If you need clothes and no money, this article is going to really help you.

It reveals as many as 20 powerful tips to help you as well as several companies you can get help from.


You Are Not Alone When You Need Clothes but Have No Money

“Necessity is the mother of invention.”

Many of us can attest to this proverb and can give example after example in our own lives where we needed something, didn’t have the resources, but found a way to make it happen.

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It is also been said, “Where there is a will there is a way.”

In other words, if we have the will to see something accomplished in our lives, we will find a way to make that happen.

Even as it relates to our finances if we don’t have the financial resources, we find a way to earn that money to put food on the table, pay off our bills, save for retirement, make a major purchase, etc.

We are resourceful and rise to the challenges that life brings us in a variety of circumstances.

One of those circumstances is the unfortunate reality that clothes need to be purchased and we don’t have the money.

What do we do?

Well, of course, we meet this necessity by being innovative.


Personal Story

The day finally arrived and coincided with the receiving of my cable bill.

I had decided to cut the cable cord.

Due to lifestyle changes, TV watching had been reduced to one or two channels, and paying over $100 for a full array of other channels that weren’t being watched seemed rather wasteful.

A few months following that decision, I was craving the watching of a few television channels that I was no longer receiving because of poor antenna reception.

So, I pulled out the old antenna, and hooked it up to the cable box outside of the home, and placed the antenna on the defunct satellite dish.

Running the cable cord from the exterior jack into the house the connection was completed by attaching the coaxial cable to the TV antenna input and the television was turned on.

I then scanned for channels that I could receive and held my breath.

Eventually, five channels were found, then 21, and culminating in finding 32 channels.

I was in business, $100 a month richer, and was once again reminded that necessity is the mother of invention.


20 Powerful Tips & Companies to Help When You Need Clothes and No Money


1. Swap 

If you’re tired of looking at the same clothes in your wardrobe and have no money to buy new clothes, then perhaps swapping clothes with another individual is the route to go.

There are a few websites on which clothing is displayed and exchanges can be made.

It simply requires a swap which means an article of your clothing for an article of their clothing.

All the individual needs to do is register at one of these websites and post a picture of that article of clothing you are no longer in need of or want and then look for someone to swap with.

An example of such a website can be found by clicking here.


2. Repurpose

Sometimes the clothes that we have just need to be touched up a little bit so that they appear to be a new article of clothing.

If you have a pair of old jeans, you can just cut off the legs and you will have turned an old pair of jeans into a new pair of shorts.

The same process can be done with the sleeves of a blouse or a shirt.

Simply cut off the sleeves, hem them and you have a short sleeve blouse or shirt, or make the garment top into a tank top.


3. Make Your Own 

A great way to minimize the cost of buying new clothes is to make your own.

It’s not as hard as it seems and with a pattern, and a basic sewing machine; pants, blouses, shirts, and dresses can be made.

The beauty of making your clothes is that this can be accomplished for all members of the family.


4. Hand Me Downs 

A traditional method of getting “new clothes”, especially for children, is through the hand-me-down process.

Children are notorious for growth spurts and growing out of their clothes before they wear out.

Therefore, get together with other families in your sphere of influence and exchange these hand-me-down clothes so that each of the families can utilize those shirts, shoes, pants, dresses, etc.


5. Clothing Exchange 

Sometimes we lose weight and sometimes we put on weight and sometimes the clothes just shrink on us and for that period they are not useful.

A great idea to getting “new clothes” without having to pay is to gather a group of your friends together with the idea being each of you looks in their closet and take out clothes that they no longer want or need.

A get-together follows at a certain time at someone’s home or garage and these clothes are simply displayed and each of the families involved can pick and choose what clothes they would like to take home and utilize.

This would be a clothing exchange amongst your friends and families and there would be no strings or “threads” attached.



6. Facebook 

A great resource for finding all sorts of free items including clothes is social media platforms.

Specifically, on Facebook, several groups, comprised of individuals, meet virtually to discuss all sorts of pertinent issues that are common in each other’s lives.

One of those common issues can be the rising cost of clothes and how to minimize that cost.

Therefore, on Facebook, there may be many groups in which items are listed for either sale or for swapping with other group members and some of those items to be swapped include articles of clothing.

The clothes received in this matter should be thoroughly cleaned but certainly can be an opportunity to get clothes through swapping with others or just obtained at no cost.


7. Craigslist 

Another good resource is Craigslist and often people just wish to de-clutter their homes and list items that they are willing to give away with no request for payment.

Again, the listings may be sporadic and it is important that if any of these items received are clothing that they are thoroughly washed

Also, when meeting these individuals to pick up the items, always be aware of your surroundings and conduct the exchange in a highly visible area, and let people know where you are going.


8. Freecycle 

This beneficial website is operated as a non-profit and is dedicated to helping individuals to find items that are available at no cost.

You just need to sign up on the website and then you can browse through to see what sort of items are being given away in your surrounding and immediate area.

Examples of items listed on this website given away at no cost include furniture, bedroom furniture, clothing, and more.


9. Rewards Points 

Some of the retailers that we conduct business with provide us rewards that accumulate when we make purchases.

When a certain level is reached, often these rewards can be redeemed, and various gift cards can be obtained through these rewards programs.

Some of those cards that are available include clothing retail outlets such as GAP, Old Navy, department stores, etc.

When redeeming those rewards why not turn them in for gift cards that you can utilize at these stores to purchase clothing?


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10. Credit Card Rewards 

For many of us, we have credit cards that earn us rewards or cashback on purchases that we make with these credit cards.

When redeeming these rewards, use them as an opportunity to buy clothing.

They are not, per se, out-of-pocket expenses but are a reflection of our good handling of credit cards and taking advantage of the offers of these companies in utilizing their financial services.

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11. Gifts

On special occasions, sometimes our friends and family are very kind to us and send us a gift or a gift card in celebration of our special day.

Rather than the typical gifts of a gift card to a restaurant, box of chocolates, or some other thoughtful gift, why not just ask for a gift card to your favorite clothing retail shop or a monetary gift so that you can purchase an article of apparel.

It may seem, on the surface, and insensitive request but would certainly be a practical gift of a new article of clothing.


12. Thredup

This website accepts clothes that are considered to be higher quality and are no longer needed by you as the owner.

These clothes can be sent to Thredup and in exchange, Thredup provides the individual credits.

These credits in turn can be utilized to obtain clothes at no charge and are available through the same website.

Also, if you refer others to this website, you can also earn credits.

Click here to check out Thredup


13. Stitch Fix

When you sign up as a user on this website you are linked up with an individual through this website who becomes your stylist.

The registration for the site requires your personal contact information and also asks about your taste in clothing, your size preferences, and your budget.

Once your stylist has selected your clothing, it will be delivered to your residence at no charge.

You then can select what items you wish to retain and ship back the other items that you’re not interested in.

Return shipping is also at no cost to the individual.

Click here to check out Stitch Fix


14. Rue La La

This website offers brand-name clothing as well as accessories to accent your clothing.

By becoming a member, you can earn credits for clothes when you get your family and friends to become members as well.

Every individual that you refer and who registers you will receive a $10 credit which can be used on this site.

Click here to check out Rue La La


15. New Balance

This website is looking for individuals to review some of the products that they manufacture.

The products can be sports apparel or sporting shoes.

If your demographic fits within the individual that they wish to obtain a review from, New Balance will deliver the items to your doorstep so that you can test them out and respond with your opinion through a questionnaire.

The items that are sent to you are complementary.

Click here to check out New Balance


16. Reebok Product Testing

This athletic sportswear and shoe company is always looking for individuals to group test the various new lines of shoes and clothing.

Reebok sends out the items to the individuals selected and you then provide feedback in keeping with their requirements of being part of this testing.

To qualify for the program, you would need to be 18 years of age or older and be a resident of the United States.

Click here to check out Reebok Product Testing


17. Bob’s Stores

At this site, you can sign up for the Bob’s Rewards Program and in doing so you earn $10 worth of credits.

Also, if you sign up on your birthday you receive an additional $10 worth of credit.

This is an online retail outlet that provides the clothing and footwear needs of men, women, and children.

Click here to check out Bob’s Stores


18. Saucony

This website caters to those individuals who enjoy running.

As part of their marketing and customer satisfaction process, they offer to certain individuals the opportunity to test out their products.

To be part of that process you would enroll through the submission of an application that would include information about yourself and your shoe size.

If accepted to test their products, they would send a variety of the products that they manufacture.

Click here to check out Saucony


19. Under Armour

Under Armour is a well-known company in the sport’s apparel industry.

They also have a program that individuals can apply for to test out their shoes and apparel.

If you are accepted Under Armour will send these items for you to test and provide your feedback.

As a way of indicating their thank you, the tester can keep the items.

Click here to check out Under Armour


20. Glamorise

This is a woman’s apparel online retail outlet.

Their specialty is in lingerie and items are sent to the approved individual to wear these items and provide feedback.

As of this writing, they are fully subscribed but potential openings may present themselves in the future.

Click here to check out Glamorise

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When You Need Clothes and Have No Money FAQs


How Much Does the Average Person Spend on Buying Clothes?

The average person spends $161 on clothes per month.

Women spend more than men by nearly 76% more and the average family spends over $1500 per year on clothes.


What Is the Best Material to Use in Manufacturing Clothing?

The best material that can be used in the manufacturing of clothes is cotton.

This is because cotton is super comfortable, is breathable, and in hot weather, it can make you feel cool.

Additionally, cotton is very easy to work with if an individual makes their clothing.



There are a variety of ways that an individual can take advantage of helping companies with their new line of products and in return receive new shoes or clothes.

In addition to these options of testing new products, one can use their ingenuity to wear “gently used” items that still have appeal and will serve the individual practice.

No shoes, no shirts, no money, no problem.

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