Yes, you can surely make money with Canva, if you know what needs to be known.

Thankfully reading this article will show you up to 25 best ways and tips to making money with Canva.



The majority of us have five senses.

Through our sense of smell, sight, taste, feelings, and hearing we are able to take in the full range of life’s experiences.

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For example, when we eat a meal typically the first thing that comes to our attention about the possibility of a wonderful meal is the smells that emanate from the kitchen.

When the meal is placed before us our sight takes in the feast that we are about to enjoy and perhaps the menu item is still sizzling on the platter that has been set before us.

Finally, as we pick up our eating utensils and engage the sense of feel with this process and place a morsel of food in our mouth our experience is complete as to the tastiness of the food.

So it is with other things in our lives in which our senses are fully engaged.

Specifically, one of the dynamic features experienced in our lives today is the Internet.

To fully engage in the internet experience, our senses are fully engaged particularly our vision as we look at the various graphics and the way that the different messages are being conveyed.

One of the features that bring this power of the Internet to life is graphics.

Let us gaze at some of the powerful graphic-designed websites that an individual can utilize to create their own “Internet meal” and earn money in the process.


25 Best Ways & Tips to Making Money with Canva


1. Know all about Canva

Available online is a graphic design tool that is known as Canva.

The power and beauty of this graphic design tool are that the individual does not need to have any graphic design experience or knowledge and still, with the various templates and tools available, can create something beautiful and powerful.

The website address is


2. Have an Account

To begin using this graphic creating resource you need to create a free Canva account.

This account can be created utilizing your cellular phone or your laptop.


3. Know What You Can Do

With Canva there are a variety of templates that can be utilized to create compelling graphics.

Some of those design templates could include:

  • Banners and logos
  • Digital presentations
  • Templates for eBooks
  • Journals
  • Thank you cards
  • Invitations to a wedding
  • Business cards
  • Templates for a resume


4. Importance

The importance of Canva is demonstrated through a variety of platforms that require engaging presentations so that followers can be engaged and businesses can gain new customers which can lead to an increase in profits.

Without engaging graphics on sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and business websites, the average individual looking at these sites will classify these bland-looking sites as not interesting and move on.

Therefore Canva is important especially if resources are limited for the individual.

Therefore, some important reasons as to why Canva is a powerful tool that can be used include:

  • Engaging graphics
  • Ease of use and therefore a low learning curve for the user
  • Free to use
  • And more


5. Ease of Use

Canva is billed as a graphic design tool that creates artistic templates along with other graphic design products and is easy to use without a significant amount of learning needed.

In comparison to other graphic design software products, Photoshop or Illustrator, the use of Canva is offered with the individual in mind who has minimal graphic design experience.

Also, Canva has a variety of instructional videos as well as tutorials that are designed to facilitate learning for the user.


6. Copyright Work?

As it relates to copyrighted work, the selling of the templates that are designed by you and created through the Canva graphic website can be sold by you and is completely legal.

However, if the template that you use is not designed by you but is a version that has been modified and belongs to someone else then that is an infringement or an act of plagiarism on your part which is illegal.

Also, you cannot sell any of Canva’s templates from their template marketplace or library resource area.


7. Premium

Canva offers to customers two options as it relates to the Canva graphic tool.

The one option is available to the individual and comes with a significant number of tools, a variety of templates, and cloud-based storage.

The other choice is the premium option which is available for the individual to try at no cost for a period of time to see if this is a good match for meeting their graphic design needs.

As one would expect, the premium version of Canva provides additional resources and tools to the subscriber.


8. Sell Templates

One of the best ways to earn money utilizing Canva is the selling of templates.

In order to maximize the use of Canva in the selling of templates the best suggestion is to invest in the Canva premium account.

By utilizing the premium account the availability of sharing designs as templates is made possible.

What is involved is you create your designs on Canva and when accomplished you click the share button and you will be provided three different options.

Those three options are:

  • View only
  • Edit
  • Template

You then select the option of your choice and share it as a template from the drop-down menu.

You will then be able to utilize a link that is provided for you and potentially sells your template and earn money.


9. Be a Contributor

Another way to earn money is by being a contributor using Canva’s designing tool and start selling your content.

Being a contributor is an employment possibility with Canva as they accept applications from people who are willing to promote and submit their templates.

If other people use your templates you will receive a portion of the money as per their policy.

To make an application with their program you can access


10. Be An Affiliate

Another way that you can make money is through Canva’s affiliate program.

Through this program, if any of your referrals purchase the premium option of Canva after their trial of 30 days you will receive an amount of money set by Canva as an affiliate with the money deposited into your account.


11. Coaching

If you are proficient at Canva another opportunity that presents itself in earning money would be to teach others.

You could offer a training service and charge a fee for the training.

Often, individuals are busy and want to learn quickly and you, if proficient in Canva, can provide that service.


12. Content Creation

By utilizing Canva you can create a Content Creation Service.

This service can be provided to individuals who are actively involved with social media.

By providing the service you can make a fairly good amount of money.

This content is in great demand because all of the various brands available on the internet want to have the most appealing and engaging activity being presented on their social media sites.

Therefore they hire the best content writers.

A variety of options are available in which you can sell your content creation service.

Some of those ways include:

  • Selling on a freelance website such as Fiverr or Upwork
  • Reaching out to close members of your Inner Circle
  • Reaching out to businesses (LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.)


13. New Clients

A way that you can make money through Canva is by doing the setup for people’s accounts that want to use this graphic website for their social media platforms or other venues.

Often, individuals are not comfortable with technology or simply don’t have the time and will pay others to make all of this happen for them.

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You could earn money by bringing this service to them, setting them up with a variety of designs, organizing their projects, and giving them a quick tour of how to use Canva.


14. E-Book

Being artistically talented in creating graphic designs through Canva you may also have a writing talent that you can combine with your graphic design talent.

The combination of the two would be a perfect formula for creating an eBook.

You could write about utilizing the Canva tool, designing creations, making a successful career through Canva, or the side hustle of selling these graphic designs and instructing others how to do the same.

Canva may even help you promote your book.

Also, you can put your full graphic design talent on display by creating the cover for the eBook.

A way that you can learn more about writing an eBook through self-publishing means can be found at https//


15. Stickers

A popular product that can be created through the Canva graphic design tool is the creation of stickers.

Stickers are a very popular way of marketing and use in an advertisement.

Various stickers can be created through templates provided on Canva that capture the various holiday seasons, safety areas, and a variety of other items where stickers can be placed.


16. Digital

A relaxing pastime that is enjoyed by many is the putting together of a jigsaw puzzle.

In addition to being relaxing, it can be a quality time in which family members join together over a puzzle and enjoy each other’s company while bringing something creative to life.

Jigsaw puzzles along with other digital patterns can be created through Canva.

Some of those other digital patterns could include:

  • Mood boards,
  • Vision boards,
  • Wallpapers,
  • Instagram
  • Puzzle grids
  • Birthday cards
  • Etc.


17. Print on Demand

Print on demand is a popular way of uploading a design to have them imprinted on a variety of items.

Some of those items could include T-shirts, coffee mugs, shoes, stickers, etc.

If, for example, you are a registered user on and you display your graphic design through your virtual store, a customer can purchase a design and select an item for the design to be affixed to.

You would just need to upload your design and display it in your store and allow customers to shop and buy.


18. Course

If you are competent in your knowledge of Canva and believe that others can benefit from your knowledge and your instruction on how to use this graphic design website you could create an online course.

Your online course could discuss the basics of this graphic design tool, the various tips, and tricks that you have learned, creating a quality template or graphic design, and even teach about creating a business around this skill and talent that you have become proficient at.

A website that you can contact to see if this can be part of their online course offering can be accessed at


19. YouTube

Through YouTube, you can create your own platform and discuss and demonstrate everything Canva-related.

You could provide classes that range from the basic steps required to learn how to use this graphic design tool up to a variety of intermediate or advanced levels.

The possibility of walking the viewer through various functionalities can be provided by you and reveal what the Canva site provides and demonstrate how to create a template.

Monetization of your channel could come from your supporters as they appreciate the instruction that you are providing as well as a subscription process in which advanced learning can be accessed by paying.

Also, you could obtain affiliate advertising, a sponsorship, and also sell merchandise such as some of your templates.

Also See: Business Without Social MediaBusiness Beyond Profit Motivation.


20. Blog 

Another opportunity that presents itself to earn money by discussing Canva is by creating a blog.

On your website, you could talk about the functionality of Canva, how to do basic templates, take the reader on to advanced classes, etc.

Monetization could come from your supporters, affiliate advertising, the selling of merchandise, and possibly gaining a sponsor.


21. Website

Your website could also be a landing area in which individuals wanting to learn about Canva can access the various resources available on your site.

A variety of links could be embedded on the site that provides resources, templates, and other helpful information.

You could provide some of the templates at no charge but also sell some of the more intense or wonderfully created templates that you have designed and sell those.


22. Where?

When deciding to sell templates the next obvious question once they are designed is where to sell these creations?

The reality is everyone who has a presence on the Internet is looking for quality templates that they can use to be graphically appealing to their audience.

Therefore a small sampling of where to market and sell your templates would include:

  • Reaching out to bloggers
  • Educators
  • Restaurants
  • Small business owners
  • Real estate agents
  • Freelancers
  • Writers

You can advertise your templates through your social media platforms, if you have an online virtual store, through your web page, etc.


23. Target Audience 

An important aspect to consider when selling your knowledge and templates that you have created utilizing Canva is to determine who your audience will be.

Your audience could include:

  • Individual entrepreneurs
  • People who have an online retail presence and need a template for their business
  • Students
  • Or customers through your own virtual retail store

As part of identifying who your customers will be it is also important to consider what types of graphics they would be interested in purchasing.


24. Price

An important component in selling a graphic design is to determine what price you will set.

Your price should reflect your expertise, the time that it takes to create these templates, evaluating the price of the competition, etc.


25. Promote

Another aspect of earning money through Canva is to promote your graphic designs.

This can be accomplished through your website, word of mouth, your blog, your social media platforms, etc.


Personal Story

Working with a not-for-profit we often would have an opportunity to make presentations in the community.

Rather than just have someone standing before an audience and talking about the services offered and the difference that was being made and the number of people that we were able to help, etc. we realized the importance of creating or endeavoring to create an engaging presentation.

One of our big events was during the holiday season when over 1000 people would gather together in the Civic Auditorium to hear from a variety of guest speakers and listen to music, as we aggressively started our fundraising campaign.

One of our showcase features was a three-minute video that highlighted our services and was set to moving music to engage the audience and for them to visually see the lives that were being impacted and changed.

Up until the last year that I was with the organization a marketing firm was handling this presentation for us but then chose to bow out which left the presentation up to the staff to develop.

We did a fairly good job and took a number of pictures and set the pictures to appropriate words played in a song and timed to coincide with the rise and fall of the musical tune along with the powerful photographs displayed.

All that to say is that graphics, pictures, and visualizations can have a powerful impact on moving people to respond to the needs of others and also help the budding graphic designer with powerful pieces to earn revenue.


Earning Money with Canva FAQs


Does Canva Have Copyright Guidelines?

Yes, but the copyright and licensing rules vary depending upon whether you have the free account or you are paying a premium.

The free account allows you to use all photos music and video files that are classified as free and can be used for both and used commercially and non-commercial use.


What Are the Major Differences Between Canva Free and Canva Premium?

The major difference between the two options and utilizing Canva is that with Canva premium you have an additional tool known as the background remover, magic resize, and 95 additional GB of cloud storage over the free version.


You Can Do It

You may or may not have a graphic design flair but with a graphic design program such as found through Canva a significant part of the work is done and quality graphic designs can be accomplished.

In addition to creating these graphic design works, you can build a modest business around the selling of these items through a variety of ways and methods.



Perhaps you never thought about earning extra money by creating graphic designs.

In today’s day and age, especially as it relates to the world of graphics, visualizations, computers, print on demand options, the world of graphic design is wide open for an individual to walk through.

What facilitates the ease of these graphic designs is a website such as Canva that already has templates that can be utilized in the process.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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