If you want to know how to make money to move out, this article is really going to help.

It reveals as many as 25 best ways and tips to help you know how to make money to move out.


Why Learn How to Make Money to Move Out?

Moving is never a fun activity.

Although an exciting adventure may await, there are loose ends that need to be tied up.

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The sorting out of things you want to take and not take, packing, turning off services, cleaning the apartment or home, etc.

Additionally, as with all things, there is the need for money.

Money to rent a truck, money for transportation if traveling a great distance, money for a new home (deposit, first and last month’s rent, etc.), the money required if lodging is involved, and possibly more.

The age-old question is where to get the money for moving or anything for that matter.

Let us move forward and explore our options of how to make money to move.


Personal Story

We were moving out of state.

I had taken on a new job.

Excited about a new career opportunity, excited about moving to a new state, excited for a new adventure.

However, not excited about the actual physical move.

We needed money within the month.

The plan was to utilize any vacation time paid out, last paychecks, and our savings.

Still short we decided to have a garage sale.

The garage sale would not only reduce our household goods but earn us some money in the process.

One other issue remained and that was what to do with my universal gym set?

Fortunately, our paper delivery person came to the rescue and while canceling our service he ultimately ended up buying the set for a $100.00.

Mission accomplished! Money earned – check, de-cluttering of the house – check and the move taking place – check, check.


25 Best Ways to Make Money to Move Out


1. UberEats

A great way to earn money and keep your own schedule is through UberEats.

This way of earning money is accomplished by using your own vehicle and signing up with this company to deliver food to customers who, through an app, order food from a restaurant.

Your involvement is to simply pick up the food and deliver it to the customer and receive payment per delivery along with any tips that you might receive.

To be involved with this side hustle, you simply download their app, submit the appropriate paperwork, and after your background check is cleared you can begin to work.

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2. Instacart  

Instacart provides another way in which you use your own car, set your own schedule, and in essence are self-employed individuals.

The process of driving for this company involves the customer ordering food from their selected participating retailer, you go shopping for the individual, and then deliver the food after you have checked out.

Paperwork to be a driver involves submitting your vehicle’s registration, a copy of your driver’s license, passing a background check, having a clean driving record, and upon completion, you are able to work.

You are paid for delivery and any tips that are given come directly to you.


3. Garage Sale  

A great way to earn money and prepare for the upcoming move is to have a garage sale.

By having a garage sale, you are able to sort through your household goods according to what you want to keep and what you want to sell.

In addition to making money, you are having to pack less and perhaps cut down on the expenses associated with any movers involved with the process.

You can advertise your garage sale through your local newspaper, Craigslist, or at Postmygaragesale.com/sale/manage/type.


4. TaskRabbit  

At TaskRabbit, you have the opportunity to search for a variety of odd jobs that are needed by individuals in your community.

Those odd jobs could include anywhere from walking a dog, cleaning a home, moving boxes, etc.

Through this app, the individual can be contacted by the individual needing the work done and if accepted, the scheduling of the task can be set up.

Additionally, you can chat with the individual needing the job done and receive payment and any possible tips through the app.

Click here to check out TaskRabbit


5. Rover  

Rover is an app-driven service that connects the needs of a pet owner with an individual willing to receive money to meet those needs as it relates to the household animal.

Services can include pet sitting, dog boarding, and dog walking.

Click here to check out Rover


6. Blogging  

An interesting blogging subject would be your move that is occurring and how you have strategized, explored, and worked towards being successful in making money to move out.

You could begin your blogging journey by talking about the move, what may be precipitating the move (new job, downsizing, moving into a more affordable location, etc.).

You can talk about your frustrations, your excitement, or any other emotions that you may wish to add to the mix.

Certainly, it would make for informative and entertaining reading as many individuals can relate to what you are going through or maybe possibly facing the same situation and can glean some helpful tips as it relates to their move.

Payment could come through affiliate advertising, possibly a sponsorship, support from your readers, etc.


7. Side Hustles  

There are many side hustles that can be entered into that will help you to make money for your move.

Some of those side hustles could include using your vehicle to help people haul away the trash, move boxes, etc.

Also, if you have a talent or a skill that can be utilized by others, such as painting, fixing minor plumbing leaks, changing the inside of a toilet, etc.

Just simply go to your social media platform, advertise your ability to do certain items, talk about the need to raise money for your move, and quite possibly people will respond to help you as well as get their own particular item taken care of in their home.


8. Pawn Shop  

As you are preparing for your move, you may come across a few items that would be better sold but not through the garage sale process.

Examples of items that may glean a higher price would include guitars, other musical instruments, jewelry, etc.

You can gather these items together and go down to your local pawn shop to see what the pawnbroker might offer you for these items.

If the pawnbroker is interested he/she will offer you an amount of money which is basically a loan and the items that you present to the owner of the shop are used as collateral.

After a designated period of time, you can redeem those items and pay back the pawnbroker with interest.

Otherwise, you can just leave those items with the pawnbroker who will in turn sell them and endeavor to make a profit.


9. Interviews  

A website that values your time and opinion will actually pay you for both of these actions.

The website is User Interviews.

To begin your possible participation, you create your profile and you will receive an email back from the website indicating whether your demographics are a good fit for the various studies conducted.

Subsequently, a few questions will be asked and researchers will be looking for their ideal participants to be involved in the survey.

Once you’ve been approved, you sign up for a particular session time that meets with your schedule, complete the session, and get paid within a few days.

There is a possibility of getting paid $100 per hour.


10. Family  

If you have an engaged and loving family, it certainly wouldn’t hurt to ask them if they would be willing to invest in your move by providing a loan or outright gift.

Also, you could do your own personal fundraiser by either walking or riding a bike and asking people to pledge per mile as it relates to the mileage involved with the move.

You could also utilize your social media platforms to offer the opportunity for others as well to join in with financial support and allow them to encourage you forward.


11. Upwork  

Upwork is a freelance website on which an individual registers as a freelancer.

Once your profile and bio have been set up, at no charge, you are able to search for a variety of freelancing opportunities.

The advantage of being a freelancer and working through a website such as Upwork, you can pick and choose which jobs you would like to apply for, set your hourly rate, and make an application.

If accepted to do the job, the contract begins, and once completed, payment is made through Upwork with 20% being retained by them and the other 80% given to you as the freelancer.

Click here to check out Upwork


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12. Freelancer  

Freelancer is another freelance website that connects job opportunities offered by individuals and businesses looking to hire a freelancer to complete various jobs.

Some of the jobs could include the need for a virtual assistant, technical writing, grant writing, graphic design artist, etc.

Click here to check out Freelancer


13. Tutor  

A great way to earn extra income is by utilizing your skill or talent and offering your services as a tutor.

You could post your ability to tutor children or teach math, science, etc.

If you have artistic skills such as being able to play the piano, guitar, or another musical instrument you could offer private lessons to individuals who want to learn or to parents who wish to expose their children to the finer arts.

Also, you can register with Wyzant.



14. Fiverr  

One additional freelance opportunity to find job-specific postings can be found by accessing Fiverr.

Click here to check out Fiverr


15. Steady  

Steady is an app that helps interested individuals locate the right job that meets their lifestyle and financial goals.

By downloading the app onto your smartphone or device, you are able to personalize your account and Steady will offer you a number of potential opportunities to earn income based on your skills and experience.

Click here to check out Steady


16. Virtual Work  

While you are preparing for your move and packing, an opportunity to fit in some work in between boxes is through virtual job opportunities

One of the leading websites that offer home jobs can be found at FlexJobs.


17. Online Games  

There are a variety of games that an individual can play by downloading an app.

One such app is Blackout Bingo.

Not only is this game fun to play but it also is an opportunity for the player to win cash prizes.

This game is not available to play for cash prizes in the following states:

  • Arizona
  • Arkansas
  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • Indiana
  • Louisiana
  • Main
  • Montana
  • South Carolina
  • South Dakota
  • Tennessee


18. Craigslist  

Craigslist provides the opportunity in your local community to respond to various job postings that are listed on the front page of your designated geographical area.

In the far right lower corner is a heading known as gigs and you can look through those links for any moneymaking opportunities.

Click here to check out alternatives sites like Craigslist


19. eBay  

As you are moving, you may come across items that you no longer want but still have value.

Therefore, you can set up an account with eBay and list your items for sale.

There is no cost to register as a seller and is a fairly straightforward process that asks for all of your pertinent information, how you wish to be paid for the items sold, and then begins to list the items on the website.

You can search for the item and utilize eBay’s database to see if the item is there or you can take your own pictures and post them to the website.

Also, you have the opportunity to set your own price or you can allow the item to be part of an auctioning process.

Click here to check out eBay


20. YouTube  

A fun way to chronicle you’re moving out and trying to make money in the process would be to make a number of YouTube videos.

It could be a light-hearted presentation, perhaps with some different photographic effects such as speeding up or slowing down the various activities involved with your moving.

Also, you could make light of the way that you are handling the process, and provide tips on what to do and what not to do as it relates to moving.

For example, it’s not recommended that you pack certain items that you still have a need and then be forced to rummage through all the boxes to find them.

Some of those items could include paper, your wallet, car keys, etc.

You could ask your viewers to support your endeavor by contributing to a site such as Patreon.com on your behalf.


21. Rent Your Car  

If you have a vehicle that is not being utilized too much, you can always rent out your vehicle to other individuals through a website called HyreCar.

It doesn’t cost anything to list your vehicle as being available and if you don’t mind a number of miles being added to the odometer, this may be a good opportunity to earn some income for the month.

Individuals that list their vehicle on this website have often reported earnings of close to $720 a month.

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22. Donate Plasma  

A significant donation that an individual can provide that can help a countless number of individuals as well as the possibility of being involved in research is through the donation of your plasma.

To be a plasma donor you need to be between the ages of 18 and 69 weigh more than 110 pounds and be able to pass a basic physical exam.

Disqualifiers to give plasma may be receiving of tattoo or body piercing within the year, being HIV positive, history of hepatitis, or history of cancer in your family.

It is possible that you can earn up to $300 for the month as you are able to give plasma a number of times during that timeframe.


23. Consignment

While you are in the process of moving, you may choose to sort through your clothes in an effort to streamline your old wardrobe and only take those items that you need.

If this is an option, a great way to earn money off of those clothes that you are no longer using it to work out an arrangement with a consignment shop.

The consignment shop will display your clothes and sell the items for you minus their cost for overhead and administration fees.


24. Decluttr

As you are sorting through your belongings, you may have come across some old technology or that particular drawer in the household that has all of your stored replaced technology that you’ve been meaning to recycle or possibly earn some cash off of.

One such website in which you can determine if there is any value to the item is known as Decluttr.

You simply access their website and fill out a simple questionnaire about what your item is and its condition. You also can sort through a variety of names, models, devices, to find out what the value might potentially be.

Decluttr will offer you a bid and if you accept the bid they will send you the packaging materials so you can send the items back to them.

Once they have taken a look at the items and they are what was advertised, they will send out the money at the agreed-upon sales price.

Click here to check out Decluttr


25. Budget

As you are preparing to move, another great way of saving or earning money is by looking at the expense side of your budget.

Perhaps now is a good time to streamline those entertainment services that you are utilizing and cut them down to one or two items as well as cutting the cable as part of your moving process.

By taking these simple actions you could potentially save yourself over $100 for the remainder of the month.

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Best Ways to Make Money to Move Out FAQ


Is There a Way That I Can Calculate Moving Costs?

Of course, every move is different and is dependent upon a number of factors.

Those factors include whether you do your own moving of the household goods or whether you choose a professional moving company, what the distance is between your current location and where you’re moving to, etc.

Having said that, at MoveBuddha.com/moving-cost-calculator, it is estimated that a 2 to 3 bedroom average home of 2000 ft.² will typically weigh 5000 pounds. The cost to have professional movers transport those items can range anywhere from $1900-to $9000.


What Are Some Good Moving Tips?

One of the best ways to save money is to go to local grocery stores or other retailers and ask them for the boxes that the products were shipped in.

This will save you money on buying boxes and generally, these boxes are sturdy enough to manage your household items.

Another good tip is to inventory each of your boxes on a separate sheet of paper as to what the boxes contain.

Number those boxes and therefore you have an idea of where an item is if you’re looking for it when unpacking.


You Can Do It

Good news, bad news.

You’ve heard the jokes.

As it relates to moving, the good news is that you are moving which may bring new opportunities, a new location, etc.

The bad news is that it takes money and to further add to the bad news is that you need some.

The good news is, however, there are a number of ways that you can earn the money that is needed.



You are on an adventure and as part of that adventure you are moving out.

The reality is that this process also requires money but you have identified ways that you can earn extra money and cover the entire cost of the move.

In addition to the excitement of moving is the excitement of meeting the challenge of raising needed revenue and knowing that you can meet that challenge.

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