If you want to know how to save money as a housewife, this article contains very powerful secret tips to really help you – as many as 25 best tips and ways that really work!


Why Save Money as a Housewife?

Why not, right?

It’s no secret that the driving force in a home is the woman or housewife.

Specifically, it is the housewife that has the significant role and responsibilities of managing the home, which could include caring for the children, the husband, the finances, what happens, what doesn’t happen, etc.

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When a woman puts her mind to something, it is almost guaranteed that whatever the focus or the goal of her actions will occur successfully.

If the determined woman has set her mind on saving money then the best thing for all involved is to get on board with her goal and do their part in helping to realize that goal of saving money.

This is because the goal is generally not a selfish one as it relates to the housewife but a goal in which she sees the benefits to her family that she has been entrusted with to care for.

In helping with this process, let us take a look at some practical actions and tips that may be beneficial in helping the housewife and family to achieve their savings goal.


Personal Story

When we were in the market for a home 15 years ago, and just before the real estate bubble burst, we were looking seriously at homes and weighing out our options.

My wife, who is considerably more no-nonsense and practical-minded, would listen to the various realtors as they explained the real estate properties that they showed us and the ways of owning a large home through the process of taking out two mortgages.

One of the mortgages would be a standard fixed-rate mortgage, while the other mortgage would be a jumbo mortgage with a variable fixed rate of interest.

To me, who was enamored with the home and not so much thinking straight, was thinking through all of the possibilities.

Ultimately, my wife put her foot down and smartly saw through the pitfalls of having an adjustable mortgage.

She based her thinking on being a traditionalist and understanding that even though the adjustable mortgage interest rate could go down, it could also go up.

Fortunately, I listened to my wife, and we did not enter into such a contract to purchase a home.

It was soon after that that the real estate market took a drastic downturn along with the associated interest rates increasing for the jumbo mortgage loan.

Thankfully I listened.

The beauty of a partnership or marital relationship is that both partners bring strengths and weaknesses to the relationship, and it is a wise person who defers the strength of the other.

Consequently, when it comes to being practical with our money, I listen and follow my wife’s practical financial insight.


25 Best Tips to Help You Save Money as a Housewife


1. Budget

An important tool that helps to guide the family’s finances is the creation of a budget.

A budget is a simple ledger or software program in which all of the income is listed on the income side of the ledger, and all of the expenses are listed on the expense side of the ledger.

The budget gives you a thumbnail picture of what income is coming into the household coffers and what the expenses are, and the various line items that the money is used to address those monthly expenses.

The best case scenario would be that the income side would equal the expense side, with a better scenario being more income than expenses.

Talking about budgeting, below are some helpful guide to budgeting money:


2. Cut Expenses

When wishing to save money as a housewife, a good exercise would be to look at all of the expenses and trim certain areas in which the expense line item can be reduced to take the expenses less than the income that is coming into the household.

Examples of cutting expenses could be in entertainment, if there are a number of streaming services that are paid for each month, eating out at a restaurant, cost of insurance, etc.

These line items and others can be analyzed to see if there are ways that you can cut back on the expenses and therefore free up more income for your savings.

Read this for more tips on drastically cutting expenses!


3. Side Hustles

An option to save money during the course of the month is to add income to the income or plus side of the ledger.

Adding income to the household can be accomplished by performing various side hustles or “gigs.”

For example, you could drive for a service that delivers groceries to individuals at their homes.

One such service is Instacart.

Also, you could use your vehicle to be a self-employed individual and register with Uber and drive individuals from point A to point B.

These actions and more would bring additional revenue that can be saved.

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4. Coupons

An old-school and practical way of maximizing your shopping savings is the utilization of coupons.

You can cut out actual coupons from a Sunday paper, or you can download a variety of apps such as Stocard that will allow you to look through the various circulars of a variety of retailers.

Through this app and others, when you click on the use of that coupon, it registers as being confirmed and then when you check out with that product through the counter, the coupon discount is applied.


5. Expenditure Log

Often, we lament that we don’t know what happens to a certain portion of our money during the course of the month.

This money is spent, but we don’t have an idea of what it was spent on, and all of the small purchases could add up to significant dollars.

Therefore, to give a good idea of where this mystery money is spent, a practical tool can be used to create an expenditure log.

Every time money is spent, in the expenditure log, the date is indicated, where the money was spent, and the amount.

At the end of the month, you can add up the total of this money, which will help you to realize what money was spent that was budgeted and what money was spent that was not budgeted.

You then have a good idea of your spending habits and possibly utilize the expenditure log to cut back on spontaneous spending.


6. Garage Sale

Another way to earn additional income and put that money aside in savings would be to have a garage sale.

It would be the perfect opportunity to not only de-clutter your home of items that are no longer used or needed but also sell these items through a garage sale and earn money in the process.


7. Buying in Bulk

A possibility of saving money on your grocery list is to purchase in bulk.

This way of shopping through a warehouse membership store can save money in two ways.

One way when buying in bulk is that you get a cheaper price per unit by buying more of the item, and, through buying in bulk, your trips to the store can be less frequent, and therefore you can save money on gasoline.


8. Shopping List

A tip that may not seem significant but can help in reducing the spending of money on items not needed is by preparing a shopping list.

The shopping list should be all of the items needed that are required to prepare the meals that you have indicated in the preparation of your menu for a week worth of food or longer.

By sticking with the shopping list, your commitment is to buy only items that are on the list and not stray from any other purchases not listed.


9. Secondhand Shops

Buying new clothes or other items can be overrated as often by shopping at any secondhand store you can find quality close along with other household items.

The value of shopping at a secondhand store is that you still get a quality item at a reduced cost and, in the process, help a charitable organization with needed revenue to support the services that they provide in the community.


10. Carpool Shopping

A possible idea of cutting back on expenses related to driving a vehicle is to do carpool shopping.

The idea behind this cost savings measure and putting that cost savings towards your savings goal is that you get together with another group of individuals and go shopping together utilizing a designated vehicle.

Each of the shoppers could take turns in rotation as to which vehicle is used and cut down the costs of the wear and tear on the vehicle being used and the burning of expensive fuel.

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11. Pack Lunches

If there are children in the household or a spouse that goes off to work, obviously they need to eat during the course of the day.

Rather than the spouse or the child spending money on food for lunch, a good idea to save money and set that money aside in the savings account for the household would be to send the school or work with a packed lunch.

As a nice added touch, you could include a note and thank them for their efforts in helping to save the family money.


12. Entertainment

Entertainment can be a big expense, especially if there is a family of four or more, and part of the entertainment is to take in a movie.

With the admission costs and even the sharing of popcorn and a drink, the entertainment for two hours can be fairly expensive.

To counter this expense, you could have a special movie night at home, complete with popcorn, candy, drinks, etc., and significantly reduce the expenses related to going to a movie theater.


13. Selling Items

An additional way that items within the home are no longer needed and can be sold is by listing them on a site such as eBay.

If it is decided to hold a garage sale, then whatever is not sold through the garage sale and can be newer or more meaningful to others can be sold through this site.

Registration is made on the site, and then you can begin to take pictures of items that you wish to sell to other shoppers and post those pictures.

Some of those items could include books, housewares, clothing or other items that are in fairly good condition and are marketable.


14. Bartering

A way that you can possibly save money or reduce your spending is by bartering with others for services rendered.

For example, if you live in a home that needs lawn maintenance, you could barter with an individual to do the lawn in exchange for doing their laundry.

Another example could include utilizing the services of a handyman to repair a leaky faucet and then provide meals for that individual over a certain amount of time.

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15. Utilities

An easy way to save money is by utilizing your thermostat.

If the weather is hot, then adjust your thermostat down to a fairly comfortable temperature but not so low that it will significantly increase your electricity bill.

The reverse could be true in that if it is cold, adjust your thermostat to a comfortable level and then supplement your heating needs by utilizing blankets or warm indoor wear.


16. Pay Down Debt  

A significant way to save money is to aggressively pay down your debt.

If, for example, you are carrying credit card debt, then you realize that your payment is a percentage between the principal and interest paid to the credit card company.

The sooner that you can get out of debt by paying more than the minimum, the quicker that the money that you pay to the credit card company can be retained by you.


17. Food Preparation

When using a stove in the preparation of a meal, why not make multiple meals and utilize the cooking energy one time rather than over a number of times during the course of the week?

The different prepared foods or large quantities of food can be packaged and frozen or when that meal is on the menu and then simply needs to be defrosted, heated and eaten.


18. Goal

One of the important factors when endeavoring to try and save money is to have a goal in mind.

In other words, it is difficult to aim for something if you don’t know what you are aiming at or how it looks when you arrive.

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19. Leftovers

With the expense of food today it is important to fully utilize prepared meals and not allow anything to go to waste.

The leftovers can be eaten on a specific day of the week before the food goes bad, and the meal utilizing the leftovers can be labeled as a smorgasbord.

It is just semantics, but maybe it would add excitement and enthusiasm for eating food that is available without it going to waste.


20. Mobilize The Whole Family

To be successful in wishing to save money as a homemaker, the best plan of action would be to engage the entire family.

Each member of the family would embrace the goal of working towards the amount that the family wishes to save.


21. Celebrate

Another important action to take is to celebrate milestones or when the ultimate goal is reached.

This will add to the excitement and keep everybody motivated toward achieving the goal.

The celebration doesn’t need to be anything extravagant but could be things such as having an ice cream sundae, ordering a pizza, having a day out, etc.


22. Spare Change

An idea to save money and reach your goal is to use cash when purchasing items.

If change is received back from your purchase, put that cash into a cash jar which would add to the overall goal of reaching your savings amount.


23. Pizza Night

Just because you are trying to save money as a home housewife doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to forgo the simple pleasures of life.

For example, pizza is a favorite of most family members, but rather than ordering a pizza from a restaurant, why not make it a family entertainment night?

A ready-made pizza crust can be purchased, and each of the family members put on their own special toppings and have fun in doing so by making it a family event.


24. Competition

To save money as a housewife, you can incorporate the dynamic of competition.

Teams can be assigned, and the competition begins to see who can raise the most money towards the family savings goal.

The winning team is provided a meal served by the losing team, or the chores done by the winners would have to be done by the runner-up team.


25. Candlelight Dinner

If you and your spouse always enjoyed a date night, then perhaps an option for saving money would be to stay home and have a romantic candlelight dinner at home.

A special meal can be prepared along with all of the trimmings, and rather than paying for others to serve you; perhaps the family members could take on that responsibility and make the whole entire evening a fun family activity and still maintain the romance of the dinner.

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Tips for Saving Money as a Housewife FAQs


What is the Average Savings Accumulated for a Family in America?

According to Bank Rate.com, the average savings accumulated by a family in America averages to be $5,300.


What is the Importance of Having a Savings Amount in the Bank That is Accessible?

The importance of having a savings account that is accessible is to have access to money in the event of an emergency without having to utilize any retirement monies or use a credit card to meet those financial challenges.

If one had to draw out any money from their retirement account or utilize a credit card, then often the amount needed would be increased due to the possibilities of penalties or interest payments on that borrowed cash.


You Can Do It

As a housewife, you are extremely dedicated and protective of your family.

As part of this commitment, you understand the value of money and having savings set aside in the event of an emergency.

That is why you as the driving force within the family and bringing the family together, will be able to meet your goal of saving a particular amount of money.



Having money set aside for emergency purposes in the event of an emergency is a powerful goal to work towards and realize.

To accomplish this powerful goal takes the presence of a powerful housewife who will incorporate a number of ideas and strategies to achieve that goal.

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