How Virtual Technology Is Disrupting The E-Commerce Marketplace


Shopping online is a very different experience today than it was 10 years ago. E-commerce has grown dramatically across industries and has turned the web into a widely used, reliable way to shop for most consumers in America.

But in spite of all that progress, marketers in the retail space have always faced the obstacle of getting their customers to take a leap of faith and buy their clothing and accessories online. In the past, it’s been perceived as a risk for customers to buy these things online because people just like to try clothes and accessories on before committing to purchasing them.

“One of the main barriers to shopping online for glasses is fit, and it is still a category where consumers like to try on and see items in person. We want customers to have the easiest possible experience and make sure there are no barriers to stop them from making that purchase.” Daniel Rothman, CEO at


Marketers can look forward to providing their customers and users a personalized and simple try-on process that will help close more purchases for their company and leave the customer satisfied with their decision. That’s a win-win.

Adding to the customer experience is the changing face of customer reviews. With tools like Yotpo, companies are able to add to the authenticity of the experience.

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How Virtual Technology Is Disrupting The E-Commerce Marketplace



  1. I have had to changing my mind about buying some clothing accessories from an online store because of the taught that it may not fit me when the order eventually arrived.

    Just a couple of weeks back I changed my mind of buying an replaceable laptop battery online because of the eventuality that the company may ship a defective product and wasting my time.

    However, I agree that if Virtual technology coupled with authentic verifiable product reviews are available then I might have pushed through with my orders.
    Well, it seems that virtual technology may be the future of online shopping. It would help save time and cost for both e-commerce sites and their customers!
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  2. Hello Erik,

    This is the first time I am learning about this virtual try-on technology which gives consumers ability to try on clothes and accessories before buying them online.

    Interesting indeed about this virtual dressing room. For sure it will change ecommerce, for the better.

    I agree with Kady Thomason of Rock Republic clothing that this technology is the future of online shopping.

    Thanks for sharing Steve’s post.

  3. Hey Erik,

    Nice write up! Personally buying clothes online has been a hit and miss for me. But I usually buy clothes online mainly because the color I really want isn’t available in the local stores I go to, but I still hate purchasing clothes online mainly because you’re left wondering “how exactly will it fit” Even though some stores offer packages that allows you to easily exchange or return the product I still think it’s a hassle.

    This will definitely add to the puzzle of gaining a customers trust but for me I prefer being able to touch and feel how something really feels by trying it on. before purchasing it.

    Great post and definitely something to be aware of.

    Enjoy the rest of you week and look forward to seeing more of your postings.

    Thanks again for sharing, EltonCarr
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