Instagram sponsorship makes money for many Instagrammers and you can be one of those to get paid for your Instagram posts.

instagram sponsorshipThis article shows you how it all works.

It also shows exactly how you can get paid for your Instagram posts.

And of course, it also shows you other actual genuine ways to make some good money with your Instagram posts, even if you are just starting out.

But first, apart from thinking of earning with Instagram, it’s good to know that you can still earn some extra money on the side from just filling out surveys online.

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Back to Instagram though, it has really grown in massive leaps and bounds the last couple of years and so many people now use it to make money easily.

Instagram is a lot more than just a photo sharing social media app.

Many people use this app to share images of their work and lifestyles.

While it is fun to share images of what you do, where you are, your favorite pets, your past times, etc, you can still make money from what you share and the posts you make on this platform.

Yes, you can make money as an “Instagrammer” just as many people are already doing.

You can delve into full time making money with Instagram or you can use the platform to make money part time.

It all depends on you and how you want to earn.


Instagram Sponsorship Is One Of The Best Ways To Make Money With Instagram

Make Money With Instagram

Instagram sponsorship starts with you growing your Instagram account with enough genuine and active followers to be considered an influencer.

As an influencer on Instagram, you are valuable to brands who want to reach your followers.

And to be able to reach your followers, they “sponsor” some of the posts you make on your account.

Of course the posts can be promoting the brands directly or indirectly.

Whichever, the brands gain something from your efforts.

And yes, you get paid for your efforts as well.

So, it starts with growing your Instagram account to the point of having good enough number of genuine followers.

This will mean that you have many engaging fans who listen to you and are ready to do what you advise.

As an influencer on Instagram, it’s easy to get offers from businesses or individuals to share posts or mentions of their brands in your posts.

You simply post high-quality content in the form of pictures or videos, and you strategically use hashtags relevant to the brand’s audience.

As you help promote these brands, you get paid and/or rewarded in other ways.

It’s win win for many influencers as they tell their audience about relevant and good quality products/services and get paid in the process.

If you don’t get offers from brands to promote them, despite been an influencer, you can still go out and find brands to work with.

You can list yourself marketplaces like

These marketplaces help you increase your chances of being discovered by brands.

Other places you can explore include for sponsorship include:


Other Ways You Can Get Paid For Your Instagram Posts


By Selling Your Own Products 

Get Paid For Your Instagram Posts

If you have products that you sell in online stores you can still make money online promoting and selling those products on your Instagram account.

For Instance, if you already sell items on ecommerce platforms like Etsy, Shopify  or Zazzle, you can create an Instagram account around your niche and feature those products.

Products you can promote and sell may include courses, ebooks, or design templates.

Also, you can print and sell your physical products like your own pillows, wall art, t-shirts, coffee mugs, and more.

Selling your own online store’s products on Instagram is a great way that many people make money from this image sharing social platform.

This is certainly one of the ways for people who need cash now to make money with Instagram.

You should consider using apps like Yotpo and Soldsie, etc to tell compelling visual story and make your items more presentable.

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By Using The Power of Affiliate Marketing 

how to do instagram sponsorship

You can make money online with Instagram by doing affiliate marketing.

In this case you will promote the products or services of other brands or influencers and receive commissions for sales generated.

If you are very familiar with the product or niche you are promoting then your chances of becoming successful with affiliate marketing is even better.

Some of the great affiliate networks to find products/services to promote as an affiliate include:

In using Instagram to promote an affiliate product you will make use of trackable links or unique promo codes.

These links should be incorporated into your posts so you get credited for sales that are generated when your audience clicks and heads on the merchant’s site to buy the product/service.

You can buy shoutouts to promote the Instagram affiliate products you have chosen.

Using sites like and Plug Hype will help you find and connect with influencers and brands.

That can help you increase the chances of becoming more successful in affiliate marketing as an Instagrammer.


By Selling Your Pictures

sell your photos on instagram and make money

Since Instagram is photo based social media app you can use it sell your photos directly and make money in the process.

Yes, you really can take professional photos and sell them on this platform.

You can also connect your photos with your online photo sharing portfolio sites for regular updates.

Whether you are professional photographer or just an amateur with keen interest in sharing quality photos, Instagram provides an opportunity to make extra money online.

Selling photographs on Instagram should be strategic if you must succeed and make money.

You must grow the right following, use the right hashtags, and provide value with your photos.

People and even brands value authentic photos, so keep these in mind if you must be a success selling Instagram photos.

You can apps or marketplaces to successful sell your Instagram photos to a wider audience.

Some of these include:

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By Selling Your Instagram Account Using Marketing Places Live

sell your instagram account and make money

This is the “end game” for some Instagrammers who want a big payout.

If you are one of such Instagrammers and you have grown your Instagram account to a certain level of success you can make money from it by transferring the ownership to another person.

For monetary gains of course.

Just as people build, nurture, grow and eventually sell websites, you too can do same with your Instagram account(s).

Marketplaces like Viral Accounts and Fameswap can facilitate your move to sell the Instagram account you no longer want to manage.

Is this frowned upon by Instagram?

Probably, but it’s certainly not illegal.


By Becoming An Instagram Marketing Consultant

Instagram Marketing Consultant

Yes, you read that right – you can make money online by becoming an Instagram marketing consultant.

What you do here is to teach businesses how to promote and succeed with Instagram.

You can consult with them and guide them to grow their followings and improve their conversions.

As a consultant, you can use some good apps and tools to streamline and manage Instagram accounts for clients.

Some of these apps and tools include:

It would interest you to know that on the average you can earn hundreds of dollars to even thousands of dollars per month, just doing Instagram marketing consultations with companies and brands.

The steps you should follow to succeed as an Instagram marketing consultant is to understand and master how to grow a followers, sales, and engagement in the platform.

Identify and create of potential prospects that you would like to contact or pitch to, then master the art of creating a good sales pitch that would appeal to the prospects.

Most importantly – if you have achieved some great results in your own personal Instagram account or the accounts of other clients, that can be good enough to convince the prospects that you know what you are talking about.

It’s a good idea to become a true Instagrammer with clout or influence – before thinking of making money consulting for others.


By Selling Digital Products to Your Audience

post on instagram and make money

Digital products like ebooks, video courses, and webinars are some of the most lucrative options for those who want to make money online with blogging and social media.

As an Instagrammer you can adopt this approach to make really cool money online as well.

You should properly package any digital product you want to sell and use your Instagram account to promote and sell it.

It’s a great way to share and sell your expertise on a particular subject.

You can even decide to promote and sell by first using your Instagram to build an email list.

The beauty with using Instagram to build your email list is that you can sell to those on your list again and again.


By Growing Your YouTube Audience Using Instagram Videos

Earn Money From Instagram

It’s no longer news that almost anyone can make quick and easy money just from posting YouTube videos.

There are many people already earning money from YouTube channels of different categories like entertainment, lifestyles, education, culture and trends, etc.

The problem is getting good enough views on the videos to make money.

This is where you can put Instagram to good use.

If you have a popular Instagram account with a lot active followers, you can use it to drive traffic to your Youtube videos, and make money that way.

You can even create short or incomplete clips on Instagram and link them to the final full videos on your YouTube channel.

This way you build excitement and tease your audience to visit your Youtube channel for more.

With Instagram Stories you can effectively integrate Instagram with your YouTube channel and make money from your efforts.


By Using Instagram and Airbnb 

Make Money Using Instagram and Airbnb

You certainly can put the power of two giants to work in making money!

Instagram and Airbnb!

Airbnb is a website that connects people to accommodation at destinations of their choice.

If you have an apartment in a place filled with tourists then marketing your apartment on Instagram can be a good way for you to earn.

Of course you need to do your homework well to succeed with this as a complete business strategy.

This is especially as you will need to factor in the cost of setting up the place, the legal requirement existing the city where you operate, the effort and time required to maintain or manage the business successfully, etc.

Using Instagram to promote your Airbnb requires some efforts.

Your pitch must be thorough.

Your pictures must be professional.

Your call-to-action must be attention grabbing.

Overall, success with Airbnb on Instagram can also be achieved by giving travelers virtual tours about the apartment or facility they intend to rent.

There must be clarity as to the amenities and special features offered in the place.

Testimonials of guest posted on your Instagram account can be also helpful to increase interest.

This can be in the form of pictures of past guests that have rented the place.

Promote the apartments with special discounts and especially on special holidays or occasions.

Promoting your Airbnb on Instagram would readily help you generate more money but you must be mindful that it requires hard work and patience.


On Instagram As A Travel Consultant 

Make Money On Instagram As A Travel Consultant

If you travel a lot or have the passion for traveling, you can be very successful using Instagram.

You simply share your travel pictures and experiences on this visual platform to gradually grow your followers.

Eventually you will have enough clout to be able to offer a travel-related consultancy service to those that need it.

Doing this type of work that require travel as a travel consultant you can offer tours to adults, families and customized group tours using Instagram.

You simply use Instagram to pitch choice destinations, travel landmarks, special cuisines, and special entertainment centers around the globe.

Using the power of Instagram to make money as a travel consultant is realistic when you have the necessary influence in the travel niche, even though you pitch ‘travel around the world’.

Remember… the best way to make money with Travel consultancy on Instagram is to ensure you share picturesque moments of your travels.

You can also add short videos to give your experience more real or live appeals.

Share pictures of special products on your travels and these could be embedded as sponsored posts.

Local cuisines, images and advice from your audience can add up part of your posts.

You can also create a travel-related digital product like a a travel ebook, video guide, or travel ecourse and market them on your Instagram account.



As you can see from this article, there are many ways to get Instagram sponsorship and get paid for your Instagram posts.

The many other ways included in this article are already helping people who are hardworking and creative to earn or supplement their income from this visually-based social media platform.

You can diversify your approach and make money from more than one ways.

Instagram can be a money spinner if you take advantage of it.

Lastly, apart from thinking of earning with Instagram, don’t forget that your or anyone, regardless of Instagram status can still earn some extra money on the side from just filling out surveys online.

Doing such survey tasks online are very easy to do. They mostly also don’t require any experience at all and there are genuine survey companies that really pay.

One of such survey companies that really pay is SurveyJunkie.

This company is so reputable that they have successfully paid millions of dollars to everyday people. And yes, if you get involved they will even pay you straight to your Paypal account just for completing online surveys.

Click here to sign up with SurveyJunkie and start earning from this, whether you are an Instagram influencer or not.


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