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Importance of Welding and the Empire State Building

In May 1931, in New York City, the Empire State Building was completed. At the time, it was the world’s largest building and held that unique record until the World Trade Center was completed in 1972.

Incredibly, it took 14 months to complete and it is estimated that there were over 3,400 construction workers that brought this recognizable and magnificent building to life.

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It was and remains a remarkable architectural and constructed project.

Interestingly, the Empire State building came out of a business competition between the owners of Chrysler Corporation and General Motors.

The basis of the competition was strict to determine who could build a taller building and grab the bragging rights for doing so.

Amazingly, in stark contrast to buildings constructed today, the Empire State building was finished ahead of schedule and below budget at a cost estimated to be around $40,000,000.

Of the significance of the 3,400 workers that labored on this famous building an important construction trade that was critical to the successful completion of this building was the welder.

Their job was to scale the heights of this ultimate 1,250-foot tall building to weld rivets together to join the girders towards its construction.

Their job was very hazardous as they found themselves doing a balancing act on steel beams that were lifted high into the air to join the girders together.

When it was all said and done, remarkably only 5 casualties were recorded at the end of the construction despite the less than safe conditions these workers were required to work under.


Future Flame of Welding

When one thinks of welding and the stereotypical workshops where welding jobs take place, one would envision a dark, dirty, and cluttered workshop.

However, nothing could be further from the truth today.

Visiting a typical welding workspace would reveal the shop floors and surrounding area to be brighter and cleaner in appearance.

Additionally, the welding techniques have been modernized and in particular, there are welding jobs that are highly specialized and creative.

Often, welders today are called upon to do specialized projects. The creative welding projects could be for the aerospace industry and welding custom constructed vehicles for television.

However, the welding torch is diminishing somewhat as is the aging process of the average welder today increases.  Specifically the average welder today is 55 years old of age.

Consequently, there is a big push in the construction injury to recruit and train potentially qualified welders.

It is estimated that throughout American there is currently a shortage of 400,000 welders.

In particular, a tribute to Rosie the riveter of World War II fame, women are being recruited for this job which once was considered a man’s job.

Consequently, with the need for a greater welder workforce and opportunities abounding for both men and women, a look at how to make money welding and unique ways that really pay, is worth our read.


10 Unique Ways to Make Money Welding


1. Make Welding Money as Pipe Fitter

A welding position that is in high demand is a pipe fitter company.

As the name implies, a pipefitter is a specialized welding position in which the welder fits pieces of pipe together.

Usually, these pipelines are used in the energy segment of the business world and when completed, allow the uninterrupted flow of water, gas, oil, or containing informational cables.

The position of a pipefitter welder joins the pieces of pipe together but is also called upon to bend the pipes in meeting the specific dimensions required for the various industries ‘ use.


2. Earn Money Welding as a Steel Fabricator

A top salary-producing welder employment position specializes in the fabrication of heavy stainless steel.

In layman terms, this involves the taking of raw material, in this case, steel, and shaping that steel into the desired form.

Welding can be part of this process as the welder will apply the heat and then bend or combine pieces to make them into one.

This is a highly skilled position and, therefore, the individual who is proficient at steel fabricating can earn top dollar as a welder.

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3. Make Money Welding with Heavy Haulage Trailer Companies

Another welding opportunity as it relates to a company that can help an individual earn significant money through welding is a heavy haulage trailer manufacturing company.

This is a welding process that involves semi-trucks. The welder may be called upon to weld the various platforms together.

Welding can be accomplished on the decks of the full trailer or just the trailer bodies themselves.

The trucking industry is an important part of transporting supplies to various retailers and ultimately the general public.

Consequently, the demand for this type of proficient welder is high.


4. Making Big Money Welding for Oil Rigs

One of the highest salaries that a welder can earn is working for a company that services oil rigs.

However, a welder holding this position will soon find out that it is not a walk in the park. They work hard and put in long hours to earn this prime salary as a welder.

Additionally, companies employing welders in this position are looking for the cream of the crop and therefore the welder must come highly qualified with significant advanced education and experience.

The high bar that has been raised for this position is due to the dangers of the job as it relates to welding and the oil rig.

Specifically, that trio of dangers includes the flame, the flammable materials, and isolation on the oil rig.

In addition to working an average of 12 hours a day, the welder is most likely required to stay on the rig. It becomes their home away from home for weeks or months.

It’s definitely one of those high paying jobs where you work alone.

Specific welding actions that are performed include the need to be able to weld underwater, hyperbaric welding, etc.

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5. Get Paid Doing Underwater Welding

One welding employment position in which companies are seeking qualified welders is a company that specializes in underwater welding.

The pay can be very lucrative.

However, the dangers facing the underwater welder increase exponentially.

Specific jobs taken on by an underwater welding company would include work on repairing oil rigs, involvement with salvaging a ship’s cargo, a shipwreck, working on underwater pipelines, or other underwater construction projects.

The stringent requirements to be an underwater welder include a special certification from the American Welding Society and certification of being a commercial diver.

The welder interested in this high-level paying position should realize that the certification process may take months to complete and would be at a considerable cost to the individual going through the certification.


6. Work as a Welder in Shipbuilding and Repairing Industries

Another unique employment opportunity related to the welding profession would be a company that specializes in the shipbuilding and repairing industry.

A welder working for a shipyard welder would be called upon to fuse the various pieces of metals used in building ships.

The quality welder and the finished product would reveal a watertight fusion between the pieces of metal.

It is interesting to note that arguably the most labor-intensive work at a shipyard is associated with welding.

In addition to building various ships, the welder is also called upon to inspect the hull, bulkheads, and structure of the vessels to ensure their seaworthiness.

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How to Make Money Welding


7. Make Money Doing General Welding Jobs

Welders and their expertise are called upon to perform a variety of welding projects. Therefore, the demand for general welders is ongoing.

Some of those broad ranges of tasks could be building projects or in the automotive industry.

Other welding jobs could include the repair and construction of food and beverage equipment and a variety of other stainless steel projects that require the welding of metal together.

It is important to note that there are several employers out there that provide welding services that span the welding needs over a number of these various industries.

Therefore, a good way of making money in this type of company would be not only productive but also would provide training opportunities to enrich the welder’s experience over the variety of welding projects that are performed.


8. Earn Money as a Nuclear Welder

An extremely unique welding job that, of all things, requires a background check by the FBI is a nuclear welder.

A nuclear welder is highly trained to provide needed welding work on projects that require the building or repairing of nuclear-powered vessels.

A nuclear welder is under constant scrutiny due to the nature of his or her work and being around nuclear materials.

This type of welder requires that they can pass various security clearances and a battery of psychological tests.

Also, a nuclear welder is constantly subjected to tests that determine if there are any substance abuse issues in the personal life of the welder.

Some of those tests include alcohol and other substance abuse screenings.

Often, a nuclear welder will find themselves working at various naval shipyards.

Due to this fact repair work and inspection may be done on the ships while in the harbor. Therefore, a nuclear welder may also be required to be diving certified.


9. Make Money as a Welding Inspector

As with all things, there are those supervisor individuals who provide oversight to the various personnel under their leadership as well as inspecting the work that is done.

The welding industry is no different and a certified welding inspector may be a job that can be obtained within a company that provides this oversight.

Being an inspector, the actual welding required by the inspector would be limited. However, their role is to ensure the welding jobs are completed to industry standards.

Associated with this supervisor employment position is the possibility of significant stress due to the pressure of ensuring that completion and high quality are met.

As part of the role and responsibility of a supervisor, they are required to monitor various aspects of the welding job.

That monitoring includes welders following proper safety procedures, policies, and certify the job that has been accomplished.

Consequently, a supervisor needs to be knowledgeable regarding the standards of all welding jobs to inspect for compliance.

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10. Become a Welding Engineer

A welding position that doesn’t necessarily demonstrate their skill through the actual process of welding, but as a welding engineer, the individual needs to demonstrate his or her authority on welding techniques.

The welding engineer is required to be current in their knowledge of current and cutting-edge welding techniques.

Subsequently, their job requires the implementation and introduction of these techniques in the company that they may be working for.

It will be anticipated by the company that they work toward incorporating this knowledge into the welding practices that are currently taking place.

The value of a welding engineer will be demonstrated as these new welding techniques will be utilized in the field or the workshop and the company will realize a welding edge over their competitors.

To be a welding engineer requires a bachelor’s degree and certification through the American Welding Society.


Welding Warriors

The skill of welding and the role of the welder have been, are, and most likely will play a critical role in America.

A welder is synonymous with the idea of a hard-working individual who braves the extremist of working conditions to get the job done with no excuses.

In the glow of their welding torch, their helmeted figure stands out like a warrior of old going to battle.

Of course, this is a romanticized perspective of the work and occupation of the welder.

Nevertheless, this occupation continues to be in great demand and quality employment opportunities abound for the qualified candidate.



Welding is a critical occupation as the welding torch touches 70% of all products that are manufactured in America.

Therefore, it could be argued that welders not only literally meld together various metals but figuratively meld together the very industrial fabric of America’s economy.

Of a welder, it has been said, “We play with fire and shape the world.”

How true!

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