Unreal Engine has been a great way to build and create new things, and it’s got some basic and advanced means to really bring this to life, and to the next level.

So how can you make money with this/ the answer, is that it’s pretty easy.

There are ways to do it, and here, we’ll discuss how you can make money with Unreal Engine and help you get started with this.


25 Ways to Make Money With Unreal Engine

Here are 25 amazing ways to start making money with Unreal Engine, and really makes this amazing for you to build a steady income with.

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1. Create Games

Games are the first location to start.

They’re a good way to get your foot in the door with Unreal Engine.

Lots of people start in this way, and you can put your games on various platforms.

The Epic Games store is usually pretty friendly for games that are on Unreal Engine, and they usually fit well on there, so something to consider.


2. Consider Finxter

This is a great opportunity for those looking to build games and other platforms.

Finxter is a way to help you learn basic programming, including those that involve Python and other skills.

This is cool too, because there are a lot of opportunities on this platform, and blogs to look into as well.


3. Make Mobile Games

While it is an oversaturated field, mobile games offer a pretty easy opportunity to start with Unreal Engine gaming.

It’s simpler, and it doesn’t require you to use Unity either.

You can make simple 2D and 3D games on this, and then sell it for money.

Although it might require some good marketing, you can play around with the options to consider.


4. Start Small

The thing with Unreal Engine is that you can burn through materials real fast.

If you’re going to use this platform, keep it in mind.

These games don’t’ have to be some revolutionary sort of style, but instead, something small, and simple is really easy to work with.

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, just being something unique to the table.


5. Consider an Android Subscription if Successful

If you have a game that other people are praising on other platforms, consider putting it on an android subscription, and then going from there.

Android subscriptions are a little bit pricey, but they’re great for getting your feet wet if you have enough sales from this.

This can also be good for getting your games noticed.


6. Make Assets

Have assets sitting on your computer?

Why not sell them?

You can sell a bunch of different assets on Unreal Engine Marketplace that include game assets, and graphics assets.

Some people even sell competitive recoil assets on here, so if the graphics are still being tweaked with, consider looking at what other game assets you can put out there.


7. Teach It

Know how to use Unreal Engine and want to teach others?

There is a huge demand for this, and you can teach people to build the different techniques that you can dream of.

There are free options on Unreal Engine’s website, but there are tons of classes out there that are making it even easier than ever for you to build the ultimate platform.


8. Offer Mentorship Services

Sometimes, people don’t need to be taught from the ground, up, but instead, they might have Unreal Engine questions that stump them.

As a mentor, you can help them better understand what needs to be done.

You can be an Unreal Engine mentor and make money.

CodeMentor offers a ton of different services for those looking to solve Unreal Engine problems.


9. Use Fiverr

Fiverr is a great website for those interested in selling Unreal Engine services.

People seek out developers on this website because they tend to be a little more affordable, and usually easier to work with than professionals.

You set the price, and then, the people come to you to get the help that they need to build whatever it is that they want with Unreal Engine.


10. Consider Upwork

Another alternative is Upwork.

Upwork is one of the top freelancer marketplaces and is very easy to navigate.

Some of the top Unreal Engine developers on the website are making some serious cash, so if you’re interested in helping others with Unreal Engine, this is a great platform.

At first, you might not get too many bites, but as you spend more time tweaking your platforms, you can grow it as needed.


11. Work on Being a Developer

Another way to make money with Unreal Engine, is to work on being a developer.

Some people may have some Unreal Engine skills, but you need to make sure you work on becoming a developer.

This might require you to get a Bachelor’s in computer science or other education, especially if you’re bent on landing more professional jobs with Unreal Engine.

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12. Become an Unreal Engine 4 Programmer

Being a programmer for Unreal Engine 4 has a lot of benefits to it.

For starters, you’re able to help game development studios use Unreal Engine for their games.

Plus, it’s a market that’s hungry for developers and programmers.

If you know the C++ programming language to build Unreal Engine games, then you’re good to go.

Udemy has a great course on it if you don’t.


13. Sell to Big Companies

Another easy way to make money?

Sell it to game companies.

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This one requires that you know exactly what you’re doing with Unreal Engine and have something worth showing off.

Games don’t want just about anything, they want something unique, that really shines when brought forth to the table.

Look at what you can make currently, build your skills, and then sell it to these companies.

Who knows, you might sell the next big game if you’re lucky enough, and it’s always worth a shot.

These companies are hungry for new talent and games, and you may be what they need!


14. Put It on Steam

Similar to epic games, you can put your games on steam and earn money.

Granted, it might take a while for you to get sales, but it’s something to consider with Unreal Engine.


15. Work for Someone Else

This one is also obvious, but if you know someone already successful; with Unreal Engine, one way to make money real fast, is to work for them.

If they’re a professional in Unreal Engine, you can learn from them, hone your skills for game and other development, while also making money.

A good way to look for this is to go to LinkedIn and look on their forums to see what type of people are around, and what jobs they’re looking for.

When you work for someone else, it can provide valuable skills to learning game development, which is why it’s a valid way to look for a job, and a great way to make money with Unreal Engine.


16. Learn 2D Unreal Engine Frameworks

2D Unreal Engine frameworks are slightly different from the 3D ones that are out there.

Most people use the 3D options, but the best way to learn 2D game framework is to work with that framework.

Take time and learn the coding and language for that, so that when it’s time for you to use it, you’ll be versed in the way that it’s used.

These frameworks can help you be a better developer.


17. Reuse Textures That Work!

Making things in Unreal Engine to sell?

Sometimes, reusing textures is a wonderful way to work with this.

It saves you lots of time, and memory.

This is also great too, since some textures, such as some rock overlays may work for adding roughness to other structures.

You can also create renders from photoshop if you’d like to add more architectural variations, and also is great for creating concrete.

You can mix these textures with different projects to create some of the best structures that you can.

Plus, it saves you tons of memory too, which if you’re learning and creating textures to sell, is a big thing to consider.


18. Understand Computer Algorithms

Certain computer algorithms are important to learn when becoming an Unreal Engine developer.

Computer algorithms help you set up commands so that actions happen when you execute them.

The algorithms used for Unreal Engine are precise and require you to know a little bit about how they should work.

If you don’t know computer algorithms already, but only basic coding language, take some time and learn this online through an online course.


19. Learn JavaScript

JavaScript is still one of the most popular computer languages that developers and programmers use, even with Unreal Engine coding.

If you don’t know JavaScript yet, it’d be in your best interests to learn it.

It’s considered one of the easier programming languages, and this one, next to Python, are two of the most commonly used.

The beauty of this as well, is that once you know this language, you can then learn other computer coding languages.

Seems fun, right?

Learn it today, and start building different assets through this, and see where it takes you.


20. Build Core Materials Sets

This is a way to save yourself a lot of work and time, especially if you’re handling multiple projects.

This is where you create different bases for objects needed, and then, you save this.

For example, let’s say you’re making a forest, you can build foliage, trees, and the base terrain such as dirt.

Save this, and then import it.

You can play with the textures to make this different, but otherwise it’s both simple and effective.


21. Create Videos

Videos using Unreal Engine are great for standing out and making some money.

More and more big companies are looking to use Unreal Engine to create videos marketing them.

If you know how to use video editing software and Unreal Engine, you can combine this together to create some amazing types of items, that really showcase the power of Unreal Engine, and plus, it also can help you find clients that are willing to pay lots of money for this.


22. Make Automotive Visualizations

Companies use visualizations of cars to show people what they’re buying before they do so.

Many are using Unreal Engine to make this possible, so they’re looking for Unreal Engine developers to help them.

You can create visualizations, which you can show to; many companies, and it can net you a decent profit.

The key thing here is you have to learn how to use this software before you do.


23. Event Productions

Producing events, especially those in the Metaverse and other virtual platforms, is a new thing.

The Metaverse is still very popular for live and other events.

One thing that you should understand is that it does take a bit of learning and building to host and help with events, or even to create live productions and broadcasts there.

If you know how to do this, you can partner with big businesses, and then, with this collaboration, it nets a substantial profit, all through the use of Unreal Engine.


24. Make Simulations

Ever create simulations, especially training and other simulations?

You can sell these and make some serious cash.

Flight simulators, war simulators, even simulators on how different training might occur are super popular, and with Unreal Engine, this can be done.


25. Create Protectoral Structures

Finally, ecotecture made and visualized through Unreal Engine is becoming more and more popular.

This is great for building homes and structures, as it allows you to visualize what something’s going to look like.

You can build these structures, bring this to the table, and show it to other people who are interested in this.

With architectural structures, people can see what their vision will look like in reality.



Unreal Engine is still an extremely popular software to work with, and best of all, it’s free for you to download, and there are even some cool source codes added.

These are 25 great ways to get started with Unreal Engine and allow you to make money today!

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