If you want to know how to make money while you sleep, it’s indeed possible. Seriously – you can really make money even while sleeping and this article will show you how.

It will show many of the best ways anyone can make money passively, even while sleeping and some companies that really help you.


Can You Really Make Money While You Sleep?

Of course you can!

One of the “you know you’re getting older” jokes is when you say that the best part of your day is over when the alarm goes off.

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Some of us can certainly relate to that and it’s not so much of a joke.

Sleeping, of course, is an important function that the body requires. A good night’s rest plays an important role in our physical and mental health.

The reality is sleep boosts our immune system, helps to prevent weight gain and sleep can strengthen an individual’s heart.

Additionally, sleep can help towards a good mental attitude and allows us to get up on the right side of the bed.

Another added benefit of a good night’s sleep is that the body is reenergized which can increase a person’s productivity. Sleep has also been proven to be a memory enhancer.

A good night’s sleep can also allow us to make money while we drift off into dreamland.

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Warren Buffett on Making Money While You Sleep

If you had your choice of listening to someone who has scaled the heights of Mount Everest, would you rather listen to someone who has read about somebody else’s adventure, or would you like to hear about someone who has experienced this adventure?

So, it is with listening to someone about how to make money while you sleep.

Enter Warren Buffett who said, “If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep you will work until you die.

The financial prowess and success of Warren Buffett is no secret. Therefore, let us explore how to make money while we sleep and take to heart Warren Buffett’s sage advice.


15 Legit Best Ways to Make Money While You Sleep


1. Real Estate

Real estate has traditionally been a good investment opportunity for individuals who wish to achieve financial independence.

By purchasing developed or undeveloped land, the individual investor can either provide some minor to major improvements and turn around and sell their property at a higher price.

The other option is to purchase the property and rent out any development on that property to either tenants or business owners.

The other option is to hold undeveloped land and speculate that the land at one time, sooner or later, will be purchased by developers.

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2. High-Interest Bearing Vehicles

There are many investment plans that an individual can utilize. These investment opportunities provide more than just the standard low-interest return offered by large banking institutions.

These opportunities offer a higher rate of interest and will be an opportunity for one’s money to work harder for them.

Some of those investment vehicles include certificates of deposit, money markets, high interest-bearing savings accounts, etc.

Some of the accounts do not penalize the individual if they withdraw the money early.

However, with a CD, there are penalties involved if the money is removed before the maturity date.


3. Become a Blogger

Yes, you can really make money while sleeping as a blogger or website owner. It’s as simple as creating a blog that people will find interest enough to visit regularly.

The more visitors your blog gets, the more money you can make from selling affiliate products or even just selling advertisements.

Of course, becoming a blogger involves creating content, so it’s a good idea to spend time to learn how to.

If you don’t want to write yourself, you can always hire freelance writers to create content for your blog.

While an individual is sleeping, in different parts of the world or perhaps night owl individuals are still accessing the Internet.

The Internet never shuts down nor does it oversleep.

Therefore, if one writes a blog and has many followers that read the blogging entries one may earn money while they sleep.

This is because many bloggers and other individuals on the website will contact various companies to talk about affiliate marketing.

This simply means that on the blogger’s page they will have a banner or an opportunity for those that are reading the interesting posts can come across one of these banners and click on it if they’re interested in the product.

If a sale is made, then you as the blogger will earn a commission on any money that is transacted through this process.


4. Become a YouTuber

While an individual is sleeping, some individuals use their time to watch YouTube presentations along with other parts of the world during their waking hours.

The reality is YouTube can present a great moneymaking opportunity that has been realized by several individuals using this platform.

If the individual loves technology and is comfortable with cameras and video presentations, they can start their after-hours money flow by rolling the camera.

Money is obtained as the YouTube channel that has created gains in popularity and number of viewers.

Once a certain level of views has been reached, it opens up marketing and money-raising opportunity through affiliate marketing and the placing of ads on one’s channel.

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5. Buy an Automated Dispensing Machine Business

In days gone by vending machines were a popular way of dispensing products to a variety of customers.

There are of course were cigarette vending machines, vending machines that distributed snacks, vending machines that distribute prepared foods, etc.

The value of vending machines is that they were conveniently located, didn’t take much maintenance, had very little employee overhead, etc.

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One may think that vending machines have gone by the way of the horse and buggy when in reality this is not true.

Vending machines have joined the evolutionary and technological arena by providing vending options that are particular to our technology devices.

Specifically, there is now a vending machine of sorts that dispenses a power pack to an individual when their battery is draining on their devices.

All the customer needs to do is insert a credit card, the charged power pack is dispensed, and the customer’s credit information is charged accordingly if the pack is not returned.


6. Invest in Stocks

The most effective and potentially the best return on an individual’s investments, particularly while sleeping, is through the stock market.

By diversifying one’s portfolio several stocks and bonds can be purchased. Then it is simply hands-off while the stock market and your investment strategy provide the various returns.

Investing in the stock market is not a guarantee that one will receive a return on their investment.

There are many variables including one’s risk level, what companies they are investing in, and how well the stock market performs.

However, typically, the stock market has been a good investment for individuals when they leave their investments in the various accounts for some time.


How to Make Money While You Sleep


7. P2P

This is an opportunity for an individual to make a monetary loan to another individual.

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The beauty of this lending process is that the individual, needing the money, does not apply for the loan in the typical fashion.

The process through an intermediary can loan money directly to another individual.

The process involves an investor opening up an account with a particular platform and deposits a set amount of money that will be used to loan.

The loan details are dependent upon the risk of the loan to the individual based on the individual’s credit standing.

The term and applicable interest are based on these factors. If and when the offer is made the applicant may accept the offer or not.

Once everyone agrees, the money is transferred.

The lender of the money receives their investment back via the interest charge on the accepted loan.

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8. Write and Sell E-Books

Many individuals have a flair for writing. This talent coupled with a passion regarding a subject or subjects gives a perfect combination for an individual to write an e-book.

The subjects or topics of the e-book can vary from fiction to nonfiction or can talk about marketing, it can be a sci-fi e-book, etc.

The only limitations would be those imposed upon the writer’s imagination.

To market and sell one’s e-book they can use a variety of book platforms.

Some of those book platforms include the Amazon Kindle store, iBooks Author, Google Play, etc.

Also, many self-publishing companies in the marketplace will help to facilitate the writing of one’s book.

Once the book has been uploaded to one of these or other book marketplaces, the book is made available to potential customers and readers.


9. Sell Items Online

There are many websites on which an individual may have products that they wish to sell.

Some of these products are items that have been handcrafted or some of these items are merchandise that one may have in their home and wish to sell.

Such websites as Etsy.com or eBay.com can facilitate the listing of these items. While you are sleeping, shoppers may come across the items that you have listed for sale.

Consequently, without even opening an eyelid or a storefront, money can be realized as the retailer dreams away.


10. Sell Online Courses

More and more educational learning is being conducted and taken advantage of through the Internet.

Through the Internet, although it may be beneficial to be certified or have the proper educational credentials, it is not necessary.

If people have a proven track record and experience regarding certain subjects they can develop an online course and make money selling the course through their website and to subscribers.

Some available online platforms include Udemy or Skillshare.

Once completed the documentation or video or combination of both can be uploaded and again individuals at all hours of the day can have access to your training course.


11. Get Into Fulfillment by Amazon Business

Amazon is probably the world’s leader as it relates to retail sales.

In its efforts to give back to the retail community, Amazon has initiated a program entitled Fulfillment by Amazon.

It is an opportunity for retailers to carve out their niche in the market by generating a product and then marketing that product.

In collaboration, Amazon then does the closing of the retail loop for the retailer by providing the packaging, shipping, and billing to the customer of the sales made by these independent retailers.

To take advantage of Fulfillment by Amazon the business owner needs to:

  • Create a seller account
  • Choose a particular corner of the market or niche that they wish to be associated with
  • List the product on their newly generated account
  • Do the marketing

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12. Alternative Investing

We live in a world of variety. This variety even extends into our financial dealings.

Today it is not just about dollars and cents or whatever the currency is in the different countries around the world.

In addition, to several standardized investing options there is the availability of alternative investing.

This alternative investing can be in the purchase and holding off such items as precious metals (gold, silver, platinum), cryptocurrencies, sports memorabilia, art masterpieces, etc.

With these investments, the individual can purchase gold and securely store it locally or buy gold certificates representing the purchase of gold.

In regards to works of art, there are opportunities for an individual to pool together with other investors and purchase these works of art and speculate that their value will increase.


13. Rent Out a Room

A fairly easy way to earn income passively and during one’s sleeping hours is to rent out an available area within one’s home.

This available area can be an unused area to store other people’s items, or a spare bedroom can be rented out to an individual.

The renter should be known by the homeowner or comes highly recommended by a friend or relative.

This is a good way of utilizing any available space within one’s and maximizing the use of the home as an asset.


14. Build Apps

If you are proficient at technology and writing code, you may choose to create an app. Apps are very popular and cover a broad range of subjects and uses.

The various apps created can range anywhere from tracking one’s money, to playing games, to shopping, etc.

The selling of an app can be accomplished through various smartphones and tablet platforms.


15. Rentals

Individuals who own a residential property may choose to rent out that home and become a landlord.

The work involved is fairly passive, however, there are rents to be collected and minor repairs that need to be attended to.

The individual can choose to do this oversight and management on their own or they can choose to hire a management company.

The benefits are a steady income stream of monthly revenue minus any associated costs.

The other advantage of owning a rental home is that some deductions are offered by the Internal Revenue Service.

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Making Passive Money While You Sleep FAQs


Why Is It Important to Earn Money While You Sleep?

It is important to earn money while you sleep because this reflects the reality that your money is invested and is coming into the household whether you work or not.

This is important because your investments are working for you rather than the reverse.

Consequently, if something were to happen to an individual or if they retire or for whatever other reason they stopped working, the money will still continually flow into the household.


What Is Passive Income?

Passive can be best defined as inaction. It means that things happen without any concerted effort on anybody’s part.

Therefore, passive income is the realization of money being earned without an individual taking an active part in making those earnings possible.

In other words, rather than working for the money, the money simply is generated.

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Imagine, earning money while one is sleeping. This gives a whole new added dimension to working hard for one’s money.

Opportunities abound and if the individual wants to involve themselves with any of these 15 ways or, most likely hundreds more, the pillows await for your sleeping income.

Warren Buffett is most probably proud of us.

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