How To Increase Blog Traffic-Guide For Beginners


Every Blogger has a dream to increase blog traffic and lots of people want to know what’s the magic behind it and how people get this in less time, while there is no rocket science. While some people give up in their beginning career because they fed up to make an effort to increase blog traffic but this is not the solution. Many people don’t give up even they makes mistakes, but afterwards they achieve their best after a long hard work journey.

So let’s come to the main topic, today I show you how to increase blog traffic then hopefully you will achieve your success in very short period of time.


  1. Hi Mustafa,

    If there is one thing I certainly do agree with; it will always be having a catchy headlines. Headlines are the first call of action for any reader and when not done right, it is more or less like a recipe for disaster.

    And images can’t of course be taken granted. I once read something like this; if the words aren’t enough, let the image(s) do the rest of the talking.
    This was an interesting piece. Keep it up!
    Emmanuel Kabenlah recently posted…Why there is now a Donate Button on Profile

    • Hey Emmauel,

      Glad you like this post, Yes catchy headlines plays a vital role in increasing blog traffic.

      But Images also play an important role because there are lot of lazy people who doesn’t want to read whole post but if they found interesting pic it will catch their eyes and they will read your post immediately

      Thanks for stop by!

      I found your comment on my blog too and I’m happy to see you on my blog 🙂


  2. Hi Mustafa,
    Increasing blog traffic is indeed the desire of many bloggers. Its pretty cool having to learn of the many ways to achieve.

    However, it is important for the webmaster or new blogger to share quality contents and do quality promotions consistently if he wants to gain traffic!

    Consistency of quality promotions helps to increase traffic for any blog!
    Sunday William recently posted…The Month Google Shook the SERPsMy Profile

  3. Good article.

    I think that consistency and guest posting are the best ways to increase blog traffic. Guest posting is probably my number one method. Even though I just started guest posting, I know that it’s something that I probably should have done from the beginning rather than waiting for as long as I did.

    In terms of consistency, you have to be consistent in blog posts and quality articles that you write.

    Good article.
    Andrew recently posted…How To Repel Visitors Like Magnets By Making These 5 Dumb Blogging MistakesMy Profile

  4. Blog’s traffic is very tough in the initial days, email list is the key to good amount of traffic and one needs to work on it from the very beginning.

    The most important thing is to keep engaged the readers. Having the new posts on irregular timings can flew your customers and thus lead to less recurring visitors. Also, giving the readers some interesting related contents on the website can make them stick longer and thus increase their engagement.

    The more engaged the reader is, the more the chances of him/her coming back. Nice information here.
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  5. I am yet to see a blogger who creates a blog and do not want traffic to follow suit…

    It is important to know the things to do to get this traffic, Catchy headlines,Good blog design…

    It’s important to also give out value as this is the only way that real traffic and loyalty will be gotten….

    When Value is added continously, a blog is sure to fly…
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