You will surely learn how to make money online in Zimbabwe from reading this very comprehensive and helpful article.

It reveals 25 really epic ways and tips for anyone who wants to make money online in Zimbabwe.



Zimbabwe is a country synonymous with exploration and adventure because sharing the border with Zambia is the ‘Mosi-oa-Tunya’ or ‘The Smoke that Thunders.’

The Smoke that Thunders is one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World.

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This natural wonder is the largest of its kind and the sound emanating from this awesome site can be heard at a distance of 40 km and the mist rising from its waters can be seen at a distance of 50 commoners as it rises 400 meters into the air.

This amazing natural wonder was eventually renamed Victoria Falls by the European explorer by the name of Dr. Livingston.

Dr. David Livingston was thought to be the first individual from outside the continent of Africa to view this marvelous site.

And so, living in the country of Zimbabwe puts you in good company as this early-day explorer and fierce opponent of the slave trade was ahead of his time in demonstrating his spirit of embracing challenge and standing up for what was right.

Drawing upon this motivation you have challenges of your own with that challenge being to not only earn extra money but draw on your skills and talents that perhaps are underutilized.

Let us, therefore, explore opportunities of making money online and fully embrace the adventure.


25 Epic Ways & Tips to Making Money Online in Zimbabwe


1. Virtual Assistant

An opportunity to earn money through the internet is by being a virtual assistant.

A virtual assistant is an individual who does the regular admin jobs for leadership within a company but does it remotely or virtually.

The role or the job would entail :

  • Answering phones
  • Keeping calendars
  • Making appointments
  • Customer service
  • Perhaps light bookkeeping duties

The possibilities of finding a virtual assistant opening can be through freelance websites such as


2. Manage Social Media

Many businesses realize or are beginning to realize the importance of marketing their product or service through social media platforms.

For some companies this is new, or they do not have the internal workforce to manage the social media platforms.

Therefore, the opportunity to be employed as a social media manager is a possibility.

The role entails reading the various posts, creating a post, responding to customers or potential customers, increasing traffic flow, etc.

The possibility of finding a social media manager position can be through a variety of job posting websites with one being


3. Graphic Designer

A graphic designer is an individual who uses their imagination to create illustrative pieces of work that will resonate with individuals’ imagination.

When the graphic design has been created it can be uploaded on such sizes as and listed in your virtual retail store upon registration.

If an individual likes what they see they can purchase that graphic and it can be used to be placed on a number of products.

Some of those products could include coffee cups, t-shirts, wallets, purses, etc.


4. Blogging

Another way that you can earn money, especially living in Zimbabwe is to be a blogger.

You could blog about everything related to Zimbabwe which could include:

  • Talking about the rich history
  • The wonderful food
  • Talk about the caring people
  • The places of interest
  • Etc

Money can be earned by blogging when your followers support what you are writing about, affiliate having affiliate advertising links on your blog site, or gaining a sponsor.

Potential websites which can host your blog include:

  • Hostgator
  • BlueHost
  • Namecheap
  • Liquidweb
  • And others


5. Web Design

If you have a talent and skill as it relates to developing a website, you can utilize that experience by creating and designing websites for companies.

This can be done remotely.

The possibilities of finding a web design position can be found on various job posting websites with one of those sites being

You can utilize their search engine and place in the job desired of web development and the location would be Zimbabwe.


6. YouTube

If you have an artistic flair and enjoy being in front of a camera a way that you can earn money is by developing your own YouTube channel.

Ideas for your channel could be on discussing the rich history of Zimbabwe, the various arts and crafts that are created by the imaginative people of this culturally rich country, talking about the various points of interest, etc.

You could also conduct a tour of the capital city of Harare and give a guided tour.


7. Selling Courses

If you have an idea for a teaching course that would be of interest to others, you could create this course and advertise it on a variety of websites.

One of those websites is


8. Translating

As a resident of Zimbabwe, you most likely are fluent in the native language of Shona.

However, if you are fluent in another language, you could look at opportunities of being a translator.

A website that is in need of translators can be found at


9. Search Engine Evaluator

There are a number of search engines that often want to improve the services that they provide to users who use their websites.

Search engines such as Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, etc. will hire people through a third party to evaluate the search engine process.

These companies will hire individuals to do various searches on the websites so that feedback can be provided and that the search engines can modify their algorithms to better serve the user.

The potential of finding a search engine evaluator opportunity can be found through a website such as


10. Etsy

If you have a hobby or create items that can be sold you can do this by opening up an online retail store through a website such as

Once you have created your account a virtual retail store will be provided for you in which you can upload pictures of items that you have handcrafted.

Customers then have the opportunity to browse your store as you could advertise it as greetings from Zimbabwe.


11. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another opportunity to earn money through the internet while living in Zimbabwe.

Affiliate marketing is the promotion of advertisers through your various social media platforms, website, YouTube, etc.

If an individual clicks on your link that is on any one of these sites and purchases a product from that partner you receive a commission.

Affiliate marketing sites could include ShareASale, Amazon Associates, and Clickbank.



12. Testing Websites

Because of the importance of websites and engaging customers through the business platform, many businesses want to ensure that the website experience is positive.

Therefore, many companies will employ individuals to test their websites.

The thinking behind having the websites tested is to make sure that there are no broken links, communication that is not quite understandable, misspellings, engaging graphics, etc.

A company that offers individuals this position of testing websites can be found at

The process involves accessing these websites and then submitting an evaluation form to the company which is asking a number of website-related questions.

The possibility of earning $10 for an hour and a half of work is possible.


13. Photography

Being a resident of Zimbabwe, it would seem, that a variety of wonderful and unique photographs of your beautiful countryside can be obtained.

These beautiful photos can be possibly shown sold on a number of websites.

One such website is

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14. Freelancing

There are a number of employment opportunities that you can be involved with through the process known as freelancing.

Some of those freelancing websites include or

When you register with the sites, you are able to list any talents and skills that you have and upon registration begin to look for employment opportunities.

Examples of those types of opportunities could include:

  • Writing
  • Graphic design
  • Virtual assistant
  • Ghost riding
  • Etc

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15. Writing

If you enjoy writing, there are available through various websites writing opportunities.

You could be a writer for another individual who wishes to have their autobiography published, people who want creative writing done, grant writers, etc.

A good website to look for if you want to write would be


16. Tutoring

If you have a skill or a talent that other individuals would like to learn and pay you for teaching them by taking advantage of tutoring opportunities.

Those opportunities could include any musical skills that you may have, the playing of a unique instrument conducive to Zimbabwe, singing lessons, etc.

A site that you may be able to work through to provide tutoring lessons can be found at

Also, you could utilize your social media platforms and advertise your tutoring skill or talent and indicate its availability to be taught to others.


17. Data Entry

There are some companies that will outsource jobs because they neither have the employees to do this job nor for a variety of other reasons.

One of those opportunities could be data entry.

Data entry is when a company will send you specific data which you would need to enter into the required format that they are needing the data placed into.

The data could include facts and figures, numbers, statistics, etc.

The possibility of finding data entry positions can be found on a variety of job posting websites.

One of those sites is


18. Caption

If you have good listening skills as well as being a being an accurate typist, the possibility of capturing the words of a video or audio recording and typing those words out to be utilized as captions is a possible job opportunity.

The position would require that you download the audio or video file, listen to the words being spoken and type out those words so that they can be used as embedded captions on the file.

One of the sites in which you might be able to find this opportunity can be found at

Payment is usually paid by the minute at an average of $.40 to $.75 per minute.


19. Take Surveys

You can get paid either in cash or reward cards by offering your opinion, watching videos, or playing games, and through survey websites.

Two of those websites include and


20. Voiceover

As a resident of Zimbabwe, you most likely have a unique accent.

Oftentimes, the skills and talents that we have are not necessarily in what we can do but in how we say it.

You could use your voice through the voiceover process.

There are many companies, marketing firms, and individuals who have a need for a book to be read to utilize different accents, languages, etc.

You could take a look at whether your voice is something that would be utilized by others by creating an account on a site such as, create an account, offer some samples of your voice and let others take it from there.


21. Podcast

A popular way of communicating today about a variety of subjects and stimulating conversation amongst other people is through the use of a podcast.

A podcast is similar to a radio broadcast with the exception that a podcast can be downloaded onto an individual’s smartphone and listened to at their convenience.

To create a podcast simply requires a recording device, possibly editing the audio with free software such as audacity and then perhaps working with spot if I to list the podcast on their platform.

Examples of podcast topics could include the richness of Zimbabwe, the historical past, interviewing elected officials, talking to people on the street, etc.


22. Dropshipping

DropShipping is the process where you buy items from a supplier, advertise, and market to customers, and when purchases are made the item is shipped to the customer without you even being involved in touching the product or shipping the product.

This does not require any holding of inventory and is a fairly easy way of earning money without the shipping process.


23. eBook

Tapiwa Mugabe wrote poetry and had the poems published in an eBook which is now listed on Amazon.

Perhaps, you have a story to tell or poems that need to be shared with others.

Why not write an eBook and have it published on Amazon?


24. Transcribe

A person who transcribes is called a transcriptionist and it is their employment role to take the audio portion of a video or audio file and type out the narrative verbatim from what they hear.

The transcription can be entered into a word document, notepad, or other word processing software.

To be a quality transcriptionist may require certain qualifications.

Those qualifications would be the ability to type fairly fast and have good listening skills.

One of the sites that you might be able to find work doing this type of work is at


25. EBay

If you have items around your household that you no longer need you can set up an eBay account and list those items for sale.

Registration is fairly easy and once registered you can take photographs of the items that you wish to sell to individuals and upload those photographs.

You can either have the item bid on or you can set a fixed price.


Personal Story

Being a kid always provided an opportunity to lead our management nation run wild and tend to be anything that we wanted to be.

On one occasion, living in the Midwest part of Wisconsin, my, cousins and my brother decided to venture closer to the Wisconsin River and walk as close as we could to its banks.

We pretended that we were modern-day explorers and that nobody else had gone this route before and we were trailblazing.

Our exploration became rather dull until one of my cousins yelled out that Kevin wasn’t with us.

We quickly backtracked and came upon my brother floating facedown in the Wisconsin River.

We were able to pull him out and he seemed okay we quickly abandoned our exploration and headed home.

The only casualty was my brother’s T-shirt that he was wearing that smelled really bad and so we tossed it in the river to destroy any evidence of what had happened.

To this day, he indicates that I still owe him a T-shirt.


Earning Money Online in Zimbabwe FAQs


What Are the Main Industries of Zimbabwe?

The main industries of this African country are:

  • Mining
  • Agriculture
  • Energy
  • Tourism


What Are the Economic Statistics of Zimbabwe? 

The gross domestic product of Zimbabwe is $16.77 billion, per capita a GDP of $1128.21, and the gross national income of this land-locked country is $42.33 billion.


You Can Do It

Personal challenges are something that we as people are always facing.

Our personal challenges can be in the areas of our careers, our personal relationships, our finances, etc.

When we recognize these challenges and do something about it is at that point that we accept those challenges and use them as stepping stones rather than stumbling blocks.

We may not make the history books as did Dr. David Livingston but that doesn’t minimize our success in meeting our own personal challenges and going beyond expectations.

The adventure of earning money online awaits.



Situated on the border of Zimbabwe is Victoria Falls also known as the Smoke that Thunders.

Opportunities to make money online in Zimbabwe are similar to this natural wonder of the world as its presence can be seen and heard from miles around.

Similarly, the online opportunities to earn additional, money can be seen from a distance and is just a matter of moving towards that powerful opportunity and earning the income that you need.

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