Have goats and don’t really know what to do with them?

Well, you’re not alone.

While you can’t send them in to get a paycheck, you can use them to make you some money, and here are 20 different tips that’ll help you make money with goats.


Why Make Money With Goats?

Goats are fun little animals, and they are a staple on farms.

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However, some people feel like they’re kind of just there, and they usually tend to eat hands, clothes, and everything else that makes you money.

You can make good money with goats, though, and here, we’ll talk about what you can do with them.


20 Best Ways & Tips to Make Money With Goats

Here are 20 tips and ways to make money with goats.


1. Brush Removal

Did you know that goats can actually remove brush?

Yes, that ties into the goat’s obsession with eating well, everything.

Brush is not bad for them, and it’s pretty simple to get them there.

You can actually let them just eat some brush, and it clears it for them and also makes them happy.

Rent a Goat is a franchise that lets you let these little guys out to eat well, everything.


2. Reduce Fires

Do you live in a fire-prone area?

Why not let your goats help reduce this?

Similar to brush removal, if you have flammable material, you can literally let these guys run about and eat this.

This is a popular tool to use in California to reduce the risk of small fires and can be used in both rural and residential areas.


3. Eat Weeds and Unwanted Plants

Have a bunch of poison ivy or a bunch of weeds that feel like they’re overgrown?

Why not let your goats run about and eat it.

Remember, goats love to eat practically everything, so letting them eat these weeds takes care of the problem for you, and it lets these ruminants get rid of all of that nasty garbage too.


4. Goat Milk, Anyone?

Yes, goat milk is actually really good to try out.

You can milk them and then sell this to others for a profit.

There are some great ways to do this.

They do need to fit the ADGA standards to provide the best milk, but there are tons of ways to use goats to your advantage, and it’s worth checking out.


5. Soap?

Yes, you can make soap directly from goat milk.

Goat milk is actually great for soap since it offers a creamy texture to it.

It can be a bit hard to get started, but once you learn, it can be a good way to really make it work.


6. Goat Cheese!

Remember, goats make milk, and you can turn that milk into cheese.

This is one of the many products that you can make with a goat, and it’s one to consider if you want to expand past the creamy taste of goat milk.


7. Goat Yoga!

Goat yoga is actually something that’s incredibly popular for some people.

Why is that?

It’s because people are able to spend time with a goat, and it can be fun for everyone.

People young and old can have fun with these little guys running around.

It is advisable that these goats aren’t too old, though, since it might be hard on your back.


8. Mutton, Fresh Mutton

Mutton is really good and is considered one of the healthiest types of meat out there.

It’s really good for people to make some money, and you can actually make some good money just off of this alone.

You should definitely consider this, but over the next few tips, we’ll go over important aspects of goat meat farming that you’ll want to look into.


9. Get Boer and Spanish Goats for Best Results

In general, not every goat is created equal, and you want to make sure that if you’re going to be raising goats for meat, you get ones that are of these two breeds.

That’s because they are able to convert the feed that they have directly into their body weight, and not every goat can do this.

It can affect the quality of the meat, so be mindful.


10. Consider an Abattoir

This is a butcher that does it daily.

You want to have them butchered quite quickly after they get kind of big, and you’ve given them quality food as well.

That way, you’re getting good meat out of this, and also, you’re able to generate a profit as well with this.

They usually are available locally, and it takes the having to slaughter position out of your hands and to someone else.


11. Be Mindful of Cleanliness

Okay, it may seem weird to worry about goats of all people being clean, but goats are actually prone to insects and disease.

As a raiser, you need to be mindful of this, and you should make sure that you’re only giving them the highest-quality food for them as well.

Otherwise, it can affect the overall state of the way the goat is, and it can impact sales.



12. Skin Them

Yes, goatskin is actually really good as a leather product.

If you’re already raising them for meat, you might want to make sure that you also consider goatskin.

The leather industry does need goatskin, and if you’re willing to raise this type of goat for that purpose, it can net a serious profit.

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Also See: How to Make Money With Cattle.


13. Raising and Selling Goats

There is an industry in selling and raising goats.

It can be expensive initially, but if you don’t want to do the slaughtering or any other food production with your goats, you can actually sell the goats and kids to other people.

There are people looking at these for pets, and 4H clubs do also need this livestock too.

It can net you a lot of profit and is considered a viable industry for these guys too.


14. Consider Reselling of Meat

If you don’t feel like getting into the business of trying to find a retailer that’ll take your meat directly, you might want to consider goat meat reselling.

Goat meat reselling is where you can sell the meat to others, and they take it off your hands, ensuring the proper sales.

Ranch Foods Direct, for example, is a meat reseller, and they do take goat meat, which can be an option if you don’t want to sell it yourself.


15. Managing Retention Ponds

Remember, these little ruminants love to eat whatever they can.

If you have an overgrown retention pond or know of retention ponds that need to be managed, you can sell your goats as a service.

It’s simple, you just bring them over and let them graze, and it can clean the retention ponds of any sorts of critters that aren’t meant to be there.


16. Cleaning Airport Vegetation

Airports are to be kept clean of vegetation and other items, especially on the tarmac.

Unfortunately, plants do have a mind of their own, and they can grow anywhere, wherever they want.

If you live near an airport or have connections to the local airports, you can advertise your goats as an “airport vegetation control group,” and you can send them out to take care of the problem.

They’re great at it, and they can help get flights off the ground faster than before.


17. Security Service

In some rural areas, goats can be used for those looking to possibly protect the world around them.

Goats are loud, and they can alarm others about crime.

You can put goats out and use them as a security service to ensure that nobody trespasses on property.

They also can be used to catch people if they do, and goats have very strong jaws and can knock people down, so they’re really good at this job.

Rent a Ruminant has more information on using this, and it can be a great financial opportunity if this is what you want to do.


18. Get a License From the Department of Agriculture

Some businesses do require you to get a license from some governmental facilities before you can start, and some goat farmers may need this from the Department of Agriculture.

This does depend on the type of goat rising you’re doing and zoning requirements.

Some areas may also not allow you to raise farm animals.

It’s important that if you’re going to do this, you do make sure that you have the property licensing.

It can also cost a lot of startup capital since it can take time for it to build up too.


19. Agri Tourism

Agri tourism is pretty much showing off the goats to people who don’t get to see these little guys all too often.

It is where you open up the farm to other people and even offer tours to teach kids and adults how you work the farm.

You can even do live goat milk demonstrations and even set up a petting zoo so kids can feed the goats and pet them.

You can also show them at schools too for fun live demonstrations.

If you’re curious about Agri-tourism, read here for how farms are using this and how it’s helping them raise goats more and more.


20. Goat Manure

Goat poo?

Yes, while it isn’t all that glamorous, it actually is really good for profit.

After all, your goats are going to use the restroom as well.

Goat manure is actually quite profitable, and it’s valuable too since it helps the ground by filling it with nutrients and also helps crops grow.

If you’re not going to use this to make crops grow, you can always sell it to people that produce crops.

Companies such as OmniEarth take pride in using organic bioresearch for producing the best crops and plant life possible.

You can find other companies too, but sometimes, there’s nice money to be had in just selling a little bit of goat dung.


Ways to Earn Money With Goats FAQs


Is It Hard to Raise Goats?

It can be hard to start with, depending on the type of farm that you want to have.

Overall though, they usually are pretty easy to manage and do require less space than cows, horses, and pigs.


What Do I Need to Begin to Raise Goats?

You should have a space for them that’s properly zoned.

You also should have enough capital to feed the goats that you’ll be taking care of.

Not enough food causes problems with raising this livestock, and it can impact business.

You also should have goats too.

Sometimes, getting some high-quality goats and breeding them is worth more than buying some low-quality goats.


What’s the Best Way to Make Money With Goats?

It depends on what you’re comfortable with doing.

If you’re willing to sell the foodstuffs from these animals, then goat milk, cheese, and meat can be a high-quality service.

If they have nice coats, goatskin and fur can also net a nice profit.

If you have a few goats that you’re keeping as a side hobby and not your main source of farming income, having them for Agri-tourism and also for other fun activities can be good.

If your goats like to eat a lot of stuff, then you can send them out as ruminants.


What Do I Need to Use My Goats as Ruminants?

You do need a permit and are able to offer this service.

You also should have a trailer for the goats to be transported to the locations they’re needed and have the fencing set up so that they don’t leave the area that they’re supposed to be grazing in.



Getting paid to raise goats can be a fun side hustle for so many people.

After all, they’re cute, they are great for clearing out brush and other plant material, and they’re versatile animals.

Consider raising goats and use these 20 tips to get started with your goat business.

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