About 210 million people play Call of Duty: Mobile (COD Mobile.)

With such a large market of interest, you can get paid to play COD Mobile through many methods.

From traditional methods, like streaming and tournaments, to less traditional methods, like leveling up other players or selling your COD Mobile account.

The rest of this article reveals exactly how you can get paid and some apps that really pay.


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Why Get Paid to Play COD?

A lot of people spend hours every week playing Call of Duty. Although it is usually a hobby, some people get paid to play COD.

Getting paid to play COD ups the excitement.

For example, if you bet on COD Mobile tournaments and then play in them, the thrill of winning is that much more.

Playing COD for money makes the time feel less wasteful. Earning money playing COD is better than watching television for free.

COD is a challenging game. Getting paid to increase or sell your skills makes it more rewarding.


How to Make Money Playing Call of Duty Game


1. Stream Online

The most common way to get paid to play Call of Duty: Mobile is to stream your gameplay online.

Many websites and platforms allow you to stream for free. Some even pay you once you hit enough subscribers and views.

To have a successful streaming account:

  • Create a marketing plan where you design your brand, trademarks, and theme for the streaming account.
  • Decide if you want to team up with another streamer or a streamer group to increase your exposure.
  • Consider your audience and watch other streamers popular with them to identify what draws in the audience.

Even though a marketing plan is not necessary for a gamer streaming account, having one from the beginning establishes you as a professional and increases your chance for success.

The market for COD streamers is somewhat saturated, but having a good plan will make it easier to break into the market.


2. Make Money With COD By Selling Your Account

Once you have significant success, you can sell your COD Mobile account. You could also sell the loot you obtained through the account.

People and companies pay for successful COD Mobile accounts because they use them to create a platform for advertising.

A successful COD account draws in a larger audience.

So, the purchaser creates a social media account or streaming channel and uses the COD Mobile account to get more views on their ads.


3. Get Paid to Play COD Mobile For Others

Some people pay expert COD Mobile players to beat certain battles or levels for them.

They will give you their COD Mobile login information, and you will play for them to accomplish their goals.

To find jobs like this, look on freelancer websites, like Fiverr and Upwork.

Also, look on gaming message boards for Discord servers. You may not be paid a lot to win a battle for someone, but it is better than nothing.


4. Official and Unofficial COD Tournaments

Players compete in COD Mobile tournaments to win prizes.

There are both official and unofficial tournaments. Some are quick, whereas others have several rounds.

The official World Championship COD Mobile Tournament has a $2 million reward for 2021. Players compete in teams through several rounds of play.

One place to play in-person tournaments is at conventions. Sometimes local cafes or bars may host tournaments, as well.


5. Bet on Call Of Duty Tournaments

Websites let you bet on eSports, including COD. You can set the bet to anything above the minimum.

As with any betting game, you win more if you pick a gamer or team with a lower chance of winning. However, you have a lower chance of winning, too.

You will either have to pay a fee to bet or let the betting website keep a percentage of your winnings.

Depending on where you live, it may be illegal to use these betting sites. Moreover, you may have to pay taxes on your winnings.


6. Earn Credits to Make Money Playing Call of Duty Mobile

Although it is free to play COD Mobile, some of the weapons and other specialized equipment cost credits.

You can pay for those credits, or you could earn them.

Earning credits is like getting paid to play COD Mobile because the credits save you from paying for these extras.

You can get free credits from several activities, such as:

  • Daily Access Rewards
  • Daily and Weekly Activities
  • Playing Battle Pass
  • Watching Ads
  • Influencer or Social Media Giveaways


10 Best Companies & Apps to Make Money Playing COD


1. Twitch

Twitch is the most popular gamer streaming platform. It has hundreds of COD Mobile channels streaming live at any time.

Twitch pays partnered (monetized) streamers $2.50 per month for every subscriber.

Streamers can make money playing COD Mobile in other ways. For example, gamers can:

  • Advertise affiliate links
  • Request donations through Patreon or similar service
  • Sell merchandise
  • Get sponsored

With so many gamers streaming on Twitch, it will take marketing and dedicated, consistent streaming to get paid to play COD Mobile on Twitch.

Check out this article for more ways of making money on Twitch.

Click here to check out Twitch


2. PlayerZon

PlayerZon hosts online COD Mobile tournaments. You use coins to enter the tournaments and then win coins for accomplishments in the game.

Once you reach enough coins, you can cash them out to get paid.

PlayerZon has affiliate links. If you sign up through an affiliate link, you should get 50 to 100 coins to get started.

You can then use these coins to enter your first tournament. Entry costs between 5 and 10 coins.

Click here to check out PlayerZon


3. PlayerAuctions

PlayerAuctions allows you to sell PowerLeveling in COD Mobile. PowerLeveling is reaching a level as quickly as possible.

COD Mobile has 150 levels. Each level comes with weapons and other perks.

Gamers pay experts to reach a certain level through PlayerAuctions. PlayerAuctions does not charge listing fees or membership fees.

PlayerAuctions also allows you to sell your COD Mobile account.

Players sell their COD Mobile account for as little as $10 or as much as well over $500.

Click here to check out PlayerAuctions

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4. GameChampions

GameChampions hosts COD Mobile tournaments on a daily basis.

Players compete to win prizes. You must pay an entry fee, which is used for the prize money.

You can play individually. The winner is the one with the most kills.

So, the tournaments are really one-round games.

GameChampions maintains leaderboards and updates them frequently.

This is a great way to improve your skills and learn how to do PowerLeveling.

Click here to check out Game Champions


5. World Championship

COD Mobile World Championship has a $2 million payout for 2021.

The award will be split between the Eastern Division champions and Western Division champions.

To be paid such a large sum of money to play COD Mobile, you and your teammates must be the best in the world.

This is a lofty goal, but it is still an option for getting paid to play COD Mobile.

If your skills are not quite there, you could also get paid to review or react to the championship games.

If you have a social media platform or streaming channel, covering the championship could bring in extra views.

Since you are paid for the views, you would be paid to watch the championship.

Click here to check out World Championship


6. BetUS

BetUS allows people to bet on the outcome of eSport tournaments, including COD Mobile.

The World Championship for COD Mobile in December 2021 will likely have extensive betting.

The website is mostly for large, renowned tournaments. It is not for betting on games between individuals.

The minimum bet is $0.01, and the maximum bet is usually $5,000.

Click here to check out BetUs



7. EpicNPC

EpicNPC allows you to sell COD Mobile achievements and accounts.

For example, to pay someone to take your game from level 25 to level 120 while streaming on your Twitch account costs over $400.

If you have over 160 subscribers, this would cost you an entire month of partner payment.

But if you also advertise and gain more subscribers through the fast level up, then you could come out ahead.

The more weapons and characters unlocked, the more you can be paid for your COD Mobile account.

Click here to check out EpicNPC


8. Gamerjii

Gamerjii is another COD Mobile tournament website. Gamerjii is a free-to-play app with daily tournaments.

Games on Gamerjii are both open to the public or private.

Public games usually have 10 to 1,000 players.

Private games are created by website users who then invite others to play.

Click here to check out Gamerjii

Also check out the following for more ways of making money:


9. TikTok

TikTok is the very popular social media website where users post short, entertaining videos.

If you have amazing kills or other action-filled gameplay, you could get paid for sharing these videos.

TikTok allows you to monetize your channel once you reach 1,000 subscribers. You can then live stream playing and making those kills that rake up the views.

Popular live streams can bring in even more money by posting affiliate links and advertising merchandise.

Click here to check out Tiktok


10. Discord

Discord is an online text and voice chatting platform traditionally for gamers. Users can create their own servers dedicated to a specific subject.

For example, gamers can create a Discord channel to gain followers and share links to their merchandise and affiliates.

If you do this for COD Mobile, you can get paid to play by advertising through your Discord channel.

Discord can also be used to improve your skills so you can get paid to play COD Mobile by PowerLeveling or streaming.

There are many servers you may join to ask for tips on winning battles or earning weapons.

Click here to check out Discord


Making Money Playing Call of Duty Mobile Game FAQs


How Do You Get Paid to Play COD Mobile?

Some methods mentioned in this article pay you to play COD Mobile through gift cards. These tend to be the lowest-paid ways to get paid.

Other methods pay you to play COD Mobile with coins or rewards points that can be redeemed.

Again, these methods are not highly paid.

The highest-paid ways to get paid to play are highly competitive tournaments and streaming channels with a larger-than-normal number of subscribers.


What are the Best-Paid COD Mobile Tournaments?

The best-paid COD MObile tournaments are through official mediums.

For example, the World Championship is the highest-paid tournament for COD Mobile players.

The lowest-paid tournaments are between individual players and for low stakes.

These are mostly for fun and not meant to generate significant profits.


Is It Risky to Bet on a COD Mobile Tournament?

As with any betting, it is risky to bet on COD Mobile tournaments.

Before placing a bet, research the players involved.

Try to find out their kill counts and total playtime. The more experienced they are, the less risky it is to bet on them.

Try to find Discord servers related to them to talk with others about their chances.

Check the main COD Mobile Discord server to talk about the players in general.

Most betting websites provide odds for each player.

This is one way to pick the least risky player.

But even if you think you are betting on a guaranteed winning team, there is still going to be a risk of losing. So do not bet more than you can afford to lose.


It Is Against the TOS to Sell a COD Mobile Account?

Yes, It is against the terms of service to sell your COD Mobile account.

You are granted a license to play COD Mobile for your personal use. Moreover, you are not supposed to use the game for commercial use.

However, selling your account is not likely to be discovered.

Moreover, Activision, the developer of COD Mobile, is more likely to be concerned about the activities expressly forbidden, such as cheats, mods, bots, mines, and interceptions of communications.



You can get paid to play Call of Duty Mobile through traditional activities like tournaments, streaming, and ads during your live streams.

You can also get paid to play as others and level up their game.

Moreover, you can sell your COD Mobile account or stream playing as someone else on their Twitch account.