If you want to know how to sell on Poshmark, this article will help a great deal.

It reveals the very best tips on selling on Poshmark and getting the best results, regardless of what you intend to sell.


Why Sell on Poshmark?

If you buy and sell online, especially clothing items, then there is a very high chance that you must have heard of Poshmark even if you haven’t used it to trade.

We are trying to say that Poshmark is not new to the eCommerce platform, and it is unique because you don’t have to own a store or an inventory to run your records.

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Poshmark is a convenient platform for newbies in the eCommerce platform as it helps them organize their items and products properly.

However, if you want to sell on Poshmark, you must be ready to work consistently and deliver duly.

But how do you do this?

Don’t worry; we will answer all your questions on selling on Poshmark and provide tips to increase your sales on the platform.


What Can You Sell on Poshmark?

Poshmark is one of the best marketplaces that allows listing several items, including used and brand-new items.

Most importantly, any item a seller lists on Poshmark must be in the best condition ever.

Poshmark accepts some categories of items, and sellers must not list those that aren’t accepted to avoid cluttering the marketplace.

The categories of items that can be listed on Poshmark for sale includes:

  • Fashion
  • Fashion accessories
  • Pet items
  • Home materials and utensils (limited)
  • Personal care products

Poshmark is also one of the best marketplaces to sell items locally.

Rules are guiding the sales of every category of items on Poshmark. Here are the basic ones all sellers must note:

  • Personal care products like makeup, lotion, and the likes must be new, sealed, alcohol and aerosol free.
  • Irrespective of the category they fall under, all liquids must remain sealed in their original packaging.
  • If you are listing a used item, it must be as clean as possible and perfect. If there are any faults or condition with the item you are listing, it must be well stated in the description of that item.
  • Items that are categorized as illegal includes:
    • Prescriptions and medical/health products.
    • Fake and replica products produced from extinct or endangered species.
    • Animals and pets.
    • Food and drinks.
    • Stolen items.
    • Misinterpreted arts and crafts from the native American culture or American Indian culture.

Other actions classified as illegal and prohibited and that may lead to suspension from Poshmark are:

  • Falsely using popular brands or product names to promote an item. This right here violates the trademark law, regardless of whether the item is counterfeit or original.
  • Carving out pieces and portions and patching or attaching other handmade materials. For example, taking out a button or cutting out the tag of original designer wear and fixing them on handmade materials like DIY jewelry or crochets is not allowed.
  • Ineligible items for shipping by Poshmark affiliate logistic company – USPS are also not listed on Poshmark. Such items include but are not limited to perfume, deodorants, nail polish, and more. Check out USPS shipping regulations for more information on items prohibited for shipping.
  • Listing and sales of electronics not included in the Poshmark listing category is prohibited, and such listing will be automatically deleted. Also, airline and airport materials and items are not allowed for listing on Poshmark.

This here is the basic rules and regulations guiding the listing and selling of items on Poshmark. Violators of these rules risks suspension from Poshmark.


20 Best Tips on How to Sell on Poshmark to Help Increase Sales

  1. Be patient
  2. Always stay active
  3. Aim for 5-star reviews
  4. Use the vacation hold tool
  5. Offer discounts
  6. Use price drop
  7. Post regularly
  8. Use descriptive titles and detailed descriptions
  9. Shipping
  10. Deal in high quality and popular products
  11. Join posh parties
  12. Take the perfect photo
  13. Engage with users on Poshmark
  14. Utilize SEO keywords
  15. Pricing
  16. Google visibility
  17. Become a Poshmark ambassador
  18. Relist your products
  19. Add more listings
  20. Join Facebook buy and sell groups


1. Be patient

Some items find their way to the buyer within days of listing them, while some may take longer.

It is not always possible to determine which product will seller faster than the other.

So, all you have to do is be patient, keep listing, keep working hard and follow all our tips duly.

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2. Always stay active

A very important tip to increase your sales on Poshmark is always to remain active.

Customers can see how active you are on the app by looking at your profile.

Surely, no one will want to patronize a dormant seller to avoid delays.

So, what do you do?

Stay online and active for as long as you can and reply to all messages from potential customers.


3. Aim for 5-star reviews

This comes after you have made sales. Getting a 5-star review is very easy. You have to give your customer the best service possible.

Now you may ask how this help you boost sales, but I’ll tell you categorically, over 90% of online shopper will rather shop from a seller with 5-star review than any other seller with lesser review and rating.


4. Use the vacation hold tool

The tip is an avoidance tip.

If you don’t want your customers to feel any discomfort from late delivery, you might want to utilize the vacation hold tool.

How does the vacation hold tool work?

It allows sellers to put their listings on hold while they are unavailable.

So this is the idea behind this; normally, it is always best to deliver a product within two days, though you have up to seven days to complete delivery.

In a case where you sense a delay, simply activate the vacation hold to tell your customers you won’t be available for a while.


5. Offer discounts

Discounts bring more customers.

There are different discounts a seller could offer his buyers, one of them is the bundle discount, which is very effective in increasing sales on Poshmark.

The bundle discount will slash the price by a particular percentage when the buyer buys in a bundle.

There are other discounted offers sellers can utilize to increase sales.

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6. Use price drop

The price drop is another tool Poshmark gives its sellers to increase their sales.

However, this tool can only utilize your sales if properly utilized.

The price drops offer a discount for buyers who liked a listing.

Once you activate this tool, sellers will be offered a discount for liking a listing.


7. Post regularly

Sending or uploading multiple pictures at once is a turnoff to some buyers; though some may say it works, in real life, it doesn’t.

Instead of bombarding customers with pictures, upload one or two pictures in intervals. It will allow customers more time to have a proper look at the product.

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8. Use descriptive titles and detailed descriptions

Statistics made us know that whenever a buyer is browsing Poshmark, they would search the product’s name instead of just searching for the kind product.

What I mean is that buyers will most likely search Nike Benassi instead of Black Nike Slides.

In this vein, you have to make your description detailed as possible, and it must include all the information about the product, like size, color, etc. also, keep your titles brief and exact.


9. Shipping

One of the many benefits of selling on Poshmark is that they handle your shipping. However, this doesn’t have anything to do with boosting your sales.

You can write an appreciation letter, slip it in the package box for the item, and then send it to the post office, where it will be delivered to the seller.


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10. Deal in high quality and popular products

Buyers tend to be more interested in popular brands than in regular or uprising brands.

So, if you have an item from a popular brand, you might want to add it to your listing.

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11. Join posh parties

Posh Parties are virtual events hosted on the app.

Such events allow you to share your prices with buyers and sellers online and present at the party.

So, you might want to join posh parties on a regular as a platform to advertise your listings.


12. Take the perfect photo

This is very important; you must take the perfect picture of the item you are about to list.

How do you know the perfect picture?

A bright environment.

Decent background, good camera, you can use the camera from a different device and if you feel editing will make the image look better then go for it.

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13. Engage with users on Poshmark

Don’t mistake this tip for tip number 2.

This one deals with you actively responding and engaging with other users on Poshmark.

Answer questions from buyers, always post and engage in other users’ posts.

This way, your customer base will increase as you get more followers by engaging more.


14. Utilize Right SEO keywords

Similar to a well-described title and description, but here, you have to include certain keywords to improve the ranking of your product on the search result page.

Ideas of popular keywords include colors, brands, categories, et Cetera.


15. Pricing

This is at your discretion; however, it would be best to research the price other sellers are listing the same item for.

You should also consider all the costs, including transportation and how long it would take you to drop the item at the post office.

Once all these are put in place, you can then start pricing.

My advice is to price higher than usual, so it doesn’t go way too low when the buyer begins to negotiate and bargain.


How to Sell on Poshmark


16. Google visibility

Yes, you can make your listing visible on google.

All you have to do is enable this function.

To enable google visibility, navigate to account settings, then share settings, scroll to the bottom of the page, and toggle on the option for google visibility.


17. Become a Poshmark ambassador

A Poshmark ambassador is most likely to connect with potential buyers than a regular seller.

Becoming a Poshmark ambassador is not a day’s job; you must have at least 5k community shares over 5k self-shares, and many other criteria are involved, but they are all worth it.

One of the perks is that you will appear as a suggested seller to a potential customer.


18. Relist your products

This may sound strange, but you might have to delete and relist.


It is as good as refreshing.

This way, your listed items will appear on top as new or just in items.

Potential customers looking for the latest listings will most likely inbox you.


19. Add more listings.

Consistency is key.

Selling on eCommerce platforms doesn’t end with just one listing.

You have to list your items over and over again; this way, there is a guarantee for more exposure which will result in increased sales.

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20. Join Facebook buy and sell groups

Another very important tip to increase sales on Poshmark is by not limiting yourself to Poshmark only.

You can go to other platforms to advertise, like Facebook buy and sell groups.

Buy and sell groups on Facebook are mutual grounds for buyers to meet sellers.

This platform allows you to advertise your listing even if you won’t be listing them on the buy and sell group.


How to Create a Successful Listing on Poshmark

Whether you are a first-time seller or a veteran seller on Poshmark, you will always have to list any item you want to sell.

The steps involved in creating listings on Poshmark are quite straightforward and do not have any hassle or complications.

Below are detailed instructions on how to create your first listing on Poshmark.

1. The first step is to download the Poshmark app if you don’t already have one. Depending on your mobile device, you can download the Poshmark app for ios devices or even download Poshmark for android devices.

2. If you already have the Poshmark app, launch it and click on the Sell.

3. Now, you have to add a photo of the item you are listing. You can take a live picture right from the Poshmark app, or you can upload one from your gallery. However, we advise you to go with the latter as it gives a better photo quality than the Poshmark in-app camera.

4. You can edit the picture with sweet filters from the Poshmark app. It is advisable to add up to four photos for a better image description of the item.

5. The final step involves giving your listing the perfect title and a very detailed description of the item. Our top 20 bets Poshmark selling tips will guide you through this.

6. After this, add a price, then select Next. Here you will be given an option to share with your friends when you are through; select List to finalize the process.

You can always come back to your listing anytime to update it.



Yeah, we know it has been a lengthy read, but it is worth it because now, we are certain you will make a lot selling on Poshmark following our top 20 tips for increased sales.

Of all the tips highlighted and discussed, always remember that consistency is the most important of them all.

Stay active and engage and list and relist.

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