Making money on Youtube without monetization is possible and even easy, if you know how and what to do.

Thankfully this article has the answers you need – as many as 15 ways and tips to earning money on Youtube even without obvious monetization.


Can You Really Make Money on YouTube Without Monetization?

Of course you can.

You see, in the game of football, the end zone has a structure known as the goalposts.

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When playing the game, everybody knows that the end zone has this goalpost mounted in the end zone area and that is how you score points.

Points are scored either by kicking the ball through the upright of the goalpost or by reaching the end zone.

Unfortunately, nothing is more frustrating than to have the goalposts moved or the rules changed.

For the playing of any game or even when living out life, there are certain rules that need to be followed.

If the rules are constantly changing, there is no stability or order and nobody knows what they are supposed to do because the guidelines have been modified, eliminated, or changed.

Unfortunately, those that make the rules have the option of modifying or changing the rules.

Such is the case with YouTube as it relates to its policy of monetizing video content.

Consequently, if an individual finds that the rules have changed and that they are no longer eligible for monetization, there are ways that a YouTube video can earn money despite the changes in policy.


15 Best Ways to Make Money on YouTube Without Monetization


1. Rule Change

Recently, YouTube and its monetization policy and procedures were changed.

The opportunity to earn money through your YouTube channel was made available to those whose channel had lifetime views totaling 10,000 or more.

However, that standard has been changed and now requires that a YouTube channel have 4000 hours of time watched and accumulated within the past 12 months.

Additionally, the YouTube channel has to have at least 1000 subscribers or more.

This has been a dramatic criteria change in order for an individual to monetize their content on their channel through YouTube processes.


2. Join Affiliate Programs 

As with all things, there is more than one way to do things.

In other words, there is more than one way to skin a YouTube channel.

One of those ways is to become a partner with an affiliate program.

The definition of a partner would be a company in which you can link its products to your channel.

In this way, money can be earned when an individual visits your channel and purchases that product from your affiliation with that company.

When the purchase is made you will receive a small percentage of that transaction.

Obviously, the more well-known the company is coupled with your viewers will provide the greater opportunity you will have to earn income.

It will come as no surprise that one of the most popular affiliates is Amazon Associates.

To learn more about this affiliation with Amazon Associates click here.

You will find it fairly easy to set up but the challenge will be having your viewers click that link and make purchases.

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3. Join Brands

Another way that you can earn income from your YouTube channel apart from the monetization process of YouTube itself, is to review products as part of your YouTube programming.

To learn more about this possibility you can click here.

This particular option may prove to be beneficial if you have carved out a specific audience that is loyal to you and in which a name brand is trying to make inroads into that particular segment of the population.


4. Sell Your Digital Products 

Another way that you can earn money from your YouTube channel is by actually selling products on the site that you have produced.

For example, if you are instructing and demonstrating to people how to write an e-book then a product that you can promote is the selling of an e-book that was written expounding on your continual subject matter and portrayed through your channel.

It is estimated that individuals are more prone to purchasing a product once it has been demonstrated efficiently and creatively to them.

As part of the process, it is important to ensure that you have a link embedded in your page as to where the viewer can go to purchase the product that you are advertising.


5. Blogging 

Another way that a YouTuber can earn money on their YouTube channel, indirectly, is to create a blog.

The blog can capture the same ideas and focus that your YouTube channel demonstrates and when individuals read your blog you can direct them to your YouTube website by embedding a link to your channel.

This is a great way of driving new viewers to your YouTube channel which in turn may help to increase revenue being realized.

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6. Merchandize 

As part of the YouTube presentation, the YouTuber can also create merchandise that reflects their presentation on the YouTube platform.

The merchandise can be in the form of T-shirts, coffee mugs, etc.

A great way to create these merchandising retail options for the viewers is through a “print on demand” website.

One of those demand websites is TeeSpring.

On your YouTube channel, you would then provoke this merchandising and utilize it as a way for individuals to not only show their support by drinking from a coffee mug or wearing the T-shirt but also supporting your channel through the purchase of this merchandise.


7. Sponsorships 

Another option for YouTubers to receive money through their video presentations is by taking advantage of sponsorships.

This is different than running ads and just involves the presenter or YouTuber mentioning the product by name during the course of the video.

This endorsement or sponsorship of products manufactured by companies or advertisers is seen as an endorsement of the presenter for their product which may lead to sales.

Check out the following for more tips:


8. Fan Funding 

Many YouTube channels are sponsored by their viewers or their fans.

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This fan-funding can be accomplished through websites such as Patreon.

One of the options in setting up support through Patreon is by providing different levels of giving as represented by tiers.

When a supporter gives at a certain level this entitles them to different involvement with the YouTube website.

Examples of the different incentives for an individual to give on a regular basis or at a set amount could be the provision of receiving different perks.

Tier one could earn the individual support a gift tee shire.

Tier two could be the tee-shirt along with a subscription and so on.

The monetary supporters can give on a one-time level or can give for a particular project or can make their support on a monthly basis.


9. Licensing Your Videos 

Sometimes, YouTube presentations are so popular that they skyrocket in regards to the number of views.

These videos can become so popular that other media outlets want to show these videos through their newscasts, or other video outlets.

If you are in such an enviable position, you can license those video uploads and require, because of the licensing, individuals to pay a licensing fee in order to air those videos.

Also, you can upload your videos to various websites that will file them away in databases.

If individuals are searching for those types of videos, they can access them by paying a licensing fee.

One such website is Jukin Media.


10. Sell Courses 

Generally, the YouTuber has a special niche or focus that they are trying to teach or bring to the attention of others.

As part of their ongoing YouTube strategy and earning revenue, they can develop courses around this topic or subject.

A course can be developed that will be available through your website for people to purchase.

The advertisement promoting the course can be done through your social media websites as well as promoting it on the internet.

It is important to copyright or license your content so that other individuals can’t share that content without your permission.

The format of the course would need to be decided upon and it could be utilizing video, written documents, or PDFs that can be downloaded.

A website that can help with the setup of an online course can be found at


11. Offer Services 

If you have a talent or gift in producing videos or creating engaging content, you can use the best marketing opportunity to promote that talent.

That marketing would be through your YouTube channel.

By showing viewers what you are capable of you then can offer your services as a consultant to offer the same presentation that will promote their content.


12. Speaker 

If you are above average to exceptional at what you offer on YouTube, there is a chance to use that to springboard your talent beyond the YouTube platform.

Those options may include the opportunity to speak to groups because of your popularity and bring your message to associations or groups.

These speaking engagements could be paid for or may provide you with an honorarium.


13. Subscriber 

A way to generate revenue on your YouTube site is to offer programming or presentations to subscribers.

A subscriber is an individual who is willing to subscribe or pay to view more of your videos or delve deeper into the services that you offer.

If a person subscribes to your service, they are offered additional content or insight that the casual observer would not be able to access.


14. Direct Traffic to Business Website 

A good way of generating revenue through your YouTube channel is to direct traffic to your business website.

By advertising your company and a link that directs the viewer back into your website, they may appreciate the content of your presentations and wish to employ your services or buy your products by clicking on the link and making those purchase connections.


15. Crowd Funding 

Depending upon your channel and what your particular niche is, it is possible to receive money for support through Crowdfunding.

Crowdfunding is a revenue-generating process in which typically small amounts of money are generated by large groups of people.

Therefore, if your channel is popular or serves a certain segment of the viewing audience, you may be able to generate revenue through a number of small donations that add up to greater amounts of revenue to support your channel and continue content that individuals appreciate.


Personal Story

I’m very competitive by nature and one would think that a grandfather playing a game with his grandchildren would tone down that competitive attitude.

However, not for me.

We were playing a game of Scrabble over the holidays and I was used to playing by certain rules which didn’t allow the use of looking up a word or using a website that allows you to plug in the letters into a search area and provide a number of words that could be made.

This was not going to be allowed in grandpa’s house.

By the very definition of the site that the kids logged onto the word cheat was used.

Therefore, I stuck to my guns and would not allow that to happen at the game table.

I know, pretty small and childish for a grandpa but hey, rules are rules.


How to Get Paid & Earn Money on Youtube Without Monetization FAQs


How Much Money Does an Average Youtuber Make?

A YouTuber makes on average $3 to $5 per 1,000 views of their presentation.


How Many Viewers Are on YouTube?

Recent statistics reveal that 1.86 billion viewers will view content on this platform.

You Can Do It

The reality of life is that sometimes the rules change.

Of course, unless we are the rule creators, we have no choice but to accept the rule changes and move on.

The reality is you are creative and have a platform in which to demonstrate that creativity and earn money in appreciation for your hard work.



Time is money and money is time.

When you create content on a YouTube channel, you are utilizing your time and if that content is valuable to someone, then consideration for that time should be compensated.

There are a variety of roads that lead to Rome or in this case that lead to earning money on YouTube, it’s just a matter of taking all or some of those roads.

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