Getting paid to play a game or leveraging a gaming platform is a widespread side hustle that requires dedication, time, and proper information.

Roblox is a gaming platform with different game types and tools that users can utilize to develop or play games.

The creator platform allows you to make games and leverage the games to earn real-life money through in-game micro-transactions.

Find out all you need to know about getting paid/earning from Roblox here.


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Requirements To Get Paid To Play On Roblox

There are different ways of earning with Roblox, and most of it involves stacking up Robux (the in-game currency) and converting it into real cash.

To achieve this, you need a developer exchange account, alongside your Roblox account, an internet-enabled device, and a strong internet connection.

Beyond this, your creativity to develop games individuals would be willing to play is also essential, coupled with ample time and strong dedication.

Also, the platform has a premium membership subscription, and you might want to spare a little amount to sign up for this, as it comes with amazing benefits of its own.

More of it will be discussed in subsequent paragraphs.


10 Best Ways to Get Paid to Play Roblox

There are quite a number of ways you can explore to earn from this popular game-creating platform, with each of them having its pros and cons.

Nevertheless, we’ve curated a list of some of the best ways you can go about earning from Roblox. They include


1. Be A YouTuber

A larger percentage of Roblox’s 40+ million users still struggle to utilize it to maximum effect properly. This presents you with an opportunity to leverage as a YouTuber.

You can create tutorial videos on most in-demand things about Roblox, including Making custom merches, guides to creating your first game, steps to earn legit free Robux, etc.

Useful content like this helps generate more viewers, and the increased audience makes monetization of your channel easier.


2. Develop A Fun Game & Charge For Access

This is one of the major uses of Roblox — it provides you tools to develop your game.

Developing an interesting game and getting individuals to play can help you earn from the platform.

While playing games on Roblox is free, you can charge a certain amount of in-game currency (Robux) to give access for people to play your game.

This doesn’t mean they’re buying your game.

It just gives access to playing the game.

Promoting your developed games with explanatory videos and infographics can help you attract interested players and increase your earning chances.


3. Develop A Fun Game & Sell

Unlike charging for access, you can outrightly sell the games you develop on Roblox.

This is an option to consider when the game is widely accepted, and your asking price is met.

One smart way to ensure you make the most of selling the game is by putting it on auction.

The highest bidder gets to buy your game, and you can further discuss terms like a little percentage on every access fee charged.

Depending on your agreement with the buyer, you can make all your money outrightly or still have certain percentages as royalty from every cent/dollar made from the game.


4. Design Game As A Freelancer

While this is similar to designing and selling, working as a Freelancer saves you the stress of looking for buyers.

The cons of designing a game and selling it is that you might not quickly get a buyer, and the price they’re offering can be quite ridiculous.

Being a freelancer eliminates all these.

Individuals willing to own a game approach you themselves to inquire about your service and pay you your asking price with or without much negotiation.

There are various freelance platforms you can leverage to land such gigs, e.g., Fiverr.


5. Develop Game Pass & Sell

Game passes allow players to utilize features that are naturally not available in the game.

These features may be doubling up on earned coins or points, more skins, availability of speed suits, whatever can make gameplay easier.

You can create this and charge a few Robux (which can be converted to real cash) for it.

However, it’s essential to ensure that the passes don’t give undue advantages to purchasers.

This can disrupt the gameplay balance and make your game look like pay to win.

Check out the following for more information on playing games and getting paid:


6. Create Perishables & Sell

Perishables are in-game items that can only be used once.

They are created to enhance repeated purchases

These items can include extra XP, ammo, additional points, gold, rocket fuel, etc.

However, as the game passes, you shouldn’t make them available by purchase alone.

Ensure they can be earned for free to increase the game’s competitiveness.

This will imply that players can choose to buy with their Robux if they can afford it or keep playing the game until they earn it for free.


7. Sell Fashion Clothing

Another way to get paid on Roblox is by creating an in-game custom or clothing for the game characters.

You can create your design (the best option) or leverage existing clothing templates.

Having a customized cloth for in-game characters gives uniqueness and bragging rights, and most players will be willing to spare their Robux for this.

However, you need to ensure your clothing designs are unique, and the attached prices can help you survive the competition.


8. Trade Limited Items

Some scarce in-game items were only sold once by Roblox for a specific time, or a minute quantity of them was sold.

These items are usually in high demand, and you can earn by trading them if you’re opportune to have them in-store.

The platform allows this, making it an opportunity you can leverage.


9. Blogging

Writing blog posts about tips and guidelines to do most things on Roblox is another means of earning from it.

You can’t possibly create these tips leveraging your creativity alone.

You need experience using the platform, creating games, and doing other activities it permits.

Hence, with your expertise in utilizing the platform, and your creativity in writing, you can create useful blog posts that can help you build an audience (attract traffic) and aid monetization.


10. Sell Your Roblox Account

If you have a premium membership account with many developed games and other top user activities, you can sell the account to interested buyers.

This is a more feasible option if you have more than one account, but it will require lots of time and dedication to build these accounts to a point where they can attract customers.


10 Best Companies/Programs That Pay Or Help You Get Paid To Play Roblox

Here, we look into some of the best programs/companies/platforms you can leverage to get paid to play Roblox and those that pay you.

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They include:

1. YouTube

The video streaming platform provides you an avenue to reach millions of users with your Roblox tutorial videos.

The more useful your contents are, the more engagements it gets, and the more likely you’re to earn.

YouTubing often requires dedication, hard work, patience, and creativity.

You can be certain of success if you’re willing to invest all these.

Also See: Ways to Earn Money on YouTube Without Monetization.


2. Fiverr

This is one of the freelance platforms you can leverage to find Roblox-related gigs.

You can set up services related to the gig and promote them, with buyers’ expectations to patronize your services.

Click here to check out Fiverr


3. DigiZani

This is a gaming-themed platform dedicated to selling and buying in-game items, including Roblox Robux.

The platform also provides gaming insights, how to increase the in-game items of most games and also earn from them.

Click here to check out Digizani


4. Udemy

The idea behind leveraging Udemy to earn from Roblox is creating an Ebook about the gaming platform.

While this isn’t mentioned in the best ways to earn from Roblox, Udemy has courses related to making more Robux legitimately.

You can also create an Ebook related to the FAQs about Roblox and earn from it.

Click here to check out Udemy


5. Upwork

The freelance service website features gigs related to Roblox.

Either as a developer, artist, or content creator, you can always list your service on this platform and showcase it to millions of buyers who might be needing your service.

Click here to check out Upwork


6. GameFlip

This platform makes selling games and in-game items easy.

It allows the sale of all in-game items, except prohibited ones, and ensures that buyers and sellers are protected.

Gameflip charges no hidden fees, the payout is fast, and selling requires just three basic steps — listing your item(s), sending it to the buyer, and getting paid. Check the Gameflip website for more information.


7. PlayerAuctions

This is another reputable platform for trading in-game items. You can either buy or sell Roblox Robux on the platform, but you must register as a user.

Registration on PlayerAuctions does require a fee, and the platform also offers tips on ways you can sell your Robux for free money.

Click here to check out PlayerAuctions


8. ZeusX

This is a trading platform for gamers.

It is one of the platforms where you can trade your Roblox account for money.

It enables the purchase and sales of gaming accounts and all in-game items.

Check out ZeusX here.


9. PlayerUp

PlayerUp is regarded as one of the most secured Player-player account marketplaces.

It’s another platform whereby you can buy or sell your Roblox account at a decent rate.

Sales of accounts is another feasible way of earning from Roblox.

Click here to check out PlayerUp


10. Roblox Developer Hub

Why this hub doesn’t pay you or connect you to where you can get paid directly.

It helps you gain and hone the skills you need to get paid.

From tutorial videos to free lessons and courses that can train you on the basics of developing on the platform, you get to gain a lot.

With dedication and constant practicing, you can become a pro developer and leverage your skills to earn.

Click here to check out Roblox Developer Hub


Opening A Developer Exchange Account for Roblox

As mentioned in the opening paragraph, you need a Developer Exchange account to convert your in-game currency (Robux) into real cash.

Currently, each Robux is around ¢0.35, which means 100,000 Robux is around $350. Roblox has criteria/requirements that every creator must meet before converting Robux to cash on DevEx.

These requirements are listed below:

  • Be on Roblox Premium Membership Subscription
  • You must stack up at least 100,000 Robux in your Roblox account
  • You must have a verified email address
  • You must be a minimum of 13 years of age.
  • You must have a verified DevEx portal account
  • You must have not in any way defaulted the Roblox community terms of use.

With all these in place, cashing out by converting your Robux to real money won’t be a problem.

Most of the methods of earning listed above are ways you can earn Robux in the game.

Other ways may include buying it or earning it for free (which is hard to come by).

Most times, users fall victim to scammers in pursuit of free Robux.

Thus, be sure to double-check when you see any free Robux earning opportunities.


Roblox Premium Membership Tiers

One of the most trusted ways of earning Robux for free on Roblox is via membership subscription.

Beyond the monthly gifting of the Robux, a membership subscription also comes with other benefits like:

  • 10% more Robux on every purchase with real money
  • Exclusive discounts on items
  • Ability to trade items on the platform, etc.

There are three tiers of the membership subscription, which includes:

  • $4.99/month for 450 Robux monthly
  • $.9.99/month for 1000 Robux monthly
  • $19.99/month for 2200 Robux monthly.

With any of these membership packages, you’ll be eligible for the above benefits and also earn free Robux, thereby increasing your Robux stack.


Getting Paid to Play Roblox FAQs


How Much Can I Earn From Roblox?

This depends on the amount of in-game currency you’re able to stack up and how fast you stack it up.

The more you play, the more you can earn.

However, you can also leverage other platforms like YouTube, Fiverr, and gaming trade sites that allow sales and exchanges of in-game items.


Can I Sell My Robux Outside Roblox?

Yes, there are platforms dedicated to buying and selling Robux, with the majority of them promising a higher rate than Roblox.

However, Roblox is the safest and most secure platform to trade your Robux.



Roblox considers both the creators and game players and provides different tools they can leverage to maximize the platform’s usage.

We have highlighted different ways to earn from Roblox, either by increasing your Robux stack or through the paid services/knowledge, leveraging other platforms.

You’ll surely find this useful as you start exploring the platform’s opportunities.

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