If you want to know how to make money work for you, it’s a good thing that you are reading this comprehensive and helpful article.

It reveals as many as 15 powerful ways and tips on how to really make money work for you and some insights you probably didn’t previously know.


Why Make Money Work for You?

Every day, for the most part, individuals go to their workplace and work hard for their money.

It seems that the money earned should return the favor.

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Working hard for one’s money can be likened to owning a big beautiful fully loaded automobile.

There it sits in the garage, and you have worked hard for that automobile and most likely deserve it.

However, if on the other hand that automobile is not put into service and just sits in the garage looking good but is not being useful to the owner what good is having it?

Similarly, the money that is earned looks good and can accumulate small amounts of revenue in various non-interest-bearing accounts but is just basically sitting in the garage.

Therefore, it is important to put that car into gear and start letting it earn its keep.


Personal Story

As a young boy, I remember often going over to a particular aunt’s house.

Before we entered the house, we received the standard instruction from our mother to behave ourselves, eat everything that was placed in front of us, and be careful around her furniture.

The aunt was very meticulous about keeping a clean house.

The first time I remember entering her house I realized that some people had plastic coverings on their furniture.

Of course, this was her decision but as I think back now there are some similarities between not letting our money work for us and wrapping our furniture in plastic to protect it from disruptive little boys.

Now, I’m sure there are several opinions regarding this, but it seems that furniture is meant to be sat on comfortably and not have to worry about anybody’s skin sticking to the plastic and feeling uncomfortable.

The furniture is purchased to be utilized for the comfort of people.


15 Powerful Tips & Ways to Make Money Work for You


1. High Yield Savings Account

Most traditional savings accounts, through a variety of financial institutions, offer a very low rate on one’s deposit.

Therefore, an individual needs to conduct their research and find a high yield savings account.

By going to such a website as BankRate.com, an individual can determine what sort of interest rates are being offered through a variety of interest-bearing accounts.


2. Passive Income

Passive income is a great way for an individual to make their money work for them.

Passive income can be defined as that stream of revenue coming into the household which requires little or no oversight at all.

The income, through a project, realizes income during the day for the individual and sometimes even while they’re sleeping.

Examples of passive income could include the production of a YouTube video, creating an e-book and offering the book for sale on a variety of websites, having a vending machine business, etc.

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3. Retirement Accounts

An optimum way of making one’s money work for them is to invest as much money as they are able into retirement accounts.

Often these retirement accounts offered can secure one’s financial future. The investment and return are realized through the stock market, investment in mutual funds, index funds, etc.

One of the better ways to invest one’s money in retirement accounts is to work through a low-fee investment firm such as Fidelity or Vanguard.

Additionally, representatives would be more than happy to help in this process and suggest various vehicles that would be a good match for the investor.

Usually, those variables of what investment vehicles to choose would include the individual’s tolerance for risk, how many years to retirement, as well as other variables, etc.

Also, if an individual works for an employer that offers a percentage of a match to one’s 401(k), it is important to maximize that benefit.

For example, if the employer matches up to 3% or 4% of an individual’s commitment to invest in the funds offered, it is best to max out that percentage on the individual’s part so that money is not left on the table.


4. Annuities

An annuity is a set amount of guaranteed income that is provided to an individual when they invest money.

This guaranteed monthly income is based on an individual’s gender, the purchase price of the annuity, and the percentage of interest rate of return given by the entity that provides the annuity.

An example of an annuity could include a 70-year-old man purchasing an annuity for $100,000 and receiving a monthly return for the remainder of his life of $599.

Of course, one must do their due diligence and investigate whether this is a viable option for an individual.

Also, it is important to know who is offering this annuity and their reputations and viability.

Also, some nonprofits offer irrevocable annuities.

This means that once the annuity is given it remains in the possession of the charity upon one’s passing.

As is with the case of other annuities the amount of the monthly income is dependent upon the size of one’s gift, their age, and the age of the beneficiary.

This annuity is a guaranteed at a set amount each month regardless of what may or may not be happening in the investment world.

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5. Beneficial Credit Cards

As it relates to investing one’s money and allowing their money to work for them, it is always a good strategy to stay away from credit cards.

However, if an individual needs to have a credit card, for a variety of reasons, it is best to obtain one that provides powerful rewards when credit cards are used to purchase a variety of items.

Therefore, a credit card with good cashback rewards on various types of purchases could be an optimum way to make one’s money work for them.


6. Purchase Your Own Home

Rather than renting a residence for one to live in, it is always the best strategy to have a goal of buying one’s home.

This is a good strategy because the value of the home, traditionally, will increase and provide a good return on one’s investment and provide equity in the home as payments continued to be made.

Additionally, if one chooses, at some point in time, one may choose to move from that home.

That home in turn could become a rental property.

This then would classify them as a landlord.

This would be a great way of realizing passive income into one’s household along with a variety of tax deductions that can be claimed.


7. Invest in Real Estate

Historically, real estate always continues to deliver a good rate of return on its value.

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Therefore, a steady investment strategy is to invest in real estate.

This real estate can be developed or undeveloped with the possibility that if developed it may turn into a profitable investment when individuals wish to utilize, rent, or purchase the land.

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How to Make Money Work for You


8. Higher Learning

It’s always a good idea to make one’s money work hard for the individual by investing in themselves.

This can be accomplished by going back to school or continuing with one’s education and receiving a higher degree.

The payoff of this investment back into oneself generally equates to a higher paying salary.

Consequently, the investment pays off because more money is earned from this investment.

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9. Pay Down Debt

Paying money needlessly on high-interest rates due to credit cards or loans is never a good utilization of one’s money.

Consequently, the commitment to pay off any outstanding balances held on high-interest rates associated with credit cards or loans is a good strategy.

It may seem painful at the time, but in the long run, the money that is saved and put to better use will be worth the current uncomfortableness of paying exorbitant amounts of money due to interest.


10. Create An Emergency Fund

Another important strategy of making one’s money work hard for them is to create and fund an emergency account.

This strategy is critical as life happens and many unforeseen circumstances occur that can impact one’s personal money.

Some of these impactful situations could include an emergency car repair, a major appliance needing to be replaced, medical bills, etc.

Therefore, if an individual does not have an emergency fund set up, they may need to rely on credit cards to cover the costs of those unanticipated events.

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11. Budget

An important financial tool that is of paramount importance to devise and follow is a household budget.

A budget is a snapshot of the money that is coming into the household and the expenses.

On the expense side of the ledger, should be line items that include funding for retirement as well as an emergency fund.

Therefore, this powerful tool will help respect one’s hard-earned money and make those dollars streaming in on the income side work beneficially for the individual.

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12. Tax Credits

Making one’s money work hard also includes the powerful thinking of it is not necessarily how much you make but how much you keep.

Therefore, as much as possible, it is important to claim tax credits that are available to the individual so that the person can keep as much money as possible legally after taxes are paid to the IRS.

It is always best to delve into tax credits and deductions and always seek counsel and advisement from one’s tax advisor.


13. Start Your Own Business

An entrepreneurial way of making one’s money work for them is to start their own business.

Not only will the individual be able to fulfill their vision and dream of going into business on their own, but to work for the best boss ever with that boss being themselves.

Additionally, there are many financial advantages to starting one’s own business.

One specific advantage is to set up a self-employment pension plan or SEP in which the individual can maximize the amount of money that they can invest per IRS tax laws.

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14. Give to Others

Making one’s money work hard for them also means having a charitable heart and spirit.

Giving to charitable causes helps to make one’s money work for them in a positive way.

The use of the donation will influence the world. Also, it respects that money that is earned by giving to others in need.


15. Honor Your Money

Making one’s money work for them also includes having the right attitude as it relates to earning one’s money.

There should be a healthy respect for money as it is being exchanged for one’s life energy.

Therefore, the individual should make their money work for them and respect that money by using the money in ways that reciprocate that respect and appreciation for the expending of one’s life energy.

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How to Make Your Money Work for You FAQs


What Is the Best Way to Make Your Money Work Hard for You?

The best answer is dependent upon what the anticipated rate of return is going to be on that money.

For example, if the historical stock market has been providing a double-digit rate of return this may be the optimum vehicle for one’s money to work hard for them.

On the other hand, if an individual is in debt and is paying a high rate of interest on balances carried, for example, 16% to 25%, the best way for the individual to make their money work hard for them is by paying down on that indebtedness.

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What Is One of the Better Quotes as It Relates to Having Your Money Work Hard for You?

Perhaps, one of the best quotes is attributed to Marshall Sylver.

He said, “Either make your money work for you or you will always have to work for your money.


You Can Do It

There are a variety of ways that one can make their money work hard for them.

Better yet it is important to diversify those opportunities of putting money to work and diversify those opportunities to realize an even greater return on one’s hard-working money.



The money that is earned may look good sitting in a checking account or low interest-bearing savings account.

Perhaps it gives one a sense of satisfaction when they look at several zeros behind a numeral.

However, the individual has worked hard for that money, and having it parked there is not having one’s money work hard for the individual.

It is important to move that money out of the garage or take off the plastic and put the money to work for you.

This will not only honor and respect your hard work towards its earning but will also honor that money as a representation of your life energy devoted to earning it.

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