You can really learn a lot about how to start a Business as a Makeup Artist, by reading this helpful article.

It explains how and reveals some of the ways and tips to successfully starting a a Business as a Makeup Artist.



There are many ways or methods that an individual will try to make themselves more attractive.

Some individuals will focus on the appearance of their bodies and endeavor to lose weight by going to the gym, employing a personal trainer, being more observant of nutrition labels on food packages, etc.

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Other individuals will be concerned about their facial features and sometimes not like the way that their nose looks, the wrinkles that they may have, sagging skin, etc.

These individuals will, if they have the resources, seek out the help of a plastic surgeon to modify those features of their faces that they are not comfortable with.

Another way that individuals try to improve their beauty is by concentrating on their inward beauty.

Often these individuals will read self-help books, meditate, come under the instruction of a yoga instructor, etc.

They believe that beauty on the inside will radiate that beauty on the outside.

Another way that individuals try to make themselves look more beautiful is through makeup.

There are different types of makeup that are designed to enhance the beauty of the individual.

Types of makeup could include the wearing of lipstick, eyelashes, eyeshadow, eyeliner, cosmetics to make their skin tone more radiant, and so forth.

Individuals that utilize makeup can either do this themselves or often employ a makeup artist who is professionally trained to utilize cosmetics to bring out the beautiful features of an individual and accent them to make them more gorgeous.

Cosmetics and makeup are big industries.

Therefore, if wishing to start and succeed as a makeup artist, there are processes and action steps that should be taken.


26 Easy Ways & Tips to Help You Start a Business as a Makeup Artist


1. Know all about being a Makeup Artist

A makeup artist is a professional who uses cosmetic techniques and various creative beauty processes that are applied to the human body.

The purpose of the makeup artist is to bring out the beauty in an individual by enhancing their prominent features as well as minimizing other areas of their appearance.

A makeup artist can also be involved in a professional manner as it relates to creating significant looks for actors and actresses in the area of films, television, theater, and photography.


2. Have the Training

Becoming a makeup artist requires that the individual complete cosmetology school or a similar program where they can obtain the needed skills.

Typically, an associate degree is earned in the field of cosmetology, and if choosing to go beyond providing makeup artistry for individuals and into the theater, TV, etc., a bachelor’s degree in theater may be a good training route to follow.


3. Role

The specific role of a makeup artist is to work with the client and listen attentively as to what the client wishes for their cosmetic needs.

Also, the role of the makeup artist is to tactfully and delicately suggest different alternatives to enhance the existing beauty of the individual and highlight certain quality features that the customer may exhibit.

In addition, the role of the makeup artist is to have a complete understanding of cosmetics and how they are utilized, choose the best option, properly remove the cosmetics or materials, and accomplish all of this in a hygienic and safe manner, etc.


4. Personality

When considering pursuing a career in makeup artistry, there are certain traits that will benefit your success in this profession.

Those traits would include :

  • Quality interpersonal skills and active listening
  • Staying flexible
  • Patience
  • Openness
  • Creativity
  • Flexibility
  • Being tactful
  • And so forth


5. Viability

To start a business as a makeup artist, the first action step would be to have an understanding of your business vision and mission in comparison to other makeup artists that are competing for business.

The evaluation should be candid and should answer questions about a business’s viability, the uniqueness that you will bring to distinguish your service, your business’s ability to carve out its own customer niche, etc.


6. Business Plan

When starting your business, it is important to capture your vision and how you will go about fulfilling that vision and mission for your business.

This plan of action is known as a business plan and captures a number of specific considerations for the success of your enterprise.

Some of those specifics contained in a visit plan should include:

  • Executive summary
  • Budget
  • Marketing Plan
  • Use of any employees
  • Strength, Weakness, Assets, and Threats to your business (SWAT analysis)
  • And more

Often, if looking for financing from a banking institution, they will want to see a well-thought-out business plan to be assured of repayment of the loan.


7. Legal Entity

Another consideration when thinking about starting a business as a makeup artist is how you will organize your business.

This organization speaks to the legal structure with some of the basic structures of a startup business being:

  • Sole proprietorship
  • LLC
  • S Corp
  • C Corp

To draw up the legal documents, it is best to work with an attorney or also you can look at an online site that may be helpful in the process.

Your selection of your legal business model will determine how you pay taxes, file reports, terms of your liability, etc.


8. Register

Once your legal business model has been established, you then need to register your company with your state and local community.

In some states, your state of registry does not necessarily need to be your state of residency.

Considerations in choosing your state to register with would include:

  • Taxes
  • Paperwork needing to be filed
  • Fees
  • Etc.


9. Financial

Another important component of starting a business is to ensure that you have sufficient funding to cover your initial expenses and have cash available for a period of time.

Often, new business owners will utilize their own financial resources to obtain support from well-wishers such as family or friends.

You can also apply for a loan through a banking institution or possibly obtain a loan through the Small Business Association.

When applying for a loan, collateral may be required, and significant amounts of documentation as well so that the lender can be assured of being repaid.


10. Permits & Licenses

Other forms that need to be filed in order to be registered as a business will vary from state to state, and your local community may have separate requirements as well.

Some of those forms that need to be filed for you to register as a business include:

  • Business Permit
  • Collection of sales tax
  • Possible zoning permit
  • Health permits
  • Professional or occupational licenses
  • And so forth

It is important to check with your local community as well as your state to find out what requirements need to be met.


11. Website

Businesses today need to have an online presence, and this can be accomplished by creating an engaging website.

The importance of a website is that it allows a potential customer to get to know who you are and what your business can provide.

The website may possibly have case studies, information about the application of various cosmetics as a service, what drives your passion as it relates to being a makeup artist, the opportunity to connect with you and engage your services, etc.

The building of your website can be done by a professional, or there are a variety of companies that will provide you with an URL and give you the tools and resources to create a decent-looking website.

Along the same lines, another technology that should be incorporated as part of your full marketing plan to engage customers is by being active on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and so forth.


12. Stay Up To Date

The art of the continued success of your business is to ensure that you stay up-to-date with what is happening in the cosmetic world.

This includes knowing and understanding new products, how these products can enhance an individual’s appearance, etc.


13. Practice

As with any profession, it is critical that you maintain your ability to perform your profession.

Therefore, it is important to continually practice with different techniques and different cosmetics and experiment with a variety of other options.

You can practice on yourself, ask customers if they are willing to try a new product, utilize family and friends, etc.

The point is to continually practice your artistic ability and craft and always aim for perfection.


14. Feedback

As you begin and continue to utilize your makeup artistry skills, a great way to continue to learn and increase your skill set is not only to listen and possibly incorporate any feedback suggestions that you receive but also to encourage that type of constructive criticism.

Sometimes, when people make suggestions, the tendency is to dismiss those suggestions or to feel that perhaps you have failed professionally.

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Feedback is priceless and should be considered as a way to work on your existing skills and provide better service, as well as implement a new way of applying makeup based upon someone else’s observations.


15. Blogging

One of the significant challenges with any startup business is the question of how to get noticed.

One of those ways is to create a blog and perhaps use a willing customer’s before and after pictures.

As a professional, you can talk about the individual’s features, perception of what can be accomplished given their features, talk about the proper use of colors, concealing possible blemishes, accenting the lip, eyes, etc.

With a blog, not only will your information be helpful, but it also will showcase your skills and talents as it relates to the best utilization of makeup.


16. Business Model

As a makeup artist starting and wishing to succeed with your business, one of the ways that you can begin is to work with a hair salon and possibly work on a business arrangement where you rent a certain portion of the hair salon business and set up your makeup studio.

Another way to begin your business and succeed is simply through freelancing and possibly working out of your home.

By working out of your home, your studio can be set up within your residence, and customers can come to you, or you can travel to the customer.

If wishing to work within your own setting, it is important to look at any permits or zoning ordinances that may or may not allow business to be conducted out of your home.


17. Social Media

Possible suggestions for potential customers to take notice of your skills and techniques is to fully utilize the various social media platforms.

Those social media platforms include :

  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • TikTok
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn

On your social media websites, you can use high-quality images and videos to showcase your makeup artistry skills.

When using social media platforms is important to utilize keywords and captions, offer deals and promote your work, utilize the marketing strategy of giveaways and contests, etc.


18. Pricing

One of the considerations for your business is your pricing.

The balance needs to be the cost of your services that don’t price you out of the market and yet do not maximize your earnings.

One of the best ways to ensure that you are charging for your services appropriately is to determine what your competitors are charging so that you remain competitive.

Also, you may want to provide packages that provide makeup attention or just the eyes, the base as it relates to the foundational base, applying the makeup and colors to utilize for that individual, or you could provide a complete package at a reduced cost.


19. Discounts & Incentives

One starting out in the business, a way that you could attract your customers and keep them returning would be to offer discounts and incentives.

And in other words, first-time users of your service could get a set discount on their first visit.

Also, you can offer incentives so that if an individual is referred to your service by an existing customer, both the referring individual and the new customer will receive a specific discount.


20. Variety

With the inauguration of your business, you want to make sure that you provide a variety of services.

That variety cannot only be the actual makeup that you apply for a customer but different unique techniques such as eyebrow threading.

Also, with the variety of services that you offer, you may also wish to include a variety of specialized services.

For example, you can specialize in:

  • Wedding Makeup
  • Airbrush makeup
  • Special effects makeup
  • Hairstyling
  • And so forth


21. Portfolio

As part of promoting your business, it is important to have a robust portfolio.

A portfolio can be accessed through your website or your social media presence and could include pictures that represent before and after your services have been utilized.

Your portfolio should consist of quality photographs, different types of facial shapes, textures and colors of skin, etc.

It is important to remember that often a picture does speak 1000 words, and a potential customer may relate to a before picture of one of those in your portfolio and act accordingly.


22. Private and Group

Another possibility of gaining business exposure and potential customers is perhaps throwing a makeup party.

You could partner with a client and ask if they would be willing to open up their home and invite close friends and family to the makeup party providing a makeup experience for all those who attend.

Rather than doing the entire face, the makeup party could concentrate on one particular aspect or feature of the face, such as the lips.

The party could incorporate not choosing the proper makeup but how to properly apply the makeup.

Possibly wine and hors d’oeuvres could be served to make the event even more special.


23. Trade Shows

Incorporated into your budget should be an expense line item that allows you to attend trade shows or conferences.

This would provide additional opportunities to expand your business by interacting with potential clients as well as learning new techniques or trends in the cosmetic makeup industry.


24. Network

Networking in the business world is a powerful dynamic.

Networking is when you go to various events, or during the course of your day, you have opportunities to associate with other professionals in the beauty industry.

Those other professionals could include:

  • Photographers
  • Makeup artists
  • Hairstylists
  • And so forth

By networking with these individuals, there may be a crossover between these professions and possible referrals of customers made to each other.

Networking helps open up different pools of potential customers and therefore increases your business revenue.


25. Local Involvement

An important way to get noticed in a community is by investing in your community.

This can be accomplished by donating a makeup treatment to a charity so they can auction off this item to raise money for their services.

Another way that you could be involved with a not-for-profit is if there is a special individual that needs to be recognized for their selfless service or is a client who has dedicated and sacrificed for their children and possibly needs a makeover.

Your donated service could be provided as well as receive recognition by the local media for your involvement.


26. Continue Learning

Above all, it is important to realize that your learning, both in the development of your business and the application of makeup, is an ongoing process.

Therefore, it is always a good strategy to continue to learn the business and your profession in order for the success of your business to continue to be robust.


Personal Story

My second oldest sister, as long as I can remember, always had an affinity for hairstyles, makeup, doing her nails, etc.

I can still, at times, smell the strong odor when they gave each other permanents for their hair.

And so it came as no surprise when my sister decided to go to cosmetology school.

Although, as a teenage boy, I would balk when she would practice on me by soaking my nails, doing my cuticles, examining my hair, giving a head massage, etc.

Boys were not supposed to enjoy that type of treatment, but if the truth be known, I relished it and enjoyed being pampered.


Starting a Business as a Makeup Artist FAQs


What is the Worth of the Makeup Industry?

In the year 2020, it was estimated that the cosmetics market size was $277.67 billion.


What Cosmetic Sells the Most?

According to, the most popular cosmetic that is sold is eye makeup products.


You Can Do It

As a makeup artist, your artistic talents are on display not through the use of paintings or capturing various landscapes or visuals on the typical canvas.

As an artist, you utilize makeup and your artistic talent to enhance the beauty of others and earn good money.

But, perhaps, even more importantly, by applying makeup, you help to make a person feel about themselves and more confident.



Certainly, as human beings, we want to look our best.

The dual reason for wishing to look good is so that we can be attractive to others, but a more important reason for looking good outwardly is that it is a reflection of what is happening inwardly.

The reality is if we feel good on the inside, we will want to feel and look good on the outside.

To enhance that process and accent are already beautiful features cosmetics can be used, and therefore, a makeup artist can play an integral role in helping people feel good about themselves by contributing to the way they look in their personal appearance.

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