I Hate to Be The Bearer of Bad News but SEO is Dead!

If any of you have read my past article about SEO vs PPC then you already know that I’m an avid believer of not putting all your eggs in one basket, especially if that basket belongs to Google.

The reason I took that position is because I actually witnessed a lot of marketers lose everything after a Google update and unfortunately had to start from scratch.

I also watched as all the so called inflencers promoted SEO while they were in fact depending more on PPC and email to make their own fortunes. But many of you listened and heeded their advice, all for the hope of achieving that elusive page one Google placement.

In fact I’ve had heated arguments with some marketers about how many people actually get on page one and how much it cost them to even attempt to.

Like I’ve said from the beggining Google is a business and their business is selling ads for their search engine. Online marketers have been living this fantasy of Google being in business for the sole purpose of providing them with a free listing on their search engine. If that were the case why would Google even have an advertising platform?

Google is in business to make money, not to make you money, but to make them money. What most online marketers fail to realize is Google has changed it’s algorythm about 600 times. They do these updates just to keep you from gaming their search engines and avoiding the pay to play process built into their buisness model.

Each and everyone of these 600 changes has affected a marketers business in one form or another and all of their major algorithm changes have completely decimated some marketers businesses. Even some professional SEO’s couldn’t keep up with the updates and yet there they were diligently trying to stay ahead of the next change.

Well it’s over folks, this is the new page one of Google:


As the title says: “I hate to be the bearer of bad news”, but I believe Google has put the final nail in your SEO coffin. Googles most recent update ensures that if you don’t pay for ads, your listing on page one will never be seen again.

Don’t believe me? Look at the image! Better yet, Google anything and tell me where the ads end on page one and the listing begin. Yep folks, SEO is officially DEAD. It’s so bad that the professional SEO’s are promoting the position of being on the top of page two as an alternative.

Of course as soon as they released this information some smart marketers had already written WSOs on how to game the new Google system. Unfortunately for most of us it does require adwords and thus paying Google to get ranked.

So the question now is, why would I want to game the system if Google will put me on the first page themselves by paying for the ad?

The bottom line is, if you’ve put all your eggs in the Google basket they will soon be broken by yet another policy change. The solution looks like PPC to me, but then again in my book it always was the best bet. My advice is you better brush up on your keyword research because page one has just gotten a lot more expensive and a lot harder for you to achieve.

So tell me, what will you do now that SEO is dead?