If you want to know how to make money with a van, this article will be very helpful.

It reveals some of the best ways anyone can really make money with a van and much more!


What Types of Van Can You Make Money With?

A van is a vehicle built like a truck but with enclosed space to transport cargo.

They come in small and large trucks depending on the needs of the owners.

Some people buy a van for personal use, while others buy this vehicle for business purposes.

If you have a van you don’t use then consider using it to make money?

Yes, you can be making a steady income with this van in several ways.

You can use it to render services to people or businesses and get paid. You can also rent it out and earn passive income.

You have lots of options to make money with this vehicle. So, take steps and start making money with it.

That said, keep reading to learn of some of the best ways you can follow to make money with your van.


11 Best Paying Ways to Make Money with a Van


1. Commute Passengers With Your Van

You can make money with a van if you use it to drive passengers around.

In other words, you can use the vehicle to commute passengers from one place to another.

Ordinarily, you can put out words to your friends or local businesses to commute people or their goods from one place to another.

You can also register this vehicle with driving apps like Uber or Lyft and get connected to ready passengers.

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2. Make Money Doing Van Sharing

Van sharing programs allow you to rent out your van to individuals and businesses.

In other words, they are peer-to-peer van lending programs in which vehicle owners can share their vans with friends or those who need them.

You can use your van for this program and get paid good money. During faming seasons, you can share your van with farmers and get paid.

For instance, if you have a Nissan NV Cargo van then you can use it for van sharing ventures.

Fluid Market is a popular van sharing program you can sign up with to make money with your van.


3. Become an Amazon Flex Driver

You can use your van to make money if you become an Amazon Flex Driver.

An Amazon Flex driver uses a vehicle to transport goods or packages to Amazon customers.

They can pick up items ordered at the nearest Amazon location and deliver them to the customers.

If you have a van then you can register it with this service. Most people can earn from $18 to $25 per hour.

The factors that can affect how much you earn as an Amazon Flex driver include the tips you earn and the location.

As an Amazon Flex driver, you can work when you want and how long you want to work.

So, you can always plan your deliveries and make the amount you want with your van.

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How to Make Money with a Van


4. Moving and Hauling Service

You can use your van as a moving service and get paid.

What this means is that you can use the van to help families or businesses move goods from one location to another.

Your van can be used to move household appliances, boxes, and furniture when a family is relocating to another city.

Or, you can offer the van to move heavy tools, equipment, or goods for businesses.

Moving services are common with most van owners.

You too can start this as a small scale business and make good money.

How much you make would depend on how heavy the items you are moving, and the available prices in the city you are in.

You should hire an extra hand to help you move items on and off your van.

Also, make sure you have all the necessary equipment that would make your work easier.


5. Make Money with Your Van By Doing Food Delivery

You can use your van to deliver food items from a pickup spot to another place.

Your van can be enlisted to move foods like pizza, burgers, ice cream, chicken meals, and so on from restaurants where they were ordered to homes, offices, or the destination of the customers.

You can also use your van to deliver groceries and raw foods from retailers and outdoor markets to customers.

You can specialize in this hustle make constant money. There are apps or platforms like Shipt or Instacart that you can register with and get paid to deliver these items.

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6. Rent Out Your Van

If you have an extra van or you have a van you don’t use then consider renting it out to other people. You will be earning passive income this way.

You can set the rate you want taking into consideration rental time and mileage to be covered.

You can contact people you know in your city to start this rental business.

Or, you can sign up and list your Van with online platforms or apps which would connect you with interested renters.

Two popular companies you can sign up to rent our van include Hyre.com and Turo.com.

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7. Advertise On Your Van to Make Money

You can make money with your car by selling advertising space on it.

A van usually has large spaces to inscribe works. You can get paid to advertise brands or their products/services in these places.

Usually, a car wrap company would contact you and wrap your van adverts of a brand or product they are promoting.

The advert would be on your van until the end of the campaign when it would be removed.

Most van owners make more than $1,000 fast in two months campaign.




To make the most money with vehicle advertising, you would be required to drive the van to areas where a lot of people would see the advert.

Most companies would set a tracker that on your van to track the areas you drive your van.

One huge benefit of this way of making money with your van is that your vehicle would receive extra branding.

Check out Wrapify.com and Carvertise.com to start making money advertising brands on your van.


8. Make Money Towing Things with Your Van

If your van is big and strong, then you can use it for towing services.

The vehicle may come in handy for a lot of people whose vehicles get stuck in the snow or stopped on highways.

As a towing service, you may need some professional skills and have the right towing toots and kits in your van always.

So, you must have things like basic tow cable, emergency kit, sandbags, etc.

Your communication lines are expected to be open in case a client, driver, or car owner needs an urgent car towing service.

Also, make sure that you operate within the confines of the legal requirements in your area of operation.

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9. Start a Clean-up and Van Trash Hauling Business

You can make money with your van as you use it to haul trash from homes or businesses.

People are always looking to clear out their basements, attics, and spare rooms and you can help them out using your van.

For your business, you can clear construction sites and storage units and make money.

You can set the rate you earn for this business and work when you want.

A clean-up or van trash hauling business can earn you up to $150 per hour.

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10. Do Yard Clean up

During the autumn, leaves from trees litter the grounds and yards of most people.

You can start a yard clean-up business using your van.

Apart from clearing debris, you can also trim hedges, clear drainages, and keep fallen leaves off lawns.

This may be a seasonal job but it’s a great option for you to start making money with your van.

Talking about cleaning, check out the following cleaning businesses:


11. Make Money Living In your Van Doing Remote and Freelance Jobs as a Van Lifer

Aside from the above ways of making money with your van, you can still make money with your van as a van lifer.

A van lifer refers to someone who lives and travels in a van or an RV (a motorized wheeled vehicle used for camping or other recreational activities)

Many people travel in a van that is equipped and comfortably furnished. From this vehicle, they complete different jobs they earn money from.

Some of the jobs you can to make money from your van include publishing a travel blog, writing articles for money, becoming a social media influencer, running affiliate marketing, and even tutoring students online for money.

You can also do work as a virtual assistant, complete online surveys, publish videos and podcasts about your travels.



As this article has shown, it’s indeed possible to make money with your van. It also revealed some of the best ways to make that possible.

If you live in a university town you can also make money moving items for students from their homes to the hostels, vice versa.

You can also become a GoShare delivery professional and keep making extra money.

GoShare is a company you can sign up with and get connected to individuals and businesses which would need your vehicle for transportation.