How to write Evergreen Quality Content Every time? (A Guest Post By Vashishtha Kapoor)


I am so glad to introduce yet another young, upcoming and intelligent student blogger from the land of India. He is Vashishta Kapoor of Since he wrote an interesting note about himself in his page I do not want to add anything more to it and his activities!
You can read that HERE


  1. Hi Phillip/Vashishtha,
    Its really cool to read from this piece on writing evergreen content at all times. The most important facts have been shared and many writers do engage in them.

    Keeping the writing language simple and short, writing for in conversational tones and for humans, assessing and correcting grammar and spelling mistakes, and juicing up the texts with graphics and images etc are tactics that can truly help in keeping contents epic and evergreen.

    Thanks for sharing, and you Vashishtha can go places in the blogging world if you keep up by improving on the value delivered with this article.
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  2. Hi Philip and Vashishta!

    These are great tips for writing the best blog posts. There is definitely a lot to learn when it comes to crafting the best content for your blog’s audience.

    We must take the time to learn the right ways, and take immediate action. We learn best by doing, and making mistakes.

    I like the approach of writing as if you were writing to a close friend. This is a great tip. And it is a piece of advice I personally implement.

    When I write a new blog post, I imagine someone right in front of me. Then I imagine I am explaining what I’m trying to teach on the post, to that imaginary friend – through writing. Doing this, helps me craft the best piece of content for my audience.

    And the reader will also feel as if I’m talking specifically to them!

    It is a great way to make your writing style more personal to your readers.

    Great tips you have given here as well, Vashishta!

    Keep up the great work!!

    Have a great rest of the week! 😀
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    • Hi Freddy!
      I think this thing gonna boost my blogging and writing skills up. Your advice means a lot to me. I really like your way of getting these things done easily.
      And I will start following your “Close friend approach.” which seems pretty wonderful.
      Have a nice day
      thanks for stopping be and reading my words.

  3. We need to focus on generating high quality content. This post that talks about writing an evergreen content will be undeniably a useful resource of knowledge and idea for everyone.

    Professionals and beginners can use this.

    In my point of view, there are plug-ins and tools of use in blogging. Tools for correcting grammars and little errors in writing like Grammarly, but you can also use Ginger Software; they are almost the same and both useful to leverage your writing skills. As we know English is not the native tongue of many bloggers.

    We need to be keen and prove to the readers that we know what we do and we are talking about important things. Little typos will cause bad, readers will think you’re fraud and not worth the trust.

    Additionally, using phrases, idioms and so on are cool and young bloggers or readers will enjoy you company, I’m pretty sure.
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  4. Hi Metz!
    Thanks for telling about this great software. I will do check that out in my spare time.
    I am hopeful that the software will become a part of my daily schedule as you’re saying that is useful and similar to those helpful one’s.
    Thanks again for stopping by and leaving your thoughts.
    Have a nice weekend mam.
    Vashishtha Kapoor
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  5. Hello, Philip and Vashishtha!

    What a very important topic you choose, and I think you did a fantastic job covering the main points very well. Love your point about us conversing with people, not bots – so true and such a poignant truth.

    I am so glad that you enjoyed my article about how to make images work for you. My infographic is an easy way to remember these tips, and I’m happy that it was helpful to you.

    Thank you so much for mentioning my article, I think it would help a lot of folks, and I really appreciate you sharing it.

    Have a blessed day.
    Carol Amato
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  6. Hello, Philip and Vashishtha!

    Thanks for these stuff here!

    As in my point of view that is Evergreen content is quality, useful content that is relevant to readers for a long period of time.

    That Have being said this evergreen quality content on your blog and in your archives is a boon to traffic, social sharing, and more.

    Thanks again

  7. Hello Phillip/Vashishtha,

    Nice Write-up. There are many bloggers and content writer who are looking for the exact way to write an attractive and eye-catching articles. And this article will be proved a beneficial one for the newbie writers.

    Also, as you mentioned that is Idioms, phrases part, is really good one. yes these are really helpful at grabbing the attention of the readers.

    Well written. Thanks for sharing 🙂
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  8. Hi Vashishtha/Philip,

    Nice work Philip exposing able Bloggers to the Kingged world.

    How true, Vashishtha we are all certainly writing for the human site visitors and not Internet bots. I think Internet bots have little or no interest in the major effort we put in as Bloggers when we consistently craft high quality content for our readers.

    I agree with you when you say it’s a ton tougher for Bloggers to deliver great content when English is not their native language. I have the same issue as you English is not my mother tongue, that said because of our drive to write and communicate with our site visitors I believe we do a great job.

    I think you need to crystal clear about your reader’s demographics Vashishtha, as I believe that using idioms and slang can back fire badly depending on your audience demographics. While it’s always awesome to just write as YOU, it’s equally important to deliver content that your site visitors will enjoy and keep coming back for more

    Like you I also use Grammarly. I’ve installed this in my copy of MS Word and depend on this far more than the built in Grammar checker of Word.

    Using appropriate images in your post always enhance the post content. Humans are visual entities. Hence images place strategically, which add value to the post always give the post a boost.

    Thanks for sharing Vashishtha/Philip.
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