If you want really helpful tips on how to save $5,000 in 6 months, this article will be worth reading.

It reveals very powerful and helpful tips anyone can implement to really save as much as $5,000 within just 6 months.


Why Learn How to Save 5000 Dollars in Six Months?

No matter how meager your income is, saving up would also be difficult.

A large number of us are simply just trying to survive on monthly rent, supplies and bills, now removing a part of this hard-earned cash for a later day?

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That’s something that barely crosses our minds.

Fortunately, saving doesn’t have to be this difficult – nor does it involve cutting down our expenses and living off sight for a number of years.

Are you looking to plan a big vacation later this year?

Want enough to spend in high school or you’re looking to purchase a new car?

The first step is coming up with a plan and adhering strictly to it.

Keep reading to learn very powerful tips to saving up $5,000 in just 6 months.



20 Best Tips to Help You Save $5000 in 6 Months

If you’re really keen about saving up $5000 in 6 months, then you should create a budget that will allow you save up cash monthly.

Depending on your budget and other circumstances, aim for roughly $2000 in shavings monthly.

This may sound as a challenge at first but it’s not really challenging. Keep reading to learn much more:


1. Switch Your Grocery Store

Most of us find ourselves attached to a particular grocery store, breaking ourselves off this attachment makes it easy for us to meet this goal.

Why not try out a different grocery store for a period of time to find out how much you could save.

There are several discount retailers that will make it possible for you to save a fortune.

You get to save much more when you switch from popular brands to less popular brands. Try this out and see how big you can save in a month.

For instance, let’s say you were able to save about £40 per week for 6 months, you’ll save approximately £1000 in 24 weeks.


2. Make Use of Savings Applications

With a little research online, you can easily come across saving applications alongside voucher codes which could make you have the most of fun at no extra costs.

Most chain restaurants offer their customers freebies for opening accounts using their applications. Restaurants like Toby Carvery and Prezzo.

A savings application that you can also work with is the KidsPass application, this application saves its users up to 50% discounts on ticket sales, alongside other great promotions.

You can save a lot in six Months by simply making use of this saving application when going on a family trip.

Click here to check out some of the best savings apps out there.


3. Actively Replace “Fakeaway” With Takeaway

How often do you consume takeaways and approximately how many do you purchase in a month?

Well, you might say it’s neither of the above and claim that it’s only a Saturday night treat.

Do you know that you cajoled easily substitute three or more of these takeaways you purchase in a month with home cooked fakeaway instead?

Preparing your delicacies at home is quite interesting especially when children are around.

A homemade curry tastes better and more comforting than a restaurant’s curry.

Using this method, you can save $5000 or even more in six months.


4. Get a Side Job to Earn More

This doesn’t have to be a serious job and it also necessarily doesn’t have to be remote.

You could decide to work for only a few hours and receive your pay. You can save up as much as $1000 monthly with a side hustle.

Every individual has his/her leisure hours, during these hours, what do you do?

Well, you should be making extra cash to meet up your goals in life.

You don’t have to fully submit yourself to one job if you can’t still save up to $5000 in six months, get a side gig.

Thanks for the society we live in, you can easily get side jobs around, you can run errands for people, take on grocery shop activities for people, walk dogs, and deliver food.

Most of these jobs listed above allow you work when and where you want to.


5. Create a Budget

Money tracking, budgets, and meticulous thought about your spending habits are very crucial when your earning is limited.

Seeing yourself as incapable of affording a particular budget is one of the best ways of avoiding handling tough situations.

Making these choices will actually assist you in feeling more comfortable about your lifestyle, and most importantly allow you save as much as you want in six months.

On the other hand, if you’re living on a financial edge, employ these budget creation strategies:


6. Make Sure to Cut Judiciously

Once you find out why there’s too much month left at the end of your cash, you’ll figure out exactly what to cut off from your monthly expenditures and get back to living judiciously.

Cutting off some expenditures will be quite easy while others won’t.

Snacks and restaurant meals can easily be cut off.

Insurance cost can be made more affordable by increasing the amount of deductibles.

Services you don’t really utilize, like gym activity and membership payments, data plan for the family, expenses like this should be on the chopping block.

You should also try to cut cost in major areas as well.

Utility bills can be reduced by simply turning off lights and unplugging sources of power.

Carrying out judicious cuts makes saving a lot easier.

Below are some helpful guide to saving money:


7. Monitor Your Monthly Expenses

This is another strategy used to draw a good budget, this strategy is quite easy and straightforward to do.

For a month, take adequate record of every cent you spend.

Whether you take down these jottings using a notebook, or you decide to be more sophisticated and make use of a money-tracking program on your mobile internet devices.

Adequate tracking of these monthly spending will give you a good account of where you overspent.

Tracking your monthly spending also gives you a moment to have personal thoughts about your purchases before you carry them out.

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Saving is done effectively when this strategy is employed.


8. Ensure a Close Relationship With Your Calendar

It actually doesn’t matter whether you decide to make use of the kitten-themed calendar that you purchased for Christmas, your phone calendar, or an online calendar, learn to organize money in relation with time.

Record times when you collect your paycheck, when it’s time to sort your bills and when payments are made automatically.

Knowing these dates will make you easily figure out thin spots in your finances throughout the six months.

Doing this, you can easily demand changes to due dates in order to be absolutely sure that you’re not overspending and that you actually have money to sort out bills when need be.

For instance, if you know that having enough savings in your backbone accounts will trigger you to spend more, reconstruct your budget by simply making your bill due dates to get mixed up with your pay day, this way, any money remaining is used to sort out upcoming bills.


9. Start Planning to Save Immediately

Having an emergency fund is a crucial part of being financially stable and healthy, so it’s best if you construct a path to save for it even if you can afford to spare the change almost immediately.

This way you can easily start adding to your monthly savings as soon as your monthly earnings still come in.


10. Find a Way to Increase Your Monthly Earnings

If you’ve lots of bills to sort out and finding it hard to save enough in a month, it’s best to consider a side hustle.

This at times could mean working overtime, running errands, or other side jobs whose pay aren’t really lucrative.

With a side hustle, you’ll be able to save up to $5000 in six months.


How to Save $5000 in 6 Months


Other General Saving Tips

You need to get familiar with the general saving tips in order for you to adequately gather about $5000 or even more within six months.

These general saving tips include:


11. Include Cash and Envelopes When Creating Your Budget

If you’ve got serious trouble with lavish spending, try to work with the envelope budget system.

This system allows you to set a specific cash amount for sorting out bills.

And once you’ll spend all the cash assigned by the envelope budget system, you’ll have nothing else to spend.


12. Create a Good Budget

The best way to jumpstart creating a budget is to figure out your reckless spending habits.

On the inception of a new month, acquire full details for everything you spend cash on throughout the month.

Store up the receipts into different categories like personal care, restaurant, groceries. At month’s end, you’ll for sure, be able to see how you really spend your earnings.

Besides, your credit union could be customised in such a way that this feature will be predominant.

Seeing in detail how much you invest in shopping, food, and so on.

Quite humbling!


13. Save for Your Future

There’s a big difference between just saving and saving for your future. You should always have a reason to save, you can just cultivate a saving habit without a goal.

There are different purposes you can save for, purposes like, retirement, expenses, emergencies, and lots more.


14. Don’t Save Manually

Saving manually isn’t the best as you can easily go against your principles.

Setting up an automatic saving system is very effective and easy to come about, it also helps put extra cash out of its owner’s reach.

With an automatic savings setup, you’ll have a process in place which will help you save up cash regularly, whether, daily, weekly, or monthly.

Adequately instruct your employer to save a certain amount of your monthly income and send it to another account, probably your pensioner account or a unique savings account.

You can also set this up by utilising your company’s direct deposit, simply request your HR’s representatives for the best way to set this up.


15. Adequately Separate Your Needs From Wants

Do you really want to have that which you’ve longed for?

Then you should learn to adequately separate your wants from needs.

When cash is limited, you shouldn’t spend unless you’ve absolutely no choice.


16. Try Not to Pay Bills Using Credit Cards

While credit cards can make things a lot easier, making use of them only increases the amount of cash to spend on bills in the future.

Also See: Best Investment Plans for Monthly Income & Tips for Stretching Money.


17. Learn to Gather Funds for Emergency Constraints

In any situation you find yourself, you’ll be needing emergency funds.

These funds are very crucial and should be found somewhere in the ballpark of about five to six months of your monthly earnings.

Great! Interesting yeah?

Are you looking to start up emergency fund savings?

Well, we advise you start with about $500.


18. Avoid Spending on Periodic Purchases

Periodic purchases include, going on vacation, buying several gifts, going to clubs, well, these are fun activities but while you might be feeling good, you may wish you had cash later.

This is why you’ve to be really smart about how you spend on periodic purchases.


19. Monitor Your Insurance Policies

Occasionally, it’s advisable for you to adequately review the coverage for all your plans throughout the month.

What if you have too much and you’ve just been wasting funds?

Or what if you had had too little and your insurance coverage wasn’t enough?

These are reasons why checking your insurance policies is very important. It allows you save at the slightest opportunity.


20. Downgrade Your Services

If it’s possible for you not to make use of a cable package at all or probably reduce its cost to the nearest minimum, you should probably try that.

If you’ve a cell phone why not stop the land line services? These are effective ways of saving.



There you go, several methods and tips on how you can effectively save up $5000 in six months.

You can easily take on this task with a few of these methods, or maybe try to put all the methods and tips into use and save lots of cash in six months!

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