You can really make money with art online – and enjoy the best of both words – love for art and making money in the process.

This article shows you several SECRET ways and tips to earning money with art online!


Why Sell Art Online to Make Money?

Why not, right? Especially if you really love art and have the gift!

For me, being brought up in in the upper Midwest portion of the United states, the first snowfall was always an exciting event.

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The dip in temperatures was an obvious indicator that winter was approaching but somehow the first snowfall was the first visible sign that winter had arrived.

Those that know about such things indicate that a snowflake is unique and no snowflake is the same.

Evidently as the ice crystal descends towards earth, it’s passing through the different layers of the cloud, coupled with the different temperatures and levels of moisture makes for the uniqueness of the snowflake.

What a wonderful illustration of the circumstances and events in our lives that make each of us unique in our own right as well.

In addition to the outward circumstances that occur in our life are our genetic makeup and the way that we have been created.

This also adds to our specialness as it relates to the gifts and talents natural gifts and talents that we have.

In particular, is the wonderful artistic talent that individuals have in which they can utilize their vivid imagination and create something wonderful, awe-inspiring, and beautiful.

In addition to this creative talent producing magnificent creations is the opportunity for these individuals to earn money by offering these items for sale for art lovers and people that appreciate the creative side of others.

Let us then splash some colors together and create a tapestry of ways that an individual can make money with art online.


15 Best Ways & Tips to Help You Make Money Selling Art Online


1. Create a Brand 

When endeavoring to make money selling your artwork, it is important that you have the strategy in mind of creating not just artwork but a brand.

Customers not only want to purchase an item because it resonates with them but they are also looking for the purchase of a brand as well.

Therefore, it is important that you begin creating a name for your business.


2. Original or Prints  

An important decision that you need to make when thinking about selling your artwork is whether you are going to sell prints, the original or both.

The important reason for deciding on which routes you will go with the selling of your artwork is that it will affect the website that you partner with as to whether you need to utilize a drop shipper or printing company.


3. Online Store  

When setting up your online store it is important to set up the store to be appealing to potential customers by displaying your artwork but also reflection of who you are as an artist.

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4. Presentation  

The virtual online store should endeavor to stay away from blandness and certainly let your flair for artistry be let loose and create a visually appealing online storefront.

As part of the presentation on the website you could use a hover effect that when the mouse pointer is over the item or hovers above the item, it will help to entice or lure the customer to go into greater depth of the item and click the mouse to see more about the product.


5. Magnify Glass  

Another tool that can be used on your online store is through the use of a magnifying glass.

With the installation of a magnifying glass, the potential customer can click on the glass icon and get a greater and more in depth look at the artwork.


6. Social Media  

As an artist you will need to promote your own work and one of the powerful ways that this can be accomplished is through your various social media platforms.

Through your various platforms you can introduce yourself and your artistic talent as well as promote any sales, events that may be occurring, discounts, etc.


7. e-Mail  

Through your website and social media platforms you can capture the email addresses of individuals who have taken an interest in your artistry.

You could capture these emails by offering a free tutorial, simple graphic design, etc.

With their permission you could then use those email addresses to continually stay engaged and utilize this system to announce various events, new work that has been created, and more.


8. SEO  

SEO or search engine optimization is a technique of maximizing the searches of individuals to visit your website.

A way that you can use a free SEO tool is by taking advantage of Google Keyword Planner or you can invest in the purchasing of a SEO tool.

The strategy behind SEO is that individuals, when they are searching for a product or service, will enter into the search engine various words.

The idea is to think through their process as they search and then make sure that those words are being utilized on your website so that you will be part of the populated return on the search.


9. Manage Your Shop  

When managing your virtual online shop, there are certain features that are critical to maintain and manage.

One of those key elements would be to set your pricing.

Obviously, you don’t want to price your artistry too high nor do you wish to minimize the value of your artwork.

The most effective way of maintaining the “ballpark” price range would be to look at other websites and see what prices your competitors are listing for their items.


10. Digital Art  

Another way that you can make money as an artist selling your artwork is to produce stock designs or photos and sell them to the appropriate websites.

These digital stock artwork items are known as vector designs and you can approach a variety of online sites to see if there is interest in your creations.

Some of those sites include:


11. Commission Jobs  

Another opportunity to earn money through your artwork is by creating specific artwork or graphics for an individual who enjoys your creative Style but has something in mind.

This process is known as being commissioned.

An individual will pay you a specific amount for a particular artistic design, painting, etc.

Sites to find opportunities to be commissioned as an artist could include:


12. Freelance  

A phenomenon as of late is the opportunity to work remotely and do this through a process known as freelancing.

On various freelancing websites is the opportunity to look for graphic design jobs, employment opportunities for artists, etc.

Freelance websites can be found at or


13. Teach  

An additional way that you can earn money through your hard work is by teaching others.

This can be accomplished through a variety of websites of which one is

You could also venture out on your own and advertise your artwork classes and the service of tutoring others.

This tutoring can be accomplished through a number of means such as through Zoom or Skype.


14. YouTube  

Another great way to promote yourself as an artist and your creations is to develop a YouTube channel.

Not only can you promote your creativity but you can teach your followers through your site and how you create a design from start to finish.

You could also provide some lessons on creating artwork.

Monetization of your YouTube channel could be through your followers supporting, providing premium content for individuals to take more advanced learning, affiliate advertising and sponsorships.

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15. Art Contests  

It is also important to remember that there is not only money to be made but recognition to be gained.

This can be accomplished by entering into art contest.

An example of such an art contest can be found by clicking here.



Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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10 Companies to Make Money Selling Your Art Online 


1. WIX  

Through WIX you can create and set up your online store by choosing a variety of templates that are available to you through this website.

You can also add the WIX art store app to your own website which provides the opportunity for the customer to print on demand when digital illustrations are sold, creation of prints, and other merchandise.

Click here to check out WIX


2. Etsy

Etsy is a marketplace for a variety of entrepreneurs and allows for them to market their handcrafted items, prints, specialty items, etc.

Through Etsy you can set up a online store, and market your art as Etsy allows for you to set up a virtual store.

You can also use print on demand through Printify available to Etsy merchants.

Click here to check out Etsy

Check out the following for more tips on selling on Etsy:



Society6 is a particular niche for artists who are both independent as well as customers and audiences looking to admire and purchase artistic endeavors.

This print on demand site offers a wide array of products that can range anywhere from home decorations, furniture, and apparel.

Society6 fulfills all aspects of the retail process which includes printing and shipping.

The site pays artists a set percentage of each item that is sold.


4. DeviantArt  

The largest online art community can be found on Deviant Art.

The 47 million users and artists, set up their own personalized profile and create a shop to sell and promote their deviations.

The artwork can be either in the form of work that has been commissioned, digital downloads or prints.

This website also offers the opportunity for artists to make their own NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and will receive an alert if someone endeavors to infringe upon their rights to the artwork.

Click here to check ou Deviant Art


5. Big Cartel  

Big Cartel is an artist’s website that works with large clients and small brands.

This site allows the artist to create and design their own stores for selling their artwork.

The store could also be included on your website as an opportunity for customers to view your portfolio.

This site does not charge the artist for any listings but there is a variety of monthly plans that the artist can take advantage of that will meet with their budget and their marketing strategy for added features beyond the basic plan.

Another nice feature is that if the individual has less than five products there is no charge for those items to be listed.

Click here to check out Big Cartel


6. Redbubble  

The Redbubble website allows the artist to display their artwork and various designs and when the customer wishes to purchase, this site provides for the printing on demand for that creation.

The designs can be printed in a variety of formats including t-shirts, posters, vinyl stickers, phone cases, etc.

This site manages the entire process which includes the shipping and printing of the items, customer service, and more.

In addition, this site allows for the artist to select their own profit margin and the price of the item.

Click here to check out Redbubble


7. Fine Art America 

Fine Art America is another extensive online art store that has a global presence.

In addition, this site provides a print on demand component.

All types of art are available for sale on this site which can include art painted on canvases, prints, home decor, and tapestries.

This website not only provides for the printing of the purchase items but also ships to the customer and offers a 30-day money back guarantee.

For the standard membership to this website there is no fee involved however a premium membership is offered for $30 which provides additional opportunities to be discovered as well as the selling of the artist’s creations.

Other features added for artists involved with this website include marketing tools, and online store, tools to create newsletters, and more.

Click here to check out Fine Art America


8. Artfinder

To be involved with Artfinder involves an application process.

Within the process, the artist needs to submit a sample of their artistic ability as well as provide other information to questions posed.

This site will then select the artist that they wish to work with and provide the opportunity for the designer to sell on their site.

With this site, there is a 33% to 40% commission imposed by Art Finder and the site only allows artists to sell artwork that is original.

Their emphasis is on paintings and photography.

This site does not produce prints nor do they sell them.

Click here to check out Artfinder


9. UGallery 

UGallery also requires an application process for individuals to be involved with presenting their artistic work.

The strategy of displaying artwork on this site is that they want to present the potential buyer with the atmosphere of walking through art galleries, taking in the artistic work, and connecting with the artwork and the artist.

The monetary aspect of having an artist display their artwork through UGallery is that the profit is split with the artist on a 50/50 basis.

Click here to check out UGallery


10. Saatchi Art  

Saatchi Art is an another online website in which a artist can have their artistic talent displayed along with more than 2 million other pieces of artwork.

On the home page, they have categories in which the consumer can shop with their budget in mind.

Those categories range from:

  • Under 500
  • $500-$1000
  • $1000-$2000
  • 2002 by thousand dollars.

The site features paintings, photography, drawings, sculpture, and more.

The particular benefit of listing your artwork for sale on this site is that it may be a starting platform for artists to utilize and get a feel of what is needed and required to sell their artwork.

Click here to check out Saatchi Art


Personal Story

As parents many of us have received creative drawings that were sketched by our children and presented to us on special occasions.

It could’ve been a drawing wishing the mother and the family a happy Mother’s Day or the same for the father.

Or just have been an occasion where the child had a creative moment, got out a piece of paper, the colored pencils or crayons and drew something that they were inspired to draw.

Eventually our refrigerator doors became a storefront to post these masterpieces and encourage the young person with their artistic talent, creating something wonderful and above all expressing their love to their parents.

As I look on my refrigerator door right now, I have a drawing of my favorite football team done by one of my grandchildren when she was about five years old.

Today just this past week she graduated from high school and don’t you know that my favorite work of art is this picture on my refrigerator door drawn by the most artistically talented five-year-old.


Making Money With Art FAQs


When Building Your Website to Showcase Your Artistic Talents What Are the Top Three Actions to Take?

The three basic elements that should be embedded on your website would include:

  • Portfolio of your artwork
  • A contact page
  • A biography of your artistry


When Looking Into Utilizing an Art Website What Are Some Questions I Should Ask?

Some of the questions that should be asked when considering an artwork website include:

  • Will I get my own domain or a subdomain?
  • How many works of art can I upload?
  • Are the sites built with a search friendly HTML?
  • Will you help me promote my work?


You Can Do It

You are that unique snowflake that has an artistic side to you that enjoys creating, sketching, sculpting, etc.

Why not showcase your talent to the world by listing and revealing your artistry through a number of online websites.

In addition to sharing your creative perspective to potential customers, they in turn just may express their appreciation of your talent by purchasing those items.



Your first artistic creation received rave reviews from your parents and is now immortalized on the refrigerator door.

Now the opportunities to expand the viewing of your artistry can be accomplished in a number of ways.

There are many ways that you can use the power of the online platform to have your creative talents enjoyed and viewed by many as well as the possibility of individuals purchasing your talents and artistic ability.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

SurveyJunkie (only USA, Canada, Australia residents allowed). You can earn money sharing your thoughts. They have already paid $25+ million to their 20+ million members just for sharing their thoughts and opinions. Click here to join SurveyJunkie for FREE

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