Yes, even if you dropped out of college, that’s not the end of the road for you – there’s definitely still light at the end of the tunnel.

This article reveals 26 tips and ways to still move ahead and prosper in life, despite dropping out of college.



As the saying goes “Hindsight is 20/20.”

The life that we experience is based on a set of decisions.

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Questions such as, “Should I go to school,” or “Should I get married,” and possibly “Should I take this job”, etc.

We make decisions based on the information that we have, our experience, what are our goals and plans, etc. Some of the decisions we make are good ones and some we question in retrospect or through hindsight and we ask, “did we make the right call”?

So, in retrospect or in hindsight do we make wrong decisions?

One could argue that abusive decisions made that adversely affect our lives could be classified as wrong decisions made.

Probably so but despite this, there are learning opportunities that are provided in these experiences that can benefit ourselves and others.

Having said all that, you have dropped out of college.

The question is now what?

Therefore, let us look at ways that we can move on with life.


Personal Story

It was 1967 and I was 17 years old and had enrolled in college.

I didn’t have a clue as to what I wanted to do with my life but understood that I needed to continue with my schooling because that was the right thing to do.

I was unfocused, aimless, and did not fully appreciate the opportunity I was afforded.

I didn’t apply myself and was placed on academic probation and eventually asked to leave.

I was living with my family and was able to find a job until a received a letter from my uncle who wanted to hire me.

That uncle was Uncle Sam and because I lost my student deferment, my number came up in the draft.

As it relates to hindsight, I squandered an opportunity at the time to achieve a college degree, but I don’t regret any decisions, bad or otherwise, that I made.

It is not about our lives being mapped out ahead of time.

It is about making decisions, owning up to those decisions, and making the most out of the opportunities that come our way.

Life is truly lemonade made from lemons.


25 Tips to Help You Move Ahead in Life After Dropping out of College


1. Ask yourself – Why?

There are many reasons why an individual chooses to stop their schooling or drop out.

Some of those reasons could include lack of funds, personal illness, family illness, need to support a family member, etc.

The reality is there could be a number of reasons, or one may just simply wish to take a breather.

It is important to realize and accept that no one can live your life and that the decisions that you make are solely yours.

All that to say is endeavor not to let anyone judge you or take to heart any people’s judgments of your actions.


2. Breathe

Once the decision has been made and the final class is taken, it is then important just to breathe.

By this, it is meant to suggest and encourage you to live in the moment, focus on your blessings and endeavor not to let the siren call of life intrude upon your life and create anxiety and concern about them tomorrow.


3. Attitude

The best tip of all after leaving school is to maintain the attitude that you made the right decision and regardless of the reasons why that decision was made that you are not only going to get through this but that you are going to come through this experience enriched, stronger, and the better for it.


4. Refocus

After the dust has settled and perhaps people have weighed in on your decision in either supporting you or otherwise, it is now time to refocus.

Quite likely you have already determined what you are going to do and setting aside the emotions and possible second-guessing that you have gone through, it is important to refocus on what your goals and objectives are.


5. Short-Term Goals 

Speaking of goals, it is important to revisit what your short-term goals are.

Short-term is defined as that period of time six months or less.

Therefore, a short-term goal is what you are going to accomplish within the next six months.

Possibilities of a short-term goal could include getting a job, relocating, etc.

A short-term goal should be the basic strategy that you plan on following in order to achieve your longer-range goals.


6. Long-Term Goals 

By definition, a long-range goal is anything over the initial six months.

Long-range goals are those actionable items that you wish to obtain and that you focus on and work towards.

Long-range goals generally involve a process of developing a strategy and putting into place objectives and milestones so that you know that you are on track to reach those goals in the future.

For example, if a long-range goal is to finish your education at a subsequent time in the future, you would list that as a long-range goal and then outline what it would take to meet that goal.

Steps to reach a long-range goal, in this case, would be saving money, possibly getting employment with a company that will help you achieve that goal, paying off any current debt, taking courses in between to prepare for that return to school, etc.

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7. Plan

Therefore, as with any journey, it is important to have a plan.

In other words, how will you reach your destination goal of point B when you are at point A?

The plan of action should include your goal, what your objectives are, what methods will you implement to reach those objectives and ultimate goal, etc.


8. Budget

Another important part of the strategy in moving forward from leaving school is to have a budget.

A budget is important because it provides the financial parameters, so you are able to successfully move forward with your plan of action.

The budget should be realistic and list on the income side of the ledger your anticipated income and on the right side of the ledger should be your expenditures.

When first starting out, the budget should at least balance out so that you are not going into debt.


9. Company 

If your goal is to go back to school, then one of your objectives can be to seek employment with a company that has a robust educational component for its employees.

Some of those companies include:


10. Volunteer 

A tip to help you move ahead in life after dropping out of college would be to volunteer at a not-for-profit.

Often, our minds get crowded, and sometimes we just need to simplify and get rid of all of the noise.

There is no better way to accomplish this de-cluttering of the mind than to help out others by providing your service through a not-for-profit.

This will give you an entirely new perspective on individuals and the struggles and needs that they are experiencing.


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11. Peace Corps

Another opportunity to volunteer for a year and do rewarding work is by volunteering through the Peace Corps.

The Peace Corps will utilize your talents and skills in distant places and provide you with a daily stipend as well.

Upon completion of your volunteer service, you are given a set amount of money that you can utilize in any way that you wish and perhaps could be utilized for your continuing education.

Click here to learn more about the Peace Corps.


12. Freelance

In the interim, a good way to earn income and keep engaged is to be involved in freelancing work.

Through freelancing websites, you can pick and choose employment opportunities.

Upon registering you are able to search the provided job database based on those postings that are a good match for your skillset.

Two of those freelancing websites in which you can find employment opportunities as a freelancer include and


13. Continue Learning 

What may have been a good or bad experience while attending school, it is still important that you continue the learning process.

Our learning never stops, and it is important to remember that a formal education equates generally to a higher wage that can be earned in the business world.

Above all, by continuing to learn the most important reward are the benefits to you as an individual in increasing your knowledge and skill set.


14. Take a Break 

Another option to move ahead in your life after school is to do nothing at all.

You may wish just to take time away from activities of life just to clear your mind, spirit, and soul.

The only cautionary note would be to take as much time as needed but think through this option and discipline to reengage after a certain time has elapsed.


15. Travel 

Another option for moving on with your life after no longer attending school is simply to take a break.

You may want to travel to the countryside or even, if financials permit or you can gain a sponsor, is to travel abroad to help improve your education and learning in that practical way.


16. Garage Sale 

A sort of symbolic way of clearing your life and moving forward would be to de-clutter your household and in the process sell the items no longer needed at a garage sale.

This dual benefit would be to symbolically, and cleaning out your home, be a representation of de-cluttering or cleaning out of your life.

Also, the added benefit would be the monetary reward as you can sell the items that you don’t need in a garage sale and put that money aside.


17. Start a Business 

Perhaps secretly there has been a desire to start a business surrounding something that you love and have a passion for.

Take, for example, you have a love for animals and always wanted to start a pet grooming business.

Your free time would allow you to perhaps get a job in a pet grooming business and save up money and begin to work towards starting your own business.

Of course, this is just an example, but you get the idea that this would be a good opportunity to move towards the position of putting your passion into play and getting money for doing something that you love.


18. Other School 

Another option, even though you dropped out of college, in moving ahead in life is to consider other educational opportunities.

Those other opportunities could be to attend a vocational or trade school or even attending a community college to earn credits if, in fact, your goal is to continue with earning your college degree.


19. Family 

Another possible tip for moving ahead in life is to continue to stay engaged with your family.

There is nothing like family support that is encouraging and loving and nonjudgmental.

Therefore, a good family support system will help keep you focused and move forward towards the achievement of your life goals.


20. Blog

Another potential purpose to keep you moving forward in life is to blog.

The blog can be not only an opportunity to share your thoughts and experience with other individuals but also could be a therapeutic discipline to help you express in words your feelings and emotions.

Additionally, those that follow your writings may also be inspired and motivated to incorporate some of your life strategies in their own lives and may possibly support you monetarily.

One opportunity to start your blogging website can be found here.


21. Write an eBook 

If you do have a flair for writing, you can also capture your story by writing an e-book.

This e-book could be self-published and made available through Amazon and advertised as real writing reflecting your quest in life.


22. Support 

Another tip in moving ahead with your life is to realize that you are not alone.

Sometimes, when life happens, we need the support and encouragement of others.

Whether dropping out of school was a conscientious choice or whether circumstances necessitated the leaving of school, it is important not to isolate yourself and start to feel sorry for yourself.

Therefore, it is important to seek out support from other individuals.

The support can be found through groups, associations, church membership, etc.


23. Military 

Another option during this hiatus in your life and moving forward is the possibility of joining the military.

Some individuals testified that the military was the best choice that they made because it gave them an opportunity to see the world, get training at no cost, take advantage of any maturing experiences and upon completion of your contract be able to attend school utilizing the G.I. Bill.


24. Trust 

It is important to remember that the decision that you made was not done in the heat of the moment or a spontaneous call on your part.

More than likely, you weighed the pros and cons and felt that this was the best course of action given all of the facts.

It is important to remember to trust yourself and the actions that you have taken in response to your sound judgment.


25. Don’t Look Back 

The natural tendency of our humanity is to second-guess our decisions.

Although at times this may be indicated it is seldom a good idea to dwell too long on second-guessing yourself.

It is important to remember that your life to be lived is not by looking behind you but looking forward.




What Are the Best Steps to Take When Making a Decision?

The best steps to make when it comes to making a decision, according to are:

  • Identify
  • Gather Information
  • Alternatives
  • Weigh the evidence
  • Choose
  • Take Action
  • Review


What is the Hardest Thing About Making Decisions?

The hardest part about making a decision is knowing whether the right decision has been made.

This is actually a good thing to question your decision or what is called second-guessing. This indicates that you are thinking about your choices instead of acting spontaneously.


You Can Do It

There are a variety of reasons as to why you did not finish your schooling.

Although that decision was important what now needs your focus and attention is in the now and building on that decision that was made.



The life that we live is based on decision after decision.

The reality is that as we live life, we only glance occasionally in the rearview mirror but our main focus needs to be on the road ahead through the front windshield.

Buckle up and enjoy the journey.

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