Yes, you can save money in Vegas if you know and use the powerful ways and tips in this article!

They are very helpful and can save you a lot of money, even in Vegas!



In the southwest part of the United States in the silver state amid the barrenness of the desert is an oasis.

This oasis is a refreshment for individuals and families alike and provides an exciting getaway that is designed to offer excitement, adventure, and entertainment to all

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The oasis has a name and the name is Las Vegas.

The city of Las Vegas is synonymous with opulent casinos, five-star resort lodgings, an opportunity to take in shows featuring top-name entertainers, and provides to the visitor an opportunity to be indulgent.

Putting aside the spectacular water fountains, the bright lights, and the excitement that exudes from this city, it is plain to see that it takes money for all of this splendor.

It would appear that the attractions are not losing money and so it would seem that the money is coming from other sources and most likely those that trek out to this city in the desert.

If planning a trip to Las Vegas it may be beneficial to not gamble away your money set aside to have a good time but to pull the lever of the slot machines to hit the jackpot on ways that money can be saved when visiting Vegas.


26 Best Ways & Tips to Help You Save Money in Vegas


1. Use Player’s Card 

A trade-off option that allows the casino to monitor your gambling activities and involvement in other aspects of the casino is through a player’s card.

By utilizing a player’s card, the casino intern will offer you a variety of perks and savings options as it relates to discounts on hotel rooms, a variety of shows, parking on the casino grounds, etc.


2. Groupon Deals

Through the Groupon site, there are several discounts offered that one can take advantage of while visiting Las Vegas.

Some of those discounts could be on dining, ordering of drinks, and other activities within Las Vegas.

To learn more about the possibilities of these discounts you can log on here.


3. Book Direct

When planning your Las Vegas excursion, it is always cheaper to make the various bookings yourself.

Specifically, going online or calling any 1-800 numbers to make your reservations with a hotel on the strip or nearby is always the best and most economical route to go.


4. ReBooking

A good strategy as it relates to making your hotel accommodations is to exercise the option of canceling your reservations.

A number of the biggest resorts allow up to three days before your trip to cancel without incurring any fees.

The strategy behind the cancellation is then to rebook with a hotel and see if there are discounted rates due to cancellations.

Ultimately, if you are successful, you will find a better deal at even cheaper rates.


5. Affiliation Discounts 

If you are a member of AARP, AAA, a first responder, or have a military ID, there may be a discount afforded to you for being part of these affiliations.

Also, it is important to check to see if there are any government employee discounts that you may be able to take advantage of.

One such website that you can check for a senior discount can be found at https// There are similar sites that also can be investigated.


6. Hotel Discounts 

Additionally, the actual hotels may offer a variety of discounts at various times during the year.

These discounts may be based on the fact that they are anticipating a low attendance to the city and therefore wish to have their hotel as occupied as much as possible.

To stay current on these potential Hotel discounts you can access a website by clicking here.


7. Conventions 

One important money-saving opportunity is to go to Las Vegas when there is not an abundance of conventions that are being hosted in the city.

The supply and demand factor kicks in and so if there are an abundance of individuals visiting the city then the room rates and other prices can increase as well due to the demand.

It is always a good idea to keep informed about any conventions that are being held in the city to not coincide your visit with the holding of these conventions.

Such a convention calendar can be found by clicking here.


8. Peak Seasons 

Another important timeframe that should be considered when thinking about a visit to the city of Las Vegas is to go during the off-season or nonpeak times.

Those times in the calendar in which there are fewer visitors are during the winter months of November through February.

Not surprisingly, these are the times that the hotels charge the least for their rooms.


9. Weekends 

Another period during the average week to avoid hitting the strip of Las Vegas is on the weekends.

Individuals are working during the week so that they can spend their earnings in Las Vegas on the weekends.


10. Flight Dates 

Another important aspect of saving money as it relates to traveling to Las Vegas is airline fare.

The reality that weekends are busy would indicate that individuals are flying on Friday and leaving the city on Sunday.

Therefore, as much as possible, avoid these days when making your flight reservations.

A suggestion would be to fly into Las Vegas on Saturday and leave the city on the following Monday or Tuesday after the crowds have gone back to their homes.



11. Checking Bags 

Airfare has gotten expensive to the point now where several airline companies charge for baggage.

Therefore, as much as possible it is important to avoid these excess fees and take all that you need in a small piece of luggage or backpack that can be stowed in the overhead bin or underneath the chair in front of you on the plane.


12. Tix4Vegas 

If planning on taking in a Las Vegas show, an opportunity to purchase tickets at a discount would be through Tix4Stands.

These stands are located all along the Las Vegas strip and offer to the visitor many discounts for the shows that will be performed on that day.

Also, these kiosks sell restaurant coupons that can reduce your dining costs.


13. Gamble Off of Strip 

If going to Las Vegas to do some gambling, a good suggestion is to frequent casinos that are not on the main strip.

The reason is that the gaming rules are different and a little bit more centered towards the gambler rather than odds being in favor of the house.


14. Higher Denominations 

An interesting and often not known reality as it relates to slot machines is that the slots of higher denominations payout more frequently than the penny slots.

Often a gambler to get their gambling fix and out of their system will sit at penny slots thinking that it is less expensive.

In reality, the slot machines at higher denominations will pay out more frequently and with bigger payouts.


15. Table Rules 

At each gaming table, there are a variety of rules that are set up by the casino that determine how the game is to be played.

A prime example is at the blackjack table where normally the payout is 3 to 2 however, there are some casinos now that are paying a blackjack out at a ratio of 6 to 5.

This of course minimizes the loss of the casino and provides you with fewer winnings.

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Therefore, keeping this in mind, it is important to sit at the table where the odds are at least more favorable as it relates to payouts and the table rules.


16. Side Bets 

Another action that casinos provide to their gambling guests is the opportunity to place side bets.

These side bets can be placed at gaming tables that deal with blackjack or Pai Gow poker.

The side bets, when placed, may provide big payouts.

However, these side bets will always be in the casino’s favor and maybe not be a way to be smart about spending your money.

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17. Avoid Parlays 

Parlay betting is the taking of an initial wager or winnings from a previous bet and endeavoring to change it into something greater or at an increase.

Or a parlay is an accumulation of bets in which any winnings from the previous transaction are used to stake a further bet.

Typically, these are actions that significantly favor the house and therefore a goods betting strategy to stay away from.


18. Grab Freebies 

Free is good!

Taking advantage of free items in Las Vegas is always a good strategy and will help to save you money.

Examples of free things to do are the observation of the Bellagio Conservatory and Mirage volcano.

All of these exhibits are spectacular and coupled with no charge make it an even greater bargain.

Also, take advantage of any nightly live music that may be entertaining on the strip.

For a more comprehensive list of free activities in Las Vegas, you can visit


19. Buffets 

For the most part, everyone loves to eat, and being in Las Vegas is synonymous with extravagant and huge buffets.

When visiting one of these popular food extravaganzas it is important to adhere to the right timing.

Therefore the right time to hit the buffet is sometime between lunch and dinner.

Based on this timing not only will you save money but the fresh food will be brought out during this timeframe.

A listing of reasonable buffets in Las Vegas can be found by clicking here.


20. Start The Day With A Large Breakfast 

As the saying goes, the most important meal of the day is breakfast.

Therefore, while in this bigger-than-life city eat a bigger-than-life breakfast.

A couple of suggestions to eat a huge size breakfast is to eat at the Peppermill which is across from the Resorts World or the Hash House a Go Go which has two locations.

One of those locations is Linq on the strip or The Plaza downtown.


21. Eat Cheap 

While spending your time in Las Vegas, you may or may not, end up spending much time in your hotel room.

If you do, however, a great way to save money on food in the evening hours is to stock up on beverages and snacks.

It’s certainly less expensive than buying these items at the hotel or utilizing their snack bar located in the room.


22. Yelp 

Dining costs can be reduced in Las Vegas through the Yelp App.

By downloading the app on your smartphone, you will be able to utilize the filter and see what restaurants are offering discounted deals.

In addition, t may be able to dine at other restaurants that are a little less known in Las Vegas.


23. American Casino Guide 

The American Casino Guide is an entertainment coupon book that offers a variety of discount coupons for gambling, drinking, and dining while in Las Vegas and generally across America.

Although this guide costs the visitor to purchase, it will certainly pay off as it relates to the offerings of free play or other discounts offered.

The website for this guide is


24. Timeshare Presentations 

If you’re interested or not interested in purchasing a timeshare in Las Vegas, it may be a valuable use of your time to participate in one of their presentations.

Often, some of the enticements that are offered to attend these’ presentations could include preshow tickets as well as tours.


25. Drink Cheap

While gambling at most casinos, the drinks are at no cost to the gambler.

However, if not gambling, then the drinks can be fairly pricey with bottled beer starting at seven dollars and mixed drinks extending upwards from there.

There are particular areas in Las Vegas in which alcohol can be purchased at a cheaper or more reasonable rate.

For example, at the Casino Royale, a bottle of beer will cost three dollars while at Stage Door Casino, an individual can purchase a Michelob for one dollar.


26. Public Transportation 

Rather than hailing a taxi or scheduling a ride with Uber or Lyft, a great way to get around the town and save money is through public transportation.

Some passes are available for 24-hour transportation that starts at eight dollars while a two-hour fare may cost six dollars.


Personal Story

I have been to Las Vegas twice.

The first time was when I was stationed in the Navy in San Diego and we made a weekend of it when my wife and I took three of the crewmembers from our ship to Las Vegas and had a great time.

Our sole purpose in going was to enjoy all that the casinos had to offer and endeavor to not leave too much money behind.

The second occasion was when I met my parents in Las Vegas and we went as a family with my two sons.

The purpose was to visit with my parents and siblings and enjoy the family at the motel that had a pool.

I did a little gambling but the intent of that second visit and the activities that we indulged in was completely different.

All that to say is that Las Vegas covers a broad spectrum of activities that are designed with just about everyone in mind and can range from family outings to complete adult activities.


Saving Money While in Vegas FAQs


How Many Visitors Does Las Vegas Get in a Year?

During the pre-pandemic year of 2019, approximately 42 million individuals visited the dynamic city of Las Vegas.


How Many Casinos Are There in Las Vegas?

There are currently 144 casinos in the city of Las Vegas, Nevada.


You Can Do It

One of the ways that you can leave Vegas with some of your money intact is to take advantage of a variety of ways to save money.

Therefore you can say to your family and friends that you had a great time and beat the house at their own game.



For any vacation or getaway, it is anticipated that money will be spent.

This is a good investment because it will help you to destress and provide fun and relaxation.

If your destination is the oasis called Las Vegas Las Vegas more often than not, an individual will come away spending their budgeted money and potentially more.

While there, it is important to quench your thirst but make sure that you leave with a little bit of money in your pocket.

This can be a reality if your stay in Las Vegas is a combination of rolling the dice with one being expenses and the other being savings opportunities.

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