The savings account should not be your typical banking institution savings account where your return is very modest based on extremely low-interest rates.

Your savings account should be a high-interest savings account or money market account that provides an above-average interest provided on your deposit.

But of course, for this to work you need to have A LOT of money in savings.


3. Robo Investment Advisors 

Accessing robo advisor you cut out the financial advisor and consequently not only save money but also earn money based on the algorithms that the robo investment process uses.

You create an account with a robo advisor, answer several questions, coupled with your tolerance for risk and the robo investment advisors do the rest to ensure that your investments and return are maximized.


4. Stash 

This investment platform allows the investor to start with a minimum amount of money as low as five dollars.

Also, for engaging this platform you are provided a five-dollar sign-up bonus.

Other fees associated with using Stash include one dollar a month maintenance fee and for accounts that have less than $5000, there is a .25% fee assessed.

All in, however, this is a low cost for starting your investment journey.


5. Lending Club 

Peer-to-peer lending is that service that allows you as a lender to borrow money from other individuals and receive a fairly decent return on that money.

You do not do this directly but utilize a peer-to-peer lending service such as Lending Club.

Investment begins with as low as $25 and depending upon the amount borrowed from a lender and the associated interest rates translate into a return on your investment.

In other words, a higher-risk loan to an individual may help you to realize a larger return on investment.


6. Yourself 

The best return on your investment is by investing in yourself.

Ways that this can be accomplished are by utilizing enrolling in development courses to advance your particular skills, further your education, etc.

By investing in yourself, will translate into more engaging and higher paid employment opportunities which is a good return of investment through enriching yourself.

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7. 401(k) 

A way of getting a good return and realizing a thousand dollars a day is by maximizing your 401(k).

If your employer offers a 401(k) match at three or 4% and you are not matching that percentage amount, you are leaving money on the employment table.

Therefore, it is best to maximize this opportunity to attain your $1000 a day in earnings.


8. Read Books 

A great investment of your money is by gaining knowledge from other individuals who have tried and succeeded by utilizing a variety of investment strategies.

The authors provide first-hand accounts of what has worked for them and coupled with their education provide sound advice to other individuals who invest in these financial books.

For example, Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki is a great book about the investment of your own money to earn money rather than the other three methods of gaining revenue.

Or, if you wish to know more about the value of money and equate it as a part of your life energy, is a book by Joe Dominguez called your Money or Your Life.


9. Start Your Own Business 

Another financial investment opportunity is to start your own business.

This strategy not only helps you personally and financially in working towards your personal and financial goals but also provides an opportunity to earn income.

Added to the investment mix is that small business owners can operate under a different set of investment rules under the tax code as well as receive deductions and credits for being a small business owner.

As with the involvement of any deductions and credits as it relates to your IRS filings it is always best to seek and listen to the advice of a sound tax advisor.


10. Survey Sites 

There are several opportunities provided through the Internet in which an individual can invest their time and money and earn a positive return on that investment.

This can be accomplished through such survey websites as Survey Junkie.

This simply requires that the individual log onto the site, create an account, and look for opportunities to be invited to be involved in a survey. These surveys will pay you for your time and your opinion.


11. Sales 

It is important to remember that people give to people.

This is a true and powerful reality whether it relates to personal encounters, investment options, and sales of a product.

An individual who has an engaging personality and can resonate with people can make considerable income daily based on their ability to sell a product and earn any commissions associated with that process.


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how to invest $100 to make $1,000 a day


12. Prosper

Another peer-to-peer lending platform is known as Prosper.

With prosper, you can be involved in the lending process for a minimum amount of $25.

People are always looking for money to consolidate debt, pay on credit cards, or utilize the money for other purposes within their personal financial lives.

Being part of this peer-to-peer lending site can provide a good return on your investment of anywhere from $25 on up.


13. Ally Investment

This is an online broker opportunity that allows you to trade and not incur any costs for that trade transaction.

Ally also offers other investment vehicles such as a traditional or a Roth IRA. These IRAs can be seated with as little as $100 and similar to the trading, there are no transactional fees.


14. Travel

An option that is not always on top of mind, especially the individual doesn’t travel a lot, is to take advantage of paid perks that minimize your waiting time is at airports.

Through a program known as Pre-check for $85, this allows you to quickly go through the security processes of airline transportation.


15. Write a Book

If you have a story to tell and a flair for writing, then a great investment of hundred dollars to make $1000 a day is to write a book.

The book can be based on your creative writing skills which would provide a fictional mobile or you could write about your own life and perhaps a challenge that you are meeting and wish to share encouragement with others.

The point is to challenge yourself if you have a dream and a writing ability to make that story come to life through the publishing of the book.

A simple math equation would be that if you’re able to sell that book for 8 to 9 $10 a copy and you’re able to sell 100 copies you will have made your $1000 for the day.


16. Stock Exchange

The standard of investment opportunities in the stock exchange.

You can engage a broker and buy a particular stock or spread out your investment over many stocks through diversification.

The stock market has been a staple for investors.

Through the stock market, you can own a percentage of the business.

The stock is traded publicly and the possibility of being a stakeholder and earning profits personally through their business profits is a possibility.


17. Pay Your Debt

If you owe money to a credit card company or financial institution, your interest rates can range anywhere from 4% or higher.

This money that you are paying on outstanding balances is money that should be part of your investment portfolio and not given to credit card companies or other financial companies.

It is important that one of the primary goals and objectives of earning money daily is to reduce and eliminate any indebtedness.


18. Charity

A good investment of your money is by investing in others.

It stands to reason that if we invest in agencies that help individuals with their basic needs, this will help to prevent those individuals from going outside the parameters of society to have those needs met.

In other words, by investing in others we put less of a strain on taxpayers when we financially support those programs to help others.

This may prevent those desperate individuals from being supported by our tax dollars.

By investing in others, we are investing in our financial situation by reducing the strain on the taxpayers.


19. Index Funds

An investment opportunity that is fairly popular and easy to understand is Index funds.

An index fund is a benchmark index such as the S&P 500 or Nasdaq 100.

The index fund is comprised of several companies that make up that index fund.

When you invest in an index fund you are invested in all of the companies that comprise that fund. The value of this investment option is diversification.


20. Real Estate

The availability of land is limited.

Consequently, an economic axiom is that when a commodity is limited, the value increases.

This can be seen in the limited supply of gold, silver, and land.

Therefore, the purchase of land is an investment in a limited commodity and the opportunity of gaining a good return on that investment is significant.

Therefore, any investment that you can make into the actual purchase of land would be to your benefit.


21. ETFs 

ETF’s or exchange-traded funds are investments that are bundled together and presented as a single investment to investors.

Consequently, you are not just investing your money into one company, but your money is invested proportionately out to several companies that have been packaged together.

This is a great option of investing $100 because of the disbursement of the investment monies over many companies through the strategy of diversification.


22. Mutual Funds 

Mutual funds are a list of predetermined collections of various investment vehicles.

These various investment vehicles include stocks, bonds, and other types of investment options.

Often, these mutual funds are managed by professional financial investors and allow the investor to spread their investment dollars over a diverse and broad segment of the stock market.

The additional beauty of investing in mutual funds is that your involvement is limited and that the research and the purchasing of the stocks have already been accomplished through the bundling of these various investment vehicles into a mutual fund.


23. Save for College

A great investment option is the starting of a 529 college savings plan.

This is not only an investment in your children’s future by setting up a plan to help with tuition but also providing tax savings for the family.


24. Blog

A revenue-generating option as well as containing an investment component is the starting of a blog.

You as a blogger can invest a small amount of money in setting up a blogging page and begin to share with a variety of readers what your passion, talent, or skills are and develop a readership.

Also, money can be made off of this action item through the donations of your readership, possibly obtaining advertisement support, or through affiliate marketing.

The other added investment component is that this will provide a venue for you to share your particular passion and provide a good investment into your healthy outlook on life.


25. REIT

REIT stands for Real Estate Investment Trusts.

They are companies that own real estate across a broad spectrum of property-owned possibilities (apartments, warehouses, retail centers, etc.)

Investing in a REIT brings fairly decent returns.

These returns on based on dividend income and long-term appreciation.

A $100 investment in a REIT is a solid and low-risk opportunity.


Invest $100 and Make $1,000 a Day FAQs


What Is the Best Investment Quote?

Perhaps Ben Franklin when he said, “An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.”


What Is One of the Best Books on Investment?

If just starting out in investing, most experts agree that the book entitled “The Little Book of Common Sense Investing is likened to a investing bible.


You Can Do It

Hypothetically, you have $100.

What is the best use of that $100? You can hold that money, you can spend that money, or you can invest that money.

The choice is yours.



It seems to me that if I had $27,000, which I don’t, I could do two types of interactions with the Ford Company as it relates to an automobile.

I could either buy an automobile which is not a good investment because it loses a significant part of its value once it is driven out of the showroom.

Or, I could invest in the Ford Company and earn a return on that investment that would not lose its value once the stock was purchased.

As investors planning on our future, we have many choices and vehicles in which we can invest.

The best choice, it would appear is to invest our money so that our money will make more money for us.

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