There are legit ways to make money outside 9 to 5.

This article reveals as many as 25 different ways and tips to help with making money outside your 9 to 5 hours.



For many, the typical day reflects working from 9:00 to 5:00 or 8:00 to 4:00 for 8 hours.

They go home and go to bed around 10:00 or 11:00 at night get 8 hours of sleep and then start the process all over again.

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Many individuals want to maximize their waking hours and therefore wish to work after their daily job and earn additional revenue.

The reasons for an individual wanting to work beyond their 9-5 job can vary.

Perhaps, a new member of the family is going to be added due to pregnancy, saving up for a vacation, wishing to pay off a debt, etc.

To maximize the time involved and the pay provided, let us look at this combination of variables and determine what are some of the best opportunities to be involved with after the 9:00 to 5:00 job has been completed.


Personal Story

While serving in the U.S. Navy, I was provided additional medical training.

My rating was classified as 8452 or an x-ray technician.

Following my marriage in September, we found out the following February that the two of us would soon be the three of us.

To prepare for the blessed event and to buy the needed baby furniture, clothes, etc that was going to be required, I took on an extra job during the evening and graveyard shift hours.

I was able to work at a hospital and be on call to take x-rays on an emergency basis when that service was needed or ordered by the medical staff.

The pay was not much but certainly helped us to earn the money needed to provide for the welcoming of the newest member to our family.


25 Best Ways & Tips to Making Money Outside 9-5


1. Freelancing

One of the general ways that you can make money after your 9:00 to 5:00 job is by freelancing.

Often freelancing allows you to pick and choose jobs that match your skills and talents.

Being a freelancer means that you are self-employed and therefore can work your schedule which means whenever and wherever you choose.

It also allows you to relax if the particular day was more strenuous than normal and you need a night off.


2. Fiverr

A website that you can access for freelancing opportunities can be found by logging on to

This particular site provides freelance opportunities in which you can indicate to a buyer of a service a talent or skill that you have and make a bid to do that job.

Also, you can research the job posting site and bid on projects that are posted.

When you complete a project, payment is made through this website and after they take out a percentage as part of their administrative fee, the remaining money is provided to you.

Click here to check out Fiverr


3. Upwork

Another freelancing website is Upwork.

Registration to be a provider or freelancer on this site is at no charge and once your profile has been created, you then can search for freelancing employment opportunities that match your skill and talent.

After you search for the various jobs available, you submit a cover letter, include your bid for the project, and if chosen you to begin to work.

Payments for the completed project are provided to Upwork and after 20% is taken out by Upwork the remainder is given to you as the freelancer.

Click here to check out Upwork


4. DoorDash

DoorDash is a food delivery service in which an individual utilizes their vehicle to deliver food from a restaurant to the DoorDash customer.

To be a DoorDash driver requires that the individual submit certain paperwork as it relates to their car and ability to drive and when accepted, through the app, they can take on certain jobs of their choosing that require the delivery of the food.

You are paid by DoorDash per delivery plus any tips that you receive you keep.

The beauty of working with DoorDash is that you are self-employed and you can work when you want and pick and choose what times of the day.

Click here to check out DoorDash


5. Instacart

Instacart is another food delivery service in which you are self-employed and utilize your vehicle and can work when you want as you keep your schedule.

The difference with this food delivery service is that the items are groceries and when the individual receives an order from a customer, they go into the grocery store and do the shopping for the client.

Click here to check out Instacart


6. Uber

Uber is a service that is provided to customers and is app-based and powered and the Uber driver utilizes their vehicles and transporting customers from one location to another.

To be an Uber driver requires the submission of the proper paperwork and use of their vehicle.

Being self-employed is the perfect opportunity for a 9 to 5 worker because they can choose to work in the evening or not depending upon the day that they may have experienced.

Click here to check out Uber


7. UberEats

UberEats is another food delivery service in which the customer orders through the app their favorite food that they wish to enjoy for the evening and the Uber Eats driver can take the assignment or not.

Click here to check out UberEats


8. Writing

If you have a flair for writing a great way to unwind at the end of the day is through the freelance opportunity of writing.

The writing can be a job opportunity provided to you that can be creative or can be the writing of a grant or tech writing.

Not only is it a good way to earn money after your 9:00 to 5:00 job but being at home will allow you to unwind and relax by doing something creative in addition to your daytime job.


9. Graphic Design

An opportunity that might present itself on a freelancing website is to be a graphic design artist.

This would be a powerful way of destressing after the work day and allow your mind just to flow and be immersed in creativity.

Even if you do not have a degree or experience in graphic design, some websites can help you with your creativity.

One of those websites is


10. Online Surveys

An opportunity just to kick back after a hard day at work is to sit on the couch or in your easy chair and earn money by doing online surveys.

Some of these surveys include the actual responding to multiple-choice questions as it relates to your opinion about a particular product or subject, watching videos, playing games, etc.

When you have completed the assignment you can be paid in money or through gift cards.

One of the websites is Survey Junkie.


11. Second Home

A great way of earning income after your 9 to 5:00 job and throughout the day is by purchasing a rental home.

By investing in a rental home and leasing it out to an individual, you will earn monthly income and you’re involvement will be minimal.

The actual oversight of the property can be accomplished by a management company and even their monthly fee can be tax-deductible.


12. Blog

Another writing opportunity that you can get paid to do is by creating and providing consistent entries into your blog.

The blog can be written about anything that you have a passion for, interest in, or have knowledge about.

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Money can be realized through support from your followers as well as affiliate advertising and sponsors of the site.

To set up your blog site you can access such websites as

Also See: How to Really Make Money Having Fun.


13. Dog Walker

An enjoyable way to unwind at the end of your 9 to 5 job would be to enjoy the fresh air, go for a walk and enjoy the companionship of a dog.

You could work out an arrangement with a neighbor who has a pet that needs their evening exercise and you can offer to walk the pet for an hour at an hourly rate.

You could also check with the website known as


14. Teach Music

Another way to get paid that would be relaxing in the evening is to teach music to students.

Without even having to leave home, you can connect with the student through various telecommunication software programs and teach the student about music theory, possibly playing the piano, learning the guitar, etc.


15. Sell Books

One of the big sellers on the website of eBay is the selling of books.

During the week, you could frequent various bookstores, thrift stores, etc., and find interesting books that may be of interest to potential customers.

By registering your profile on eBay you can list these books for sale and have a side hustle as it relates to earning money throughout the day and after hours.


16. Data Entry

An employment position that can be done as a freelancer that doesn’t take too much thinking or physical activity is the entering of data.

You could obtain a data entry position and receive the needed information via the program that the employer wants to utilize.

This position can be done from the comfort of your home and depending upon how much data needs to be entered can be accomplished within the evening.


17. Tutor

Another opportunity that presents itself throughout the day and in the evening after 5:00 p.m. is the opportunity to be a tutor.

Many websites allow tutoring to take place from the comfort of your home through telecommunication methods.

You can interact with students and teach a variety of courses including mathematics, teaching a language, etc.

One of those websites is


18. YouTube

Another way that you can earn money outside of your nine to five job is to take to your YouTube channel to benefit others.

The video can capture product reviews, woodworking classes, teaching a second language, etc.

Financial support for your work and creativity could come through financial support from your followers, by offering premium content that requires an individual to pay to view the content, along with affiliate advertising and sponsorships.


19. Life Coach

Another enjoyable activity that would be a nice change and diversion from your 9 to 5:00 job would be your interaction as a life coach with an individual.

At the end of the day, you can interact with each other and ask your client how their day went, what challenges they may have met, and how they responded.

The coaching can be done via Zoom or Skype and you can use the sessions to interact with the individual and ask how they felt about their day and ways that they may have changed how they responded.

Also, you can use the life coaching opportunity to encourage the individual and motivate them through a variety of inspirational thoughts, reading a motivational book together, etc.


20. Senior Care

A rewarding job and one that also may pay well is the care of a senior at the end of the day.

You could finish up any last-minute chores as it relates to their care, alleviate any suffering, get them ready for bed, and make them comfortable for their night’s sleep.

This also would be a great opportunity to make money outside of your 9-to-5 job and also help to focus your attention on the needs of others and realize the blessings of life by caring for another individual.


21. Write eBooks

Perhaps, during the day, you take every opportunity to work on that creative idea that has been swirling around in your mind.

The ebook that you are thinking about writing or are writing pertains to something creative as a children’s story book, a murder/mystery novel, technical writing, or just something that you are passionate about.

At the end of the day, you can continue working on that book and eventually finish the completion and look at self-publishing the book.

A way that you can self-publish the book is through Kindle and to learn more about this process you can access the self-publishing website.


22. Etsy

At the end of the day, you may simply wish to unwind and indulge yourself in love for a hobby that you may have.

Examples could be working out in your woodshop and creating woodcrafts.

These items will not only provide an opportunity for you to unwind and destress after the day, but you can list these items on a website such as Etsy and through your virtual store, sell these items to individuals.

Click here to check out Etsy


23. Task Rabbit

At you have the opportunity to register for this site and look at all of the various available employment jobs.

They can range anywhere from painting a room in a home, moving boxes, putting together a piece of furniture, etc.

By registering with this site, you make arrangements with the individual advertising for the job, work out a negotiated fee, and then perform the job and get paid.

Also, any tips that you make are yours.

The value of this site for an individual who works during the day is that they can set their schedule and work with the customer to fulfill the job requirements during a time that is convenient for both individuals.

Click here to check out Task Rabbit


24. Photography

If you enjoy photography, a nice way to unwind at the end of the day is by taking your camera, going outdoors, and capturing a sunset, various pictures of animals during the evening hours, people, etc.

Money can be earned by taking and submitting your photographs to various photography magazines or entering your photography in competitions to compete for prizes and monetary awards.

There are a variety of sites and you just simply need to do a search on the internet for a photography contest.

One such site can be found by clicking here.

If you are up to it, you can also earn money selling pictures of your body online. It pays but it’s certainly not for everyone.


25. Bookkeeping

Another opportunity that may present itself for you as a freelancer is to keep the financial books of a company that has outsourced this task to a qualified individual.

If you have an affiliation with numbers, financial reports, etc, you can obtain a bookkeeping position and do this remotely from the comfort of your home.


Making Money Outside 9-5 Work FAQs


What Would Be the Major Concern With Work Past 9 to 5?

The major concern about working past your 8-hour shift from 9:00 to 5:00 would be to make sure that you don’t overextend yourself or get burned out.

Working hard and utilizing extra hours to make money is both inspirational and motivational.

However, you must take time for yourself and re-energize and renew your own “batteries.”


What Are Some Features That I Should Look for as It Relates to a Job After My 9:00 to 5:00 Employment Position?

Certainly, you don’t want a job at the end of the day that is going to add to your stress level.

The job that you are looking for outside of your nine to five position should be something that you enjoy, that is not too strenuous, and provides you flexibility as it relates to whether you want to work in the evening or not DoorDash.


You Can Do It

There have been many inspiring stories of individuals who have taken on extra jobs to support their families.

You can add your story, regardless of the reason, because by taking on an extra job, you show initiative, a good work ethic, and the quest to earn additional money to fulfill a variety of dreams or to meet various financial responsibilities.



There are many reasons why an individual would want to continue working even after their full day of employment has been completed.

Sometimes the added hours at another job are needed to make ends meet or sometimes the money will be utilized to pay off outstanding bills or perhaps save up for a new vehicle or just simply want to earn extra money for investment purposes.

The reality is that it can be done and there are many jobs that one can effectively be involved with and can be done at home or away from home and provide a steady stream of income to make those goals achievable.

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