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If I was asked to explain how the human body functions and can do all that it can do, I would be hard-pressed to provide a scientific and reasonable explanation.

It’s not that I am stupid necessarily, but it is just that I am not well versed or educated in the area of the human body.

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Venturing a guess, I would say that the lungs breathe in the air, the heart circulates the oxygen in the blood through arteries and veins and the brain thinks, etc.

My explanations would be in general.

The same is true when, for some of us, if asked about how a computer works, we might struggle for an explanation.

We would talk about turning the computer on, clicking the mouse a couple of times to open up a program, and then enjoying that program for the purpose that it was intended.

The average individual would not be able to talk about random access memory, CPU, how a software program is developed, etc.

All of this is important, and we need individuals who have been trained in all of these computer dynamics and details.

One such individual is the person that works with Javascript.

As it relates to knowledgeable individuals let us look at ways that a JavaScript programmer can earn money.


25 Best Ways & Tips to Help You Make Money with JavaScript


1. Know What JavaScript is all About

JavaScript is one of the programming languages that is utilized by the World Wide Web.

With JavaScript, you can update and change both HTML and CSS.

The variables for JavaScript include

  • Numbers
  • Objects
  • Strings
  • Arrays
  • Functions


2. Know What JavaScript is Used For

JavaScript is used by programmers globally to help create interactive and dynamic web content such as applications and browsers.

JavaScript is so popular that it is estimated that 90% of all websites use this programming language.


3. Is JavaScript Still in Demand?

It would appear that JavaScript is still the developer’s choice as it relates to writing code.

This is because a recent developer survey was conducted at approximately 70% of developers still utilize JavaScript.


4. Future?

In the world of computing, computer technology, and writing of software programs it would seem that this aspect of technological know-how would be changing and evolving.

As it relates to JavaScript, one might guess that this programming language for computers, which has been around since 1995, would be displaced from being the king of the hill.

However, the past two decades have proven the opposite and the JavaScript remains the software development language of choice.

The reason is due to its being defined as a beginner’s language that is quite easy to learn and execute.

These traits make computer programmers and developers extremely happy and would classify JavaScript as their best friend.


5. Blog

An interesting way for you to earn money as a JavaScript authority and for others would be for you to blog.

Your blog could be informative/technical/educational writing for all individuals who are at different levels of expertise.

Money could come through the support of your followers, having affiliated advertisers LinkedIn your blog site, and potentially support from a sponsor for this interesting blog site.


6. Freelancing

Another great way to earn money with your knowledge of JavaScript is to do freelancing work.

Based on your knowledge and understanding of this communication programming, you could command as many job opportunities as you desired and be in the driver’s seat as it relates to your rate of pay.

This is all because new websites are constantly being developed with the advent of new businesses and therefore the need for JavaScript programmers increases in demand as well.

There are many freelancing websites that you could investigate such as or you can also go to a job posting website such as


7. Teach

An opportunity that would present itself to earn money while being involved in JavaScript is to teach others about programming.

You could work at a school of higher learning or a technology school and be part of the staff.

Also, you can utilize the website and teach students through interactive technology.

One of the websites that you can register to teach would-be

A significant step to take that would earn you money as a JavaScript programmer is by starting your own business.

You could provide general help to businesses or individuals wishing to set up their website or you could focus on a specific area of JavaScript programming.

For example, some of the specific areas could include

  • Shopping sites
  • Games and entertainment sites
  • Job search sites to connect seekers of jobs with potential employers
  • Etc.


8. Apps

With JavaScript, it is possible to write advanced software for desktop-based systems.

The tool that needs to be added to the mix to make this happen can be found at https //

Prime examples of apps that have been created with JavaScript include Whatsapp Messenger and Visual Studio Code.


9. User Interfaces

As an experienced web developer, you are well acquainted with the importance of JavaScript as it relates to a business.

Using the JavaScript language, you can develop sophisticated interfaces so that the client’s engagement can be increased.

This will allow the advanced user to interface and better connect with the product that is being marketed.

This in turn will increase the sales and popularity of the project.

You can get paid to develop this for businesses.

Prime examples of apps that are growing using single-page applications include Google Maps, Facebook, and Gmail.

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10. New Frameworks

Another option for an individual who knows JavaScript and to earn money can develop a new framework.

There are many frameworks available but when utilizing JavaScript there are some own unique advantages that may be attractive to users.

Some of the reasons that a JavaScript framework is popular include

  • Coding is simplified
  • Best use of resources
  • High-speed
  • High learning speed
  • Ability to customize specific applications
  • Unique user interface design


11. Improving Frameworks

It is also possible with JavaScript to earn money by improving functioning frameworks.

By selecting a specific framework, you can write additional code and add more features to improve its functionality and use.

The features can be added to the framework through either a package or utilizing a library.

Also, if the libraries are sophisticated you can sell them for a fee or offer them to other developers at a subscription price.


12. Build a Website

Learning JavaScript can be intense, especially for programmers who are new to this programming language.

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With your knowledge and proficiency, this provides you a great opportunity to help others to learn and work with this language.

One of the ways that you can earn money and help others is through the building of a website.

Some of the opportunities could be

  • Introduction of JavaScript and training
  • Introduction of JavaScript framework
  • Talk about other frameworks
  • Troubleshooting
  • Expanding to others the capabilities of JavaScript


13. Get Employment

One of the obvious ways of earning money as a JavaScript programmer is to work for a programming company.

The demand for JavaScript programmers has significantly increased over the recent years.


14. Server-Side Web Applications

A significant way of earning income as a JavaScript programmer is by building server-side applications using a powerful tool known as Node.js.

The coupling of Node.js along with JavaScript is an ideal process and tool for writing sockets.

Examples of large companies that utilize this side-by-side process include GitHub, LinkedIn, and Uber.

A socket is one of the endpoints in a two-way communication link between two separate programs that are running on the same network.


15. Mobile Apps  

Apps are very popular, and you can use your JavaScript knowledge and experience to create mobile apps.

The tool that you can utilize to help you in the app creation is React Native.

By building mobile apps with JavaScript, you can put your ideas into practice by learning a programming language and make money in the process.


16. Start a SasS Business

A SaaS business is a company that hosts a particular application and with this hosting makes it available to its customers over the Internet

SaaS stands for Software as a Service.

Therefore, as a JavaScript programmer, you could start a SaaS business and develop software and provide the software as a service to customers.


17. Build Web Plugins

In the world of computers, a plug-in is an add-on or extension.

This computer software as new functions to a host program without altering the program itself.

As a JavaScript developer, you can build several plug-ins for a variety of websites.


18. Build Web Templates

There is a whole computer industry that is centered around the development of web templates.

However, if considering this option, it is important to remember the popularity of other websites that provide these templates.

One of those websites is WordPress.

You can bring your uniqueness to the web template table and set or carve out a whole niche for your provision of this service and earn money in the process.


19. Develop Games

Gaming is always popular with this popularity spreading across a variety of age groups.

In making web games, JavaScript has a significant abundance of libraries.

Therefore, you can utilize your JavaScript knowledge and experience to create games or modify existing games to earn money.


20. Develop Functionalities

As an accomplished JavaScript programmer, you can develop certain functionalities utilizing JavaScript.

In developing these specific and different functionalities, you can either sell them for a price or provide service to further add to the customization.


21. Build Tools

Through your JavaScript programming experience and knowledge, you could build tools and add an automation component.

These tools that are automated can be then sold to interested buyers.


22. Contest

A fun way to earn money as a job a JavaScript programmer is to enter coding competitions.

These competitions are fun and competitive and one’s pride and competitive spirit are on the line.

Also, the winners of some of these competitions are eligible for prize money.

One such site that lists many competitions can be viewed by clicking here.


23. Start a Startup

An exciting way of earning money and putting your skill set to work by utilizing JavaScript is by starting your own business.

You could put your talent and skills on display by creating your own company’s website and offering your services to other businesses who need to have website business pages developed.


24. Use YouTube

A great way that would be of interest to many techies would be the establishment of a YouTube platform about JavaScript.

You could talk about basic programming, the capabilities that JavaScript offers, and other interesting topics surrounding the use of JavaScript.

You could monetize your channel by offering additional teaching through the followers paying for a subscription, affiliate advertising and possibly gaining a sponsor for your platform.


25. Sell Online Courses 

Another way that you can earn money through your knowledge of JavaScript is by selling online courses.

You can develop these courses and go step-by-step through the process beginning with the rudimentary aspects of JavaScript and taking the reader and individual wishing to learn right on through the process of being more sophisticated in the JavaScript programming process.

https // is a website where you can learn more about self-publishing.


Personal Story

I’ve been enthralled with computers and how they can improve our lives and offer several ways that we can make what we do a little bit easier.

I also enjoy writing and when I found out that there was a way that you could speak through a microphone connected to a computer and have that voice translated to text I thought that I had died and gone to heaven.

I tried the process on my older computer but was sadly disappointed when I couldn’t get any text to be written on the screen when I spoke into a connected microphone.

Come to find out, in my ignorance, there needed to be a program in place or software downloaded on the computer for this activity to occur.

This was one of my first disappointments with the use of computers along with blue screens, hard drive crashes, dead motherboards, etc.



What is the Difference Between Java and Javascript?

The significant difference between JavaScript and Java is that these two languages are created with different intentions in mind.

Java is an object-oriented program whereas JavaScript is a client-side language that is for scripting purposes.


Which Company Developed Javascipt?

The company that developed JavaScript is Netscape.


You Can Do It

If you are significantly familiar with the way JavaScript works and can develop programs utilizing this technology, you are in the computer driver’s seat.

There are many ways that you as an individual with this knowledge can earn additional money either through your regular job or by taking on extracurricular activities.

Your understanding of the language of JavaScript will translate into dollars and cents for you because of your understanding and knowledge.



When it comes to programming languages of computers and software, there are a variety of options as to which programs can be utilized.

There is Python, Java, C/CPP, PHP, Swift C #, Ruby, etc.

Without a doubt, however, the most popular of the computer programming languages is JavaScript.

Therefore, if an individual is proficient at JavaScript along with any of these other programming languages, they will be in great demand within the computer programming language world and can make money with their knowledge and experience of JavaScript.

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