If you want to know how to move out with no money, this is the perfect article to read.

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It reveals a lot about moving out with no money and the best tips that can really help anyone do this.


Making the Decision to Move Out With No Money

You have decided to move. Good for you!

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Whether you are moving out of an apartment, moving within the city, moving out from your parent’s basement, or moving to another city or state, it’s a big decision to make.

The reason for the decision to move could be because the landlord has increased their rent and is going to be charging you more.

Or, perhaps, the landlord doesn’t address any of the necessary ongoing repairs in your apartment and yet is going to raise the rent.

Possibly you are going to move out of state.

The current state you live in seems to be going down the wrong path as it relates to their focus on what is being taught in school, job opportunities, taxes are going through the roof, and leadership is not what it should be in your estimation.

You see the writing on the wall and the quality of life is decreasing for you and possibly your family as well.

In any event, you have decided to move.

However, there is one slight problem. You don’t have the money that is required to make the move out of your apartment to another apartment or move to another city or another state.

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Money is important. With money, we buy groceries, put a roof over our head, pay our creditors and help us to realize the dreams that we would like to accomplish.

The attainment of dreams such as that vacation of a lifetime, living in a spacious home, or driving a sports car often take a considerable amount of money.

Right now the need or desire to move is in our sight and the harsh reality is we don’t have the money.

Actually, the challenge is we are not thinking outside the box to make our dreams come true.

Consider the story of Thomas Alva Edison the inventor…

As the story goes, he tried a number of times to create what is known today as the light bulb.

He experimented 10,000 ways in trying to make this happen.

Following his successful attempt after these many failures, someone challenged him on all of his failed attempts to create the light bulb.

Edison responded by saying that he hadn’t failed. Indeed, he found 10,000 ways that wouldn’t work.

So it is with us today.

If we have dreams, visions, or challenges it is important not to give up.

If our actions aren’t successful, it is not that we have failed, but have found one way that doesn’t work.

In other words, keep trying.

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7 Powerful Tips to Help You Move Out With No Money


1. Find a Roomy

The first order of business when moving out and you have no money is that you’re going to need to find a place to stay.

This is true whether you are moving out of an apartment, moving within the city, moving out from your parent’s basement, or moving to another city or state.

You are going to need a place to stay.

In being resourceful, perhaps you can find a roommate. Hopefully, in your search for a roomy, you can move in with somebody who is already established in a home or apartment to where you are relocating.

The fact that you have no money should not be too much of a hindrance. You can make out a living arrangement with them till you start earning some money.

Suggestions of earning your keep in the new home could be doing all the chores around the house, offering to paint, do minor repairs, doing yard work, etc.

Anything to show your new roomy that you are not a deadbeat and are willing to pull your fair share of the load for the time being.

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2. Borrow Some Money

When moving and you have no money the obvious challenge is to get some money.

One way of doing this is to approach friends and family to see if you can borrow money from them with the promise of paying them back over a period of time in modest amounts.

To show your sincerity, you can also draw up a contract saying what the amount of the loan will be and what the anticipated monthly repayment plan will look like.

There are other ways that you can get money loaned to you. One such way is if you own your vehicle, you can use this car or truck as collateral.

Present your title to a loan company. They may be willing to loan you a certain amount of money based on the value of your car and because the car will serve as a promise of repayment.

This is a way to get money but is not necessarily the optimum way.

Often these types of loans are very high interest-bearing and will be demanding in their repayment.

You certainly don’t want to lose your car if you are unable to meet the contractual demands.


3. Carry out a Garage Sale

Since you are in the process of moving, why not have a moving or garage sale.

If your current place of residence does not have a garage in order to showcase what is being offered to potential customers, you can talk to a family or friend who has a garage and make out an arrangement to have your sale there on a specific date.

This can be a marvelous idea since you are already in the process of moving.

The selling of any items will not only earn you extra cash but there will be fewer items to pack and move.

Apart from garage sales, you can sell used items you no longer need, to get some extra money as explained below:

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4. Sell Your Car 

Another way of gaining quick cash is to offer if you have a car, your automobile, or truck for sale.

By running a quick classified ad in the local newspaper, or reaching out to family and friends who might be interested, you may be able to earn some quick cash to help with your moving expenses.

Of course, this will not work if you are counting on your car or truck to move your items.

However, if this is the case, you can always sell your vehicle and then rely on a family or friend or even the same person that you are selling the vehicle to loan it back to you for that short period of time to facilitate the move.


5. Couch Crash

Another option to pursue when moving and not having an immediate home to move into is couch crashing.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and it is no time to be prideful.

Therefore, if looking for a place to say in the interim between homes, approach friends or family about staying in their home and sleeping on their couch.

This is not as far-fetched as it may seem, and often individuals are compassionate and will allow this to happen.

The only potential challenge is that if it is an extended period of time, it may lead to resentment between the individual owning the couch and their guest.

If pursuing this option, it is always important never to take advantage of someone else’s good nature and help.

It is important that the couch crasher do their part around the household and be a respectful and contributing guest.

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How to Move Out With No Money


6. Earn Some Quick Money

The most practical suggestion to an individual moving out with no money is to earn some money.

This can be done in a number of ways as explained below:

Also, while in the process of moving, you may come across a variety of technology devices that have served them well but are no longer used.

There are various websites and apps that will gladly process some of these items and pay you in return.

Also, quick money can be made by offering yourself as the driver of your car to be a delivery service for Uber, UberEats, or DoorDash, etc.

Often these services pay an hourly wage plus any tips that you earn will be yours.

It is possible to make $20 very quickly. In addition, some of these services will provide the benefit of getting paid quickly through various pay transfer options.

If you have had to relinquish your car, then perhaps you can talk to a friend and make out a business arrangement about borrowing their vehicle in the short interim.


7. Don’t Buy Moving Materials

If you have a little money, you want to preserve as much as possible what you have.

When packing your items you are going to need some sort of container or box to put the items in for easy loading and unloading.

Rather than purchase boxes, it would be prudent for the individual to get those needed containers at no cost.

The individual simply needs to go to places that utilize large boxes in their place of business.

Examples of some of those retail outlets could be grocery stores or discount outlet stores. Just simply go into the store and ask the manager if you can have some of the boxes.

Additionally, for some of those items that may be delicate or fragile that you will be transporting, it is important to pack them in some sort of packing material to avoid breakage.

Rather than buying expensive bubble wrap or Styrofoam pellets, a good method of wrapping these items to prevent them from breaking is in some sort of paper.

Newspaper is an excellent wrapping material that will fold nicely around the item and even be able to be folded into or tucked into the opening of a cup or other fragile item.

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Personal Story

Being in the U.S. Navy for 10 years, one can imagine that moving was part of the 10-year career.

Moving from one duty station to another was an official expense and was done with moving companies that the Navy contracted with.

Our role in that process was minimal as the movers and the packers did all of the professional moving and “grunt work.”

However, moving from one residence to another residence in a city where I was stationed was something that was our own personal responsibility.

Therefore, we gained a lot of experience in the moving business.

At the time the military base pay was fairly small and we had to cut corners where we could with our family of 4 especially as it related to any needed moves.

One of the benefits of being in the military is the team concept that is developed.

Therefore, we had willing young friends with strong backs who would gladly devote a Saturday to help us move. No money was exchanged for their services.

However, beer and pizza are the delights and acceptable forms of payment for most military personnel in helping out a fellow shipmate.

Additionally, we made sure we recruited a sailor with a truck.


You Can Do It

The United States Marine Corps teaches a philosophy of life to their Marines. These leathernecks are taught to “improvise, adapt, and overcome.”

For those who have and continue to serve in the Marine Corps, this is more than just a philosophy or a slogan. It is a mindset.

You are moving and you have little or even have no money at all to make the move. You can do this with a little improvisation, adapting your situation to make it beneficial to you and others, and then simply overcome.

You can make the move if you set your mind to it. It can happen whether you have little or no money to work with.

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Moving from one home to another, or moving from one city to another, or moving from one state to another is a normal activity that most Americans have experienced.

For whatever reason, the need and desire to move are strong but the needed financial resources are sparse.

The reality is, whether you believe it or not, you are resourceful and you can make this happen.

As the saying goes, “where there is a will there is a way.”

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