If you want to know how to work at a dispensary, the requirements and different types of jobs that exist, this article is going to help you.

It reveals a lot about for anyone interested or wondering about working at a dispensary.


What it Means to Work at a Dispensary

A dispensary could mean different things to different people.

However, the focus and function remain the same.

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A dispensary is simply a clinic where medicine and medical supplies are distributed to patients.

A very popular type of dispensary is the Cannabis dispensary.

This is where cannabis (also known as hemp and marijuana) is legally dispensed to customers.

Irrespective of the type of dispensary that comes into your purview, you could be interested in knowing how to work at this clinic.

Keep reading for more details on how to work at a dispensary. Note that the focus here is the Cannabis Dispensary.


What is a Dispensary?

A dispensary is a clinic where medicine and medical supplies are dispensed or provided.

So, in a cannabis dispensary, the staff dispenses various strains and flavors of cannabis.

They advise customers or patients on what quality, quantity, and brand suits their needs.

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10 Best Jobs to Do Working in a Dispensary

Before you start working in a dispensary, you must understand the position you are looking for.

Various job opportunities could be available at Dispensaries. These include:


1. Working in a Dispensary as a Budtender

A budtender is someone who recommends strains of cannabis to customers. He is a salesperson who also guides patients.

If you are working as a Budtender then you should be able to explain the different products, strains, product types, and delivery methods to patients.

Your job also helps individuals find the relief they need when they seek cannabis.

In some dispensaries, this position is also referred to as dispensary agent, sales associate, or patient care consultant.

In summary, a budtender helps patients and customers understand products and choose the best for their needs.

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Qualification for becoming a Budtender at Dispensary

If you are looking for the position of a budtender then you must get the required qualification.

The qualification you need may vary by state or location.

Nevertheless, budtenders are expected to be at least 18 years.

They are expected to show strong oral and written communication skills.

They may need to provide a clean background check.

It’s an added advantage if they have some sort of experience in the medical industry.

Above all, budtenders are expected to have some experience working at dispensaries.


Tips That Will Help You Get a Budtender Job Fast

To make the most of your position at a dispensary, you need to comply with the following tips:

Know Your Product Very Well

You should know the right strains and flavors for patients or customers.

The need of each patient differs and so you must know the exact strain to give to avoid a bad experience.

Be honest about the strains and recommendations you give.

If you are not sure of a strain then don’t recommend it to customers.

You Need Experience Working at Dispensary

As a budtender, you need the experience to get a permanent position.

If you show you have worked anywhere in the dispensary industry, then it would be easier to find a job in this industry.

You Should Be Aware Of the Trends

To get a budtender job with ease, you need to stay aware of trends. You should be aware of the popular strains today and the strains that would trend in the future.

Staying abreast with industry publications and social media posts and discussions around the latest strains, and the latest research work on cannabis will help you stay aware of trends.

Show Your Soft Skills

If you show you have soft skills during a budtender interview then you will increase your chance of getting the job.

Soft skills include skills like communication, leadership, and other skills that are not easily put on a resume.

They are extra skills that are hard to train for.

You can display your soft skills through examples and stories in your cover letter.

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Research Dispensaries near You

You may need to understand how dispensaries work.

This knowledge can help increase your skill and creativity.

Take time to visit and research the dispensaries near you.

Observe how budtenders in those places work. Or, check out what working at a specific dispensaries look like.

If you have more than one dispensary in your area then it better to check them out.

You can do comparisons to know what dispensaries fit your values, skills, and experience.

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Use Your Networks and Connections

To work at a dispensary fast, you need to use your networks.

Use your social media connections to find available Budtender positions they know.

There is a high chance that someone will know of a dispensary that is hiring or displaying positions suitable for your qualifications.

Create a Great Resume

To improve your chance of getting hired at a dispensary, you need to have a great resume.

This is important because working at dispensaries is competitive.

Your resume should be outstanding and highlight your strong points.

Your qualifications and experience should be highlighted so that recruiters can easily hire you.

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Requirements for Working in a Dispensary as Budtenders

The following are the characteristics and requirements that dispensary owners demand from budtenders:

Budtenders should have good knowledge of Cannabis

You should also be educated about the origin, cultivation, consumption, and distribution of specific marijuana strains and flavors.

Budtenders should have good customer service skills

You should be able to interact and communicate with people. Dispensary owners will easily employ budtenders who show professionalism in interacting with customers.

Budtenders must be friendly

You should be able to balance professionalism with a pinch of friendliness when dealing with patients or customers.

Budtenders must be organized

An employer expects a budtender to have organizational abilities. You should be able to sift through inventory and display items so they are easily located.

Budtenders are expected to have a clean background

Dispensaries will easily hire Budtenders with no criminal records.

A clean background check is expected and valuable.


how to work at a dispensary


2. Receptionist

You can get a job as a receptionist at a dispensary.

Your job description including assisting customers who enter the dispensary. You can verify and scan their identification.

You also answer phones and complete other front desk tasks depending on the dispensary’s needs.

Receptionists working at dispensaries can also be referred to as greeters.

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3. Security Guard

A security guard working at a dispensary will help protect staff, customers, inventory, and premises at a dispensary.

Your job as a security guard revolves around being alert and attentive for the entirety of your shift.

Your job may also include checking the IDs of people coming into the dispensary to ensure they are of the right legal age.


Other popular jobs you can find at dispensaries include:


4. Delivery Driver

This employee completes the sales process by getting cannabis into patients’ hands outside of the dispensary.

5. General Manager or Retail Manager

This manager oversees the daily operations of the dispensary.

6. Inventory Manager

The manager is responsible for managing inventory. The management is achieved from receiving, stocking to distributing, and tracking of inventory.

7. Compliance Manager

A compliance manager ensures the dispensary stays compliant with local, state, and federal laws and rules.

He can develop compliance programs, train staff on compliance issues performs compliance audits, and maintains dispensary licenses and permits.

8. Marketing Manager or Coordinator

This manager develops and implements programs to promote the dispensary and its products and services to increase brand awareness, store traffic, and sales in the marketplace.

9. Accountant or Finance Manager

This staff manages dispensary cash flow and maintains financial records and processes.

10. Human Resources Manager

This manager interviews and hires staff. They also manage to onboard and runs background checks.

Their duties also involve training and maintaining human resource records, paperwork, employee benefits, and payroll.



A cannabis or marijuana dispensary is a popular place to work. How to work at this clinic was the focus of this article.

A budtender is a key staff of any cannabis dispensary and his duties have been highlighted in this article.

The tips for becoming a top budtender at a dispensary have also been shared.

You also get to know of some other people that work at dispensaries.

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