I’m sure we all know what Twitter is but for anyone not familiar with  Clickbank it’s a market place for digital products and an affiliate network that virtually anyone can join.

Unlike other networks you don’t need a website or any prior affiliate marketing experience to join, they accept just about anyone. They have products such as books, software, digital guides and more for just about any niche you can think of including internet marketing, weight loss, dating, health & fitness, video games and more.

This method involves providing useful content to  Twitter users from blogs in your niche mixed in with adverts for products your affiliated with. You’ll be driving traffic from Twitter accounts to targeted affiliate offers in order to receive commission on sales.

This works in any niche and it’s very easy to set up Twitter accounts in multiple niches and gain followers fast.

You may have heard that Twitter traffic doesn’t convert and whilst it’s true that it’s not as profitable as some other traffic methods the fact that it’s so quick and easy to set up, costs nothing and you can have huge numbers of followers very quickly means that even though profits won’t be huge it’s a profitable venture.

What You Need to Get Started:

Twitter Account (Free)

Clickbank Account (Free)

Social Oomph Account (Free)

Twitterfeed (Free)


How to Get Started


Step 1: Decide on a niche.

Make sure it’s a big, profitable, niche that there’s lot of money to be made from. Ones likes weight loss, dating, sex, make money online, self help. Going for obscure niches for a method like this produces less results due to less traffic.


Step 2: Set up a Twitter account in this niche.

Head over to and sign up. Let’s say you’ve went for weight loss. Pick a username relevant to the niche, so something weight loss or diet related. Be sure to fill out the Twitter bio to tell people what you’re account is about, something like “Tips and advice on diet and weight loss” for example.


Step 3: Find a Clickbank offer for your niche.

Go to  Clickbank and sign up as an affiliate. You’ll be accepted instantly.

Go to the Clickbank market place. Choose a category from the toolbar on the left. Choose to display search results by gravity and change gravity to between 20 and 99.

Gravity shows how well a product is selling, you want to pick a product that can and has sold but isn’t being sold by too many people yet (hence picking one between 20 and 99).

Before making a decision, look at the sales page, if it’s convincing, looks good and the product seems decent then you’ve found a product. Video sales pages convert well. Pick a product that will make you at least $20 per sale to make it worth while.

To promote it click the ‘promote’ button and copy the unique hoplink at the top, this is your affiliate link that must be clicked on for sales to be credited to you. Save it to a word document for future use.


Step 4: Sign up for a free Twitterfeed account.

Twitterfeed is an incredible free tool that allows you to post blog RSS feeds (a system where you can receive updates and posts by email from your fave blogs) to your social network accounts as soon as they are posted on the blogs. This provides your Twitter user with useful targeted information so that they feel you’re providing them with value rather than just trying to sell to them.


Step 5: Find some Blogs in your niche.

Chances are you already know some. If not go to Google and do a search for ‘weight loss blogs’ or whatever your niche is. Go onto the blog and check it has an RSS feed. Most do, you’ll usually see the orange and white RSS icon, click on it and you’ll be taken to a new page. Copy that URL and paste into a word document, find 4 or 5 more blogs and do the same.


Step 6: Add your RSS feed links to Twitterfeed

Log into  Twitterfeed.

Click on ‘Add Feed’ at top right.

Give your feed a name, i.e. weight loss.

Copy and paste the RSS feed URL (one at a time) into the RSS URL box and click ‘test RSS feed’ to see whether it works or not.

It will say ‘feed parsed’ and a green tick pops up if it’s OK. Click on ‘continue to step 2’.

On the next screen choose ‘Twitter’.

Click ‘authenticate twitter’ if you’re already logged in it will link up twitterfeed to Twitter, if not it will ask you to log in.

Once it’s authenticated scroll down to the bottom of the page and click ‘create service’.


Now repeat that for the 4 or 5 other weight loss blogs you found.

Once that’s done your Twitter account will automatically post content from these blogs whenever they update, giving your followers (more on that next step) a steady stream of content to look at and making you appear to provide value.


Step 7: Start following people.

Search for other people in your niche. The search box is at the top of the screen. Enter ‘weight loss’ or whatever your niche is and you’ll be presented with lots of choices. Pick one and then go to their follower list. Follow the top

50 people on their list. You’ll want to repeat this daily. Around 30-50% of the people you follow will follow back. Within a week you’ll have well over 100 followers from people following you back and joining naturally. This will snowball quickly. After the first week you can follow up to 100 people a day.


Step 8: Sign up for social oomph.

Social Oomph is a great free tool that automates your Tweets, can auto find followers and auto send direct messages among other things. It’s great for scheduling Tweets in advance so you can do it once then forget about it. Saves hours of time and gives you more time to set up new Twitter accounts to profit from.

Sign up for an account then log in. Click on ‘social accounts’ then ‘add new account’ followed by ‘Twitter’ then the big blue ‘Authorise Access’ button and it will interlink your Twitter and Social Oomph accounts.


Step 8: Start scheduling tweets with your affiliate links in.

Click ‘Scheduled Updates’ then ‘Schedule New Updates’. You’ll see the ‘update text’ box to enter your message on the right. This is where you’ll be entering your messages and affiliate links. You’ll see you can schedule these for particular dates and times below the text box. You want to have adverts with your links in happening every 1hr. Affiliate links will have to be ‘cloaked’ to avoid being seen as spam, go to  TinyURL, enter your Clickbank hoplink you copied and pasted and shorten it. Past that new shortened URL into the message box on social oomph.


Step 9: Writing your adverts

Schedule messages to be posted every hour promoting the Clickbank product you’ve chosen, if in weight loss you’ll try messages such as “Are YOU trying to lose weight? Product X helped me lose 10lbs in 2 weeks, click here NOW to try” followed by your shortened affiliate link.

You’re limited to 140 characters so it has to be short and sweet but be sure to include a benefit (i.e. a claim of losing weight), keep it personal (using the word ‘you’) and have a strong call to action (‘Click here NOW to try it).

Using words like ‘secret’ i.e. “A secret guide to help you lose 10lbs in 2 weeks, get it here” works well as does gossip or celebrity marketing on Twitter such as “Have you heard the new diet that celebrity X used to lose 10lbs? More about it here”. That should give you a few ideas.

Be sure to have a variety of different messages and shortened URLs (just keep using TinyURL it will provide you with a new URL every time you submit it) so your followers don’t get tired of seeing the same message or mark the link as spam. Choose which Twitter account to post the message to on the ‘accounts’ box and then click save. Repeat this until you have a message going out every hour.

If you’re using the free version of  Socialoomph you’ll have to spend some time scheduling your tweets on a daily basis, this is the most time consuming part of the process.


Step 10: Speeding up the process

The free version of  Social Oomph whilst great has limits to what you can do meaning you’ll have to log in daily or every few days to schedule more tweets. Where as the paid version allows you to repeat messages every hour (or whatever time you desire) as well as ‘spin’ messages so that a unique message is being shown every time. If you don’t want to schedule your tweets every day then you should upgrade to the  Social Oomph Pro version, it will make your life much easier and means you can set it up for the first time and then leave it to do the rest. It will repeat and spin your message over and over without any involvement from you.

It costs less than $9 a week for the Pro version which you’ll make back 2-4 times over from your first sale. I can’t stress enough how valuable the Pro version is in saving time and making you more money. Well worth the $9 investment.

Whilst Twitter is not the best source of buying traffic (compared to websites, email lists, paid traffic etc) it’s very easy to build up a large amount of followers in a short time. You can have a few thousand followers within the space of a month. All it takes is 1 or 2 of these followers a week to make a purchase and you’re easily at $200 a month. Set up accounts in multiple different niches and before you know it you’re bringing in thousands of dollars a month on autopilot.



  1. Hey Omar,

    Making money with Clickbank is real and using Twitter to help the process is revealing. Twitter will help to generate the targeted leads that may culminate into sales.

    My takeaway from this post has to do with the use of tools like Social Oomph and Twitterfeed. These tools are sure going to make the process engaging and rewarding!

  2. Hi Omar,

    A combination of Clickbank and Twitter is very powerful. The former will provide the commission while the latter will provide the traffic.

    What becomes important in-between is the provision of value. In the 10 steps explained, value provision must be increased!

    • Exactly Black,

      That`s what are the steps 4,5,6 explaining in terms of providing value to our followers and building trustworthy with them. Among those tweets that come from our RSS feed at our Twitterfeed accounts, we can throw some of our affiliate promotions to gain subscribers or direct sales.

      Take care,

    • Hi Carl,

      Nice to know that our stuff can inspire you enough to try this affiliate marketing business model in the near future, although you`re not affilaite!

      However, take this advice from my mouth.

      If you`re really intending to try this affiliate marketing thing, keep in mind these important things:

      – Affiliate marketing is not as easy as some people might think, it really involves in drafting heavy tasks every and each day even if you outsource some of your work.

      – As an affiliate, you`d better to build a long term business as well as providing value and making relationships in your niche marketing. That`s something is totally different from direct selling.

      – The simplest way to make consistent money with affiliate marketing is creating a simple squeeze pages that review affiliate products and ranking them high in Google. But before directing our visitors to the sales page, we`d better to get their details to get subscribers and sell them over the time.

      That`s it for now, I may add something later.
      All my best wishes Carl

  3. Hi Omar,

    The 10 step approach you have shared here nails it for me and every other proactive reader. Clickbank and Twitter marketing are very productive. If one does the right thing , then it becomes easier to achieve success with these marketing strategies.

    It is important to ensure adequate knowledge of what Clickbank and Twitter marketing entails before delving into them.

    Luckily, you have provided very useful information that would allow one to get started!

    • Thanks Sarah,

      It`s really very interesting to know that you found my post very useful. That`s makes me keeping up good working.

      Yes as you can see, it`s very easy strategy to get started and make affiliate commissions. It starts with providing your followers value as long as marketing or recommending affiliate products that suit their needs.

      Thanks again Sarah.
      Omar Saady

    • Hey Paul,

      Nice to meet you today.

      Thanks for your participation on my contribution.

      Totally agreed with you in terms of making money online requires some various creativity . However it`s still not science-rocket for those who are always looking new and fresh ways to make money online.

      If you`re really going to try this method, keep in mind that the core fundamental is the automation of the process by combination all the tools mentioned above. So my best advice for you Paul is outsource the work ASP.

  4. Great post Omar,

    I’m really interesting about the method you just revealed and I think it’s worked well for you, but I have a bad background with the whole social media platforms and didn’t make any success with it.

    However, your method seems ethical, easy and profitable.