If you would like to make money with your bike then it is a good thing you are reading this article.

It reveals some interesting ways anyone can use to make money with their bike.  It also reveals some of the websites that can help you make money with your bike.


11 Ways to Make Money With a Bike


1. Use It for Food Delivery

One of the ways to make money with your bike is to use it for food delivery.

Yes, you can use it get paid to deliver foods like burgers, pizza, grilled chicken, and other delicacies from restaurants to customers.

All you need to do is sign up with some food delivery websites and apps like Shipt or Instacart that would connect with you with restaurants and their customers for food delivery.

These apps or platforms have features that would direct you to the perfect locations where you can get paid to deliver foods in your neighborhood. It could be at the office or homes of customers.

You can make up to $20 per hour. Also, you can keep 100% of the tips given to you by some customers.

UberEATS and DoorDash are very good examples of apps that would allow you to make money while you use your bike to deliver foods to customers.


2. Use It for Grocery Delivery

You can shop for groceries and deliver them to customers with your bike.

Yes, this vehicle will come in handy if you register it with some apps that connect you with small businesses or families that have ordered groceries.

Once you sign up with this platform, you would be connected with customers who need groceries.

You can shop for these items at the stores and use your bike to pick up and drop the orders at the home of users.


3. Use Your Bike to Sell Ads Space for Brands

You can place adverts of a brand or company on your bike and get paid.

Yes, the logo or sticker of the product or brand would be placed in an available place on your bike.

The placing is usually on the places where people are going to see it.

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If you ride to places where the adverts would be exposed to many people then you will receive more money.

You can contact businesses or brands you know to sell advert space on your bike.

You can also place adverts on your bike with the help of some apps or platforms that work like car wrap companies.

These platforms would pay you for every mile you ride your bike as long as your vehicle is covered with adverts of a client.


4. Ride It to Work  

If you are in the United States, then you can take advantage of the Bicycle Commuter Act.

The Act allows you to receive a tax credit for commuting by bike to work.

You will get reimbursements from your boss riding your bicycle to commute to work.

You should expect to receive up to $53 per month.

This payment would be included as a business expense commuting with your bicycle.

This can be considered as a fringe benefit, nevertheless, it is a good way of saving money every month.


5. Use Your Bike to Exercise

You can make money with your bike when you use it for exercise.

You can install fitness apps that would track how many miles you have traveled and how much weight you have shed.

Biking or cycling helps to exercise and keep the body fit as does just walking.

You can include other physical activities like eating right, walking, running, swimming, etc., to earn points or cash.

The more time you spend using your bike to exercise, the more fit you will become.

So, check out various fitness apps or platforms which can pay you to bike to keep fit.


6. Rent Out Your Bike

If you have an extras bike then can consider renting it out to other users.

You get paid for renting out your bike.

Some people would rent the bike for more than one day.

Contact and connect with those around you and make money when they rent your bike for personal use.

You can set the rate at which you rent the bike, and the more rentals you make the more money you make.

There are now some apps or platforms you can also sign up with to find people who want to rent your bike for the money.


7. Start a Bike Touring Gig

If you live in a major tourist location you can make money with your bike if you lead a bike tour.

You can help people who ride with you outdoors in the summer or warmer weather.

You will make money a tour guide who will ride with tourists around the amazing landmarks or locations in your town or city.

Of course, you have to set the price of each tour and what you earn may depend on the distance.

Most people make good money as bike tourists and they offer also increase their earning potentials by offering overnight trips to tourists.

If you are setting up a bike tour company in your town then it is a great idea. Nevertheless, make sure you have the entrepreneurial spirit to run it.

You also need to create a business plan, a stockpile of bikes, insurance coverage, and contacts within your locality to start.

On average, you can charge $40 to $60 per person for a day bike tour.


8. Start a Bicycle Taxi

You can make money with your bike if you use your bike as a taxi. Yes, this is another way of making money with your bike.

People can ride with you as a passenger while you pick them up from a take-off point to their destinations.

You use your bike or bicycle as a taxi and get paid once you have completed your service.

In some places, the recommended taxi vehicle is a tricycle or pedicab.

You should exploit this option by converting convert your bicycle/bike into a pedicab/tricycle.

In some US cities, individuals can make up $100 per hour during festivals as they ride passengers with their bikes or tricycles.

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How to Make Money With a Bike


9. Become a Bike Messenger

You can make money with your bike if you use it to pick up and drop off messages. Yes, in this case, you become a bike courier.

Your services would be highly appreciated by businesses who want to deliver parcels, packages, and letters to remote clients or destinations.

You can contact local businesses around you and get paid to help them deliver messages as a courier.

Once these companies have a message to deliver or receive, they would call you to action.

You can sign up with some apps or websites that connect bikers to deliver messages for clients.


10. Become a Bike Blogger

If you have a passion for the bike, you can start blogging about it.

On the platform, you would be sharing quality content like texts, videos, and images that would appeal to your visitors.

You can share content about bikes, their types, their make, the uses, your tours with them, and so on.

If your blog becomes very popular then you can leverage this to make money.

The different ways to make money with your blog include selling advert spaces, signing up with affiliate programs, selling products relating to biking on it, getting paid for writing reviews about biking and accessories, and posting sponsored content, etc.


11. Teach Bike-Safety Classes

You can teach bike safety lessons and make money with your bike.

You can do this by organizing local safety classes for or amateur bikers. Participants may have to pay to attend and learn from your tips.

Also, you can teach online and get people to subscribe to a video clip or an online course where you teach the best safety skills for bikers.

Of course, you must be very good at biking before you can attract students or subscribers. Your expertise with biking will make you stand out.

You can set your rate for each lesson or class.

You will make money if you have many people or subscribers show interest in your offers.


9 Websites and Apps for Making With Your Bike

The following is a list of websites where you get paid for your bike in different ways.

1. UberEATS

You get paid to deliver foods with your bike

2. Instacart

You get paid to buy and deliver groceries with your bike

3. DoorDash

You get paid to deliver foods with your bike

4. Postmates

You get paid to deliver foods, drinks, and groceries with your bike

5. Ridevert

You get paid to sell ads on your bike

6. AdsOnBikes.com

You get paid while having ads on your bikes similar to getting paid to drive around with ads on your car.

7. Achievement

You get paid to exercise and lose weight with your bike.

8. Spinlister

You get paid to rent out your bike

9. Riders Share

You get paid to rent out your bike


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As this article has shown, it’s indeed possible to make money with your bike.

This article also revealed the best ways that really work when it comes to making money with your bike and the best sites that help you get paid.