Internet Marketing 101: Basic Elements of Sales Pages


Last week I linked to a post which contained 10 tips for creating effective sales pages. While all the tips mentioned are solid, I think they don’t cover all the elements you need to include on a sales page, so I decided to list them. Here you go:

1. Benefits

As I explain in this post, benefits sell, not features. And since benefits are what your customer is looking for you should always start the sales pitch with them.

2. Story

This is the only item which I think is optional, and its use depend on the type of product you are selling. For instance, if you are selling an ebook about weight-loss it would be very effective to include your own weight-loss journey, as this generates empathy and credibility. If you are selling computer spare parts, on the other hand, telling stories wouldn’t necessary help you.

3. Features

Even if features don’t sell, sooner or later on your sales pitch you’ll need to…


  1. The best sales pages are those that highlights the benefits prospects are going to get in a product. Every element of the sales page should readily help to increase the value for which the customer should go for the product.

  2. Sales pages that make impact appeals to the conscious of the buyer. From the presentations down to the call to action, the prospect must see value to take away.

    Obviously, this is the message Daniel Scocco is trying to pass in this article!