It’s true – you can really make money with Gooogle Translate. This article explains how it works, reveals insider secret tips and some of the best sources to help you get paid with Google Translate.



¡Buenos días! Este artículo trata sobre el uso de Google Traductor y las formas en que puede ganar dinero mientras utiliza este programa.

What the above paragraph states is “Good day! This article is about using Google Translator and ways that you can earn money while utilizing this program.

What, in days before, was a difficult way for individuals to communicate who spoke different languages has now become a fairly easy way to interpret what is being said when foreign languages are expressed between different people.

First, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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Google has gifted us a great translation program that is available on their site in which the individual can speak in any language that they desire and translate what is spoken into a different language.

Given the different number of countries, languages that are spoken, and the people that speak these different languages, translation from one language into another is critical.

This is extremely important in order for there to be an exchange of ideas, differences in culture, and the overall contribution to peace and harmony in the world.

Moving forward, let us explore this great software program and ways that we can monetize it for our own benefit as well.


25 Best Ways & Sources to Making Money With Google Translate


1. Know What Google Translate Is

Google Translate is a multi-lingual neural machine that translates documents, multiple websites, and text from one language into another.

Also, Google Translate has a website interface, an app for both android and iOS systems, and an API that enables developers to build browser extensions and software applications.


2. What Does it Do

Google Translates, provided by Google, offers an extensive array of global languages that are spoken with the capability of translating those languages.

The program allows for the individual to speak or type into the left side of the translator in the language of their choice.

The spoken words will then be translated into a different language that they have chosen on the right side of the translator page.


3. Details

Google Translate is available to anybody through the Google website.

On the right side of the homepage is an icon that has a series of three rows and three dots each.

This is where the applications are as it relates to Google.

Clicking on that icon you then can scroll down to translate and open up the app and there is the needed page to make the translation happen.

The program is available at no charge.


4. Learn from YouTube Videos

If you learn better through video teaching you may wish to check out a number of YouTube videos that have been produced that walk you through the Google Translate program and identify ways to earn money.


5. Google Documents

Once you receive the documents that you need to translate then you go to Google Translate and browse for your documents, bring them into Google Translate and then convert the document into the language that is needed.

Upon getting the document translated, you can then save them in Google Docs by creating a new page and saving it in whichever format is required for the performance of the job. could be either PDF or text.


6. Submit Project

When all of this has been accomplished you can now submit the translated document into the required language and submit it for payment.

The whole process can take less than a few minutes to accomplish.


7. Pay Expectations

When an individual performs a service or works a job, the anticipated exchange for the work provided is monetary compensation.

This is true for translating documents from one language into another using Google Translate,

In fact, some sites indicate that you can earn up to $70 a day or $10 every 3 minutes for your work in performing this translation


8. Requirements

The simplicity of this employment opportunity is that it does not require a degree or any specialized talents or skills.

The only equipment you need is a computer or smartphone that can access an internet connection so that you can utilize Google Translate.


9. How the Program Works

Prior to 2016, the translations provided by Google were good but imperfect.

It was in the year 2016 that Google announced that it would be utilizing a neural machine translation premise and provide a deep learning practice for its users.

Through this process, greater accuracy was achieved and the translation was in full context rather than just sentences.

Through continuous use, the process continually is being refined and the accuracy of Google Translate has increased as well.


10. Use Fiverr

A great way to earn income or additional income to supplement your ongoing job is to be involved in freelance work.

One of the freelancing websites is Fiverr.

By setting up an account on this website, you are able to create gigs or look for job opportunities that match your skills and talents. Payment is made by the buyer of your services to this website with the site taking 20% for the service that they provide and the remainder of the money is provided to you

One of the jobs that can be found on this website is the service of providing translation.

Click here to check out Fiverr


11. Use Latium

Latium offers freelance opportunities in the area of translating audio presentations and written documents from one language into another.

On the website, you go to the browse projects link.

You will then be directed to create a profile by answering and providing all of the necessary details.

Once the profile has been completed and you log in you will then be able to have access to the homepage and get started.

By going again under the option of “I want to work”, you will see the language and translations link and the website will show you different job offers under this category.

Click here to check out Latium


12. People Per Hour is a freelancing website that is utilized by over 1 million businesses in getting work accomplished by freelancers.

On the home page, it is categorized by popular freelance opportunities and the registered user selects the category they are interested in.

Through this website, there are translation opportunities and the interested freelancer can post an offer for a translation job.

Through Google Translate you can benefit from the completion of translation jobs and, in essence, Google Translate is helping you get paid.

Click here to check out People Per Hour


13. Upwork

Another freelance website is

At this site, you create your account and are free to set it up.

Once you have set up an account you then can utilize the site to find various freelancing employment opportunities that match your skill and talents.

Freelancing opportunities could include grant writing, graphic design, virtual assistant, etc.

Another employment opportunity would be that of doing translation for various businesses and companies that are looking for a translator.

You set your rate of pay and if accepted, you perform the job and when completed satisfactorily, payment is made as to up work who then in turn will pay you minus their service fee.

Click here to check out Upwork

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

SurveyJunkie (only USA, Canada, Australia residents allowed). You can earn money sharing your thoughts. They have already paid $25+ million to their 20+ million members just for sharing their thoughts and opinions. Click here to join SurveyJunkie for FREE

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14. Rev

At Rev, you will be introduced to a website that has an abundance of employment opportunities for translators and writers of subtitles.

To be qualified there are a number of tests that need to be taken and passed and once accomplished you can get to work.

This website is one of the higher-paying sites for translating work.

Click here to check out Rev


15. Netflix

The Netflix Hermes Program is looking for translators and specifically individuals who can write subtitles.

The individuals who are successful candidates for this translation opportunity will be able to translate the various programs offered by Netflix and provide the subtitles in the customer’s native language for better viewing and entertainment enjoyment.

Click here to check out Netflix Hermes


16. Acclaro

Acclaro Inc. recruits freelancers that have experience in translating various languages into English and vice versa.

A sampling of some of the jobs listed on the website includes the need for Chinese traditional Hong Kong translators, traditional Taiwan translators, French and German translators, Japanese translators, etc.

On the jobs link, the listings are available and when you click on a link, you receive more information about the job posted.

Some of the jobs require 3+ years of experience, a university degree, use of memoQ, etc.

Click here to check out Acclaro


17. Lionbridge

Lionbridge is another translation business in which there are positions available both full-time and part-time.

Also, the available positions can be done from one’s own home or wherever it is comfortable to work.

Click here to check out Lionbridge


18. Indeed

Indeed is a job posting website in which employers post freelance opportunities or employment opportunities for individuals that can do transcribing work along with a variety of other job opportunities.

At this site, there is a search engine that can be utilized to focus on a particular area that you may be looking at in doing transcription work or a search bar that will allow you to utilize the words working remotely.

A return on these searches and more will populate your screen with various employment opportunities.

Click here to check out Indeed


19. Go Transcript

Go Transcript is an online website that hires individuals that can transcribe.

Straight transcription can earn an individual $.77 per minute when video or audio is converted to text.

Also, the site advertises the need for captioning writers and this service pays $1.11 per minute when the videos are embedded with a caption.

Other services include foreign subtitles at the payment of $8.50 per minute and translation of audio or text in 60 plus languages is paid at a rate of .06 cents per word.

Click here to check out Go Transcript


20. Blog

If you have the ability to translate through the use of Google Translator you can start an educational blog for other individuals.

The blog can be a powerful blog in that you teach others a foreign language.

Through the use of Google Translator, you can teach different languages to those that follow your writing, and possible support may come from them financially as well as affiliate advertising and a possible sponsor.


21. YouTube

Another way that you can teach a language and fully utilize Google’s Translator and get paid in the process is by creating a YouTube platform.

On the platform, you can teach people a foreign language, incorporate the Google Translator platform and provide ongoing lessons and bring people through the various basic ways of learning a new language on through intermediary classes.

Possible income through this process could be realized through your supporters as well as advertisers.


22. Teach

Another way that you can earn income through Google Translator is by teaching individuals.

If you are well versed in a language, you can incorporate Google’s tool as a way of helping students to learn a specific language while giving them personal instruction as well.

There are various online tutoring websites of which one is


23. Tour Guide

Because Google Translator is available on the Android and iOS platforms, you can use this app as part of being a tour guide in foreign languages or as a travel guide.

You can incorporate this app and teach others the language as well as give private tours to individuals in international cities.


24. Create Special Documents

As it relates to translating, there are certain special documents that need to be produced.

Some of those documents include specific words or a glossary as it pertains to a different language and that word may not have the pure translation required to fully engage the word in a sentence or when describing a subject.


25. Work With Authors

Many authors when they write a book, want the books written in multiple languages.

You could work with an author and include in the contract the provision of royalties for the selling of these books that have been translated into multiple languages.

Google Translator can be a big part of helping you earn this money based upon your own understanding and knowledge of specific different languages.


Personal Story

While working for a not-for-profit, our family was asked to serve the good people that were in a border town.

Being a border town, the two languages that were spoken were English and Spanish Spanish being the predominant language.

In fact, over 80% of the population spoke Spanish and were either bilingual or multilingual.

The difficulty, that I found for myself, was the general correspondence and not having the ability to speak Spanish.

Therefore, I relied heavily upon my secretary who was bilingual and when the dictation was taken, she would transcribe it into English to convey the message of the letter in Espanol.

It was a cumbersome process for me and I’m sure a frustrating one for her but it was important as the predominant language in the area was Spanish and the message needed to be transcribed in both languages.


Google Translate Earn Money FAQs


How Many Language Translations Are There on Google Translate?

The Google Translate app for both operating systems provides support for 133 languages.

It can offer 37 languages through photographic means, 32 through conversation mode by utilizing voice, and 27 through live video imagery.


How Accurate is Google Translate?

Although Google translation is fairly accurate, it is not perfect.

Therefore, the most accurate translator is an individual who is specially trained and has learned the different languages.

Some of those difficulties in the translation may arise when there is a pun expressed in the writing or a joke or sarcastic remark is made.


You Can Do It

Rather than being lost in translation, through Google Translate, translation can be found and with this powerful tool on the Google website, there is money that can be earned by the enterprising individual.



Merci de lire cet article.

Nous sommes convaincus que cela a été utile pour créer un intérêt à gagner de l’argent via Google Traduction.

Which is French for, “Thank you for reading this post.

We trust it was helpful in creating an interest in earning money through Google Translate.”

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

SurveyJunkie (only USA, Canada, Australia residents allowed). You can earn money sharing your thoughts. They have already paid $25+ million to their 20+ million members just for sharing their thoughts and opinions. Click here to join SurveyJunkie for FREE

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