It’s indeed possible and even easy to start and succeed with a photography business with no experience!

This article reveals exactly how and tips to help you.



At the end of a long day there are many ways to unwind from the stresses and challenges that you may have faced.

Some people enjoy a cocktail or a glass of wine while others like to sit in front of the TV and watch entertainment, be amused, and let go of the stresses of the day in that manner.

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Another way that people choose to unwind at the end of the day is to indulge in a hobby.

Some of those money making yet fun hobbies could include:

Another hobby that people enjoy that really relaxes is the hobby of photography.

Through the hobby of photography you get to focus on the item that you will be photographing, try to position the camera, and all of the various use of filters, lighting, etc. to get that perfect shot.

The other added benefit of hobbies in helping a person to unwind at the end of the day is that these hobbies can sometimes earn money.

Photography is a prime example of an individual with a keen eye and an appreciation for nature, people, special events, and capturing those items or events through photography.

Perhaps, with your photography hobby and keen eye for catching that perfect shot someone has mentioned to you more often than not that you should consider selling your photographs.

With that in mind let’s explore and develop your love for photography and turning that into a business even though you may feel like you don’t have the experience.


25 Best Ways & Tips to Help You Start a Photography Business With No Experience


1. Have Basic Interest

To succeed at a camera business with little or no experience the first prerequisite would be to have a basic interest in photography.

The basic interest should be not only taking photographs but being intrigued about people, plant life, wildlife, and other items that are frequently photographed.

Also the interest should include the various highlights and accents that can enhance the photo by utilizing various features of the camera and lighting.


2. Have a Camera

Of course a prerequisite in starting a photography business would be the need to have a camera.

The camera does not need to be worth thousands and thousands of dollars but just a camera at this point that will provide quality photographs and allow for various adjustments to be made.

Also, an investment in different types of camera lenses would be a good idea.

Basic the lenses could be:

  • A normal 50mm lens
  • Telescopic lens
  • Fisheye lens
  • And others


3. Research

A preliminary step to take before starting a photograph business is to conduct research.

With your research you are looking to see who your competition will be, how many photographers are in your area, what may be their price range, what sort of photography do they offer, do they indicate that they cover a particular niche, and so forth.


4. Baby Steps

When just starting out as a photographer it is important to measure or pace yourself.

It is important to take baby steps which include not only the starting of the business but of course gaining experience so that your value as a photographer will increase accordingly.

Measured baby steps will include gaining experience, and then possibly taking on freelancing opportunities that are fairly straightforward, and doesn’t require specialized camera equipment, etc.


6. Business Plan

An important document that should be thoroughly thought through and implemented is a business plan.

In essence, a business plan is a road map on how you will begin your journey as a business, and what will be included on your journey to make sure that the destination is successful.

Elements of a good business plan include your executive summary on how you envision your photography business looking, how you will market the business, budget, conducting a Strength Weakness Opportunities and Threat assessment (SWOT), etc.


7. Branding

Branding your business is an important component because it will identify what your photography company is all about and is what you will use to promote the business.

With your branding and marketing of that brand when people think of utilizing a photographer the object is to get them to think about your company due to your powerful brand.

Your branding is reflected in such things as your logo, tagline, marketing focus, and so forth.


8. Find People

Having no experience and wishing to create a successful photography business you will need to build your resume or portfolio.

You can begin to create your portfolio by incorporating pictures of people that you can get to volunteer to have their picture taken.

These could be family members, friends, neighbors, pets, pictures of outdoor life, etc.

The pictures can be creative, in color, black and white, unique poses, etc.

The idea is to take a variety of photos of different subjects and objects so as to provide a variety for people to view when looking for a photographer.


9. Portfolio

When your portfolio has been created then you can post your portfolio or pictures on your website or use some of the photos to incorporate on your social media platforms.


10. Practice

As with any profession, it is an important rule of thumb to practice and practice some more.

By practicing you will be learning about the uniqueness and power of photography with your camera as well as experimenting with different settings.


11. Freelance

An excellent way of getting your feet wet and gaining experience is to take on freelance opportunities.

These opportunities can be found on a variety of websites in which you register and then have the ability to look for job postings.

Two of those freelance websites could include or


12. Social Media

A powerful way to get the word out and to help people visualize your photography skills is through the use of the social media platforms.

You can post photographs and promote your business on social media sites such as:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • And more


13. Blog

A strategy to start and succeed in your photograph business is by creating a blog.

Your blog can focus on photography but also starting a business.

The entries can concentrate on your starting out in the business and journal about your efforts to break into the business.

You can advertise your blog by including it on all of your social media platforms, website, and inviting people to journey with you.

An interested following may occur and individuals may begin to utilize your services for their photography needs.


14. YouTube

Another way to create some interest with individuals taking notice of you and wanting to use your photography skills is through YouTube.

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You can use your YouTube channel to talk about your passion for photography, wanting to start a business, and the process that you are going through to gain experience and make that happen.

Your channel may draw the attention of others who are wishing to do the same thing and will follow your efforts and possibly support you financially.

You can use all of this experience and excitement generated to add to your resume and reflect to potential customers your efforts.


15. Pricing

In anticipation of gaining customers a factor that you will need to consider is what your pricing will be?

This can be accomplished by conducting your research to see what other photographers charge for various “shoots” and adjust your prices below the average fee of other photographers due to your inexperience.

Your marketing tagline could be something to the effect of “Paying for quality not experience.”


16. Free Services

Another way to build your portfolio and gain experience is to offer your photography services at no fee.

You could advertise or post a listing on or your social media sites and simply explain photography for free to gain experience.


17. Niche

Another consideration in starting a photography business and succeeding is to determine what your potential niche might be in the photography business world.

A niche is a particular area in which you are exceptionally proficient, in this case, capturing the right photograph in celebration of the occasion.

Possible niches could include:

  • Nature
  • Weddings
  • Personal posed photographs
  • Pets
  • And so forth


18. Website

Customers and potential customers today expect a business that they utilize or searching to use to have a website.

On your website there can be a scrolling slideshow of photographs that you have taken along with various informational links that the browser can click on to learn more about your services.

In particular these sites should have an e-mail or instant messaging capability to book your services as well as a link that showcases your talent or portfolio in taking photographs.


19. Social Media

It is important that you take full advantage of the exposure that you can gain through your social media sites.

By having an active presence on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc., you can engage others and showcase your photography talents.


20. Enter Contests

Leaving no stone unturned it is also a good idea.

Therefore you can enter photography contests.

These are highly competitive opportunities but you never know whether a photograph that you have taken with its uniqueness and quality may resonate with judges and you may be recognized for your effort.

A website that you can go to research various contests that are available can be found by clicking here.


21. Charity

Another way that you can gain experience and not necessarily get paid is to offer your services to a charity.

Many charities host various special fundraising events to raise money for their cause and they often look for ways that they can cut expenses.

By volunteering to photograph a charity event you can gain experience and also be recognized for your work by asking that the charity not pay you but give you credit for your photos.


22. Online Classes

A way to build on your basic photography skills and gain experience in the process is to take online classes.

You can search for online classes by accessing a search engine and look for classes offered.


23. Local Class

Another opportunity that may present itself to learn more about the photography business and photography specifically is to sign up for local classes.

Often these classes are offered through community colleges and can be attended either physically or through an online process.

In addition to learning more about photography will be the opportunity to network or connect with others as a possibility of moving forward in your business as well as gaining experience.


24. Read

Another possibility to educate yourself and increase your experience is by reading or learning about photography.

This can be done by researching at the public library, book stores, online or physical locations, or searching and reading various articles posted on the web.


25. Tutor

A way to invest in yourself, your photography business, and gain experience is to come under the teaching or tutorage of a qualified individual.

One particular online website that links tutors with students is


26. Volunteer

A possibility that you can consider to gain experience is to be a trainee or an apprentice with an established photographer in your area.

You can approach a qualified individual and be up front with them by sharing that you want to learn about the photography business and gain experience.

You could further explain that you’re not wishing to be necessarily hired, but work for the individual to learn from them to better qualifies you as a photographer.

They might be flattered at the proposal and, if it is in within their budget, may hire you at a modest amount to help with various projects.

In return they will provide that experience you’re looking for.

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Personal Story

I have always enjoyed taking photographs and my first camera was a Brownie Starflash.

The only problem with being a 10-year-old is that the taking of the pictures was expensive because there needed to be flashbulbs purchased as well as film and then getting the film developed.

One other camera that I really enjoyed that was given to me as a going away present was a Polaroid camera.

Utilizing a Polaroid camera not only allowed for bold photographs to be taken but I didn’t have to worry about the purchase of expensive flashbulbs nor did I have to worry about developing the film.

To this day I still enjoy looking at old photos of family vacations and going down memory lane as moments in time were captured through my love of photography.


Starting a Photography Business Without Experience FAQs


What is the Cost of a Camera That Can Be Purchased in Starting Out as a Photographer?

The price range of a camera when starting out in the photography business should be between $1,000 and $2,000.


What is the Average Cost of Starting a Photography Business?

Rough estimates and experts indicate that the average startup cost of a photography business is $10,000.

These costs include:

  • Two Cameras
  • Different lenses
  • Memory cards
  • Flashes
  • Licensing
  • Permits
  • Etc.


You Can Do It

If you have a hobby and that hobby is photography, there is an excellent chance that you can turn this hobby into a business.

As an avid enthusiast of photography you can bring that component by practicing and beginning your professional journey of being a quality photographer.



Just about everybody that owns a smartphone has a camera and often is taking videos, still shots, selfies, etc.

The fact of the matter is we like to be photographed and we like taking photographs.

However, even despite the availability of cameras not everyone has a keen eye or insight as to how to pose a subject for photography or how to capture that special photo.

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