If you want tips to help with how to name your Etsy shop, this is the right article to read.

It reveals really helpful guide to naming your Etsy shop, as well as important considerations that many people miss, which severely impacts their success selling on Etsy.


Importance of the Right Name for your Etsy Shop

No, calling your Etsy shop by any other name won’t make it smell as fresh, as the rose-name story goes!

The name you give your Etsy shop can determine its success. So, it is important to choose a shop name that reflects the quality of your niche or brand.

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If you want to run an Etsy shop then take steps to ‘name’ the shop right.

Keep reading to learn of the most important tips you will find very useful when choosing an Etsy shop name.


What is Etsy?

Just so we are on the same page… Etsy is an ecommerce website for handmade products. It connects buyers and sellers of crafts and other types of handmade products.

It is also a platform where sellers can create an online shop and list their products for sale.

An Esty shop is an online store that you can set up via the Etsy platform.


The Benefits Of Having An Etsy Shop

Here are the benefits of setting up an Etsy shop successfully.

  • It has a minimal overhead cost. The listing fee of items on this site is low and reasonable.
  • You can run this shop from your home, when you are on the move, or just anywhere. You simply log in with your computer or mobile phone.
  • You are in control as you are the boss of the business.
  • You have time to be with your family as you get to stay at home instead of working a 9-5 job.
  • You can save a lot of household costs as an Etsy entrepreneur. You save money for daycare, you buy less gas, you lower your car insurance as you don’t commute much, and so on.
  • You can choose when to work and when to work because running an Etsy shop provides you with flexibility.


What is an Etsy Shop Name?

An Etsy shop name is the online or domain name which users or customers to the Etsy store can search find what you offer.

Naming your Etsy shop is crucial to the success of your store.


6 Tips to Consider When Choosing the Name For Your Etsy Store


1. Your Etsy Name Should Reflect the nature of your Business

The name you choose for your Etsy Shop should reflect your business or what you do.

This will tell people what to expect from you.

Apart from the fact that people will get an idea of what your business stands for, this strategy will also help when you are optimizing your website.

Yes, you can benefit from search engine optimization if your Etsy name reflects your business.

For instance, if your Etsy store is selling candles, then names like “Super Candles”, “Best Candles” or “Just Candles” can suffice too.


2. Make Your Etsy Shop Name Original

When choosing an Etsy shop name, just make it original. Avoid copying names that other people or brand has taken.

If your name is not original, it would be confusing to customers. If it is a domain name, you will indirectly send customers elsewhere.

Using a name that is not original for your Esty will not only be confusing. Other challenges this may pose to you include are:

  • You may not be able to register your desired domain name because it could have been taken.
  • Even where the name is not taken, you may the name for an exorbitant price.
  • You may not be able to create your desired social media handle if your name is not original.
  • Followers may find it difficult to locate your business if the name doesn’t match your social media.
  • You may be sued by other people or businesses if the name you choose looks similar to theirs.
  • Make sure you choose a business name that is not trademarked by another company.


3. Use Abstract Names

If you find it difficult to get an original name for your Etsy shop then you can try abstract names.

Abstract names can be coined from abstract objects or items.

Etsy shop name may not be reflective of any tangible object, but you can create a name out of abstract things you don’t see nor touch.

Exercise your creativity muscle to come up with a unique name from abstract things around you.

When you make abstract names to be original then it would help the search engine optimization of your shop.

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4. Make your Esty Shop Name Memorable

Another thing to consider when choosing the perfect name for your Etsy shop is that it must be memorable.

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A memorable name is easy to remember. It stays on the mind and lips of the customers.

The benefits of having a memorable Etsy shop name include:

  • It increases the word-of-mouth and the likelihood of referrals for your shop.
  • It makes it easier for customers to recommend your brand or products to others.
  • It makes your advertising campaign to become more effective as people will easily remember your brand and product.

To make your Etsy shop memorable, here are some tips that would help you:

  • Choose a name that is easy to pronounce so that shoppers can remember your name.
  • Choose a name that is easy to spell so that customers can find you again.
  • Your Etsy Shop name must not be longer than 20 characters and should not contain spaces.
  • Follow the strategy of other Etsy shops with memorable names to develop your names as well.
  • Capitalize the first letters of your Etsy shop name if it has multiple words. This will make the name more legible and memorable.

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How to Name Your Etsy Shop


5. Make your Etsy Shop Name Short and Sweet

You can also choose the best Etsy shop name by making it short and sweet.

It must be short so that those who have heard about your business must be able to pronounce it.

You should know that Etsy has a character limit of 20 characters. Your shop name must not exceed this character limit.

While you can stick with a name within the 20 character range, the words must be legible and coherent to read sweet to the ears.

Short and sweet names easily attract new and repeat customers to your Etsy shop.

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6. Make it SEO-Friendly

While it is important to apply all legit strategies when naming your Etsy shop, it is also important to choose a name that is SEO-friendly.

This is a name that would appear as a top search in the top search engine results page.

The products and services offered at Etsy would get prominent spots on Google and other search engines’ results pages.

When making your Etsy shop name SEO-friendly, consider including the name of the product or service you sell. You can also choose a unique name to avoid competition.

Avoid keyword stuffing in your business name so that its originality would not be lost.

You must match the chosen name with secure social handles.


Characteristics Of A Great Shop Name For Your Etsy Business.

So, the best Etsy Shop Names have the following characteristics.

  • They are easy to remember
  • They are simple to spell
  • They are unique and not similar to the competition
  • They are spelled correctly
  • They contain my Etsy shop keywords
  • They are not too long
  • They are available for social handles and external websites, etc.


6 Tips for Finding Etsy Name Ideas

Here are ideas of where to find or look for the perfect Etsy shop name:


1. Use your products for your Etsy name

If you are selling soaps consider including “soap” in the Etsy shop name.

2. Look at your competitors’ Etsy shop names

Your competitors’ names can help get an idea of what to name your shop.

Look at what works for them and make yours is unique without copying from them.

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3. Ask your friends

If you have friends or people you know who have experience with Etsy shop names then you can consult with them.

They can help you or guide you to where you find suitable name ideas.

4. Look for names in magazines

Browse through favorite magazines to brainstorm Etsy shop names.

You have a high chance of getting original, eye-catching, and thought-provoking names from the titles used on articles published in the magazine.

5. Use your name or rhyming name

Use your name or surname to brand your Etsy shop. This can give personality to your shop. Or, choose a rhyming name for your brand.

6. Find shop name ideas on Pinterest

Go to Pinterest.com and find interesting Etsy shop name ideas. If you sell candles of different sizes, you can search Pinterest for name ideas that can be used for an Etsy shop.



The above are tips on how to name your Etsy Shop.

When choosing a name, ensure you use a name that is short, simple, and searchable.

Naming an Etsy shop wrongly could cost you heavily.

Follow the guidelines and advice set by the platform to name your shop today.

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