If you are wondering whether Instafeet is a scam or legit site, you should definitely read this review.

This is a comprehensive Instafeet review that explains a lot about this platform for buying and selling feet pics online.


What is Instafeet

Instafeet is a platform that allows anyone to connect with admirers of their feet and get paid for access to exclusive content.

This website is popular with those who create, post, and share beautiful feet pictures with admirers or buyers.

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This site is a membership site as users are required to sign up before they can access the features.

Sign up is free and you must be 18 years or older before you can use this website.

Users of this website cut across different parts of the world.

Women are the major creators or users as men are not allowed to register as sellers of feet pictures on the site.

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Who Buys Feet Pictures and What for?

Before looking more into Instafeet, let’s talk a bit more about who buys feet pics and for what.

There are different kinds of people who buy feet pictures.

Each buyer may have a specific purpose for which he pays to have or download the feet picture.

Generally, feet pictures are used for either personal or business purposes.

The common buyers of feet pictures today include:

  • Individuals who like to display beautiful pictures around their homes, office, or environment. They can pay to collect different types of feet pictures as long as the images are good looking.
  • Foot fetishists who love to touch, feel, smell, or look at the foot to satisfy their sexual fantasies. A foot fetishist can buy feet pictures to fulfill his or her sexual urges. This group of people is among those who buy feet pictures more than any other group of buyers.
  • Bloggers or webmasters who publish different content on their blogs or websites respectively. They buy feet pictures to promote their text, video, and other content they publish or even share on their websites.
  • Newspapers and magazines that use feet pictures as the cover for any relevant print edition they are publishing.
  • Modeling agencies buy feet pictures to choose the best foot models for their modeling campaign.
  • Movie producers and directors buy feet pictures and select the best actors/actress to cast in feet scenes of their movies or TV shows.

So, feet pictures have lots of buyers, and you must know that the purpose of buying could be for personal or for business reasons.


Is Instafeet a Scam Site?

No, Instafeet is not a scam site. Instead, it’s a popular for models and foot lovers. It is used for the buying and selling of feet pictures.

The site is a membership community where creators make money and subscribers get what they want.

If you have gorgeous feet pictures to sell then you should consider using Instafeet.

The platform is a subscription service where exclusive content is shared with users.

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How Legit Is Instafeet?

Instafeet is definitely legit but it seems to have a lot of problems, especially problems related to members not sure how the ID verification works.

Communication is also a problem on Instafeet as members are not really able to get through to customer support.

Most importantly, the site always seems to suffer from loading and connectivity issues. It’s very common to see it down and inaccessible for days.


Does Instafeet have problems?

Yes, the site is notorious for loading and connectivity problems.

That’s why many foot lovers and models prefer better platforms like Feetify.com


Rules for Users of Instafeet

Users of Instafeet must adhere strictly to the rules set by the platform.

These rules are the dos and don’ts you must meet before you apply.

Your adherence to the set Instafeet rules will facilitate the speedy approval of your application by the admin.

The following is the list of the Instafeet Rules for users as shared on the Rules Page:


  • Moisturize your feet and toes.
  • Get a pedicure/ color on.
  • Remove any hairs, plucking is best.
  • Submit both face and feet photos.


  • Register more than once.
  • Upload blurry or stock photos.
  • Apply if you are male or ftm trans.
  • Submit only face or only feet photos.


Toe rings and ankle bracelets.

All creators MUST submit a valid ID to get paid.

Remember, obeying and adhering strictly to the above rules would facilitate speedy approvals.

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How to Sell Feet Pictures on Instafeet

There are basic steps you can apply to sell feet pictures on Instafeet. These are explained below:

1. Create a profile

You should apply for a profile as part of the process of becoming a member of Instafeet.

You can click on the “Sign up” page and fill all the required details. These include:

  • your email address
  • your full name
  • your location
  • A description of you
  • The username you will use to access your profile
  • The password
  • The role you want to play – that is, whether you are a creator or a subscriber. If you are a creator, you will upload asked to upload:
  • 1 Clear Face photo or Selfie
  • 3 Clear Feet Pictures
  • You will choose how you want to get paid. You choose from three any of PayPal, CashApp, or Venmo.
  • You must upload a form of Identification. This is important because your application will not be approved without it.
  • You then agree to the Terms & Privacy Policy and click next to create an account.


Only women are allowed to register with this platform. You must not apply if you are male or Female-to-male transgender.

When applying for membership, you must show a valid Photo ID to verify.

After completing the sign-up process, you may have to for 1 to 3 weeks to be reviewed.

The admin will send you an email after you have been approved.


2. Post Content

Once you have been approved by an admin, you can go ahead and log in to your profile page.

You can start posting feet pictures. It is recommended that you post at least 5 photos to start. You can add more to keep your subscribers paying every month.

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3. Set a price

Instafeet advises that you set the subscription price to your feet pictures at under $10 per month. You will notice that most users set their subscription fees at $9.9.

If you have 10 subscribers then you will earn $9.9 x 10 = $99 per month.

Instafeet takes a standard fee (10%) to pay for credit card processing and maintenance.

So, with the 10 subscribers, you will receive a net $99 – $9.9 = $89.1 per month.


Instafeet review


4. Get your Unique link

After you have created your profile, uploaded your content, and set your price, Instafeet will send your unique link.

The link looks like this Instafeet.com/username. For instance, if your username is Joyce then your unique link will be something like this instafeet.com/joyce.


5. Share your link with others

After registering and creating your profile on Instafeet, you can now share and tell your friends on social media platforms about your feet pictures.

You can share that link on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Of course, the more followers you have, the more likely you will get more subscribers and make more money.

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How Much Money Can You Make Selling Feet Pictures on Instafeet?

What you earn from selling feet pictures on Instafeet depends on a lot of factors. Although you are advised to set a subscription price below $10 per month, you can still set a price above that of the figure.

The factors that will determine how much you earn include:

  • The number of subscribers you have
  • The quality of your feet pictures
  • The number of your followers on social media
  • How popular you have become on the platform, etc.



As you have seen from this review, Instafeet is a foot lover’s platform. You can sign up with this website and make money selling feet pictures.

As a creator, you can register with this website and start making money selling your feet pictures for money.

While this is a genuine platform, it’s not as good as Feetify for buying and selling feet pictures.