Yes, it’s not that hard to make money with a box truck if you know what to do and tips to help you.

Thankfully reading this article will provide you with very helpful tips on exactly how and what you need to do to make money with a box truck.       


Why Make Money With a Box Truck?

Needing to rent a box truck can only mean one thing.

That one thing is something is going to be or is in the process of being moved.

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It could be the moving of household items, products, delivery of services, or even the moving of trash from one location to another.

The use of a box truck also involves work and is sometimes hard work because of the nature of the box truck and its ability to carry significant weight and perform the duties that the box truck was built for.

However, a box truck can also be associated with excitement as in the case of a move from one location to a new location or from an old living area to a new living area.

Owning a box truck is also a business opportunity and one in which the owner can make money.

Let us travel in that truck and find ways that money can be earned through the ownership of a box truck.


Personal Story 

In May we found out that we were being transferred to another city and state in the southwest part of the United States.

As pastors, we felt it was our duty to minimize the cost of the move and so we felt that it was something that we could do on our own.

We started obtaining boxes and began the packing process and the Monday following our farewell sermon, we proceeded to pick up the rental truck, park in the driveway, and began loading up the truck for our move later that afternoon to our new destination.

It was the end of June in Arizona and the day that we chose we knew that it was going to be hot, but it was something that needed to be done.

Moving in and out of the boxed truck one could feel the difference in the temperature which was even hotter inside of the rented truck.

Finally, the truck was packed, giving a farewell glance back at our home for the last three years, we put the truck in gear and began our journey.

Nothing out of the ordinary, a typical move that we had done previous times before, and sat in the cab of the truck and cranked the air-conditioner as high as it could go.

Tuning into the radio we tried to relax as much as possible after everything had been accomplished.

Come to find out the temperature had reached 120° that day and was in uncharted territory so even the planes were grounded because the experts didn’t know how the planes would respond to that temperature.


25 Best Ways & Tips to Help You Make Money With a Box Truck


1. How All About What a Box Truck Is 

A box truck is a vehicle that has a heavy-duty chassis, and attached to the back of the frame of the truck is a rectangular or square enclosed area that can be utilized for the transportation of a variety of things.

The back end of the box is usually enclosed with swing door gates and sometimes a hydraulic lift is attached to the back of the truck’s frame for the heavy-duty lifting of items that are free-standing or have been placed on a pallet.


2. Lease a Truck 

Before buying a box truck as part of a business you could lease a truck for some time.

The cost to lease a truck varies according to the size of the truck that you wish to rent as well as which company you would lease the box truck from.

For example, a truck rented from Enterprise could cost you $97 a day plus the need to pay for mileage which is roughly 1 dollar per mile.

Or, another company that you could lease from would be Penske and their cost is roughly $300 per day plus a dollar 29 per mile.

If you went this route, you would need to do the math to ensure that you recoup the daily rental plus mileage and still earn a profit.


3. Rent 

When starting in the business of making money off of a box truck, perhaps the first part of, “getting into the pool” would be to rent a truck, drive the truck and perform a variety of services for your customers.

Typically, the rental of the truck in the local community is a fixed price and then you are charged per mile over a certain amount of miles.

You can recoup this cost by charging it off to your customers and making a small profit during the day.


4. Buy 

Of course, the other option would be to purchase a box truck and either pay for it outright or arrange to make payments on the purchase.

Being the astute business person that you are then you would need to ensure that your rates reflected the cost of the box truck, mileage, insurance coverage, and any other overhead costs associated with running the business.

You could charge different rates for different jobs that needed to be conducted.


5. Driver’s License 

Another important consideration when considering renting a box truck is, depending upon the size of the truck, what are the driver’s license requirements.

The department of motor vehicles within your state determines what class of driver’s license is needed depending upon the size of the vehicle that is being operated.

Therefore, it is important to do your research and for you to obtain the proper license as well as any drivers that you may employ abiding by the same regulations.

A commercial driver’s license is needed for a driver when they are operating a large ruck or transporting hazardous material.

The general rule of thumb is that any types of the commercial motor vehicle require a driver to hold a commercial driver’s license.


6. Long Haul 

A business option in making money with a box truck would also be the opportunity to do long-haul driving.

Long-haul driving is defined as the transportation of a product in which the distance is over 250 miles.

Many long-haul drivers cover as much or more of those miles and can log thousands of miles as they travel across the country and even into Canada or Mexico.

To be a long-haul driver means that you own a trailer and a semi-tractor and together provide services as an independent contractor for goods that need to be delivered to various companies.

The price range of a semi-and trailer can cost anywhere from $100,000-$200,000.

Of course, you could always look into a used rig and its trailer.


7. Local 

Local driving is the complete opposite of long-haul and is usually done in a confined geographical area.

The transportation range of doing delivery or services locally would involve the services to be completed within the day with the driver being at their own home for the evening.



8. Amazon 

As an independent driver with a box truck, you could also work for large corporations that depend upon independent driving contractors to deliver the goods and products that the customer has ordered.

One great opportunity would be to work for Amazon.

In using your box truck you could explore opportunities with Amazon Relay.


9. FedEx 

Another large shipping company that relies on over-the-road transportation is FedEx.

The opportunity to use your box truck with FedEx is a possibility and can be explored by logging onto their website as it relates to utilizing small straight trucks.


10. Delivery Services 

You can utilize your box truck and earn money by providing your services and your truck to local businesses.

Especially in the light of the recent pandemic, individuals were restricted in their movement and shopping habits and local businesses relied upon local delivery services.

As a box truck owner, you could work with local businesses such as grocery stores, appliance shops, and others to deliver their products to their customers.


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11. Food 

Another opportunity that would present itself to you as a box truck owner is the delivery of food.

The food delivery is not the meals from the restaurant delivered to a customer but more on the order of bulk food that needs to be delivered from one location to another.

Examples of food delivery could be your involvement with a caterer helping to transport food to an event, delivery of food to a food bank by a local grocery store, etc.


12. Retail   

Also, you could work with retailers who you could contract to have items that are bought by customers transported to the customer’s homes.

For example, there may be furniture stores, mattress stores, etc. that need a truck to move items that the customers have purchased and may not have their fleet or rely upon an independent contractor.

You could fulfill this need and realize some steady income by providing the service for retailers.


13. Independent Contractor 

As the owner of a box truck, you can market yourself as an independent contractor and be able to work regularly for a variety of companies in your geographical area.

As an independent contractor, you can work out contracts with various companies or be on a call basis and charge accordingly when there is a special delivery that needs to be made.


14. Moving 

A service that is always in demand and requires a truck is the moving of items.

The items to be moved can be household items as individuals move from one residence to another or the items can be unwanted items needed to be hauled off to the landfill.


15. Hauling 

Items that can be hauled away include unwanted technology items.

These items can be transported after being picked up from the home or business and transported by agreement to a local recycling plant that will properly dispose of the electronics.


16. Towing 

Because a truck is a heavy-duty piece of machinery, another option that you can provide as a service is towing.

If choosing to utilize your box truck as a towing vehicle, you may need to invest in other equipment such as a tow cable, J hooks, and chain bridals.

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17. Advertising 

As an individual owning a box truck and making this truck available to others, you will need to advertise.

This advertising can be done through your social media sites as well as the creation of a website on which customers can find your service.

Also, in your local area, you can be old school and put up signs indicating that your box truck is available for a variety of different uses and services.

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18. Insurance 

An important part of any business in protecting the assets of the company is to make sure that you have comprehensive insurance.

A good idea is to check with several insurance carriers and get quotes as to what the premiums would be each month for your business operations and the use of the box truck.

Of course, this would be in addition to vehicle insurance.


19. Rent the Truck 

Another option that you can explore is renting out your box truck to others who need this vehicle.

It is important to have a contract in place that outlines the terms of use and specifically any liability issues as it relates to the truck being on the road.

A good idea would be to have a lawyer draw up a contract or use an online website that can help you with the details.


20. Junk 

Many individuals have unwanted items around their homes that they wish to get rid of.

If the items are considered trash, you can use your box truck to haul these items away for the individuals to the local landfill and to charge them a fee for this service.


21. GoShare 

An option that may be useful for being the owner of a box truck is to participate in the Goshare process.

This is an app-driven service that connects individuals needing the use of, in this case, a box truck, with an individual who owns a box truck.

Through the app, the connection can be made and arrangements to provide the service are available.

The pay range can be anywhere from $33 to $85.


22. Legalities 

When considering making money through a box truck, it is important to consider the legalities associated with this business operation.

It is important to research licensing laws that need to be followed at both the local and the state levels.

Examples of licensing laws could be a business permit, collecting of state and local taxes, etc.


23. Charging 

What you charge for the use of your truck is critical to ensure that a fair price is offered and yet you are maximizing the use of the vehicle to earn money for your company.

When considering charging the customer for various services offered it is important to take in the use of the truck as it relates to cost per mile, adding in insurance coverage, overhead, your salary, marketing, advertising, etc.

The best way to determine the price would be to check with competitors and be in the same ballpark and perhaps a little bit lower to still earn a good income and yet be more competitive with other businesses.


24. Business Setup 

When considering the business use of your box truck, it is important to set up a business.

The business setup should include the use of a business plan, deciding on which legal model you wish to use (sole proprietorship, LLC), etc, and receiving and applying for all of the necessary permits and licenses to operate within your community.


25. Maintenance 

an important part of keeping your truck on the road and providing you revenue is to make sure that you have an ongoing maintenance program as it relates to the care of your box truck.

The maintenance program should include regular oil changes, following the manufacturer’s suggested guidelines as it relates to maintenance, care of the tires, etc.

Doing regular maintenance will add to the truck staying on the road and not frequenting the garage as well as potential resale value when turnover is required.


Making Money With a Box Truck FAQs


How Expensive Are Boxed Trucks?

The price of a new boxed truck corresponds to the size of the truck.

Trucks classified as light-duty 2 and 3 can range in price from $25,000 to $45,000.

A medium truck, class 4, can cost between $35,000 to $50,000.

Boxed trucks classified as class 5 can range from $50,000 to $75,000.


What Other Investments Should Be Made as It Relates to Renting Out a Boxed Truck?

Depending upon what will be the primary use of your truck, other pieces of equipment that may be indicated could include :

  • Liftgate
  • Loading ramps
  • Tie-down equipment
  • Hand carts


You Can Do It 

Owning or thinking about owning a box truck can provide a good opportunity to start a business and provide the potential of earning some good money.

With the right strategy and implementation of marketing, you can use this asset as individuals and companies are always in need of an individual who owns the asset of a box truck.



People, places, and things are always on the move.

To facilitate the moving of these items, transportation is required and one of the best modes of transportation that can accomplish this service is through the use of a box truck.

Getting behind the wheel of your boxed truck you can drive forward and earn some good revenue by taking your truck out of the park and putting it into gear.

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