If you want to know how to save money at the laundromat, this is the perfect article to read.

It reveals as many as 25 best SECRET ways and tips to help anyone really save money spent at the laundromat!


Why Learn How to Save Money at the Laundromat?

Chances are you got dressed this morning.

After waking up, you probably had breakfast and proceeded to prepare for the activities that you had planned out for the day.

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More than likely, you reached into your dresser drawers and picked out clean undergarments, went over to your wardrobe closet selected your appropriate clothes for the day, and proceeded to get dressed and go about your daily activities.

Often, this process is very routine and you don’t give the blessings of having clean clothes to wear a second thought.



The reality is that clean clothes are important not only for your hygiene but for the appearance that you present to yourself and to others.

Stopping for just a moment to reflect upon clean clothes, were you aware that the average family does 8 to 10 loads of washing each week.

In addition, if you put a price tag on this activity you will be amazed to know that each load of laundry that is accomplished at a laundromat will cost the family two dollars and if utilize a driver the line that would be another two dollars.

Therefore, to do one full load of wash at a laundromat will be four dollars and if you do 8 to 10 loads of wash every week this could run you anywhere from $32-$40 per week.

Added to the next is that if you do the extended math on this amount of money each week that works out to be $128-$160 per month.

Furthermore, if you multiply this out over the year you’re looking at an annual cost of doing laundry at $1536-$1920 a year.

Interested in cutting back on your laundry costs at the laundromat?

Picking up our laundry basket let us head on over to our local laundromat and see how we can clean up and save some money.


Personal Story

While living in the mid part of Texas and being newlyweds, money was tight but we still had to find ways to make sure that the household chores were done and especially keeping our clothes clean.

We lived in an apartment complex that was close to a laundromat but the area of town was not what you would consider being upscale.

But we utilized the laundromat due to its convenient location and our ability just to walk over and do our chores.

We went routinely on a weekly basis to clean our clothes, dry them, then take them back to the apartment and ultimately have clean clothes for the week.

Unfortunately, we soon began to notice that there were some yellowish stains that began appearing on our clothes, and come to find out one of the dryers was leaking some sort of oil onto the clothes when they were being dried.

Needless to say, we found a different laundromat and in our efforts to save money ended up having to replace those clothes and losing money in the process.


25 Best Ways and Tips to Help You Save Money at the Laundromat


1. Full Loads  

One of the key tips in saving money and using the laundromat is to make sure that you only wash full loads.

The reality is regardless of how many clothes you put into the washer; the same amount of money is going to be expended.

Consequently, it is important to make sure that when you do the laundry you are putting in the maximum amount of clothes to take advantage of the total cost.


2. Lint Filter

If the dryers that the laundromat have lint traps, it is important to clean out the lint filter before doing your laundry.

Having a clean lint filter will help the air circulate better and therefore the clothes will dry faster and less money will be needed.


3. Detergent  

There are many ways that you can add your detergent to your load of laundry.

The detergent can come in liquid form, powder form, or can be prepackaged in pods.

if using liquid form or powder form, it is important to use the correct amount.

If the machines at the laundromats are newer and more efficient, you might opt between going with a laundry pod because they are in predetermined amounts, they won’t necessarily save you money, but they are convenient and properly contain the right amount so that you don’t use more than you should and you won’t have soap residue remaining on the clothes if you have not followed the proper instructions.


4. Less Detergent  

Sometimes, in doing the laundry, we can be in a hurry and don’t take the time to actually measure out what is needed as it relates to putting detergent in the washing machine.

There are recommended levels of detergent that should be used and not adhering to those recommended levels is a waste of detergent and therefore a waste of money.

Therefore, it is important to measure out what is actually needed to quash the clothes and stick with that measurement as recommended by the manufacturer.


5. Fewer Loads  

With the laundromat, you don’t have much control over the price that you pay per load.

However, you can manage how much money you do spend by washing fewer loads.

This can be accomplished by making sure that the loads that you do wash our full loans and that you maximize your close usage by not washing them as often if they are not dirty.


6. Coldwater  

When doing the laundry, it is not necessary to use hot water.

The manufacturers of clothes recommend that clothes are washed in cold water and the laundry detergents today are formulated so that they are just effective in utilizing cold water.

Utilizing, if that opportunity is available to you at the Laundromat, cold water is just as effective as well as offering the cost-savings measure.


7. Make Your Own Detergent

Another way that you can save money by either doing your laundry at the laundromat or at home is by making your own detergent.

There are a number of do-it-yourself recipes that can be found on the internet and through a variety of videos that will show an individual how to make their own laundry detergent.

It may or may not be cheaper or more convenient but certainly take a look to see if it is cheaper in the long run.


8. Don’t Use Fabric Softener  

Depending upon your personal preference as it relates to doing the laundry, it wouldn’t hurt to experiment with your laundry and the use of fabric softener.

Perhaps doing a couple of loads without the use of fabric softener or dryer sheets may reveal to you that there is not much difference in whether they are used or not.

Therefore, if your personal preference realizes that this is something you can do without, then you can certainly save money by not utilizing these products.


9. Wear Clothes Twice  

Sometimes, we wear our clothes and really don’t get them dirty or create any perspiration that would affect the clothes from being clean or having an odor about them.

Rather than washing them just because they have been worn, it is important to check to see if they can be worn again and simply air them out and make that happen.

Also, in addition to saving money, this will help make your clothes last longer.

Below are some more helpful articles on saving specific amount of money:


10. Compare Laundromat Places  

The cost of utilizing machines in a laundromat is not necessarily standardized and the owner of the laundromat will utilize machines and charge what they believe the customers are willing to pay.

Therefore, it is important to check out several laundromats in the area to visit the ones that may be less expensive than their counterparts.

The Ford remember that even a savings of a quarter here and a quarter there will add up and reduce your overall laundry bill for the year.


11. Line Drying  

Another option that you might be able to implement and save yourself money at the laundromat is not to dry your clothes.

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Once the clothes have been washed, simply remove them and place them in the laundry basket and take them home.

They can be dried at your place of residence either utilizing a drying rack that will allow the air to flow freely around the clothes and dry them or you can hang them outside to dry and take advantage of the natural sun and wind to the drying of the clothes happened.


12. Smaller Loads at Home  

Another effective way of saving money at the laundromat is not to use the laundromat at all.

In other words, if you have small loads at home that can be hand-washed, then you can save time and money by doing those smaller loads in a large laundry basin or sink area within your utility room.

All you need to do is fill the basin with warm water, add the detergent, allow them to soak for 30 minutes rents, remove excess water and then hang them outside to dry.


13. Customer Loyalty Programs  

Even in the laundry business, owners of laundromats try to create a loyalty program so that the customer frequents their laundromat rather than going to a competitor.

Asking about any loyalty programs or discounts that are offered, is a good way to save money and you just might be able to take advantage of any discounts that the reward program may be offered at a laundromat.

Also See: Top Money Saving Apps & Top Coupon Sites to Help Save Money.


14. Stop The Dryer Early  

When you put coins into the dryer you are getting a set amount of drying time for the number of coins that you place into the coin slot.

Rather than place extra coins into the dryer when the clothes are almost dry, you can take the clothes out of the dryer and do the remaining drying time at home by placing the semi-damp clothes in your laundry basket and taking them home to air dry for the remaining time needed.


15. Don’t Wash Clean Clothes  

It may seem like an obvious tip, but it is important to only wash those clothes that need to be washed or those clothes that are dirty.

Sometimes, clothes are simply worn for a few moments or perhaps, a member of the household didn’t like what they saw, and rather than replacing the item they just simply choose to put it into the hamper.

Therefore, if the clothes can be worn again or are not dirty then that is the cost reduction action to take.



16. Utilize Free Time to Make Money  

Another way to save money or rather earn money while doing the laundry is to utilize your time at the laundromat for constructive purposes.

For example, if you have writing skills and do freelance work, while at the laundry, utilize your time to do your writing or fulfill that freelancing opportunity and in the process earn money while doing your laundry.


17. Shakeout the Clothes  

When putting your clothes in the dryer, it is important to shake them out so that they are not tightly folded together but the cloth is loose and has access to the flow of the drying air from the dryer.

If the clothes are punched together, it will take longer for them to dry plus they will come out of the dryer more wrinkled.


18. Check the Laundry Machines  

Not all people have the same habits or mannerisms as it relates to utilizing community services and in this case laundry machines.

A good tip in a laundromat is to observe how the washer and dryer appear and see if there is any residue remaining in the machines from the previous user.

As part of your getting your clothes clean, you can give a quick wipe down on these machines and therefore not have to wash the as of the excess residue from the previous user.


19. Save on Gas  

Another tip on saving money when going to the laundromat is to combine your errands together and therefore save on gas.

For example, if going to do your laundry, and you need to pick up a few items from the grocery store make sure that the two coincide, and while you are getting the laundry done, – into the grocery store and pick up quickly those items that you need.

This will help you not only save time but gasoline as well.


20. Go With a Friend  

Another way that you can save money when going to the laundromat is to do the wash with a friend.

The expense of traveling to get the laundry done can be shared or a carpool-type situation can be arranged, and you can alternate with each other to save money on fuel in this way by combining your trips together and utilizing one vehicle.


21. Use Your Nose  

Different customers that utilize laundromats have different ways that they cleaner clothes.

Some individuals may use bleach when cleaning their white clothes.

Therefore, before loading up your washer at the laundromat, is important to sniff the area by smelling to see if you can pick up any scent of bleach that may have been used by a previous customer.

The reality is, if there is any residue of bleach in the washer and you put dark clothes in there, the bleach may stay in the dark clothes and could ruin that favorite pair of pants or blouse or shirt of yours.


22. Coupons  

A good way to save a little money on your detergent is to shop for coupons.

This can be accomplished by looking at apps or websites.

One website is www.thekrazycouponlady.com/coupons/detergent


23. Mildew  

Another possibility that you might find laundromat washers is the presence of mildew and grime.

If these items are present, it may be a smell that is transferred to the clothes during the rinse cycle.

Therefore, a good idea to save money and your clothes are to add white vinegar to a Downy ball, and while washing your clothes toss it in with the load.

The vinegar will help eliminate any residual smell that may be there from previous customers and their use of the washer.


24. Laundry Apps  

Another option to save money by doing your laundry at a laundromat is by utilizing your smartphone.

In particular, use laundry apps by going to your App Store where you can look to see what apps are available that you can download, I will show you what laundromats are in your area.

Also, in addition to finding the nearest laundromat and palm the most reasonable, the act may also have some handy tips on how to wash the clothes in the most efficient way.


25. Sort at Home  

Prior to going to the laundromat, it would be a good idea to sort out your clothes before loading up the clothes to do your cleaning chore.

This will help you to save time and everything will be pre-sorted and ready to go as far as loading the clothes into the washer.


Saving Money at the Laundromat FAQs


When looking to use a laundromat what should you be observing?

When looking to utilize a laundromat, important considerations should include whether the equipment is in good working order and whether the first is clean and free of the trash.


Is It Cheaper to Have Your Own Laundry Equipment or Use a Laundromat?

According to www.digestyourfinances.com the average cost at a laundromat is about $5.25.

In comparison, the cost of doing laundry at home is about $1.37.


You Can Do It

Having clean clothes is important.

This can be accomplished in a number of ways by investing in your own washer and dryer or utilizing a public facility such as a laundromat.

In either case, in addition to having clean clothes, it is also important to save as much money as possible and there are a variety of actions that you can take to reduce your costs



Having clean clothes can be costly.

When you add in the cleaning products needed, use of electricity, and your time the annual cost of the average family can be close to $2,000 per year.

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