If you want to know how to sell on Redbubble, this article will really help.

It reveals a lot of secret tips to successfully selling on Redbubble, especially secret tips that most people don’t know about.


Let’s face it…

Selling on Redbubble can be stressful and sometimes unyielding especially when you don’t have the blueprint of how you can sell like the top gainers on Redbubble.

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Yes, blueprint!

See, selling on Redbubble works differently from contemporary selling platforms like Etsy, Casetify, and society6. There are many pitfalls you should avoid.

Just as there are many opportunities to capitalize and fast-track your growth and sales.

If you don’t have a formula that’s proven and works, you would spend time and burn your energy without any result to show for it.

So, having a blueprint would save you from the hassle and keep you profitably afloat.

From my experience, there are about 20 best upscaling tips that can take you from $0 to $5,000 in a year or less.

It’s passive income and you’d have to do little to nothing while you massively earn.


How to Get Started On Redbubble Right Away 

Before you can earn your first dollar on Redbubble, you must have a profile with Redbubble.

Or how else do you expect to earn through the platform?

Getting signed up and setting up your Redbubble profile is predominantly the first thing you’ve got to do.

Redbubble allows you to set your margin for every of your artwork; this gives you absolute control over the pricing and earning.

You can also choose how to market each art and which product you want the arts printed on.

If you already have an account with Redbubble then pay attention to the section to see where you have had it wrong.

As a rookie to Redbubble, information like how to properly set up your Redbubble account is important because it unravels the mystery behind owning a good profile that can help you earn.

Here’s the breakdown of how to properly set up your Redbubble account:


1. Sign-up on Redbubble 

It is the basic first step that would get you started on Redbubble. Quick signup! The process is smooth and free.


2. Upload Your First Catalog 

After signup, you should go full throttle by uploading your first full catalog which would get you in hindsight for buyer’s attention.

It’s advisable to aim for at least 25 unique art designs in your first month and 40 at most.


3. Carefully Tag Each of Your Art Design 

Your design does not get automatically tagged or named. That has to be your doing.

This would generally help make each design stand out from every other design on Redbubble.

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4. Promote Your Art 

Sales come from a fraction of the number of audiences and view each product gets. More views can ensure a lot more sales than fewer views of your art.

Promoting your artworks and designs gives you a better selling advantage and you can make use of your social media to promote each art and lure more audience.


Now, that’s how you get started on Redbubble!

But there’s more to do. You can genuinely attract prospects to your web store by customizing your shop to give it an irresistible look.

I’m talking about the looks that would keep prospects hooked to your offer.


How to Customize Your Redbubble Online Store 

Every personalization that would take place in your Redbubble account would be done using the “Account setting” option.

You’d find this setting in the drop-down menu at the top right corner of your account.

Customizing your Redbubble can only be done when you:


How to Add the Right Bio

What’s so unique about you? Why should anybody care about your art?

These are the questions you should ponder when writing your bio.

Your prospects are people you’ve never met before and people who have never met you and they’d be less inclined to care about you unless you have something breathtaking to offer.

It might help to do a little bit of research into what kind of prospect you are looking for. Learn about your audience and know what tickles their fancy.

What interests them and why they can be a lot more interested in your artworks and offer.

It’s an open secret that people genuinely like to support independent artists as an act of goodwill.

You should compound on that while building your bio. Make sure it’s enticing enough to make prospects check out your artworks and offers.

Give them a story they wouldn’t dare resist.

Haven’t you come across a cripple playing guitar so well in a train station? Don’t see what people are willing to give?

The good thing is you are not a cripple, and you don’t have to be one to get 200 people to buy one of your art. Your bio should ice the cake.

Give your bio a personal feel by adding a cover image or avatar that speaks loud positive things about your store.

Additionally, linking your social media account helps your audience stick a face to the artwork, and conversely, it builds their confidence in the brand you offer.

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20 Successful Selling Tips to Increase your Sales on Redbubble


We’ve touched on some fundamental strategies that would get you started right away on Redbubble.

But like the title of this article suggests, I’d offer you a 20-course meal (you can call it tips if you want) on how to successfully make sales on Redbubble and secure profits.

Want to get started on what these powerful tips are?


1. Make Use of a Good Profile Photo

There’s no telling how much of an impression you can make on your prospects with just words.

While that’s quite effective in explaining and narrating the benefits of your product, adding a good photo of yourself gives even more credibility to your products and services.

Any picture wouldn’t cut it so you’ve got to be very selective about which you settle for and what message they pass along.


2. Use a Well-Constructed Bio 

Your bio would come in handy when you need to establish a connection with your prospects.

Adding accessories like links to your social media page even makes clearer pictures and portrays you as a person with real feelings to care enough about your audience’s pain point.

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3. Distribute Your Sales link

You should be hyperactive especially if you are just starting as a seller on Redbubble.

One of the active ways to make it work is by distributing your links to special offers, to ensure people hear about your product well enough.

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4. Make Use of Pinterest 

Using Pinterest to pinpoint and pin down some of your designs is a noteworthy sales trick. This would help you show your audience only what you want them to see.

I’ve used this resource to increase and prop my general property sales.

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5. Upload New Catchy Art Design

As much as possible, you need to keep updating your design lab and artworks.

At least you should have about 5 weekly artworks uploaded. Updating your library would help you provide a bounty of choice for your prospects.


6. Represent Your Product

What’s a better way of representing your product than personally using them?

There are tons of opportunities and prospects everywhere and if you are starting out or just growing your Redbubble, then you should use your product.

You never can tell when someone would like what you are wearing and ask where you got it from.


7. Provide Custom Services

While your product might be pleasant enough for regular buyers, some people want options that are tailored to their taste.

Offering to provide a more customized service would be a better approach to please the select few customers who want it.

Layout the offer and let people know you are also open to offering tailor-made choices for them.


8. Give Out Freebies

9 out of every 10 persons are looking for a way to cut costs and spend way less than they already do.

As such, they are quick to jump into opportunities that present low costs. Offering freebies in the form of giveaways would always attract many people.

You don’t necessarily have to give out your products as giveaways, other substitutes will also do fine.

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9. Set Achievable Goals and Measure Your Progress 

The only way you’d know for sure if you are having significant changes in your sales record is by having goals and milestones that you synchronize with what’s happening in real-time.

Either as a rookie or pro seller, you must still have a set of goals that includes specific even to the amount you intend to earn.


10. Only Create breathtaking Artwork 

Before you get on board with the expert art sellers on Redbubble, be sure the art you are putting up for sale is without blemish and stunning.

Make sure each of your work is something you entirely designed and can also purchase.


11. Do Not Limit Yourself

When you get hold of a fast-selling design or artwork, don’t hold out on one product.

You’ve got to try it on as many products as you can find because that’s how you earn on Redbubble.

While some people might be keen on getting the t-shirt artwork, others might be a lot willing to get the mug design or headwear.

Always explore the options.


How to Sell on Redbubble


12. Always Do Your Research

Your artwork should not be too generic and should be tailor-fitted for some sect of people.

Once you’ve got that, all that’s left is fishing out your ideal prospect on the internet and that would take research.

Who are your ideal prospects? Where do they hang out online?

When you find answers to those questions, all that’s left is fishing these prospects out.

If you can locate your prospects, then selling becomes easier and quicker.

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13. Use the Trend

The good old rhythm “The trend is your friend”. What’s hot, what are people looking to buy and why?

Imagine someone as famous as Beyonce wore a piece of artwork that is similar to yours.

You can expect sky-high sales from that piece because it’s trending.

Tentatively, you’ve got to monitor the trend and find out how to capitalize on these trends.


14. Be Regularly

You’ve got to show that you are for real and ready to serve content that people want by being consistent with your upload of artwork.

Do it regularly or religiously. Make sure you keep it coming for everyone who already has eyes for what you offer.


15. Brand Yourself 

Being a brand makes you a respected authority in a design. Famous brands do this in real-time.

They are known for their design, color, or logos. What’s yours?

Think of Adidas and Nike, you see how three stripes and a marked sign come to mind?

That’s exactly what it should be like when people think of you.

Not an image of a random online seller. So, brand yourself!

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16. Raise Your Commission

Once you’ve built some loyal fans and a good audience base, it’s time to raise your commission.

Low cost and the low commission wouldn’t get you anywhere on Redbubble. Most designers set a 20% commission of the base price.

Was I starting, I’d do the same. But there’s an opportunity to increase and control your margin once your design becomes popular.


17. Find a Community and Connect with It

There is a strong community base on Redbubble across various social media that would help you blow and trend your design easily.

These communities would help you connect with people and help you see their pain points.

By providing some lasting solution, you can make a good return.

Additionally, these communities would help you connect with other artists who can help critique your work and help you create better offers.


18. Promote Your Store 

I need to emphasize how important promotion is to you, so promote your online store at any given opportunity.

Use all the tools at your disposal; social media, influencers, and models. Just promote.


19. Use Only Suitable File Formats

The worst kind of issue is having your art printed in low-quality images because the file format you uploaded isn’t suitable.

My recommendation is always to have your design in 7632×6480 dimension at all times.


20. Capitalize on Redbubble Promotions

While Redbubble may have seasons where they slash sales and give fat discounts (remember to mark up your margin in times like this so your cut isn’t affected), there are also promotional advantages that would help get your products to the buyers.



There you have it! 20 simple sales tricks you can use right away.

Don’t hold back. Use every one of these tips to leverage and open up sales opportunities for yourself.

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