This is a review about InboxPays, which shows whether it’s a scam or legit program that pays members to read emails.

It also answers some of the pressing frequently asked questions people have before joining and how to get the best from getting involved with this program.


What is InboxPays?

InboxPays is an online platform where people get paid to complete surveys. This platform is also a reward platform that really pays and rewards members.

It is based in Houston, Texas. It was founded in 2009 and operated by A&A Marketing Inc. – a market research group based in Illinois.

It would interest you to know that A&A Marketing Inc. owns other survey companies like Panda Research and MindsPay.

InboxPays offers several ways in which members can make money.

A member can earn money by filling surveys and completing offers. You can also get paid by opening and reading emails, spinning the wheel game, referring friends, etc.


How InboxPays Works

InboxPays, like most survey sites, makes money by providing market research services for companies and organizations.

Companies pay users to participate in InboxPays surveys to gain insight and opinions on products and services.

InboxPays rewards members with cash for completing offers, participating in surveys, reading emails, using coupons, playing games – spin the wheel, and referring friends.


Is InboxPays a scam?

InboxPays is not a scam program. It is a legit program run by a company. It has a B rating with the Bureau of Better Business (BBB).

It has a real and legit parent company – A&A Marketing Inc. – behind its operations.

InboxPays is easily one of the really legit paid Survey Junkie type survey platforms where people get paid to complete surveys.

This platform also has a legit reward platform that really pays.


Who Can Sign Up for InboxPays?

InboxPays allows anyone who is 18 years old and lives in the United States to apply.

Also, the potential members must have a valid email address and a PayPal account.


Best Ways of Making Money With InboxPays

There are several ways of making money with InboxPays. These include:


1. Taking Paid Surveys

At InboxPays, you will not find many surveys it offers. However, you will be invited to complete surveys from other sites.

The surveys you complete via InboxPays are not the highest as you will get paid $0.5 and $1 per survey that you complete.

For each survey you want to complete, InboxPays will tell you how much reward you are going to make.


2. Reading Emails

You can get paid to read emails at InboxPays. This platform sends you a maximum of 3 emails daily.

These emails have links that you can click on to access ads from some companies.

Some of the links come in the form of images and textual links.

For each email you receive and read, you will earn 25 cents.

According to InboxPays, here is what you should know about making money reading emails:

To earn Cash Mail Credits, simply read and confirm the emails sent to you by

Credit is automatically added to your account once you either click on the image or link within the email.

 Sorry, clicks from mobile devices will not get credited so please make sure you are doing it from a desktop or laptop.

You can earn up to $25.00 in cash mail credits per payment request.

Anything exceeding the $25.00 threshold will count toward your next payout request.

Be sure to add to your safe sender’s list and/or contact list so you don’t miss out on any Cash Mails!


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3. Completing Offers

InboxPays pays members for completing offers. These offers can come in different forms.

According to the site:

An offer is a promotion from one of our many advertising partners.

An offer may be for a product or service, or merely for registering on a website.

Each offer has different terms for completion, which we try to explain to you along with the offer description.

Some are paid offers where you get rewarded for paying or subscribing to some items.

Other offers allow you to get free trials on some products or services.

You can access different types of offers to boost your earnings.

InboxPays offers you various opportunities to earn from paid and free offers.

So, you can sign up for a website, click on ads, shop for an item, or fill in some data, as part of the offers you have to complete and earn with InboxPays.

Also, InboxPays reveals that when you complete the offers and they have received confirmation from their advertisers, then you will be eligible for payment.

Some offers will credit you instantly others can take up to seven working days to get your offers approved from the advertiser.

To make the most of earnings with InboxPays, ensure you for the terms and conditions put in place by the company.

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4. Spin the Wheel

You can earn from InboxPays when you spin the wheel. This is a kind of game on the platform.

For each spin you make, you have a chance to earn prizes. The prizes could range from 75 cents to $100.

You can also win a jackpot playing this game.

You will get a spin each time you finish filling a survey. Also, you will get two free spins once you complete sign up for InboxPays.

On average, you will earn from $0.50 to $1 for each spin. However, there is no guarantee of earning huge money but this game is fun to play.

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5. Refer your Friends

You can make money with InboxPays if you join their referral program.

Yes, you can refer your friends to sign up for this program and get paid.

For each friend you referred, you will make 10% of the amount they redeem.

If your friend makes $200 you will receive $20 of this amount.

InboxPays will start paying you referral amount after your referrals get their first payment.

That said, the more friends you refer the more money you are likely to make.


6. Make Use of Coupons

Another way to make money through InboxPays is through the use of coupons.

You can clip, cut, and use coupon codes to shop for items and services at retailers or stores.

You get huge discounts when shopping for household items or groceries with these coupons.

InboxPays provides members with coupons once in a while.

These vouchers or their codes can be accessed from the coupons tab on the right side of the dashboard.


How to Get Paid With InboxPays

With InboxPays, you need to reach at least $50 in your account before you can get paid.

All payments are made on the 1st of 15th of every month after the mandatory 30 day wait period from the day you make submissions for payments.

To get paid without any hitch, you must fulfill certain requirements.

InboxPays explains that “You must have a MINIMUM of $25 approved from offers and/or Spin Wheel credits, only a MAXIMUM of $25 in Cash Mail credits is allowed per payment request.

Cash Mail credits exceeding $25 will still accumulate under Carried Cash Mail credits and will be eligible for future payment requests.

So, if you have $50, but only $15 is from paid offers, you will not be eligible for payout until you get earn $10 from paid offers or Spin Wheels.


What Are the Pros of Using Inboxpays?

The advantage of using InboxPays include:

  • InboxPays utilizes only PayPal as its payment gateway. This is a platform trusted by many people. Its use will give users the confidence that they are working with a company that gives them peace of mind in terms of financial transactions.
  • InboxPays offers new members with a $5 bonus. This is given once they complete the sign-up process.
  • InboxPays provides different ways for members to earn money. These include surveys, spin the wheel, reading emails, using coupons, and referring members.
  • InboxPays allows members when they refer others to use and earn from the platform.


What Are the Cons of Using InboxPays?

The following are some of the disadvantages of using InboxPays:

  • InboxPays sends out multiple emails from its platforms and those of its advertisers to members. This is often spammy.
  • InboxPays’ account covers only one person per household. So, family members who share the same address would not be eligible to join this platform.
  • InboxPays’ cash-out amount of $50 is very high compared to what obtains with many Get-paid-to websites. Also, the cash-out process is confusing and may discourage many members.
  • InboxPays does not pay much in terms of earnings. You can only make more money when you sign up for more offers.



As this article has shown, InboxPays is not a scam site. It’s a legit program that pays members to read emails.

This article also answered some of the pressing frequently asked questions people have before joining and how to get the best from getting involved with this program.