You can really make money with AliExpress, as you will learn from this very helpful article.

It contains 25 best ways and tips to really making money with AliExpress.



One of America’s favorite pastimes some time back was to go to the mall, walk around, enjoy a treat at one of the stores in the food court and then go home.

Sometimes items were purchased and sometimes not but the enjoyment was dreaming, being with friends and family.

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It was just an opportunity to get out and mingle with the shopping crowd.

Buying and selling consumer goods is important.

It is through this process that a nation’s economy is built and energized.

The selling of goods not only fuels the economy but businesses make a profit, salaries are paid, employees purchase items and the cycle continues.

In addition, today, not only can consumers buy items but can earn money in the process.

One such website that this can occur on is AliExpress.

Let’s go shopping online and access AliExpress to purchase items and also earn money.


26 Best Ways & Tips to Making Money With AliExpress


1. Know all about AliExpress

When it comes to online shopping one of the world’s largest platforms for this to occur is AliEexpress.

AliEexpress is owned by the Alibaba group.

AliExpress is a significant favorite for buyers that are in the market for products that are reasonable to cheap.

The product line covers a broad spectrum of items available and carries just about any product imaginable


2. Know what AliExpress Does

Through this online retailer, the business model is set up so that it does not have its products to sell.

It does, however, utilize several multiple suppliers who upload their products on AliEexpress.

In essence, this e-commerce presence online simply connects buyers with suppliers.

The comparison that AliEexpress can be best made to is that it is China’s version of Amazon.


3. Open Up an Account

To shop on AliExpres you have to follow a registration process.

By clicking here you are taken to the website where you are offered a discount coupon worth up to five dollars by downloading the app and then registering.

The process involves going to my account and registering and you can sign in with your Google account.

You then set the country in which you reside and pick your country’s currency.

In addition, you will set up your language, and enter your delivery address, and other information.


4. How it Works

Once you have registered you then can begin your shopping experience as if you were in any other online retail store.

You can use coupons to save money, you can play games that are in the app, and utilize a variety of different payment methods that are accepted by AliExpress

When you purchase an item, there are two methods of shipping.

One method is ordinary and does not utilize tracking while the other shipping method is certified and you can track your purchase right up to your doorstep.

The only potential issue is that standard shipping for AliExpress can take anywhere from 3 to 4 weeks.


5. Suppliers

The suppliers for AliEexpress can range anywhere from direct product manufacturers or products produced and supplied by a factory.


6. Manufacturer or Factory

Although the possibility of conducting business directly with a manufacturer or factory may happen in rare instances it is unlikely.

This is because most factories or manufacturers of products are interested in manufacturing or producing their items in large quantities.

The business model that most factories and manufacturers are the business-to-business model rather than the business-to-customer model.


7. Wholesalers

A category of suppliers that you can find on AliEexpress is wholesalers.

However, again, even though you may find wholesalers on this site, a supplier who has products to sell would be more interested in providing them wholesale rather than registering themselves on a platform where there are no minimum orders.

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8. Online Retailers

The majority of products that you find on AliEexpress are from retailers who have an online presence.

The business selling process is that these online retailers buy their items in large quantities and are purchased at a significantly lower cost per item.

They then sell those items individually through AliEexpress at a competitive markup.


9. Middle Personnel

Additionally, a supplier of products listed on AliExpress can also take on the role of being a middleman.

Through this process, the supplier/middlemen can purchase a product from another supplier of items on this online retail site.

The middleman can then turn around and list that product on AliExpress and maintain his/her profit margins.

There is no way to tell whether the individual selling a product is a middleman or simply a supplier.

The reality of these business transactions is that the customer is looking for a product at the best price possible whether it is from a direct retailer or supplier or whether they acted as a middleman.


10. Finding Best Suppliers

When looking to purchase items on AliExpress it is good to know whether the supplier of the product has a good reputation and a quality rating on AliEexpress.

Going to the product page, you can click on the upper left-hand corner of the product site and it will give you a brief description of that particular supplier.

In addition, you will be provided the percentage as it relates to positive feedback.

Also, besides that information, you will be shown the number of followers and therefore it is safe to assume that the number of followers for a quality supplier will be at a good level.

You can also float your mouse over the rating area and get more detailed information about the supplier.

The bottom line is the higher the ratings for the supplier the better quality of service that is provided by that company or individual.


11. Customers

To shop on AliEexpress does not require a special designation or being a particular member to earn this right.

Anyone can shop on this site as long as they can utilize a credit card in making their purchases.


Making Money


12. Affiliate Programs

The most common method of making money on AliExpress is the process of affiliate advertising.

The requirements to take advantage of affiliate programs include getting a referral link and its distribution.

An affiliate program is a process in that every time purchase through the embedded link in your online presence and if a purchase is made you receive a commission or a bonus off of that purchase.


13. ePN

One of the official affiliate programs and partners of AliEexpress is ePN.

The advantage of utilizing the ePN platform is that it is user-friendly for the novice up to the most experienced affiliate advertising users.

Added to the mix are the success of this platform and the impressive facts and figures that are provided to users and potential users.

By the end of 2019, this affiliate program was the most used by AliExpress.

It is not unreasonable to get a return of 8% for goods from branded stores to 70% for items that are classified in the hot sale category and are purchased.

Also, through this platform, you can potentially earn 5% of the profits when a referral is indicated.


Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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14. Resource Admitad

Another affiliate platform that can be utilized when setting up a link on your site for AliExpress is through the use of Admitad.

The recent statistics indicate that profits of 2.3% can be realized through the sale of technology and various accessories and up to 6.9% of sales for goods that are in the home and clothes category.

Admitad has lower rates but the platform has a simple interface and is very easy to access


15. Placing a Link

As part of the moneymaking process, it is important the location that you choose in placing a link.

Just like the mantra of location, location, location, in real estate so it is with the placement of a link to take full advantage of affiliate advertising.

Therefore, you need to place links on sites that have significant traffic or visits.

Some of the better places to embed these links would be groups that have been formed on various social networks.

Another option is to utilize a web resource that can be set up to deal strictly with the promotion of items for sale on AliExpress.

Another powerful site that can be home for an AliExpress link would be if you operate a blog site.


16. Creating a Link

Creating a link is very straightforward.

You go to your affiliate program of choice (EPN or Admitad.) and register on the platform.

In “your account” you then go to “My sites” and access “add.”

You fill in the required data in the form that is opened for you with a link to the resource.

You indicate the type of resource that you are utilizing, in this case, AliExpress, and then click add site and go to the tools and follow the various prompts.

This can be created as many times as you wish and the more affiliate links that you have the greater opportunity to earn added income.


17. Resell

Another way to make money utilizing AliExpress is to take advantage of the low prices that are charged for the available products.

Often, the purchase price is so low that business people will buy large quantities and then turn around and resell those products at a significant markup which could include double or triple their purchase price.


18. Dropshipping

Dropshipping has become a popular way of selling items without having to maintain an inventory.

With drop shipping, you only need to buy the particular goods when the actual order is submitted by the buyer.

This means that you will always be realizing a profit because no inventory is sitting on the shelves unsold.

To begin utilizing AliExpress coupled with the dropshipping strategy an individual can download a variety of apps to meet their drop shipping needs.

Some of those popular platforms include:

  • Alidropship
  • Shopify
  • Esuzy Woocommerce Plugin


19. Cashback

Cashback is another way to earn money on alley express.

The cashback process is the use of specialized sites.

The cashback is as it seems in that you can receive a percentage back in cash on the actual purchase price of the item.

Some of the more popular services for obtaining cashback rewards include:

  • LetyShops – a cashback bonus of up to 6.5%
  • Cash4Brands – 7% cash back rewards
  • Rakkuten – cashback bonus of up to 2.75%
  • ExtraBux – cashback bonus of up to 7%
  • MegaBonus – cashback bonus of up to 4.91%


20. Writing Reviews

A way of earning money, a bit on the insignificant side, but earning money is by writing reviews.

The reviews are written as it relates to the seller of an item or the product.

The earnings can be up to 20 rubles for a review and about .2 rubles for viewing a page

An option to increase your earnings by writing reviews would be to look for a popular product in which there is interest in customers buying that product.

One such popular site to write reviews can be found at Otzovik.


21. Intermediary Services

Rather than a business person buying large quantities of goods through AliExpress and going through all of the necessary checks on customer service, pricing, customer reviews, etc. an intermediary may make the most business sense.

You could provide this service of being an intermediary and could do all of this “legwork” and receive anywhere from the top 5 to 10% of the total purchase price.




22. AliExpress Coins

Another way to earn coupons and discounts which can equate to earning money is through AliExpress coins.

AliExpress coins are awarded when an individual, through the app, plays games that are interesting and fairly easy to play

When you collect a certain amount of coins, you can redeem these coins for coupons and discounts.


23. New User Discount

As an incentive for new customers to sign up for an account on AliExpress, a special feature has been designed that the new registrant will be offered special discounts on their first purchase.


24. Coupon Pals

Coupon pals take on the form of a game as a way to earn coupons.

This is only available on the app.

The game involves earning coupons when you invite your friends to participate in the AliExpress app.


25. Blogging

Another way to earn money is to blog about your experience with AliExpress.

On your blogging site, you can put an affiliate advertiser within your site and possibly gain sponsorship from AliExpress itself.

Also, with the interest given to your blog, the various followers may provide you with financial support.

You could blog about the site, the AliExpress site, how to access it, the items that they have available, and reviews that you wish to write about when you make any purchases from the AliExpress site.


26. Free

Sometimes AliExpress will offer to the consumer certain products at no charge.

Generally, the offers are made available through the AliExpress app.

In most cases, you simply have to pay the shipping involved to obtain the item.

Also, the possibility of winning a free product is made available through AliExpress, and to receive the product at no cost you just need to agree to write a detailed review about that product.

It is a win-win all the way around as you get a free product and the seller gets a review from a customer.


Personal Story

I don’t mind getting out of the house once in a while and going to the mall and doing a little window shopping.

However, I am not one for all-day shopping

The worst day that I ever had when going to the mall is when a friend of ours visited and wanted to go to the mall because there was a party that was going to be thrown at her workplace when she arrived back home.

The day started blandly enough as we went to a few stores and she looked at the various dresses and skirts that were available but couldn’t decide upon anything.

Subsequently, and six hours later there was still no decision made after it seemed like every store that carried women’s apparel had been entered into but to no avail.

By the end of the day, I was so exhausted that not only did I drop but had to stop frequently to rest my legs and preserve my energy.




How Does AliExpress Make Its Money?

AliExpress makes its money by charging the various suppliers of the products on their site a specific percentage of the value of the transaction.

AliExpress does not charge a fixed but charges a set commission that ranges anywhere from 5 to 8% of the total transaction.


What is the Value of AliExpress?

As of the end of February 2021, AliExpress was valued at $3.63 billion.


You Can Do It

With all that is going on in the retail industry and now with the added dimension and power of online shopping and news sites, the expression of “shop till you drop” has taken on a whole new meaning.

Now, not only can you shop for those special bargains and things that you want and need but there are ways that you can earn money by utilizing these same sites.



AliExpress utilizes a powerful business model for not only those that utilize this site to purchase items but individuals providing the sale items through this online retailer.

In essence, AliExpress is a conduit or a pipeline in which the platform is used to sell items provided by third-party companies, wholesalers, products from factories, etc. and the shopper simply logs onto the site and selects the items that they wish to buy.

The business model serves the provider of the goods well as they sell their products.

AliExpress has no inventory to worry about and therefore not concerned about having too much or too little of the product, and the buyer gets the product that they want.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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