Important Things To Do And Understand Before Starting A Blog


I know how it feels when after spending months on something you realize that you were going in a completely wrong direction just because you were misled by some greedy people or by people with incomplete knowledge. I was one of them and today after spending 1 year and 9 months on blogging I realize that things could have been different if I had done the things which I am going to tell you in this post.

This post is actually for newbies, if you are an experienced blogger then you may not get anything new out of it but you can relate all these things to you for sure.

Here I won’t be talking about the technical stuff because of two reasons :

i.) It is impossible to write all the things about blogging in a single post.

ii.) As a newbie you need to understand something else before the technical stuff.

Now I have told you what you will be getting here then without much ado lets come to the point.

Things You Should Keep In Mind Before Starting A Blog




1.) Prepare Yourself To Face Failure :-

I hope you are not shocked with the very first point. Are you ? Well, this is the thing you should prepare your mind for because to be very true every newbie fails at some point. Why newbie fails ? Because they don’t follow or they don’t know about the things which are written below. Following the below doesn’t assure that you won’t fail, you can and you should fail as failure is the best teacher in the world and if you fail then don’t get demoralized. You are reading this on Kingged, if you read the bio of the admin, he too has failed several times.

Failure is the part of success!


2.) Invest In Real Things :-

No business either online or offline can start without investment, you will surely invest in something but keep in mind that you invest in real and genuine things. I remember the day when I was cheated by someone just because I didn’t had any knowledge of it, I had to purchase a theme for my blog, it cost 6000 bucks but someone told me that he can get me the same for 4000 bucks, I went greedy and decided to save the money but didn’t knew that I was actually losing much more than that.

So in my advice, go for the real, saving in this way can make you suffer huge losses.


3.) Don’t Rely Only On One Person :-

This is somewhat confusing for newbies, the person here I am talking about is the person with incomplete knowledge who himself hadn’t achieved anything with the methods he used to follow. Obviously if the person is someone like Neil Patel, then this statement would go wrong completely because he is the man with knowledge and experience.

Explore yourself, give this thing a self study.


4.) Read Before You Write :-

Actually this is what you are doing right now and lemme tell you that you are doing the right thing by doing so. Speaking of my personal experience I never read anything, even after 3 months of starting the blog, actually my first website was not a blog, it was a classified website to post ads but had no knowledge on how to promote it. Not reading the blogs before starting the website was one of my biggest mistakes.

Like I told I was cheated, not only this I was fooled too, can you imagine how I was told to blog ? That man showed me the WordPress admin panel and said something like this – “This is the add new button, here is the text area where you have to write, this is the title line, here you need to insert your keywords for which you want your article to appear on Google’s first page and finally this is the Publish button”. Just this. Are you laughing after reading this ? I am.

Do some research please.


5.) Learn The Technical Stuff :-

Are you waiting for me to write something silly what I did in my early days? Me too, not because I like to make fun of myself but because I don’t want anyone else to face all these things, what’s use of that experience which can’t save the others.

If you have done some research then you may have come across the word “Keyword”, lemme give you an example what I did with the keywords told by those same highly talented (in a sarcastic way) people, if I was writing an article on a tutorial, say “How To Resolve 500 Internal Server On Only One Computer” then can you imagine what keywords I used to optimize this article, control your laugh if you can after reading the next line, the keywords were – Tom Cruise, how, to, resolve, 500, server, error, one, computer. The funniest was Tom Cruise 😛 . It was just because I was not even told what a keyword actually means, I was not told how Google works and refine results.

Learn the basic stuff like how to write, what to write, link building, SEO, what WordPress is, what blogging means.


6.) Learn To Give :-

Here is some give and take relation. If you can’t give then don’t even expect to get back. By giving here I mean by giving links and credits to the deserved. Don’t be ever shy of giving credits to someone who deserve like if you have taken some image from a source then do not mention to give links to that source, it is good for you too.


7.) Backlinks, They mean A Lot :-

Backlinks, backlinks, backlinks. Have you heard of this term before ? If yes then please don’t ignore them, they are very very very important but only when they are genuine and not spammy. Follow Brian Dean for a massive exposure to this term, he is damn good.


8.) Don’t Be Afraid Of Experimenting :-

Every successful thing comes from both successful and unsuccessful experiments. Blogging is all about experimenting, if I had not done some experiments then probably I may be doing those silly mistakes today even.


9.) Learn To Write Yourself :-

I have met some people who say we can publish article but can’t write the stuff by own, all we can do is copy the post, paste it in an article spinner and then publish that spin article on the blog, if you too think the same way then I would advise you to stop thinking of blogging right now, internet is already filled with massive content, nobody needs your copied and spin content, neither search engines nor humans.


10.) Only Writing Is Not Blogging :-

If you have understood the above point and can write yourself then lemme tell you the jobs doesn’t end here, you need to promote your content, let people know what you have for them, writing content without promotion is like building a shop and not opening the shutters ever, no one will ever come.

These are the things which need to be taken care of, don’t hit the arrow in the dark. If you have anything to say then feel free to say via comments.


  1. Hi Karan,

    Your opening paragraph will touch a chord with many Bloggers. All of us Bloggers at some time in our Blogging lives have experienced the same angst.

    It perhaps a bind that ties us all together in some way driving us to be helpful and considerate to other Bloggers, irrespective of whether they are newbie, experienced or any other flavour.

    Failure is the part of success!

    Loved this. In truth all failure hurts like hell, BUT it’s what you do with failure, that makes the difference.

    BTW, you’ve taken – quite the risk – opening up with a long paragraph on failure. May trigger many readers to bounce. Failure is not the most endearing kick off but is so very much part of being human.

    Buying a cheaper theme, and then finding that it does not work for you. Wow! been there done that not once but multiple times, before I began to be clear about where exactly I could cut corners and where not to.

    Unfortunately, like you when I first started Blogging I did not have a manual to refer to. I just jumped in and had a lot of fun and some pain. The pain makes me more grateful for the fun I’m having though.

    I needed a Social Media Tool to monitor and engage with all my social media streams, I had zeroed in on Hootsuite, when a friend told me about a tool named – Buzz Bundle. Hootsuite is monthly subscription based whereas – Buzz Bundle – is a one-time payment of USD 97/-

    I purchased – Buzz Bundle – on starting to use it I discovered that is does not deliver even 35% of what Hootsuite delivers. I’ve started my subscription with Hootsuite and I’ve chalked this up to bad – learning experiences. There’s always a price to pay for – experience. Just does not come free.

    Wow – Choosing A Mentor – did I have fun on that one.

    Spent time and money until I grew my own wisdom and experience. Fortunately for me over time I did find the right mentors. I’ve been blessed I guess after getting several decent whacks. I’ve devoted a page to my mentors on my site. They are so worth it.

    Hey! Karan, nice Blog post, well laid out, covering all the essentials that every Blogger needs to read about. I picked up a few pointers, had smile on my face over other topics remembering my experiences.

    Enjoyed the read. Thanks for sharing.
    Ivan Bayross recently posted…Do You Know How To Measure Social Media ROI Confidently?My Profile

  2. Hello Karan,

    This is really good post, I’ve to say. It’s serious stuff you are talking about but you made it fun and easy to read.

    I like that you admitted it’s for newbies and not for experienced bloggers but I think even experienced bloggers will get something from this. Even if just to remind them of things they need to do on their old or new blog.

    I like the image you used in this post, I think it’s powerful and it shows that starting a blog is not an easy task but it can be done.

    The best important thing to do before starting a blog for me is the first one you talked about:

    Prepare Yourself To Face Failure

    That’s very true. Instead of lying to newbies, it’s better to tell the truth about possibility of failure because most bloggers will fail, more than once, before they succeed.

    Thanks for writing this.

  3. Hey Karan,

    This was a great list but the one that simply sticks out for me is number 6.

    If you want to be successful you have to learn how to give. Don’t just give to meet a quote or to expect anything back, but you want to give what would deem as valuable to others.


    Because you’re start the ripple effect of a “gift exchange” where some of your loyal follows would want to keep constant value exchange. When this is done, you start to build a reputation and others will want to see what you’re all about.

    In this case, you reap what you sow, and marketing reciprocation is the goal!

    Thanks for sharing! Have a good one!
    Sherman Smith recently posted…5 Simple Tips For A Daily Social Media Promotion PlanMy Profile

  4. Hi Karan,
    Bloggers that are starting out must be willing to learn to the ropes before aiming for success. The blogging “journey” is filled with bumps and so we must be ready to face all obstacles.

    Learning the “what”, “how” and “why” of blogging should come before anything else. Successful bloggers understand these points and newbies should as well.

    As newbies, there are tools and resources to experiment with, however, having the mindset of entrepreneur should be topmost. This mindset embraces challenges, becomes disciplined and adopts to change. This mindset is also positive and proactive with every detailed plans!
    Sunday William recently posted…Do You Want To Increase Visitors’ Trust and Optimize Conversion? These 3 Testimonials Tips Can HelpMy Profile

  5. I couldn’t agree more.

    Blogging is not an easy task to start and finish. The nuts and bolts, the fundamentals and all re essential to take note along with the right set of mind. Yes, I agree with you. Preparing yourself to face failure is very important. Self-explanatory that it’s like living the life you have, you’ll face lots of failures, but you need to stand up over and over again to continue and finish the next lap in your race.

    Read a lot to learn and expand your knowledge and understanding in blogging, learn the technical stuffs, learn about building relationships, link building, building brand and etc.

    All in all, there are LOTS of important things to learn, consider and do with blogging. However, it’s not difficult if you have the eagerness to do it.
    Metz recently posted…6 Action Steps To Online Success With Free Traffic StrategiesMy Profile

    • Yes its not an easy task and that’s what newbies need to understand. I have met some people who says “I have set up a blog with mobile app and published an article. Now make me earn” and I was like WHAT???
      This journey may seem easy as people think you don’t have to work so hard but the truth is completely opposite, it requires a lot of hard work and patience and this is what newbies should understand before learning SEO, link building and other technical aspects.
      Karan Bhagat recently posted…How Can I Speed Up My PC Without Upgrading AnythingMy Profile

  6. Thanks Karan for this post. We should remember ………………………

    Anchor text is text that has been hyperlinked to your website. The link should lead your readers to a specific page (and section) on your website. It is important to remember that your hyperlinks should be few in number and it is most appropriate to put them in the second half of your blog post.

    • Hello Soumen,

      Why did you steal this comment from elsewhere on the web and pasted it here as yours? This is to warn you to desist from such behavior in your future participation on If you do this again you will be permanently banned!

      We usually delete such comments, then warn or ban those guilty if they persists, but I am commenting here so this serves as deterrent to others.

      The moderating team spends a lot of time on Kingged looking at as many of the comments made here as possible, to find/delete spammy and stolen comments like yours… all to ensure high quality participation. Stealing and using other people’s comments as yours is low quality behavior that we are sure to detect.

      Once again, please don’t do this again, to avoid getting permanently banned. We have removed your commentluv link from this comment and disavowed it.
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  7. As this is a post for beginners, I think some of the more experienced bloggers ought to learn from this too. I don’t think anyone ever succeeded in this business at their first attempt. We learn through mistakes. That’s just the way it is.

    The whole thing simply revolves around content. If you have awesome quality content, you’re going to do well. Of course, promoting that content is crucial, but if you promote something that’s no good, you’re going to fail.

    I learned that the hard way. Now, I take much more time with each post attempting to give my best and make it as great as possible. One thing I would recommend for everybody is: do your research before each post.

    Thanks for sharing. Great stuff! 🙂
    Viktor Mauzer recently posted…How To Build An Online Community – Starting Internet BusinessMy Profile

  8. Hi Karan,

    All the points mentioned are valid points that every new blogger needs to consider before starting a blog. I cant imagine a bloggers who cant write and research his or her content. Some of these type of bloggers adopt the copy and paste style of blogging stealing other peoples content or taking article directly from article sites.

    I think this post is a very good advice for those coming into the blogoshere.

    Thanks Karan for sharing.
    Adegoke Ajayi recently posted…6 Reasons Why Affiliate Marketing is the Best for BloggersMy Profile

  9. I would also add 2 things.

    First one is you need to make sure you actually have got to say something. Even if you write well and know SEO and can create a website, all of this doesn’t matter, if you write an outdated topics or simply stuff no one has interest on. Even worse, when you re-write someone’s work.

    And second of all, don’t forget social media. People won’t come to your blog by themselves, you need additional sources, aside search.

    Social media presence is extremely important now, at least try one of the networks: twitter or facebook or pinterest. And you need always to try to engage people, not just install the plugin that will post capture and links to your social pages.
    Nicole Hall recently posted…Online Courses That Will Improve Your Writing SkillsMy Profile

  10. Hi Karan,

    When I started my journey in blogging, I had more difficult to this field, Wrong path to writing and some technical issues.

    After getting times for blogging and read more blogs, then take experience from there.

    Started to reading this post, get more information for Newbie that how they initiate its blog with these points. Enjoyed to reading this post and nice article.
    Nicole Pary
    Nicole Pary recently posted…Download SHAREit for PC, Android & iPhone- Video TutorialMy Profile

  11. Hey Karan,

    Indeed, these are great tips for newbies who want to start a blog. It is important to identify what works and what doesn’t work in the blogosphere before delving into it.

    A good research and commitment to excellence should be the great adoptions for a successful blogging.

    I agree with all of the advise you have explained. I want to add that setting goals and doing regular assessment should readily form a major part of the blogger’s mindset.

  12. Hi Karan,

    It is admirable seeing that the best of blogging always follows the best of preparations. Successful bloggers are those who have taken time to engage in actions that demand learning before leaping. This must be the mindset of the newbie. One cannot hit the target they cannot see, therefore, the place of vision and plans for before must be acknowledged.

    The ten tips you have shared here are in order. I am confident that many people that reads this post would be inspired to take the action necessary.

  13. Preparation is important before the expectation of success. With blogging, there is need to prepare in visions, missions, goals and plannings.

    With all of these in place, the route to successful blogging would become enticing and free flowing.

    Learning of what it takes to succeed is fundamental habit that must not be ignored!