If you want to know how to save money on toilet paper, this is the perfect article to read.

It reveals as many as 25 best SECRET ways and tips to help anyone really save money spent on toilet paper!


Why Learn How to Save Money on Toilet Paper?

Television has always been a medium that has been used by advertisers to market a variety of topics.

Some of the more commonplace products have included food, cosmetics, and clothing.

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items to soothe an upset stomach, insurance products, toys for children, etc. If there is a product out there that will provide a benefit to an individual, typically that product is advertised to meet an individual’s need.

Some of the items that are marketed need an explanation as to what they are and often, the product and its use are captured in a story and marketed accordingly.

Other products are commonplace, and their use is pretty pervasive throughout society.

One of those products is toilet paper and basically, everybody knows what the product is and what it is used for but there are still marketing campaigns that utilize a variety of ways to distinguish their toilet paper from other brands.

For example, a brand may use animated figures to talk about the quality of their toilet paper, others may use a meek salesperson who can’t help but squeeze the toilet paper because it is so soft, etc.

Added to the mix and because of the recent pandemic, there was a shortage of toilet paper as people hoarded this precious commodity which made it difficult to buy toilet paper as the shelves were bare.

With all of this in mind, let us unpackage our toilet paper and find out ways that we can save money on the use of this precious paper product for personal use.


Personal Story

One of the benefits of living longer and seeing several historical events transpire in our lives is the irony that sometimes takes place.

Specifically, today there seem to be two shortages or exorbitant costs as it relates to these products.

One product is the cost of gasoline, and it seems to be edging higher and higher and has broken record level costs across the nation.

In addition, due to the panic pandemic and subsequent panic as it relates to toilet paper, this precious commodity flew off the shelves and was difficult in finding the item to purchase, and even then, was limited as to the quantity that a customer could buy.

The irony is that back in the 60s, service stations would compete for your business and lower the price per gallon to get customers to come in.

Added to the mix was often service stations would giveaway items to get customers to the stations.

Some of those giveaway items were glassware as well as rolls of toilet paper.

Who would’ve ever thought that these two precious commodities would be united together decades later?


25 Best Ways and Tips to Help You Save Money on Toilet Paper


1. Calculate

As consumers, our instinct is to buy the cheapest brand there is.

When it comes to toilet paper this strategy is no different.

Before you place the toilet paper package into your shopping cart, first do a cost comparison.

One of the ways to do that is to utilize key numbers such as the total cost for the number of sheets per roll.

What you can do is multiply the number of sheets per roll by the number of rolls in the pack and compare how many sheets you get with each of the different brand names.


2. No Brand Names

As with most items that are purchased, the product is the same and often you pay extra for the brand name or the packaging.

Cheap toilet paper does not necessarily equate to bad toilet paper.

Therefore, you can often ignore three-ply tissues or the ones that are lovely scented.

These added features only add to the cost.


3. Use Less

A practical way of saving money on toilet paper is to use less and make the quantity of toilet paper that you have last longer.

This is not a tutorial on how to utilize toilet paper and, quite frankly, there is no right or wrong answer.

A tutorial for all of the family members is in order and even though there may be snickers and laughter, a point will be well taken that you do not need to use a lot of toilet paper to get the job done.


4. Folding

Not to be too graphic, but there are a couple of methods that individuals use to do the job as it relates to toilet paper.

Some individuals fold while other people “scrunch.”

Suffice it to say when utilizing toilet paper, it is always best not to scrunch but to maximize the use of the toilet paper by utilizing the folding process.



5. Crimp

Although it’s convenient for the roll on which the toilet paper is available to move freely, sometimes too freely can be wasteful.

Therefore, a good idea to limit the freedom with which the toilet paper can be rolled off of the toilet paper roll is to put a crimp on the roll.

The presence of the crimp will prevent the roll from moving too freely and therefore will help to save the use of toilet paper.


6. Ration

Drastic times call for drastic measures and therefore a way that you can save toilet paper is to ration its use.

A way that you can do this is to assign a roll of toilet paper per person in the household and expect that paper to last over a particular period.

One roll of toilet paper can be given to male members of the household and two rolls can be given to the female members of the household.


7. Coupons

Another way that you can save money on toilet paper is to utilize coupons that you find that can be applied with the purchase of toilet paper products.

You can look through various apps for toilet paper, and coupons, or you can look online, or utilize the classifieds in your Sunday paper.


8. Buy in Bulk

Another great way to save money on purchasing toilet paper is to buy in large quantities or bulk.

A good way to do this is to be a member of a warehouse store in which large quantities of toilet paper can be purchased.

If you do not have a membership, sometimes the warehouse will allow you to have a guest pass for the day to try out the service and you may be able to buy a bulk package of toilet paper in that way.


9. Tabò

In some cultures, they take the cleanliness following their bathroom habits to different types of levels and processes.

Specifically, in the Filipino culture, they have a process known as Tabò.

This process involves the cleaning of the private area of an individual after nature has called.

The process involves a small plastic dipper with a long handle that is filled with clean water so that the individual can wash.

By using such a process, you can cut down on the use of toilet paper and even feel a little bit cleaner than you might ordinarily feel.


10. Reusable Cloths

Another option to cut down on the use of toilet paper is to use small hand towels so that the individual can clean themselves without using toilet paper.

Some members of the family may feel a little bit “squeamish” using this process of reusable clothes and therefore a good way of maintaining everybody’s cleanliness is to utilize different colors for different members of the family.

Often these small face cloths or towels can be purchased in bundles at various types of dollar stores or discount stores.

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11. Hand Sprayer

Another water and spray process that can add to the cleanliness of the process and utilize less toilet paper is through the use of a hand sprayer.

It is simply a spray bottle with water that can be used similar to the use of a tabò.


12. Bidet

A bidet is a water spraying device that can be a stand-alone unit or be attached to a personal toilet.

The idea is that they provide cleanliness and consequently less toilet paper can be used.


13. Where to Buy

An important factor to save money on toilet paper is the consideration of where or better yet where not to buy toilet paper.

One of the retail stores to stay away from when purchasing toilet paper is purchasing the item at the grocery store.

Typically, at the grocery store, you will pay more per roll and square foot and will likely run out sooner because you are buying in smaller quantities.


14. Subscription

Another great way to save money on buying toilet paper is to utilize a recurring subscription process.

The reality is toilet paper is essential and therefore needs to be purchased on an ongoing basis.

By taking advantage of a recurring subscription, you are going to get your money’s worth plus a lot of subscriptions offer discounts anywhere from 5% per order as well as $10 off your first subscription order.

One such site that offers subscriptions on toilet paper ongoing basis is Amazon.

Talking about savings, below are some helpful guide to saving money:


15. Skip the Dispenser

Although the dispenser facilitates the ease of having the toilet paper right there when you need it, the important thing to remember is if it does not have a toilet dispenser then don’t bother mounting one.

The savings that you can realize without putting a wall-mounted or freestanding place for toilet paper will save you money and that money can be put towards one or two rolls of toilet paper instead.


16. Sell Empty Tubes

Another way that you can save money on your toilet paper is by selling the rolls that the toilet paper was placed on

One of the places where you can sell empty toilet rolls is through eBay.com and recently six empty rolls sold for £10.


17. Use Facilities Elsewhere

Although this may sound like it is over the edge, a great way to save money on toilet paper not used at home is to use facilities at school, the workplace, or other areas and utilize the availability of the toilet paper that they have for their customers and employees.


18. How the Paper is Placed

One of the age-old questions about placing a roll of toilet paper on a dispenser within the household is whether the end of the toilet roll should be facing out or facing in.

Many would argue that the proper positioning of the toilet roll should be facing out so that it is more accessible and rolls easier for the user.

However, then turning the role so that the paper is facing towards the wall may save you toilet paper as it is less accessible and easy and less easy to roll off the tube.


19. Blogging

A way to save money, as it relates to toilet paper, is to share with others about this practical subject and ways that they too can save money.

This can be accomplished by blogging and your blogging site can everything be everything about toilet paper.

You could discuss the history of toilet paper, how and has evolved over the years, the various products available, how to save money using toilet paper, educating your family, and above all how to save money.

You can raise additional revenue to offset your toilet paper costs through those that follow your blogging site, they’ve supported you financially, affiliated advertisers, and possibly toilet paper sponsors.


20. Stock Up When on Sale

A great way to save on toilet paper is to stock up on this precious commodity when it is on sale.

This doesn’t mean that you buy loads and loads of toilet paper and hoard but certainly buy multiple packages when there is a sale because it is a commodity that will continually be used and if purchased at a lower price then you will realize savings.


21. Separate Plies

When you buy toilet paper and it has multiple plies, a good way of saving money on toilet paper is to separate it for you.

This can be rather tedious work but certainly, in the long run, you will make it last for real savings.


22. Restaurant Napkins

If your family is using a ration system of toilet paper and sometimes the need exceeds what was rationed, a good way to supplement the limited amount of toilet paper given to an individual is using extra napkins from the restaurant.

This is not a matter of taking napkins from the restaurant and using them for this purpose but simply using the extra napkins that were provided with the meal and utilizing that extra paper to supplement the amount of toilet paper given to the family member.


23. TP Pranks

One of the popular pranks that are performed on several neighborhood homes is TPing.

Usually done by teenagers, is to take rolls and rolls of toilet paper and decorate the home and the front landscape with toilet paper.

If you are not too proud you can offer to collect the toilet paper and use the paper within your own home.


24. Make Your Own

A radical way of saving money on toilet paper is to make your own.

If you have school-age children, often there is a waste of paper utilized at school in which the entire page is not utilized for the various school assignments and work.

If you are industrious, you can utilize these school papers that otherwise would’ve been the doorway and allow for the paper to be used as makeshift toilet paper.


25. Plumbing

Another important way that you can save money on toilet paper is to use the proper product as it relates to your plumbing.

One of the plumbing challenges that can occur is the improper use or the wrong use of toilet paper.

Specifically, too much toilet paper can create a clog and cause backup problems.

The worst type of toilet paper to utilize when there was a test conducted by plumbers was the use of two-ply and 3 ply paper…

This multiple ply paper did not break down and disintegrate and therefore, there was an accumulation that caused the sewage system to clog up.

Therefore, any way you can use the proper amount and thickness of toilet paper you use can save you money as it relates to the proper use of toilet paper and your plumbing.


Saving Money on Toilet Paper FAQs


How Big is the Toilet Paper Industry?

According to Statista.com, the annual toilet paper industry realizes $43.57 billion annually.


How Much Does It Cost to Make One Roll of Toilet Paper?

The average American spends approximately $10 every month on toilet paper.

This translates into 8.6 sheets of toilet paper every time you go to the bathroom and that would be 57 sheets per day

The average cost to produce a roll of a total type is $.84.

These facts and figures are according to https://everythingwhat.com/how-much-does-a-single-roll-of-toilet-paper-cost


You Can Do It

Toilet paper is a subject that is not often talked about by other individuals.

However, the possibilities of potential shortages, the expense of paper products, and having toilet paper in the event of an emergency or the next shortage are critical subjects as it relates to our comfort and needs.



Most likely the days of gas wars and free toilet paper have gone the way of the dinosaur.

Although gas prices won’t return to low prices for quite a while if at all, there are some things that we can do to reduce the cost of these items.

Especially, as it relates to toilet paper, there are a variety of ways that we can make our toilet paper last longer and utilize certain methods and strategies to cut down the cost of the subsidy and sometimes a luxury in our lives.

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