If you want to know how to make money with a drone, then you are definitely reading the right article.

This article shows you all the ways you can make money with a drone and exactly how to get started right away.

It also shows you the best site that you can use to find paying jobs.

Yes, you or anyone who is interested, can really get started with making money using their drones.

But of course make sure you don’t get involved in illegal or dangerous ways to make money with your drone as some ways can get you into trouble with the law.

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What is a Drone?

For the uninformed, a drone is simply an aircraft without a pilot that is operated by remote control. It is usually developed to achieve a specific purpose.

Drones are now constructed for use in the consumer market. They are also called unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).


Making Money With a Drone

Do you know that you can make money with a drone?

Yes, you can make extra money daily if you become a drone pilot.

You can use this machine to complete specific tasks for others and get paid.

There are lots of difficult tasks that drones can complete.

If you can manipulate a drone to achieve these tasks then you will get your reward.


11 Legal Ways To Make Money With a Drone

The following are different ways in which you can make money with a drone.


1. Aerial Photography

You can take aerial photos with your drone. These are pictures taken from the air.

Some individuals or businesses may like the aerial view for their events or projects.

You can charge what you want or you can take and sell such pictures on stock photography websites.

Aerial photography displays creativity and captures beautiful scenes. Only drones can take hold of these sceneries.

Though not as weird as selling toes or feet pics on apps and sites like Feetify, Instafeet or Feetfinder, it’s definitely fun.


2. Inspections for Buildings

You can make money with your drone when you use it to help inspect the status of a building.

A drone can fly over a building and take videos or pictures of all the angles.

The pictures or videos will allow you to see any fault from the hard-to-see part of the building – especially on the roof of the building.

It is no wonder that construction workers, insurance companies, etc.

After all, most people would like to take advantage of the services of a drone pilot than paying more to erect scaffolding.

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3. Surveying & Mapping  

Surveyors can pay you to use your drone. You can make money from your drone when it is used for surveying and mapping a piece of land, building, or property.

With the drone, you can assist the surveyor to appraise the dimensions or quantity of land.

This machine can be used to measure angles and distances on the ground so that they can be accurately plotted on a map.

It would interest you to know that a drone can fly over a mapped area and collect information that can be used to create 3D models.

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4. Surveillance and Security

Use your drone to help in surveillance and security. This is another way to make money with your drone.

Some law enforcement agents can hire your drone to help in surveillance of some area.

In places where there is crowd or traffic, a drone can be deployed as surveillance to monitor the area for effective crowd control and security.


5. Search and Rescue

Drones can be deployed for search and rescue operations.

Your UAV can be hired to capture and monitor locations where the life of people or animals are in danger.

The drone can help the search and rescue team get an idea of the terrain and deploy the needed manpower and technology to rescue people or animals in danger.

During natural disasters like earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires, and so on, drones can be deployed for search and rescue missions.

Therefore, they help to save lives if your UAV is hired, then you will have good money.

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how to make money with a drone


6. Real Estate Photos & Video

Drones can be used to capture pictures and videos of real estate. These can help realtors to market their properties online.

Drones easily provide elevated vantage points of the different features of the houses or properties.

Potential buyers of real estate will find it easier to make a buying decision when they see the aerial view of the different angles of the building.

Of course, starring at a real estate from an elevated view gives a complete picture on the mind.

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7. Agricultural or Environmental Inspection

You can make money with a drone when you use it to make the agricultural or environmental inspection.

Large-scale farmers can hire your machine to inspect a wide area of agricultural land.

The picture or video is used to determine any area of the farmland ravaged by crop infestation.

Also, with the drone, farmers can monitor and spread pesticides or herbicides on specific areas of the farmland.


8. Marketing at Events and Campaigns

You can make money with your drone when you use it in a marketing campaign.

Drones can be utilized as a tool for low-flying billboards at marketing events.

They can fly billboards to promote products, services, brands, or projects at marketing events.

These flyers will advertise and promote the products for those in attendance.

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9. Hotel and Resort Ads/Videos

Drones can be used for hotel and resort ads/ videos. You will make money if your drones are hired to take pictures and videos of the hotels and resorts.

The aerial videos of these places would be good for adverts.

So, be ready to make a lot of money if you are located in a place where there are many hotels and resorts.

At these places, you will earn more money when you take photos and videos of special events.


10. Drone Deliveries

The new trend in some places today is to use drones to deliver items. Yes, some drones can be used to make money delivering packages from one point to another.

You can make money when you use drones to convey and deliver packages from stores to customers.

Offer drone delivery services to companies and organizations that need them.

Some of the top retailers like Amazon, AliExpress, etc., incorporate drone services to deliver products bought from them.

Also, medical facilities, national institutions, and charity organizations use drones to deliver special packages to some locations where vehicles would not reach on time.


11. Teach Others How to Fly a Drone

You can make money with a drone if you can teach others how to fly this machine.

The drone industry is expanding and more and more people are aspiring to become drone pilots.

If you have experience as a drone pilot then you can teach aspiring pilots in your spare time.

Your students can pay fees to learn from you, and you will make more money if you spend more time teaching them drone piloting skills.


Where to Find Drone Jobs

There are many places where you can find jobs as a drone pilot. One of the best places is you can check out is the platform known as “DroneBase.com“.

Here are some interesting details you should know about Dronebase.com

This is a website that offers pilots tons of opportunities to fly drone missions for clients in their areas.

They also train people to become drone pilots and issue them with a Part 107 license.

According to the FAA, “To fly your drone under the FAA’s Small UAS Rule (Part 107), you must obtain a Remote Pilot Certificate from the FAA. This certificate demonstrates that you understand the regulations, operating requirements, and procedures for safely flying drones.

So, if you have a part 107 license or an equivalent license from your country, then you can sign up with this platform.

Dronebase.com will help you find the right drone pilot opportunities.  You will help paid to fly drones for clients in different aspects of life.

You can get paid to fly drones for those in the real estate, insurance, and construction companies.

To make the most of Dronebase.com, you can check out how the platform works:

  • You can sign up with Dronebase.com to become a drone pilot.
  • Review the available missions sent to you. You are to review the location, due date, and payment.
  • Schedule your mission if there is no due date and accept
  • Fly the mission and upload deliverables. Dronebase takes care of editing and other issues.
  • When the mission is complete, you get paid.

Dronebase.com has an app that you can utilize to carry out drone jobs.

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As this article has shown, it’s indeed possible to make money with a drone.

This article also explained the different ways anyone can get started with and really make money.

For example, you can become trained as a drone pilot and start getting paid gigs and jobs.

Also, you can fly a drone and get paid for surveillance, aerial photography, product deliveries, drone marketing, videos, and so on.

There are many websites where you can find become trained and get licensed as a drone pilot.

You can also get drone pilot jobs which would allow you to make money piloting drones as a side hustle.

One of the best platforms you can check out to find a drone pilot job is Dronebase.com.