It’s hard to find someone who has never needed 10 dollars at a particular time in their lives. If you are at that time right now in your life, this article is perfect for you.

It shows you many ways to get 10 dollars without losing your soul or falling for many of the scams out there.

As you obviously know, $10 is not that much money, no matter where you are in the world.

But there are times in our lives when that amount is very important, so you are not alone.

While you can simply ask someone you know for the money, why not just do some simple activities online to earn that money, right?

This article shows you some of such easy activities you can do, right away, to get the 10 dollars you need.

And it doesn’t matter who you are or what your experience or education is – these ways can work for you or anyone else!


1 – Share Your Opinion On Survey Sites like SurveyJunkie

Yes, you can share your opinion quickly and get paid, thanks to online surveys that pay everyday people like you for their opinions.

When you share your opinion with online survey sites, you are rewarded with cash. With some, you will earn points that can be exchanged for real cash or free gift cards.

Online surveys  not only give you the opportunity to make money from giving useful insights about products, services, concepts or brands, they also give you the opportunity to earn by completing other tasks as well as by referring friends.

I know – online surveys don’t pay a lot of money, but right now what you need is not a lot of money.

You can earn the $10 you need within a short time, if you really want to.

Some of the best survey sites that really pay areSwagbucks, Inboxdollars, OpinionOutpost, Harris Poll, and Pinecone Research, and so on.

But my absolute favorite is SurveyJunkie because it’s very easy to earn with them.

You simply join and within a short time you can earn enough to cash out.

And since you need 10 dollars, that’s the minimum amount you can cash out with them.

Click here to join SurveyJunkie and get the much needed 10 dollars quickly.


2 – Test Websites and Get Paid

You can make the $10 you need right now by testing websites.

It’s another way that people are getting paid for doing what can be done by anyone. It doesn’t require any particular skill or education.

You will have to sign up with websites that test sites and apps for clients to ascertain their performances.

If your application is accepted by these websites, you will be provided with a website to test.

You will use the website as you normally would and provide feedback about its various features.

These include the links, the content, the navigation and the performance, etc.

You might also be required to test other aspects of the website as well.

Many of the platforms that pay testers will pay you around $10 per test.

You can complete a typical test within 20 to 30 minutes.

Some of the platforms that pay include,,, and

Check them out and start getting paid as a website tester.


3 – Do Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping is a form of data research where you are employed to investigate what is happening at a store and how things are done there.

You will shop as a “spy” and report on things like:

  • How the customer service was for you
  • The cleanliness of the place
  • The price of the items on the shelves
  • How you felt about the buying experience
  • ETC

In some mystery shopping assignments, you will need to pay for a product, a meal, or a service.

But don’t worry as some of them reimburse you for the money you spend during the shopping process… and you still keep some or all the products.

Mystery shoppers can earn a quick $10 very easy.

Some assignments can pay you a lot more than that in an hour.

Consider mystery shopping if you want to make a $10 a day online.

Some websites you can check out include:


4 – Participate In Focus Groups’ Discussions

You can also participate in focus group discussions or panels to make $10 and more in a day.

This is an assignment where you get to join a group of panelists or discussants to share insights and opinions about a product or service.

And it won’t even matter whether your opinions are right or wrong, in most cases.

Many of these focus group discussions just want to know what peoples’ opinions are, to help their clients in make the right decisions about their products or services.

The feedback from the panel can also be used to make improvements on product development.

Focus group panels pay well and you can earn well from companies like Intelli-Shop, Fieldwork, and Mindswarms.


5 – Sell Your Old Electronics, Phones, CDs, DVDs

If you have old CDs, DVDs, mobile phones, game gadgets, and electronics, etc, in your home, you can sell one or more to get money right now.

I mean – why continue keeping things you no longer need to use, when you can get paid for them?

That’s the question.

There are websites which provide you with the opportunity to sell your items and get paid quickly.

You can easily make $10 or more as you take advantage of these platforms.

You can access them to get quotes of CD, DVD, or Blu-Ray, etc, and you can sell if you are satisfied with the price.

Some of the websites that help you sell such stuff easily include:

  • BuyBackExpress

With these websites you can sell many of the old stuff you no longer use, like your old DVDs, CDs, and similar items.

Before proceeding though, please take note that most of these platforms would only accept CDs or DVDs in the hundreds.

For instance, in BuyBackExpress, each CD sells for between $0.45 and $0.65. If you sell 30 pieces at a go, you will earn between $13.5 and $19.5 respectively.


6 – Sell Your Old Books Online

You can sell your old books online and make up to $10 in a day.

You will need to sell these books at websites that offer buyback programs.

The type of books that you can sell may include text books, college books, novels, and so on.

Instead of allowing these books to gather dust in your bookshelf, sell them to earn extra money, especially money you need desperately.

The sites accept old books of different publishers and authors. It will be easier for you to sell these books if the ISBN code, the book title or Author’s name is still intact.

Some of these online platforms you can use for this include:

  • ETC

It’s very easy to make the much needed $10 just selling your books on these platforms.

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7 – Sell Your Old Clothes Online

Do you have clothes you don’t wear hanging in your closet? If yes, consider selling these clothes and earn up to $10 or more.

You can sell your old clothes with some online websites after you have displayed them for customers to see.

You can actually set your own price based on the value of the clothes.

With an app like, you set up an online store where you can sell or rent your clothes.

Other platforms where you can sell your old clothes and make $10 in a day include:

  • ETC

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8- Upload Your Shopping Receipts

There are online programs and apps that can allow you to earn 10 Dollars a day for uploading the receipts of your shopping.

Some of these online shopping apps include Receipt Hog, Receipt Pal and Punchcard.

These work as you shop around in many stores. You can then use the apps to scan and submit the receipts of your purchases from participating stores.

You will then be rewarded with points that can be converted to cash or you will be rewarded with real cash.

Some of these apps allow you to get up to $10 or more as a minimum payout.


9 – Rent Out A Spare Room In Your Home

You can make more than $10 in a day online if you have a spare room. By using websites like Airbnb you can list your spare room or home for guests to rent.

You can set the price to be paid for their stay.

After a guest has shown interest in your home from the website, you will receive payment.

You only need to give up 3% of the fees as a commission for Airbnb. So, start making money as a host today and get even much more than the needed $10.


10 – Rent Your Vehicle

You can rent your spare vehicle to drivers who need it but cannot really afford a car rental service.

You can set your own price and get paid through websites like If your car is in good condition and has valid papers you can make money with it by renting it out.

Making $10 a day this way is very possible. You can earn more than $100 per day when you rent out your car.